Amateur twink sixtynined by horny masseur

Amateur twink sixtynined by horny masseur
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As we arrived at the airport and the sun shone through the windows of the plane I said to Jen that this is just what I needed.

It had been 3 years since my last holiday due to work commitments so I was determined to make the most of this one. We got a taxi to our hotel, dropped off our bags and decided to go for a walk to familiarise ourselves with the place. After walking for about 30 minutes we got to the town centre, we did not realise that our hotel was so far from there.

We had something to eat and took note of the bars and clubs and headed back to our hotel. As we were walking back to the hotel I saw a young, good looking couple walking towards us.

I recognised them from our flight. They asked if the town centre was far and we got chatting. They were staying at the same hotel as us so we arranged to meet for a drink later. "They seemed nice" Jen commented as we continued our journey back to the hotel.

After a few hours relaxation we decided to go for dinner before meeting up with Frank and Jane. Jen picked out a figure hugging red dress that really accentuated her fantastic figure. Jen is 5'6", 130lbs with 32F chest and fantastic ass and legs. She got attention wherever she went and always had a long list of admirers. As we left the hotel I could see guys checking her out, who could blame them, she looked amazing.

After the meal we met Frank and Jane at the bar. We had a good few drinks there before Frank suggested that we go to their hotel apartment for a few more drinks. We agreed and headed back to their place.

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As the drinks flowed and the conversation continued, Frank pulled out a deck of cards and said "lets have a bit of fun". We started playing for money first and split into teams Frank and Jane against Jen and I.

After about half an hour Frank and I went to get more drinks. We both agreed that playing for money was a bit boring and that we should spice things up a bit.

We brought the drinks back to the apartment and told the girls that we were now going to be playing strip poker. The two girls looked at each other, both fairly drunk at this stage, nodded to each other and said "let's do it boys against girls". It did not take long to get things moving. As the drinks flowed it did not take long for Jen to strip she only had the dress, knickers and bra to start with. Jane was also naked quickly. As I sat there looking at Jen naked I could see she was enjoying the attention she was getting.

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Before long the four of us were naked. I said "what now? We have no more clothes to play for." Jane quickly responded "well, ye suggested strip poker, now I suggest truth or dare". "Yes, let's do that" said Jen. Immediately my mind raced to things that I had fantasised about Jen doing; now here we were, both naked in an apartment with a good looking naked couple. The possibilities were endless. The more the drink flowed, the quicker the truth element disappeared and it seemed to be all dares.

We had all done our naked runs around the apartment block and the girls had flashed guys walking on the street below. Frank decided to up the ante a bit. He dared the girls to full on kiss.


Jen looked at me and I said "it is a dare, you have to do it". She smiled and said "remember you said that". As they began kissing the sight was more than Frank and I could handle and we both got instant erections. The girls noticed this too, smiled and whispered something to each other. It was Jane's dare next, she looked at Frank and winked "Jen, I dare you to suck Frank's cock for 2 minutes". I looked at Jen nervously would she do it? She smiled at me and said "As you said, it is a dare, I have to do it".

With that she got on her knees, caught hold of Frank's cock, gave it a few strokes and placed it in her mouth sucking expertly. I could see that Frank was really enjoying it. As I watched I found myself incredibly turned on by the sight of Jen sucking another guy's cock, more than I ever thought I would be. I knew that my dare was next and I knew exactly what I was going to dare.


I had always wanted to see Jen with another woman, now was my chance. "Jane, I dare you to go down on Jen and lick her pussy". "With pleasure" said Jane "but I think we should move to the bedroom for more comfort". With that she took Jen's hand and led her to the bedroom. Frank and I followed, not wanting to miss any of the action. Jen lay down on her back on the bed and spread her legs. Jane climbed on top of her, kissing her passionately on the lips before slowly moving down between her legs.

I watched as Jane started kissing and licking Jen's shaven, bald pussy. Jen began to moan with pleasure.

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I couldn't believe what I was seeing. First sucking another guy's cock and now this, it was like a switch had been clicked inside Jen as she became this sex mad vixen. I was loving it.

Frank and I were standing either side of the bed, Jen looked at us both and grabbed both our cocks and started stroking. After a few minutes her breathing got heavier "I need a cock inside me now" said Jen. Frank looked at me with a "please can I?" look. "Would you like Frank to fuck you?" I asked Jen.

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She smiled at me and turned to Frank and said "I want your cock inside me now, give it to me". Frank did not need to be asked twice and replaced Jane between Jen's legs.

Jen's pussy was soaking wet at this point and Frank had no problem sliding his cock into her tight pussy. "Oooh" said Jen "that feels great, give it to me Frank, fuck me hard".

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Jen moaned and groaned with pleasure as Frank pounded her pussy, "harder" she pleaded "give me all you got". The sweat was glistening on Jen's body as she decided to take control. She turned Frank onto his back and she climbed back onto his cock reverse cowboy and started riding him. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, Jen riding a strange cock, her body glistening with sweat as she did so.

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She beckoned me over kissing me passionately, "I love you" she said "I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am". With that she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. I was so turned on at this stage that I only lasted a few minutes before I blew my load all over her tits. I looked up and Jane was now sitting on Frank's face with Frank working her pussy with his tongue.

Jane let out a moan which caught Jen's attention. Jen turned to face Jane as she continued to ride Frank's cock. They leaned towards each other and kissed passionately. I could tell that Jen was close to cumming as she started riding Frank's cock harder and faster. "Oh god" she screamed as she came hard on Frank's cock.

She was out of breath and covered in sweat as she climbed off Frank's still hard cock. "Let's finish you off" said Jane to Frank as she climbed off his face and onto his cock. Jen lay against me as we watched Frank and Jane fuck on the bed. It was not long before Frank came deep inside Jane's pussy. We all lay there taking in what had just happened. Jen put back on her dress and took her knickers and bra in her hand. As we walked back to our apartment I was still trying to process what had just happened.

Jen had kissed another woman, had her pussy kissed and licked by her, gave a strange guy a blowjob and got fucked by him.

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I never imagined that any of these things would actually happen, but they did and I loved every minute of it. When we got back to the apartment I asked Jen if she enjoyed what had just happened and if she would like to do something like that again. She stood up, looked at me and said "I loved every minute of it and will definitely do it again but you know no one can make me cum like you do".

With that she slipped off her dress, stood there naked and said "your turn".