Stay connected she says well I can do that with my cock

Stay connected she says well I can do that with my cock
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Episode 12: Press Release Zack woke up to hear a lot of noise out in the hallway. He listened carefully, but realized that there was nothing wrong, it was merely the noise of people moving around and talking. Need a heavier door. He turned over and wrapped his arms around Wendy, who was still sleeping soundly. She murmured in her sleep as he caressed her hair, and then he laid his head down and dozed back off himself. ----- An hour later, Zack was awakened by something more pleasant than noise.

Wendy was nibbling his ear and running her hand over his chest. "Morning, Sleepy-head," she said softly with a smile. "Hey," he managed. Wendy kept rubbing his chest, and she kissed him tenderly, without asking for more. He pulled her to him and they kissed a little more passionately, but it never became wanton.

After a few minutes, Zack pushed her away lightly. He swung himself out of bed and went to take care of the urgent call of nature. By the time he came back out, Wendy was dressed and sitting on the bed, waiting for him. "What are you going to do today?" she asked him. Just then, they heard more noises from downstairs. The girls were talking rather loudly, he thought, but they were teenage girls. "I'm going to take you away from all this," he said, moving over to her and pulling her up into his embrace.

"Ooh. Sounds fun." "It will be." He kissed her hotly, and she responded in kind. They broke off after only a little bit. "But after we get something to eat. I'm starving." ----- Zack held Wendy's hand as they walked around the fairgrounds. They had spent a bit of time looking at the ranch animals, such as horses and cattle, and they were now moving over to play a few games. After Zack tried his hand at the ring toss, the ball toss, and the target shooting, all with no luck, he was just about ready to call it quits.

Wendy led him over to one last game, though. The goal of this game was to toss a ball into an angled bucket. After watching only two people try, Zack knew it was devilishly tricky to do. He pulled Wendy off to one side, because he had an idea. "I'm going to kind of zone out for a second," he told her quietly. "I'll be fine, but I won't be paying attention. I didn't want to scare you." "What are you going to do?" she asked.

"Ask me later. I can't tell you here." Zack closed his eyes, and relaxed. He soon found himself inside his mind, and he waved to the maidens as he made his way through. They knew not to approach. Once inside the world of colors, Zack didn't take very long to identify the carnie running this game. Slipping into the guy's mind was child's play, and Zack walked around inside his head for just a short while before finding what he wanted.

After that, he slipped back out of his mind. Just for kicks, Zack slipped over into Wendy's thoughts, and looked around. He was touched by what he saw. He wished he knew how to give her a mental kiss, but instead, he just slipped out of her thoughts and back into himself. Shortly thereafter, he opened his eyes again.

Wendy was staring at him. "You okay?" "Yeah, fine." "Okay." she said, not even remotely assured. Zack stepped up and paid for his ticket. He took the three balls, and studied the game for a second. Nodding, he tried to lob the ball very softly. It hit the front lip of the bucket, and fell to the ground. "Oh, close try, young man! Give it another go!" Zack put a little more oomph on the next one.

It turned out to be too much oomph, as the ball bounced out of the bucket. "Good arm, but not quite!" the carnie said.

Zack grumbled under his breath. He took his last ball, and pitched it somewhat side-arm, imparting a slight spin to the ball.

It hit the side of the bucket, and the spin sent it sliding around the interior before it hit the bottom, bouncing only slightly, and staying inside.

The few people around applauded politely, and the carnie, who had to be annoyed at losing, but pretended not to be, graciously handed over the requested prize, which was a poster for Wendy's room.

The two left the game arm in arm, with Wendy smiling up at her boyfriend. "How did you do that?" she asked. He arched an eyebrow and said, "Magic." She giggled, and the two continued to walk. They passed by a food stand and the smell of funnel cakes drew them in like a magnet. "Two, please," Zack said to the vendor.

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They watched as their funnel cakes were made right on the spot, turning a wonderful golden color in the oil. In just moments, they were done, and were pulled from the oil, sprinkled with confectioner's sugar, and handed over.

They took them and began to walk on, munching on the sweet, tender treat that almost seemed to melt in their mouths. Zack finished his and wiped his face. As he looked over at Wendy, he had to chuckle.

"What?" she asked. "You've got sugar on you," he replied. "Where?" she asked, wiping at her face randomly. "Here," he said, "let me get it." Instead of using his napkin, Zack leaned over and gently licked the corner of Wendy's mouth. As he had expected, her head turned, and he ushered his tongue into her mouth, so they could share the sweet flavor. They kept their kiss brief, since they were in public, but it was clear there would be more later.

"Am I clean now?" she asked. Zack chuckled. "For the moment." ----- Eventually, the two wandered back over to the animal exhibits, but this time they headed for the smaller animals. They passed by the chickens, which didn't interest them at all, but when they got to the area where the rabbits were being kept, they decided to look around.

"Awww," Wendy said, "they're so cute!" Shortly, they came to a small pen of even smaller rabbits. Zack realized they were very small rabbits. Less than a foot long, with stocky bodies, huge eyes, and short ears, even he thought they looked pretty cute.

"Ohmigod, these are darling!" Wendy gushed. Zack knew it had to be something she'd picked up from a friend; she never talked that way. "Can we touch them?" Wendy asked the young girl standing by the pen.

"Sure. You can pick them up and hold them, if you like." In a blink, Wendy was reaching down. She gingerly picked one up and cradled it against herself, rocking back and forth. The bunny twitched its nose slightly, but didn't fidget in her grasp.

"It's adorable!" she said, reverting to her own speech pattern. "You want one?" the girl asked. "I have to get rid of them, we have too many." "Oh, Zack, could we?" Wendy pleaded, still holding the rabbit. "How much?" Zack asked the girl. "The rabbit is free, but you'll need a cage for it. My brother is selling them over there, or you can get one at a store." "That would hardly be fair," Zack said with a grin. The girl smiled back. "What kind of rabbit is this?" "It's a dwarf hotot rabbit.

Most people call them teacup bunnies." "I can see why." "Can we keep him, Zack?" ----- After picking out a hutch for the rabbit already named Snowball, they decided to go back to the car. Zack had borrowed his mother's car because he planned to go shopping at some point during the day.

The look on Wendy's face told him it wouldn't be in the next couple hours. "We need to go home now," she said, her voice a little husky. "Why?" he asked, playing the innocent.

"Because someone needs a big thank you," she replied, moving over and sliding against him. Their lips met for a brief, passionate moment. "I have a better idea," he said, and started the car.

----- The hardest part of it was bringing the rabbit with them. It was far too hot out to leave it in the car, but dorms don't generally appreciate pets. Luckily, no one of consequence saw them bring the hutch inside. "Whose room is this?" Wendy asked. "Steph and Bev's. They're at our house, so we can be alone here for a while." "Mmm," Wendy purred, sidling over to him. "I like alone." "I thought you might," he smiled, setting the rabbit cage down.

----- Zack awakened slowly to a soft moan. He and Wendy had fallen asleep after their last round of lovemaking, but she was not lying next to him now. He turned over, careful not to fall out of the bed, to see where the moan had come from. What he saw brought his dick roaring back to life.

Wendy was sitting on the other bed, with her mother. The two were both naked, and they were kissing. Mary's hand rested on Wendy's thigh, but Wendy still seemed reluctant to put her hands anywhere near her mother.

Zack watched with a grin on his face as the two women continued to kiss. Finally, Mary broke their kiss, as her lips slid along her daughter's skin toward her ear. As Mary nibbled on Wendy's ear, Wendy finally realized that Zack was awake. "We have an audience," she told her mother quietly. Mary released her daughter's earlobe and looked over at Zack with a smile.

"How did you know where we were?" Zack asked. "I called her," Wendy replied. "I'm not enough for you anymore, Angel?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

Wendy blushed clear to her knees, and Mary had to stifle a laugh. Zack moved over to sit next to Wendy, and stroked her back. When Wendy finally got her composure back, she answered him. "Mom and I have tried to. you know. but I can't seem to get comfortable. I thought maybe with you here." Zack ran his hand over her back, and leaned in to nibble on her neck. Mary took the opportunity to return to nibbling on Wendy's ear, and Wendy sighed softly.

Wendy began to squirm as the others' lips continued to softly caress her flesh. Finally, Mary sat back up, and climbed onto the bed, kneeling.

She motioned with her eyes for Wendy to join her. Wendy nervously mirrored her mother's pose, facing her. "I'm not really sure what to do now myself, Sweetheart," Mary admitted. Wendy averted her eyes. Zack could tell she was interested in trying, but was very uncertain.

He slid up the bed and whispered something in Mary's ear. Mary smiled softly, and then kissed him, before letting him move back to her daughter. Zack moved in behind Wendy, and began to massage her shoulders.

Wendy immediately relaxed into his touch. Mary slid forward just slightly, and began to stroke Wendy's hair. Wendy sighed quietly. After it seemed that Wendy had relaxed enough, Zack allowed his hands to move off her shoulders, and down her front. He pressed himself against her back as his hands gently cupped her tits. Wendy murmured in approval, her head tilting to the side to rest against his as her eyes closed in enjoyment.

Zack was allowing his hands to slide over Wendy's breasts, but only using his fingertips. Mary was watching intently, noticing how her daughter reacted to her boyfriend's caresses. Finally, after what seemed an eternity to Mary, Zack nodded very slightly to her. He lifted one hand off her breast at the same moment that Mary stopped stroking her hair.

Mary leaned forward and kissed Zack, and then leaned back. When she did, it was her hand that landed softly on Wendy's breast, and Zack started to stroke her hair. Wendy was too lost in the pleasure to notice the subtle change in the feel of who was caressing her where. She mewled, and pushed her tits out against whoever's hands they were. Finally, Zack motioned with his eyes, and Mary got the idea.

As Zack's hand left Wendy's breast, Mary's mouth engaged it. Wendy shuddered as Mary's tongue slipped wetly over her nipple. Wendy began to moan as Mary sucked on her nipple, and Zack's hand ran down across her abdomen to rest on her upper thigh. Gently, he pushed her backward, until her legs came out from under her, and she was lying down on the bed.

Mary had managed to move with her, keeping her lips and tongue on a nipple. As Mary switched breasts, Zack leaned down to kiss his girlfriend, while his fingers slipped gently against the wet lips of her pussy. Wendy groaned loudly as his tongue invaded her mouth. His fingers danced across her lower lips until he slipped his finger deep inside her.

She gasped at the feel of it, and her hips rolled against his hand. He set up a slow rhythm, fucking her with his finger in smooth strokes. Zack felt a hand brushing against his, and soft fingers were urging him to move his own.

He pulled his finger out of Wendy's pussy, and her mother slipped her fingers in. Wendy barely noticed the changeover, though she'd felt odd actions going on. She was too far gone to care. Finally, Zack broke their kiss and sat back. Wendy moaned again, before opening her eyes. She saw Zack smiling down at her, and only then did she realize that the only one giving her pleasure was her mother.

At that point, she couldn't have cared less. Wendy ran her fingers through her mother's hair, and rolled her hips against Mary's hand. Zack leaned down to whisper in Mary's ear. Mary leaned up, releasing her daughter's tit from her lips, to look at him worriedly. "I'm. not sure how." "Only one way to learn that," he said with a soft chuckle. Mary nodded, and slipped down her daughter's body, her finger still moving in and out of Wendy's cunt.

Zack took the opportunity to tweak one of Wendy's nipples, to keep her distracted. Mary looked at her daughter's wet pussy, and hesitantly leaned in. She was too nervous to notice Zack's presence until she felt his warm breath against her ear. He whispered some encouragement to her, and told her what to do. Mary leaned in hesitantly, her tongue snaking out and finally contacting her daughter's clit.

Her finger continued to thrust smoothly into Wendy's cunt while her tongue flicked repeatedly over her clit. "Oh, God!" Wendy cried out, and arched her back. Her hips began to buck against her mother's face. "Whatever you did," Zack whispered, "keep it up." Mary did just that, flicking her tongue rapidly against her daughter's clit.

Her finger began to thrust more rapidly into her daughter's cunt, and Wendy's writhing grew stronger, while her joyous cries grew louder. Finally, with a scream that filled the room, Wendy came, thrashing her head from side to side while her hips bucked up against her mother's wiggling tongue and probing finger.

Mary did her best to continue licking her daughter through her orgasm, and only as Wendy subsided did Mary slow down at all. Wendy pushed her mother away, shaking her head. "Too. sensitive," she panted. Mary very slowly withdrew her finger from Wendy's pussy, and then paused for a moment.

Slowly, she brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it in, licking her daughter's juices off her finger while staring Zack straight in the eye. Zack leaned over and kissed Mary deeply for a long moment. After they finally came up for air, though, he moved over to lie down beside his girlfriend.

"How was that?" he asked with a grin. "Oh, fucking shit!" she murmured. Zack let his hand slide along her stomach as she regained her breath. He let his hand slide up onto her breast, and squeezed gently. She mewled and wiggled in his grasp. "Your mom still needs some lovin'," he said with a smile. Wendy nodded, but her face showed concern.

Mary saw that. "You don't have to do anything, sweetheart." Wendy shook her head. "I want to try, I'm just. scared." Zack helped her up, and then he motioned Mary to lie down on the bed, which she did. "Start out by kissing her.

You know how to do that. Then just. work your way down." Wendy giggled, but she did what he told her to. She slipped her tongue into her mother's mouth, and they were soon kissing hotly, their naked bodies rubbing against each other.

After a while, Wendy broke their kiss, and she began to kiss, lick and nibble her way down her mother's body. As she reached Mary's breasts, Wendy hesitated for a moment, but then she let her tongue slide slowly over one of Mary's nipples. Mary groaned loudly and shuddered. Wendy began to suck on her mother's nipple, letting her lips and tongue lavish attention on it. Mary was moaning almost constantly now.

Zack very gently took Wendy's hand and placed it on her mother's abdomen. He didn't move it, but he didn't let go of it, either. He felt Wendy's fingers making small circles against her mother's skin. Once he knew she was comfortable with that, he began to slide her hand gently across her mother's body.

Zack could feel the hesitation as Wendy's fingers began their descent through Mary's pubic hair. She did not, however, stop him. When Wendy's finger inadvertently slid against her mother's clit, Mary screamed, "Oh, fuck, yes right there!" Wendy was so startled, her finger spasmed, and rubbed against her mother's clit again.

"You've got the idea," Zack said with a chuckle. He let go of her hand, and sat back. Wendy continued to rub her finger against her mother's clit, and Mary could barely contain herself. Wendy was about to release her mother's nipple to move her mouth further down, when Mary cried out again, and began to buck her hips against her daughter's hand.

She writhed about and groaned as her juices poured from her pussy. Wendy began to remove her hand, thinking that her mother would be too tender to continue. "Oh, God, no, don't stop! Please don't stop!" Wendy was startled, but she slipped her finger back against her mother's clit again. "Oh, yeah!" Mary said, "Just like that!" Wendy, figuring now would be the best time to try, moved herself so that she was looking down at her mother's cunt, while her finger slid against her mother's clit.

She had no real idea what to do, until Zack whispered much the same thing into her ear as he had her mother's. Wendy moved her finger downward, and pressed it against her mother's dripping hole as her tongue slid softly against Mary's clit. Mary cried out again, her hips continuing to roll, as Wendy began to finger-fuck her mother for the first time, and was licking her clit in soft strokes.

Zack moved off the bed to give them room. Mary looked up at him through glazed eyes, and smiled. Zack motioned to her, and she looked where he was pointing. She had not realized that she could reach her daughter's pussy from her position. Mary moved her hand up, and slipped a finger deep into her daughter's cunt, slipping it in and out rapidly.

Wendy shuddered in pleasure, and her movements against her mother's clit faltered for a moment, while she groaned in pleasure. Mary lay back for a minute, but then she looked over at Zack, and finally saw his raging hard-on.

"Mm. Bring that hard cock over here," she invited. Zack smiled, and moved next to her, kneeling on the bed. He leaned forward, so she wouldn't have to interrupt Wendy. His cock slipped into her open mouth, and her lips closed around it. The suction she applied was wonderful, and he began to rock his hips in small motions, sliding his dick in and out of her mouth.

Zack knew that he wasn't going to last long. After watching what he'd just seen, and with Mary's soft lips wrapped around his dick, there was just no way.

He could feel his balls tingling, and he made to pull out of her. She used her one free hand to grab his cock, keeping him between her lips. He grunted a final warning, and she sucked on him until finally his cum blasted out of his dick.

She swallowed every spurt as he emptied his balls into her mouth. When Mary finally let Zack loose from her lips, she saw that he was still almost fully hard. She looked up at him, and in-between gasps caused by her daughter's tongue, she said, "Why don't we see how good she is at this while you're sliding that big hard cock into her." Zack looked at her with a devilish grin.

He moved over her, so that he could get behind Wendy, who he wasn't even sure had heard the conversation. Wendy groaned in discontent as Mary slipped her finger out of her daughter's cunt. When she felt a hard cock pressing to her pussy, however, Wendy pushed her hips back against it, pushing her cunt onto Zack's prick. Zack wasn't able to start slow. He slid into Wendy in one stroke, and she moaned in bliss. He didn't wait, but set up a furious pace, ramming into her as hard as he could.

Wendy was grunting into her mother's pussy as her tongue lapped at her clit and her finger thrust into her cunt. All these motions were aided by the fact that Zack was rocking her body with his thrusts. Mary was beginning to moan loudly, her body bucking and twisting beneath her daughter as she rose toward climax once again. In no time, Mary screamed out her pleasure, her back arching as her pussy poured its juices over her daughter's hand.

For long moments, she cried out and twisted back and forth as Wendy continued to lick her clit throughout her orgasm. When Mary finally came down, it was clear to Wendy that she had nothing left for the moment.

Wendy pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, thrusting her pussy back onto Zack's pistoning cock. Zack leaned forward, gently grasping her tits and massaging them, causing her to moan and buck her hips even harder. "Oh, God. Zack, I'm gonna come!" Zack thrust even harder into her, driving himself toward his own climax. They arrived at almost the same moment, his cum spewing forth as Wendy's first spasm overtook her. They both cried out loudly as their bodies thrashed together for long moments, until they finally began to descend from the heights of pleasure.

Zack slowly, almost regretfully, withdrew his cock from Wendy's pussy, and then he sat back on his feet. He gently pulled Wendy back toward him, and then they both lay down on the bed. Zack felt Mary roll against him, and he now had a beautiful female on either side of his body. It wasn't long before he was once again asleep. ----- When Zack awoke, Wendy was missing. He felt Mary's hand running along his side, and he could tell she was awake.

"Where'd Wendy go?" he asked quietly. "To the bathroom. I hope you're not upset with me for barging in on your day together." Zack rolled over and pulled her close to him.

She came readily, accepting his soft kiss. "I only left the house to get out of the madness." "And to spend time with Wendy, not me." Zack sighed silently.

"It's not that." "I don't mean to be difficult, Zack. I know you love her, and I'm not nearly as beautiful as she is. never was." Zack kissed her again, with meaning. "You are beautiful, Mary. I don't mind spending time with you. But if I had said, "Wendy and Mary, let's go for a ride," then everyone would have wondered why they got left out. If I just pick one, then they all figure I'm doing it for a reason.

Just like you did." "Oh. So. you don't mind?" Zack snuggled in tight against her, and kissed her one more time. "No, I don't mind. Besides, watching you two together was hot." Mary giggled just as Wendy came back in the room. "You should have seen the looks I got in the bathroom!" she said with a giggle of her own.

"What are you two conspiring about now?" "Nothing, hon," Mary said, glancing at Zack. He understood that she didn't want Wendy to worry about her mother. Wendy crawled back up onto the bed and rubbed Zack's back, but didn't attempt to snuggle with them. He noticed.

"Something wrong?" he asked, looking over his shoulder. "Nope. Just didn't want to intrude for the moment." Zack looked at Mary, who was smiling her thanks at her daughter. "We should probably head home, though," Zack said after a few moments. "Do we have to?" Wendy pouted cutely. "Well." Zack hedged. "Couldn't we go out to eat first?" Mary asked. "I haven't actually been out with you yet." "I'll even let you sit next to her instead of me." Wendy offered.

Zack chuckled. "Okay, you talked me into it." ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ Zack was lying on his bed next to Angela.

They were both mostly clothed, because they were working on Angela's homework. Zack was doing his level best to keep his hands off her while he tried to help her with her math. He had settled on giving her a kiss for every question she got right. He looked up at the knock on the door, wondering who would interrupt them.

He smiled when he saw Mary. "What's up?" he asked. "Zack, some of the girls and I would like to have a picnic. we'd like to open up the pool room and get some sun and have some fun." "Sounds good to me." Looking at Angela, he said, "We can finish this later, right?" She nodded, and so they both got off the bed.

"Let me get on my swimsuit, and I'll be down in a second." ----- Though the house had an "indoor" pool, the room it was in was a glass surround, designed to be opened to the environment on good days like this one.

Zack flipped the switch, which slid the glass panels to either side, and gave access to the backyard. The glass roof, of course, stayed in place, but no one minded that. Jill was already swimming, and Stephanie soon joined her. Zack openly ogled Wendy in her bathing suit, which was a one-piece, but still looked absolutely great on her. She walked over to him and gave him a hug and a kiss. "You look wonderful," he said to her, watching her blush. "Could you put some sunscreen on my back? I'll burn terribly if you don't." "No problem." Her suit dipped very low in the back, and her fair skin would certainly be lobster-red by the end of the day without protection.

Zack rubbed it on, trying not to get too involved, or she'd soon be without a bathing suit. ----- The family had been swimming, sunning and playing for a couple hours when Beverly walked over to Zack, who was resting for a few moments in a chair next to his mother. "Zack, I don't want to alarm you, but there's someone in the bushes over there." "Where? Don't point." "To the left of the oak." Zack looked, and saw what Beverly was talking about, and instantly became furious.

Just then, Brian walked back out of the house from going to the restroom. "Bri, let's go take a walk." "Huh?" "Just follow me." Zack walked over toward the storage shed, which was in a direction opposite from where the intruder was located. "Zack, what're we doing?" "We have an uninvited guest. I'm sure I know who it is, and I am going to get rid of her. Walk as quietly as you can. C'mon." The pair walked between the shrubbery and the privacy fence, staying fairly well hidden.

Zack took the opportunity, occasionally, to look for the intruder, and was gratified that she wasn't trying to get away. He didn't think she knew they were onto her yet. She was so intent on what was going on by the pool, in fact, that the two boys were within ten feet of her without her noticing.

"Well, if it isn't Miss Dunham," Zack said sourly and loudly, causing her to jump and turn. "I don't remember inviting you to this party." "Mister Griffin," she said with a syrupy yet snide tone. "No, I imagine you wouldn't want me seeing your little orgy." "Orgy?" Zack turned to Brian. "You been screwing in the pool again?" Brian blushed, but said, "Not today." "And I haven't gotten laid today. so just exactly how is there an orgy going on?

All I see are a bunch of people enjoying a warm afternoon in the sun." "A bunch of women.

And two men. Don't try to tell me nothing's going on." "I don't have to tell you anything. Oh, except that I'm placing you under citizen's arrest for criminal trespassing. Brian, you want to call the cops?" Zack had picked up the cordless phone along the way, and handed it to Brian.

This was bogus, because the phone would not work at this distance from the house. "I am an accredited journalist, which-" "Which gives you the right to report what you find out. It does not give you the right to break the law.

The First Amendment applies only to your reporting of the news. It does not stipulate that I have to submit to your unlawful behavior in an attempt to invade my privacy. Now you have two options: hand me your camera and camera bag, or we will call the police and have you arrested and charged with criminal trespass." Lisa Dunham stared daggers at her accuser for a long moment.

However, she knew he was right. Grudgingly, she handed over her camera and bag. "I can charge you with theft now, you know." "Hard to do, since I intend to give it back," he said, rummaging through the bag. He found two rolls of exposed film. He handed them to Brian, and then handed the bag back to Lisa. After that, he popped open her camera. "Hey!" she shouted. She watched in rage as he yanked the roll free, exposing it all to sunlight and ruining it. After that, he handed the camera back to her.

He gestured her through the bushes. "Move." The three walked across the yard, to the surprised expressions of all the girls. "You're a pig, you know that?" Lisa spat. "How many women are you sleeping with in this house?" "None of your business. As to my swinery, what you think of me is roughly as important to me as what the Pope thinks of me. Obviously the women who visit this house think differently." "You're underage. Those women are breaking the law." "Prove it." "I intend to!" "Yes, well, before you go off on your crusade, know this: if you set foot on this property again, I will have you arrested and charged, and I will make damned sure you spend at least one night in jail." Lisa glared at him, but then turned and walked across the street, to where her blue Ford was parked.

As they walked back to the house, Brian asked, "Who the hell was she?" "A reporter. If you see her again, let me know." "Man, you sure do have some nasty enemies." "Yeah, I know.

One thing at a time.


Let's go back to the girls. I really need to relax now." ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ Zack was dreaming peacefully when he felt someone nibbling on his ear.

He murmured in his sleep, but it would take more than that to rouse him. When he felt a hand encircle his cock, however, he did begin to wake. By the time Zack's eyes opened, lips were surrounding the head of his dick. He groaned and closed his eyes again, as she worked over his length.

He rested his hand on her head, but let her do what she wanted. He knew, as aroused as he was, and as good as she was making him feel, he didn't have long. "Oh, god, yeah. gonna come soon." he grunted. She sped up her motions, and Zack clenched his eyes shut tightly, but it was no use. With a final loud groan, he shot his load deep into her mouth. He felt her swallow, causing him to shoot even more jism. She swallowed it all before letting his cock loose, and then licking it clean.

She gently inserted it back into his briefs before she crawled up to cuddle next to him. "Good morning," Gabrielle said. Zack cocked an eyebrow at her. "Good morning." The two kissed tenderly for long moments before they finally settled, cuddling against each other. "I thought you didn't do that," Zack said, finally voicing his confusion.

"It's not that I don't. I just never had. I wasn't sure how. I had a little talk with someone, who gave me some pointers." "Oh. Who?" he asked, curious. "Stephanie." Zack smiled, wishing he could have heard that conversation. He pulled Gabrielle closer and kissed her again. "Thanks," he said. "Was I any good?" "Oh, yeah. But if you think you need to improve, please feel free to practice on me any time!" The two giggled, and cuddled some more.

"Not that I mind, but how come you're here?" "There's nothing to do here! Sure, we've got the next two days off, plus our usual Wednesday. but there's nothing to do!" "Oh. Yeah, I guess that would be something of a problem. What did you want to do today?" he asked while caressing her back.

She shivered and hummed before answering him. "What' I'd like to do is stay in bed with you all day. But I think we need to do more work on the program. You've got to get rid of that reporter, and I want this damned telepathy out of my head." Zack sighed quietly. "Yeah, you're right. Can we at least shower first?" "We?" she said with a smile. ----- "Shit," Gabrielle cursed. Zack looked over at her.

He'd been relaxing for a bit, as he'd spent the last hour working on his telepathy. He had gotten to the point where he could hear people's thoughts without a trance, but he had to concentrate fully on the activity; it was not something he could use casually.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "This whole wall idea isn't working out. It's impossible to build a wall high enough to block my senses. and I can't figure a way to put a roof on it that will actually work." "Oh.

I'm sorry, Sweetheart," he said, walking over and giving her a hug. "Were there any other things you could try?" "Just one. There was something in here about pathways in the mind, and how the straighter the pathway is, the easier it is to do things.

I don't know, I need to read some more." "Okay." He rubbed her shoulders for a little while, and she sank back into his touch. After a while, though, she leaned forward again, to return to her research. Zack left her at the computer, to go downstairs. "Hey, Mom," he said, giving her a soft kiss. She hugged him tightly, rubbing her body against him. "Hey," she murmured.

"Have you two been working up there all day long?" "Yeah, pretty much. How was work?" "Same old shit." Zack chuckled. He kissed his mother again, running his hand over her ass. She moaned into his mouth and pressed her body against him. After a long moment, they broke the kiss.

"Oh, damn, Baby," Sharon whispered. "You want to sleep with me tonight?" he responded. "Hell, yes!" she replied. Zack smiled and kissed her again softly, then headed out to the kitchen to get something to snack on. He found Mary in there, making dinner. He moved up behind her and rubbed his hands along her sides.

"Mm. Hey there. What're you up to?" "Just got the munchies. How long until dinner?" "About an hour and a half, so don't go spoiling your appetite. Is Gabrielle staying for dinner?" "Don't know," he said, grabbing a couple of cookies. "I'll ask." "'kay. There's plenty for her, if she wants to." Zack kissed Mary softly before heading back up to his room.

He was surprised to find Gabrielle pounding away at the keys, obviously in the middle of a furious scripting session. He stood back and watched for ten minutes before she finally leaned back and noticed his presence. "Oh! Zack, I didn't hear you come in." "Now I know what my mom means about me. You wouldn't have heard an elephant come in." Gabrielle laughed and blushed.

"I found something, and I really, really want to see if this works." "Cool. What is it?" "It's a little tough to explain, but there is like. a road. that leads from my normal mind to my telepathy. The problem is that the road is so straight, that the telepathy can just leak out whenever it wants.

I thought about finding a way to break up the road. but then remembered what you said about maybe needing my powers later, and thought you might be right. So I found a way that you can. um. bend the road." "What do you mean, bend it?" "Put in a couple of turns. Of course, you understand this is all figurative language." "Yes, I get that. So, you can build in turns.

how does that help?" "Well, this implies that the turns will keep my telepathy from leaking out all over the place and getting in the way all the time. But supposedly, if I concentrate just a little bit, I can follow the turns and get back to my telepathy when I want it. The trouble will be finding the balance between putting in enough turns to keep the telepathy in check, and not so many turns that I can't ever get back to it." "So. you've managed to write a script that does that?" he asked, surprised that such a thing was even possible.

"Yeah, I think so. Could you look it over and tell me if you see any problems?" "Sure." Zack looked over Gabrielle's script for the next half-hour. When he slid back his chair, he looked at her with something close to awe. "Damn, you're good." She blushed. "I'm glad you're on my side." "Did you see anything wrong?" "No. I can't be sure it'll work, but the script looks right." "Okay. Let's give it a shot, then." Zack set up his PC version of PAO to run the script, and then scooted out of her way.

She sat down, and started the script. A minute later, Gabrielle shrugged three times, and then she looked around in something of a panic. "Say something!" she cried out. "Such as? What's the matter?" She let out a huge sigh of relief. "The silence is deafening! I never realized how quiet the world is for the rest of you.

I was afraid I'd gone deaf!" "I take it, then, that you have closed off your telepathy?" he smiled at her. Gabrielle nodded. Zack walked over and hugged her tightly.

Then he asked, "But, can you get back to it when you need it? What am I thinking now?" Gabrielle focused a little, and made her way through the maze. "Ooooh, sounds like a good idea." They were just putting their clothes back on when Mary called them to dinner.

∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ Zack relaxed in a chair by the pool, watching the girls swim. Gabrielle had wanted to take a day to play with PAO by herself, and so he didn't have anything more taxing to do than relax.

He had been in the pool already, and was taking a break so he would stop looking like a prune. Sharon was next to him, reading a book, and Mary was with Wendy and Steph over by the grill. He was looking forward to lunch; he'd missed breakfast because of his wake-up exercise with his mom, and his stomach was rumbling. Just then, Beverly came over to him. "Master, you have guests at the door. They told me to give you this." She handed him a small card with nothing but the Greek letter omega on it.

"Okay. Could you take them up to my room, please? I'll be in in a minute." Beverly nodded and departed. His mother looked at him curiously. "More college girls, dear?" she asked with a grin. "No, this is business." "Uh-huh," she said dubiously, and went back to her book. Zack went over and let Mary know to save him some lunch, as he might not make it back outside before it was ready. He then went back into the house and up the stairs to his room.

"Master!" Terry cried, and ran to him. She hugged him and gave him a warm kiss. He kissed her back, but didn't hug her tightly, as he was still somewhat wet. When she finally released him, she stepped back and said, "I've missed you terribly." "I missed you, too, Terry. Hey, Shirley." Shirley came over to him more sedately, but she kissed him with no less passion.

He let their tongues dance for some time before gently pushing her away. "Were you followed?" "I don't think so," Shirley answered. "I took several evasive turns, even turning around a few times. That's why it took us so long to get here." Zack closed his eyes, reaching out with his mind.

He didn't sense anyone watching the house. Even Miss Dunham was taking the day off, apparently. He knew that only meant she was doing research somewhere else. One thing at a time. "Good. Do you have any news for me?" "Only what Terry told you about this Linda person." "Linda has been dealt with already," he assured them.

Terry breathed a sigh of relief at that news. "Do you know who the other pin represents?" Shirley asked. "No. Any ideas?" Both women shook their heads. "Well, I've ruled out anyone really close to me, so I have no idea who it is." Zack had taken the opportunity to use his own telepathic powers to check out each of his family members, to see if they were deceiving him, but that was not the case.

"What do you want us to do now?" Terry asked, a little hope in her voice. Zack smiled, then walked over and closed the door. "You can undress, for a start." he said to her. As Terry was quickly disrobing, Shirley went over to him. "May I please be excused? You promised you wouldn't make me her plaything anymore." Zack considered for a moment. He had told her he wouldn't do it again. He reached up and caressed her tit softly, and she sighed at his touch.

"Tell you what, if you can suck me off, then you can go." Shirley brightened at that. "No problem!" She hooked her finger in his swimsuit and tugged him over toward the bed.

Once he was standing in front of it, she pulled his swimsuit down carefully, exposing his hard cock to her eyes. She hummed at the sight of it. As Terry finished pulling off the last of her clothes, Shirley leaned in and pressed her lips against the head of Zack's dick. He shivered as she kissed his cockhead, and as her lips parted, allowing his prick to slide into her mouth, he groaned softly. Terry moved to him, now naked, and she pressed her body against him.

The two began to kiss, their tongues dancing wetly against each other. Shirley ignored them as she focused her attention on sucking his cock as best she could. She loved giving head, and was glad that he'd asked her to do it for him. She began to bob gently on his cock, taking more of it into her mouth with each movement, until she'd reached bottom. His cock was entering her throat, and she sucked hard as she began to slide her mouth off him, trying to pull the cum from his balls.

Zack groaned, and then he reached up to grope one of Terry's tits. He didn't want to distract Shirley from the wonderful job she was doing. He knew that he would soon be climaxing, despite his earlier activity. As Terry continued to kiss him, Shirley moved faster and faster on his shaft. She reached up and fondled his balls, and she could feel them begin to tighten. She ran her tongue along the underside of his cock, and he began to tremble, trying to restrain the flow of cum that was fighting to burst free.

Finally, he couldn't hold back anymore. With a loud grunt, muffled by Terry's luscious mouth, he blasted his cum deep into Shirley's throat. She continued to suck until his come tapered off, and then she swallowed his load. She eased her mouth off his cock and licked the tip, cleaning off any stray droplets she might have missed. Shirley rose, and caressed his softening cock while he continued to kiss Terry.

Finally, the other two broke their kiss, and he turned to her. She moved in and kissed him hotly, and he moved his hand to squeeze her ass cheek through her jeans.

Once they broke their kiss, she asked, "May I take a shower?" "Sure. Right through there." As Shirley walked away, Zack turned to Terry and more or less forgot Shirley existed. He caressed Terry's back, and she mewled, pressing herself against him, offering her master everything she had. Zack gently lowered Terry onto the bed, and then knelt on the floor.

He gingerly urged her legs apart, and she gladly obliged him. Leaning in, he flicked his tongue against her inner thighs, causing her to squirm. He moved closer and closer to his goal, and her moans grew louder, until at last he ran his tongue lightly over her clit, and she screamed loudly in glorious orgasm.

Zack continued to tongue her clit throughout her orgasm, while she wriggled and cried out on the bed. Finally, she began to settle, and he lifted his tongue, knowing that she might be too sensitive to continue. He was wrong in that regards, however.

"Oh, God, Master, fuck me!" she pleaded. Zack was instantly hard, just from hearing the tone of her voice. He gently pushed her further onto the bed, and then slipped between her legs.

He paused a moment, and decided he wanted to take her in a different position. He turned her onto her side, and then lifted her upper leg, exposing her wet and waiting pussy. Moving forward, Zack slipped his cock into her hole. She moaned loudly at the feel of him. He rested her upper leg on his hip, and then he began to thrust, using her leg and ass for leverage. Terry was already moaning continually, begging him to fuck her harder.

Zack obliged her, thrusting into her as hard as he could. He enjoyed watching her ample tits roll on her chest as she bucked against him, moaning encouragements and cries of pleasure.

Zack continued to pound into her until he felt his balls begin to boil. Just to prolong the pleasure, he stopped and pulled out of her. He shifted her again, and had her get on her hands and knees. He entered her from behind, and she groaned in joy at the return of his cock to her cunt. He knew he didn't have much longer, and so he bent over and reached around to massage Terry's breasts. She cried out in surprise, and then moaned in pleasure as he continued to ram into her.

Their cries melded together as they both approached orgasm. Terry got there first, her pussy squeezing and milking his dick. Zack couldn't take any more, and he froze, his prick fully inside her, spewing his load deep into her. The two remained coupled for long moments, neither moving, their moans tapering off into pants of sheer pleasure. Finally, Zack withdrew from her, and rolled to the side, collapsing on the bed. She gingerly lowered herself onto the bed beside him.

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"That was so much better than Adam," she said. "I'm sorry I had to send you back to him. You did a good job keeping me informed." "Thank you, Master," she said, and closed her eyes.

He knew that more than the sex, the stress had worn her out. He was energized, however, and decided that, since Shirley was still in the shower, he'd join her to get clean. Or get dirty. ----- "Hey, everyone. I just want to introduce our new house guests." He and Shirley had played in the shower, and then cleaned up. Terry had found another shower down the hall, and cleaned up herself. "This is Terry and Shirley. They'll be staying with us for. a while." Zack was unsure of whether they would actually stay in the house long-term.

If Adam got nasty, they could be targets, and that would endanger his family. But you're probably already a target, so unless you move out, why make them? The others didn't notice the mental conversation going on in his head as they greeted the two new arrivals.

Zack set his uncertainty aside, and pulled Stephanie away from the crowd. "Steph, I'm putting you in charge of the. uh. girls like yourself." He still had trouble with the word 'slave'. "You mean your slaves, Master?" she said cheerily. She had no trouble with her place in life.

"Uh, yeah." "Why me?" "Because I trust you." He thought she would orgasm right on the spot. "Thank you, Master! I'll do my best!" She hugged him tightly and gave him a soul-burning kiss that would have gotten a rise out of him, if he hadn't been completely worn out. ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ Zack woke up the next morning, and rolled over. He opened his eyes to see Angela watching him calmly.

"'Mornin'," he said sleepily. "Don't you have somewhere to be?" "Nope. Class is a review, and I don't need to review, so I'm skipping." "You are, huh? Maybe I should punish you for cutting class," he said with a smirk. "And just what would you do to me, Master?" she asked seductively. Zack reached out and gently pushed her head south. "I think you know," he said. She was quickly bobbing her head on his cock.

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Ah, life is good. At least for the moment. ----- Zack would have been content to spend the entire day with Angela in bed, but he knew they didn't have all day; Gabrielle was coming by to help him deal with Miss Dunham's editor. He was just getting out of the shower when he heard the doorbell ring. "Good timing," he said to himself. "Huh?" Angela said. She had, of course, showered with him. "Nothing," he said with a chuckle.

"Just talking to myself. Thanks for the wake-up," he said, kissing her gently. She kissed back, but then he headed into the bedroom to dress. He wasn't fully dressed before Gabrielle appeared at the door. "Hey, Gabrielle," he said in greeting. "Hey yourself. The bed looks extremely messy." "You try keeping it neat, then!" Angela said as she came out of the bathroom. She had a huge grin on her face, and Zack laughed at Gabrielle's discomfiture. "Are you ready to go?" Gabrielle asked Zack. "Can we have lunch first?" he asked.

"No. You can eat afterward. You need to get this dealt with and over." "Okay, okay. Geez, you're awfully bossy today." "I don't want you getting arrested." "Never happen." "You hope." Zack shrugged.

He finished dressing, and then headed downstairs. They took his bike into town, heading for the newspaper office.


----- "Hello, can I help you?" the receptionist asked. "Yes. I need to speak with the supervising editor for Lisa Dunham." "Mr. Radcliffe is on a call right now," the lady said after checking her phone.

"If you want to wait, I'll let him know you're here." "Thank you." Zack and Gabrielle sat in a couple of uncomfortable chairs and waited. They could see the man talking on the phone in the office across the way. It didn't seem like an animated discussion, which was good; Zack didn't want to deal with someone who was pissed off. After a solid ten minutes, the guy hung up.

Zack counted to thirty before deciding the receptionist was taking too long, and he stood up and walked over to the man's office, followed by Gabrielle.

"Excuse me, Mr. Radcliffe?" "Yeah, what can I do for you?" Zack came in and closed the door. "I need to speak with you about Lisa Dunham's current assignment.

"That information is confidential. Who the hell are you, anyway?" "My name is Zack Griffin." The man's eyes registered recognition. "That's right. I'm the subject of her investigation. Now, you tell me, do I look sinister and evil to you?" "She claims you're into some really bad shit." "Such as?" "She won't go into specifics." "Well, let me go into specifics for her.

I have multiple girlfriends. All of my girlfriends know about each other and my lifestyle. I live in a large house. I talked the owner of that house into renting it to us dirt cheap. I obtained my mom's car by doing a computer job for the car dealership.

I won my motorcycle in a contest. We make ends meet by having two families living in the same house and sharing expenses." "Your parents don't object to you having girls over all the time? Lisa claims you're having orgies." "I've never been to an orgy. The most I've ever had was a threesome. My parents have their own problems.


My father recently walked out on us, and my mother is still adjusting. She's too worried about her own world to gripe about my behavior." Gabrielle looked a little pale, sitting next to Zack, but he tried to ignore it.

"So you're telling me to do. what?" "Get her off my back. She's not going to find anything, and I'm getting tired of her harassment. Further intrusions on her part may result in a lawsuit against the paper." "You can't threaten us into leaving you alone," Mr. Radcliffe said, angered. "That was not a threat. It was a statement of fact. I'm merely letting you know what the consequences of your actions are." "So, you're blackmailing us.

Leave you alone, or get sued." "In order for me to blackmail you, I'd have to have something to reveal to the public that you didn't want the public to know. Are you saying that you'd rather the public didn't know you were looking into my life?" Zack thought that was a particularly nice twist on the guy's statement.

Mr. Radcliffe opened and closed his mouth a few times, then decided on a different tack. "We'll do whatever we choose to do in our investigations, Mr.

Griffin. Your visit here today only gives her assignment more credibility." Zack sighed. So close, but so far away. He pulled out his PDA. "Fine. I guess we do it the easy way, then." "What the fuck are you-" the man's voice was interrupted by the musical blast of Program Alpha-Omega. ----- "Would you really have walked out of there without using the program on him?" Gabrielle asked between bites of her sub. "Sure. Truthfully, I have nothing to hide that they can find out about.

Yes, I have done some things that are outside the law. No, there's no way anyone could find out about them, because even the people who helped me do so, don't remember doing it." "Still, they could cause trouble." "They could. But I don't think so. I want to spend this afternoon beefing up PAO. I still think I'm going to need to deal with Ms.

Dunham on a personal level. I also need to work on my telepathy." "And your mind control." "Huh?" "Remember, with Linda? You need to develop that skill more. It could be vital to beating Adam. It's something he can't replicate." "Okay, I suppose. Not really sure how to practice that, though." "Well, tell you what. Let's go back to your place, and you can show me what you want to do to the program.

Then I'll do the programming, and you can practice your mind tricks." "Hmmm." "What, you don't trust me with the program?" "Sorry, trusting comes hard. I do trust you, it's just a gut reaction." Gabrielle nodded. "I'd be surprised if you weren't paranoid by now." "But the age old question: am I paranoid enough?" Gabrielle chuckled. ----- "Welcome back," Mary-maiden said. "Hi. Tell me what I know about mind control without using the program." "Quite a lot, from your research," Wendy-maiden replied.

"Where should we begin?" ----- Zack sat in his telepathy room in his mind, watching. He recognized Gabrielle, working diligently at the computer. He could see the intensity of her concentration, and so he didn't want to mess with her. He noted the absence of Lisa Dunham, which was too bad, really, as he could have used her as a practice target.

Moving outward, he once again encountered his next door neighbor. He thought she was good-looking enough, but he didn't have a lot of interest in her. Still, she was an acceptable target. He focused on her mind, and easily slipped inside.

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He didn't see much that really interested him, as she was a rather shallow woman who spent most of her day watching soap operas and drinking wine. He found that an odd combination, but didn't dwell on it. He was entirely unsure of exactly how to practice mind control on her.

He didn't really have anything he wanted her to do. He considered for a long moment, and then he shouted into her mind, <Bring your new neighbors a housewarming gift!> He felt her mind lurch, and then it settled, but he could tell that something was slightly different. He couldn't put a finger on what, but he decided to step out of her mind and see what the results were going to be.

<Could you maybe tone down the commands a bit? Us telepaths are somewhat sensitive, you know,> Gabrielle said to him in thought. He jumped, startled. <Sorry,> he replied after recovering. <I'm just not sure how to do the mind control thing. Shouting seemed like a good way to override her own thoughts.> <Whispering softly would more likely be a better way to accomplish it.

That 'little voice told me to do it' effect.> <Good idea. Thanks.> Zack went back out into the world, looking for a new target. He found a guy walking his dog, and entered his mind. He found this interesting, because the guy was a businessman, thinking about all his important clients and such. In as soft a mental whisper as Zack could, he thought, <Cross the street.> He uttered the voice twice more before the man stopped, looked both ways, and crossed the street to walk on the other side.

The man didn't seem overly puzzled at why he'd done that, so Zack wondered if it had been his own idea. Once again, Zack ordered, <Cross the street.> It only took two tries this time, and the man crossed back over to the original side of the street, and just kept walking. Well, that was interesting, Zack said to himself. He was surprised that the commands worked so easily, having to be repeated only a couple times to be accepted. Then he thought that perhaps it was because the command wasn't really contrary to the guy's thinking.

Zack realized he'd have to try different things to see if it mattered what he was telling them to do. For now, however, he was tired, and he decided he needed a break. He left his mind and returned to his body, to find that Gabrielle was still working hard, coding the new parts of the program. Zack quietly left the room, to leave her to her work. She never noticed his absence.

----- "I'm not sure if all this worked," Gabrielle said. "But if it did, the program should be shorter, and more powerful." "Shorter? How'd you pull that off?" "I realized that we were overkilling things. With the initial blast capturing the person like it does, the next thirty-two seconds are wasted time.

All they're for is to put someone under. and the person is already under." "Shit, I hadn't thought of that." "I left about five seconds of it in, anyway, just to make absolutely certain." "Good idea. So how long does it take now?" "Not sure. I haven't run it yet, I've only compiled it. You want to run a relax script on me, and see what happens?" "I know better ways to make you relax." She giggled.

"After the test." "Promise?" he asked with a puppy-dog look. "Yes, yes!" Zack brought up one of his scripts, and typed her codeword into the necessary spot. Then he stepped back and said, "Whenever you're ready." He pulled out his stopwatch to time it. Twenty-three seconds later, Gabrielle shrugged three times, and was completely relaxed, sitting with her eyes closed in front of the computer. Zack left the room once again, to go get a snack and contemplate the congratulations he'd give her when she awoke.

∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ Zack woke up the next morning and snuggled close to Wendy.

He was trying to make sure to give her more of his time, though it was difficult with all the chaos going on and all the girls running around.

Briefly, he wondered how much she resented his playing around on her, but then drove the thought from his mind; he didn't have time to worry about it now. Doing his best not to wake her, Zack got out of bed and headed for the shower. He was dressed and out the door without disturbing her; he didn't see any reason she needed to be up this early during the summer, unlike him, who had class to go to.

Gabrielle was waiting in her usual spot for him that morning. He gave her a deep kiss, which she happily returned. The two went into class and sat down to wait for the teacher to arrive. The morning passed quickly, and the two had already completed their assignment for the day, so they had the afternoon free.

"You want to come over and help me?" Zack asked. "Help you do what?" she replied coyly. "Work on the program," he said, bursting her bubble.

"I want to see if we can't get the program time down even shorter." "Shorter than twenty-three seconds? Why?" "Because I'm sure Adam is trying.

More than that, I want to kick up the power as much as we can. I want this thing to overwhelm any possible defense." "What brought this on?" "Terry and Shirley. They keep telling me how dangerous Adam is. I just want to be ready if and when he tries something." "Okay. that's going to take a bit of research." "I know. That's why I need your help." "Ah-ha," she said with a smile.

"Well, so long as you feed me." Zack chuckled, and they headed out to his bike. ----- Zack and Gabrielle spent over an hour looking over information that could help them make the program stronger.

They were getting their thoughts together to start programming, when the doorbell rang. It rang three times in succession, and even the doorbell sounded angry. Zack looked at Gabrielle, and said, "You think?" "Has to be." "Took her long enough." Zack made his way downstairs, with Gabrielle in tow. He got down the stairs just as Beverly opened the door.

Lisa Dunham stormed into the room, her anger steaming off her. "How dare you! You think you can just toy with my career like some bimbo? How dare you try to get me pulled from this story!" "Try?" Zack asked, curious. "Oh, they'll never let me print it. Radcliffe made that quite clear. But don't you believe for a minute that I'm going to stop digging! I'm going to expose you, Mr. Griffin!" "Perhaps we should discuss this in the office," Zack said calmly. Gabrielle wasn't surprised to feel a little bit of trepidation from Zack.

No one knew yet if the new program would work on her. "I have nothing to discuss with you," she said, but followed along nonetheless.

"Oh, I beg to differ. I think we have a lot to talk about." Beneath the conversation, Zack was working his way into her mind. It was very difficult to walk, talk, and use telepathy, but he'd been practicing a lot lately, and since he knew the layout of the house, he was okay. Once in Lisa's mind, Zack started repeating, over and over, in a low tone, <You want to see Zack's PDA again.

You want to see Zack's PDA again. You want.> Once they made it into the office, Zack moved around his desk. He motioned Lisa to a chair, and Gabrielle stood off to one side. Lisa was feeling unsure of herself. She couldn't quite make her thoughts clarify all of a sudden, and she was having the distinct urge to see the device that Zack had shown her on their first meeting.

"So, what is it you think we have to discuss, Mr. Griffin?" Zack put his PDA on his desk and fiddled with it. "Why do you hate me?" he asked. "I do not hate you. I believe you are -" "Okay, new question," he said, interrupting. "Why are you lying? We both know you hate me. Why don't you just admit it?" "I do not get that personally invested in my stories. You are an investigative target, nothing more." "Except that the story has been pulled, and yet you're still here. So, there must be something more.

Why do you hate me?" Meanwhile, Zack was working with his PDA, pulling up the appropriate scripts and making a couple modifications to them. He could see that Lisa's eyes were flicking regularly down to his desktop.

As he waited for her to answer, he began to repeat his earlier mental chant. "I don't hate you," Lisa almost whined. She was losing control, and she didn't understand it. "Look, would you stop fiddling with that thing? What the hell are you doing, anyway?" "Just this," he said, and turned the PDA so that it was sitting right-way-up for her.

He pressed the Execute button, and the flash filled her vision. Zack was gratified to see her instantly blank expression, and the triple shrug that occurred twenty-three seconds later. "Now, what do you think?" Zack asked. "Very pretty. What's the point?" she asked.

Gabrielle lifted herself off the wall, but Zack motioned to her to stay where she was. He stood up and walked around his desk, then reached down and grabbed Lisa's tit, squeezing it firmly. "I bet you're enjoying that, aren't you, you bastard," she seethed.

It was not a question. "Yes, I am. What are you going to do about it?" "Nothing, you sonofabitch. I'm going to sit here and let you do that." "That's right. And anything else I want to do, right?" "Yes." Zack looked over at Gabrielle and answered, "I'm being kind of mean. I've left her hatred of me intact. But she has to obey me, even though she knows she doesn't want to." "Damn," Gabrielle said, impressed.

"Want to help?" he asked with a smile. "I'm not into girls," she answered. "And I need to get back to work on the program." "Okay. I'll be up in -" "In a while, yes, I got that. Have fun," she said with a smile, and left the room.

Returning his attention to Lisa, Zack said, "Stand up." She did, and he began to unbutton her blouse. "When was the last time you got laid?" he asked. Lisa's face darkened, but she answered, "Two years ago." "Damn! With a body like yours?" "Men are pigs.

You're proving that right now." "True, but the thing about that is, if you treat us like pigs, we're going to continue to act like pigs. It's easier for us." He finished unbuttoning her blouse, and yanked it off her arms and let it drop into the chair she had been sitting in. "So we're supposed to treat you like kings, is that it?" she snapped. "Well. you will treat me like I'm your master, which I am.

But generally, no, we'd just prefer to be treated like men. That is, with values different from, but just as valid as, yours." "What bullshit," she responded, while Zack reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She didn't like how close he was to her now.

She could feel his heat and smell his scent, and she knew where this was going. She didn't want to admit the arousal her body was beginning to feel. Not that she would be able to hide it from him for much longer. As the bra dropped free and Zack stood back, he looked down upon some very nice breasts, with tight areolas and large, erect nipples.

He reached down and tweaked one, causing her to gasp. "Oh, you like that," he said. He didn't wait for a reply, but instead leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth while his hand worked over the other one.

Lisa was immediately in torment. Her mind was revolted by the fact that he was forcing himself on her. Her body, on the other hand, was just happy to be getting some attention. Her back arched, pressing her tit deeper into his mouth. When he slipped his tongue along her nipple, she sighed softly in pleasure.

Zack soon switched his mouth to her other nipple, but his hands began to work on her slacks now. It didn't take too long before they were undone, and he pushed them off her hips, letting them fall to the floor. Her panties soon followed, and she was naked now except for her stockings and pumps.

He lifted his mouth from her nipple as he stepped on her clothing and told her to step out of it. Lisa complied, not sure of what he wanted her to do next. She stood there, unable to cover herself, and secretly wanting him to touch her again.

She was unprepared for what he asked for. "Undress me," he ordered, holding his arms away from his body slightly. Lisa moved closer, and lifted his T-shirt up his body until it came off.

She let it drop to the floor as her eyes involuntarily took in his smooth, bare chest. She reached down to undo his belt, and then his jeans. She leaned down to pull them off his hips.

She had to kneel to undo his sneakers, and pull them off with his socks and pants. Zack remained only in his briefs now, and she hesitated for a moment, steeling herself for the moment when his obviously hard cock would be revealed to her sight.

She didn't want to let him know how much she needed it. As her hands slowly peeled his underwear down off his hips, she saw the head of his prick. She gasped involuntarily at the sight of it, and her hands quickened their movements, sliding his briefs to the floor rapidly. Zack stepped out of his underwear, and then looked down at his plaything. He knew she was fully aroused, and he was going to take full advantage of it.

"While you're down there," he said with a grin, "you mind sucking me a bit?" Lisa Dunham was not an experienced sexual partner. She had had a few boyfriends, but the relationships had never lasted very long. Still, she was not opposed to giving head. She ran her tongue along the length of his shaft, licking back and forth as she went.

Zack liked the feel of her lips against his pole, as well. After moving up and down a few times from the side, she moved her lips to the head of his cock and slowly took him into her mouth. Zack was in heaven as Lisa began to work over his cock. He could feel her tongue slipping along the underside of his shaft as her lips paved the way. Once she'd taken as much of him as she could into her mouth, she began to bob on him, first slowly, then with greater fervor.

Zack was writing code in his head, trying to distract himself from the wonderful feelings his dick was having, because he didn't want her to stop. He knew that was a losing battle, though, and sure enough, he felt himself pass the point of no return.

He grunted a warning to Lisa, and she backed off a little, but kept her mouth on his cock. Her movements were even faster, trying to draw his cum out of his balls. In only a few more seconds, she got what she wanted; his cum blasted out of the tip of his dick and filled her mouth. She continued to suck on him until his orgasm subsided, and then she swallowed his cum. Zack leaned back against his desk and tried to catch his breath for a second. It had been a very good climax, but he wasn't done with Lisa yet.

When Zack was ready, he motioned for Lisa to rise, and she did so. He then moved her and had her bend over the desk, placing her hands on the far edge. She automatically spread her legs for him, too horny now to care who he was. Zack moved in behind her, and looked down to see her pussy, dripping wet with anticipation. He smacked her ass once, just to see what she'd do.

Her muscles clenched, and she jumped, but she uttered a moan of pleasure. "So you like it rough, eh? Well, we can do rough." Zack pressed the head of his dick to her pussy, and pressed in slowly. He enjoyed the slow sensation of his cockhead penetrating her.

Once he'd gotten himself in the first couple inches, however, he pushed much faster and harder. Lisa screamed in a mix of discomfort and bliss. Zack gave her no time to adjust to him, as he set up a fast rhythm, pounding into her pussy like a jackhammer.

Every once in a while, he'd slap her ass again, and she would cry out in joy. Zack was really enjoying this ride. He hadn't expected her to be at all fun to fuck, even though she was definitely a hottie.

He grabbed hold of her hips so he could fuck her even harder, and he closed his eyes, just enjoying the sensation. Lisa's eyes were also closed, her body overcome by the feeling of being filled up after such a long hiatus.

She was grunting now, her heat rising toward her peak. Zack felt her pussy begin to clench down on his cock, but he didn't slow down. He continued to fuck her just as hard. After a few more thrusts, she let out a loud scream and her body jolted, over and over, caught in the grips of a massive orgasm. Zack hung on for the ride; she was bucking enough to fuck him without him having to move at all.

Once she began to come down from her climax, Zack started thrusting once again. He sensed, though, that something was missing now. She was too sated to be fun.

He pulled out, and wondered what to do with his raging hard-on. Getting an idea, he said, "Lie down on the floor." A little shakily, Lisa complied with her instructions, lying on her back with her legs spread for him.

He ignored that, instead straddling her abdomen. His cock pointed at her chin, resting right between her ample tits. Lisa was unsure of what he wanted, until he pushed her boobs together and slid his cock between them. She quickly caught on, and held her tits for him, so that he could tit-fuck her properly.

Zack loved the feel of his cock slipping between her breasts. Looking down into her face, waiting for him to blow his load, was also arousing. She knew that he was going to come all over her, and he was.

He could feel the pressure building. "Open your mouth and catch it," he said. She leaned her head up, her lips parting as wide as they could. Zack thrust his hips even faster as his climax started. Once it hit him fully, he grunted and thrust in spasms, his cum shooting out and landing first on her nose, then in her mouth. The last few spurts hit her chin and then her chest. Zack was thoroughly exhausted by the time his body stopped jolting from his orgasm.

He wiped the last remnants of cum off his dick onto her chest as he sat back, still pinning her to the floor. "Did you enjoy that?" he asked. "Yes, you shit." "Good, because we're probably gonna do it again." "Of course you will. I've got no way to stop you." "Nope. You can get cleaned up and go home now." "You're not going to keep me?" she asked, a portion of her mortified that he didn't want her.

The rest of her was mortified at the part of her that wanted to stay. "Well, I'm not going to keep you here. That would look really suspicious, now wouldn't it?" "Yes, it would. If anyone but me was paying attention, which I doubt." "Is that what bugged you so much? No one was noticing that I was having a good time?" "You're a slug!

You're controlling me! No wonder you get whatever you want!" "Exactly. But see, here's the thing: it's legal for someone to give me something for free.

If they're happy doing it, then that's even better. No, I can't let you tell the world how I did it. That would open up a bigger can of worms than you could even imagine." "Yeah, it would just spoil all your fun, wouldn't it?" "Did it ever occur to you, Lisa, that I'm not the only one who knows how to do this?" She sat in stunned silence at the thought, while Zack rose and reached into his desk for a wet wipe.

He cleaned himself up, and then got dressed. Lisa was only beginning to recover by that point. "You're saying there are others." "I'm saying that if one person has done it, it is likely that others have done it.

It is also conceivable that some of those others are not nearly as benign about it as I am." "You call this benign?" she demanded. "Comparatively, yes." That thought shook her up some. "I'm not sure I believe you." "I don't care if you believe me or not. You will come back here once a week to let me know if you've heard anything important. and to do whatever else I might want you to do." She knew exactly what that meant.

"I understand. So you're going to use me as a plaything." "And an information source. I want you to look up a company called Adamant Computers. Find out everything you can about them. I mean everything." "Okay. Who are they?" "That's what I want you to tell me." "Oh." "I've got to get back to work.

I'm sure you can see your own way out. You're a great lay, by the way." She flushed crimson in embarrassment, but he didn't notice as he walked out of the room. He had enjoyed putting her in her place, and he couldn't pass up the opportunity to use her as an investigator to see if she could find out things about Adam that he couldn't.

The last little barb was just because she had annoyed him so much over the last couple weeks. He went back up to his room to help Gabrielle with the program. "Are you. relaxed now?" she asked with a smile. "Oh, yes. Quite. I might even be able to keep from leering at you for an entire afternoon now!" She giggled, and then got serious.

"Did the program take completely?" "It seems to. I told her to look into Adamant Computers for me." "That might be good. Anyway, here's what I've done so far." ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ Zack walked into the house with Gabrielle in tow. Their classes were done for the day and the week, and they both wanted to return to working on Program Alpha-Omega.

Just as they were about to go up the stairs, Angela stopped him. "Master, someone called for you. But first he asked for Terry." "What did you tell him?" Zack asked.

He'd told everyone about this. "I told him I didn't know anyone named Terry. Then he asked for you, and asked me to tell you to call Adam at your earliest convenience." "Okay, thanks. Good work, too." Angela beamed at him, and then walked away.

Zack and Gabrielle continued on up the stairs and into his room. "What do you figure he wants?" she asked. "Terry, most likely. I note he didn't ask for Shirley. Odd, that. Anyway, I'm sure he suspects they're here, despite Angela's denial." Zack picked up the phone and dialed, waiting to get a response. "This is Zack Griffin returning Adam's phone call." After a few seconds, Adam was on the phone.

"Zack, I think you and I have a problem." "Oh? What's that?" he asked. "Terry and Shirley have gone missing. Something tells me, you know where they are." "Why would you think I'd know?" "Because those two didn't even socialize until after coming back from Martina, when you programmed Terry for me. To have them both go missing at the same time without your involvement goes beyond the realm of possibility." "Perhaps they took a road trip together," Zack offered.

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"No, I don't think so. Neither has been at their home in several days. Since last Friday, in fact." "And you're just now starting to look for them?" "I was exhausting all other obvious possibilities before accusing you." Adam's voice darkened.

"I want Terry back." "I can imagine that you do. Look, why don't you come down here. no, tell you what, I'll come up to you, and we'll see if we can't figure out where those two have gotten off to." "All I can say is you'd better bring her with you when you come." "Can't bring what I haven't got. Terry isn't here, Adam." This was technically not a lie; Terry was out shopping at the moment with Sharon and Stephanie. Not that this was important. "Right.

You heard me. I'll see you. when?" "I'll fly up tomorrow." "Fine. Tomorrow, then." Adam hung up without waiting for a response. Zack sat down on the bed. Gabrielle moved over to him. "That sounded like it went okay. Why are you going all the way up to him?" "Because I don't want him anywhere near this house or any of you.

This is dangerous. Now is the point where it would be smart of you to back off." "I'm not going to do it. You're my friend." Zack sighed again. "It's a good thing you're cute, 'cause you're really dumb." Gabrielle tackled him, and the next hour was spent in something resembling nude wrestling. They both knew that trouble would come soon enough, and that they needed to take their joys where and when they could get them. ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼