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Eva Lovia shows her perfect body round ass and juicy boobs
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A working progress nothing fantastic but iv already come up with second part just need to go through it, check it and rewirte parts. Please say if something is missing or my english is still not improved haha. Please enjoy and make comments it always good to have positive constructive feedback. Fendrel was a lone assassin filling contracts for high paying individuals of the time, he set about them easily people always required a dishonest husband to be killed or wife- even a high powered individual who'd been making life difficult, either way Fendrel was to be paid or rewarded.

He didn't require much from some people as they could give Fendrel favours or rewards greater than money, this had to be Templars roamed the streets every day interrupting life by raping women demanding taxes from poor or killing innocents and would find it nice to catch a person responsible for some of their brothers deaths.

Fendrel was now in Somerset an area of south west England near the coast, it was dismal petty rain falling day and night with heavy mist and over ground forest, small hamlets here and there. But as the contract said this was where he needed to be. A man was being deprived of land because of his neibourgh and was going to pay well for the removal of him. Fendrel had tracked three days to get to this small village. Fendrel found the house of which his contract owned, he silently walked in wrapped in layers of dark browns and blacks with a distinct half robe made of fine black cloth keeping rain from coming through and an oversized black hood attached to it concealing his face.

The wooden floors creaked as he quietly stepped through what was assumed to be a kitchen.

On a large table lay a package with a note. 'Friend, incomes are here finish the job and come to the inn for the rest'. Fendrel read and understood the farmer had obviously taken half of his earns so not to be cheated if Fendrel didn't do the job, maybe he'd get a free drink at the Inn.

He walked back out the house note and money in an inside pocket pouch of one of the layers of clothe he wore probably close to his under shirt. Across two fields from the man's house was another farm house, bigger and finely painted with pretty flowers on veins growing up the wall. This must be the house of which the target is. Up close the house was much larger then he thought but it would be easy to find his target as it must be the room with the only candle light left?

Inside the house was again fairly decorative with finer chairs and tables but still withheld the air of a farmer's house, a house with a family. Fendrel walked up stairs as quiet as possible to look down a corridor which was disproportionately smaller for the house. Doors where on either side of it but one was ajar with light softly echoing from within. Fendrel crept towards it not making a sound bar his boots on the floor.

On looking inside he saw a fat pompous farmer snoring in his sleep walking next to the man's body Fendrel saw on the other side a wife and clear mother as her breasts where not firm as her figure would suggest they should be.


Fendrel's hand cupped the farmer's mouth and held it tight as his stiletto blade went under the man's ballooned arm and into his armpit. He made no effort to wake even though his heart had just been punctured. His beat soon stopped and Fendrel's attention turned to his wife was he to rid of her as well? She would never up hold the farm but a son might. He went out the room leaving the blood to be absorbed by the sheets and went to the other rooms. All where daughters, three in fact ranging from the age of eight to sixteen he guessed.

He left the two younger ones to sleep but the elder was scuffling in her bed, he yet again crept up to her bed, her moans where soft but there, her tossing seemed as if she was awake.

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Fendrel cupped her mouth just like he'd done to her fathers, her eye's widened and she tried to scream and through herself about upon the bed. 'shhh.' Fendrel soothed her 'if you wake the others I might have to deal with them'. The girl was instantly silent but he kept his hand there. 'That's better, now I don't think I need to tell you that your fathers dead, he did a very nasty thing and deserved to die.

Now I think this family needs a son, so I'm going to put my cock in you and I'm going to cum in you'. The girl sobbed but remained silent.

'But you have the choice to take it or not it's all up to you, nod for it if you want it'. Despite the fact his cock was full of cum Fendrel was being merciful. The girl nodded, before she could do anything else Fendrel had her on all fours his large rock hard cock already out and its head aimed at her slightly hairy tight pussy. With his hand still around her mouth she pulled her back onto his cock, she was very tight her pussy stretched around the tip of his cock.

She moaned in a little pain as he got deeper. Working his cock in and out it made him seem like a two pump chump when his cum erupted in her now red pussy. The Inn was crowded and stuffy with old and young men drinking. One beckoned to Fendrel at a corner table. Fendrel worked his way through the crowd with easy and sat with the man.

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'So is my job done' the man said he words slightly slurred and actions over compensating. 'Yes my reward if you will' Fendrel had after sex blues and was not in the mood to be sat talking to the man any longer.


'Yes, yes, yes!' The man handed him a burlap pouch lined with gold and silver. 'so my rival is gone now my lands can expand his wife will not find a new husband and his daughters will soon find a man of their own and leave, and in doing so leaving the lands to me!' he laughed and downed his ale slurring more on his chin then in his mouth. Fendrel got up to leave but the farmers hand grabbed his wrist.

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He didn't move but turned round to see the man. 'Where are you going the celebrations must commence!' he slurred. 'I will be leaving I have my business else were' he said coolly. 'Bah! You will stay here tonight!' 'No I will not' the man's hand tightened and his glare became that of an angry drunk who thought he was on top of the world 'no you will stay here tonight'. Fendrel flashed the man a large knife held close to his waist and snaked his wrist from the man's grasp and pushed it down onto the table with considerable force, 'I will not stay here tonight and if I do it will be in your bed whilst you lay out side in state like your neibroughs' and with that he left.

Sussex was the next destination a women has been trying to assassin people and making a mess of things. Travelling was as easy as ever just walk kill the occasional animal, cook it, eat it find somewhere to sleep and sleep then get up and walk. Within five days walk he was there, along the coasts it was simple houses but further inside the county was larger houses and Inn's.

But for now it was the docks.

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Walking along it was obvious the place was riddled with disease and crime. This would be a perfect place to start practising as an assassin, lots of people who could disappear and no one will notice making it a good place to home skills. Now time to find an assassin, which shouldn't be to difficult, if she is as bad as they say she should be easy to find.

Just asking one lowly coward in a dark alley revealed where she was. The moon was high in sky and the rain was falling hard. Above an abandoned shop a shack apartment was. Made of wood it had a few holes in the walls, looking through one he saw the armature assassin, she was young.

Clothe was wrapped tight around her calves, waist and breasts finished with a burgundy cape. He entered quick and snuck on the sleeping women she rested on a table in the corner of the room. He went next to her; she rolled over in her sleep. Her face was slim and pallid, her dark brown hair at shoulder length, it was tattered and angular from where it has been poorly cut. He subtly bound her mouth and feet and removed a small blade next to her 'bed'.

He then sat in the chair across the room and slept awaiting her waking. The next day came with more rain and mist, seems like the country never gets rid of it. She was indeed a person who likes sleep it was almost noon before she awoke, she squirmed and tried to scream but the gag and rope held fast, her fingers tugged at it but only made it tighter.

'Now, now, stop squirming' Fendrel said calmly. She did, but her gaze showed her anger. 'You are going to listen, stop trying to kill people, I will be honest you're not very good at it. So stop leave it to me. And I suggest you get a new place to stay as everyone knows where it is'. He paused and saw her rolling her eyes. 'well if you don't feel like complying I could always show you my special talents' he pulled out his blade and stabbed the point of it into the floor this provoked her and she began to squirm violently and try harder to scream but only managed to fall on the floor.

'Stop!' and she did.

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'I will take your gag off and-'he stopped talking, her clothe had ridden up her waist and now left a clean shaven pussy exposed he stopped looking as her hand hoisted the clothe back down.

'And- and we will talk about this' Fendrel went over and un-gagged her but quickly tie her hands so she wouldn't be able to do anything stupid. After lifting her and sitting her on the chair she began to talk. She explained her name Millicent- and her current state of affairs of poverty, loss of family and no work.

'please I didn't mean to make a mess of it, it was one kill just I didn't know there'd be so much blood so when his wife came home and she saw me there trying to clean it up I had to kill her and then I couldn't find the guy-' Fendrel interrupted her 'so you will not try killing anyone anymore, will you?' 'no but what else am I meant to do?' she asked her emotions displaying.

'That's not my problem why don't you work the streets, you've got the body to do it' he said looking her slim figure up and down. She laughed 'I'd be dead from disease in a week'. 'True' an awkward silence followed. 'Why don't I come help you with what you do?' she asked Fendrel laughed out loud 'hah to take you along? We'd be walking most of the time, I'd have to feed you, you might lead a trail, there's all sorts of issues with it' 'but don't you have a home some where I can stay and clean or sharpen blades or anything please?' Fendrel pondered 'yes I do have a home but I'm walking everywhere I go I never see the home, and I'm not leaving it in the hands of you.

But the idea of a traveling assistant is persuading me…' her eyes shone with hope 'please I will do anything&hellip.' this sparked ideas inside Fendrel's head.

I suppose I could use the 'company'. He thought looking at her and thinking of her perfect hour glass figure. 'Alight then but you must get used to walking' 'hah I'm amazing at walking you'll see I will overtake you' she stuck her toung out at him 'but can I get untied before we go?' she asked him.