Nicole Ray Fucked From Behind And Has Her Round Booty Covered With Cum

Nicole Ray Fucked From Behind And Has Her Round Booty Covered With Cum
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"Spence-stop!!!" Her brother rips her jeans down her legs then fumbles with his own zipper, Carly scrambles off the couch but Spencer pulls her into a bear hug, "You're so soft Carly warly~" "You're drunk Spencer!!" Carly screams as she escapes Spencer's embrace but he grabs her wrist and twists her around. He drives her against the wall and Spencer grinds hips into Carly, pinning her. His words are a drunken slur, "Shhh-you'll like this," He pulls at her panties and lifts her leg up with the hook of his arm, "No!!!!" Carly shouts, voice garggled with tears, Her weeping breaks into sobs as Spence slides his cock into her, rewarding him with another scream-one filled with pain, "Shh~it'll feel good~" He rams short rigid thrust into her, making her jolt up each time, "Stop.please!!!" Spencer releases her, letting her slide to the floor, Carly quickly tries to scamper away, but Spencer topples on top of her, stuffing his cock into her raw pussy.

Carly gives up trying to plead and sobs while her brother shoves his cock into her, his bony hips pushing into her ass, "Good girl~" His pace speeds up and Carly's head bobs around until he jerks on top of her, burying his cock into Carly, spurts of his cum pouring out on to the carpet.

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Spencer sit up, rubbing Carly's ass before going to his room, leaving her there on the livingroom floor. -A Few Nights Later- Carly's hands slither up Sam's shirt, heat runs through her fingers. After what happened, Carly was sure Spencer would let her have Sam over. She slowly pulls Sam's shirt over her head. Days following the rape, Her big brother was quiet and avoided Carly out of shame. A hard nipple pokes in her hand as quiet moans slur out of Sam.

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Carly needed Sam to stay the night, but she didn't confide into her the rape she suffered only nights before. Carly just wanted Sam.just.wanted. She pulls off her friends panties, then her own. Carly wraps her thigh over Sam's leg, rubbing her wet pussy on the skin.

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Moans pour out of her mouth as she dips her fingers in Sam. Suddenly, the hush in the room breaks, "Carly.Carly-what are you doing!?" Sam pushes Carly but the brunette climbs on top, "Shh, you'll like this!" "N-no!" Carly tears Sam's shirt off and ties the fabric around her wrists, "Please !" Carly laughs, her eyes-though wide and crazed-seem distant and possessed. She spreads Sam's legs and climbs in between, rubbing her pussy on Sam's.


Her arm wraps around Sam's head, gripping a hand full of yellow hair as she grunts and humps. "Stop!", Sam yells through tears, Carly licks them up as the salt rolls down her cheeks, She mashes her pussy against Sam's and then smacks down before sitting up, "Spread your legs." Sam blinks through her puffy eyes, "I don't want to-" Carly fishes under the bed and pulls out two belts, a wide eyed Sam falls back into misery as the belts fasten around her ankles and the bed posts.


The brunette straddles the blonde, riding on top of her friends unshielded clit. Her eyes roll back as she grinds back and forth, drooling out a lot of "yes!" 's and "Ohhh god-Yeahh!" 's. Her fingers pinch and roll around Sam's pink nipples, making sticky droplets of cum drip on her prey's pussy. She slides wildlyfast and sloppy, "Carly-stop!!!" Sam's eyes roll back, dizzy and tired, "Cum for me." "I don't want to!!!" Carly grabs her jaw and shakes her until she looks in her eyes, "I'll fuck you forever until you cum!" Sam whines and screams in defeat before letting out cheap grunts and raspy breaths.

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Carly humps more and more, cum streaming down Sam's cunt, "Ahhh~" Sam arches her back then drops down. Carly gets up in silence and unties her ankles, just as Sam sits up, Carly yanks her on her stomach and pulls her by the hair until she is on her elbows and knees, "Do you think I'm stupid!?

That I'm dumb enough to fall for a fake orgasm !" Sam cries out, "No! I'm sorry-I just want to leave-" "You're not going anywhere-" Carly chuckles, "Maybe you don't know what its like to cum, I'll help you find out!" She reaches under Sam and scratches her clit like a DJ, pushing her pussy on her ass.

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"I want to go home!" The blonde whines before Carly pushes her face down into the bed, Sam's resistant groans turn into shameful breaths and her body twitches until she finally screams and shudders, her cum pouring through Carly's fingers. She slides her hand back on her friend's hips and bounces Sam's pussy off her clit over and over, slowly closing the distance until she's just thrusting deeper and faster- "Fuck !" She trembles and spasms in short thrusts while cum spurts between Sam's ass cheeks.

Carly crashes down on top of Sam, sweaty and tired, "Let me go, you sick bitch!" Carly almost forgot Sam was there, "You're suddenly trying to act tough?" Sam huffs but stays quiet, "But, I just overpowered you, didn't I? What do you think people would say if you told them?

You think anyone would be afraid of you if they knew I fucked you?" "Fuck you!!!" Sam blurts as Carly throws her on the floor, "You got a big mouth.if I find out you opened it about what happened," Sam crawls back against a pile of stuffed animals on the floor as Carly hangs off the side of the bed, "I'll ride your mouth until you can't breath" she threatens with a sweet smile .