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Mi empleada madura  goloza e infiel  Angie  mi amante del diario
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I would like to tell you about a camping trip I went on recently with my boyfriend and some of his buddies. Steven is very athletic as are most of the people he counts as his friends and they have very active lives.

In a way he's also kind of shallow. Steven just doesn't hang out with unattractive people. The original plan was for eight couples to hike into a backwoods camp site about fifteen miles from civilization.

We had to carry all of our camping equipment, food, clothes, and any luxuries we wanted on the hike. Steven said that there was a mountain stream at the camp site so water would be plentiful and he planed on fishing to supplement our food supplies. Blackberries were also in season so we could forage for food as well. I think the idea of really roughing it was too much for the other girls and they all backed out along with one of the guys.

I had my pack ready when Steven called and told me that he would understand if I wanted to back out too since I would be the only girl on the trip. I considered canceling too but then decided that it would be a great opportunity to fulfill some long time fantasies of mine. I told him that if anything my being the only girl would make the trip more interesting. Steven asked what I meant and I told him to just wait and see. Then I proceeded to re-pack my things, replacing all of the jeans and T-shirts I had planned on wearing for the next week with see through halters and tank tops a couple denim miniskirts and some tiny cut-off shorts.

One pair was so short that there was just a thin strip of cloth in the crotch that split my pussy lips and left them in plain view from the front and left almost half of my ass hanging out the back. I traded my one piece bathing suit for a tiny thong bikini with a top that barley contained my c-cup breasts.

I also decided not to bring any bras or panties on the trip. My pack was much lighter when I was finished so I added some make-up and massage oil. We left early in the morning to make sure we had plenty of time to make it to camp before dark. I wore an oversized flannel shirt that I had stolen from Steve over a white halter that just showed my pink nipples through the material, and would become quite see through if it got wet.

I also had on a pair of cut-off shorts that revealed about an inch or so of my cheeks from behind. The flannel was long enough that no one knew how skimpy the shorts were underneath until we were well on our way. The guys were all wearing shorts and t-shirts and just as I had expected, they all looked really hot. The scenery along the trail was breathtaking.

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In some places you could see for miles across the lush green mountains. The exertion of the hike was heating me up and I unbuttoned the flannel. No one took notice until one of the guys called for a short rest.

We all dropped our packs and took a drink. I had been sweating as had the guys and the front of my halter was soaked and clinging to me like a second skin, my brown nipples clearly visible through the thin cloth. I noticed the guys staring but nobody said anything. I thing they were afraid I'd cover up if I knew that they were getting an eye full of my bouncy tits.

I soon changed their way of thinking though. When Steve announced that it was time to get moving again I said, "It's getting too hot for this," and took the flannel off. I turned my back to the men and bent down to stuff it into my pack giving them a nice view of my long toned legs and a generous peek at my ass as well.

"Damn!" was the only audible comment made by Jessie. Jessie and Carl were the only black guys along on the trip. They are football players at the college we go to. Both of them are well over six four and very powerfully built. Steve started up the trail and I fell in behind him.


The other guys seemed happy to let us lead even though Bobby had been setting the pace earlier with me and Steve taking up the rear of the group. I could hear the guys talking quietly behind me.


It was impossible to make out what they were saying but every once in a while I was sure I herd a comment about my body. We made several rest stops along the way, including a break for lunch on a rocky ledge overlooking a deep gorge with a white water creek running through the middle of it. Steven said that we would be camping at the far end of that gorge where it opened up into a small valley.

There the creek got deeper and the current was calm enough to swim in. On the rest breaks there was an obvious sexual tension as the guys kept checking out my body while trying not to be too obvious until after lunch when Charley finally looked straight at my tits and said, "Hey Tiff, why don't you just take your top off and get it over with." There was a chorus of men voicing their agreement.

Even Steven said, "It's not like we're going to run in to anyone else out here. And you're the one who started this game, not us!" I looked at the guys all staring at my chest.

I must have had the biggest grin on my face when I teased, "We'll never get to camp before dark if I start stripping on the trail." The guys all began to protest and Carl stated, "Shit, you started taking your clothes off the first time we stopped for a drink and that ain't slowed us down a bit." "But that's different," I began to argue back. Then I said, "Look, we're wasting time already." I pulled my top up over my head tossed it to Carl.

Then I told them, "Now do you guys want to stand around staring at my tits all day or do you want to see what happens after we set up camp?" The guys got their packs on and we were on the move again in no time, the pace now quite a bit faster than it had been.

Again I could here the men talking and this time I distinctly heard Jessie saying, "That white ho's gonna be coming out of them shorts next time we stop." The next time we stopped the guys didn't make any attempt to be subtle as they eyed my body and I was really enjoying the attention.

I could feel moisture soaking into the crotch of my shorts. As we drank several of the guys suggested that I would be more comfortable if I weren't wearing such tight shorts. "Like you really care how comfortable my clothes are," I shot back. "I know you just want to see me naked." "And if you didn't want us to see you naked you wouldn't have come out here in them daisy-dukes," Jessie said. "You want to show that ass just as much as we want to see it so why we gotta play a bunch of games?" I smiled devilishly at him, "Maybe I like to play games." Then I unbuttoned my shorts and slowly peeled them off.

The men all had their eyes glued on me as I slid my shorts down over my hips. I let them fall down around my ankles and kicked them off then did a slow turn letting the guys have a good look at me. I couldn't believe I was standing out in the open in front of seven men wearing nothing but a pair of hiking boots.

I turned my back to them and bent down to pick up my shorts. While I was still bent over I looked back at the men. They were all staring straight at my ass. I straightened up and held my shorts out toward the guys. "My pack's full," I said. "Either one of you carries them or I put them back on." I didn't have to wait long for seven volunteers to step forward.

The guys comments about my body and what they wanted to do with me were loud enough to be heard clearly now and I became more and more excited with every step. At the next break Steven started running his fingers over my swollen nipples as we sat on a large rock taking a drink of water.

The rest of the guys were watching as Steven took one of my breasts in each hand and squeezed them gently. Then he took one nipple between his fingers and pinched the swollen nub. I gasped out loud and leaned into him, closing my eyes.

Steven continued softly squeezing one breast while pinching the nipple of the other when I felt fingers trace a path between my breasts and down between my open thighs. Two fingers slipped into the folds of my pussy and easily penetrated my wet hole. I thought about opening my eyes but then decided not to. Not knowing who was doing what to my body added to my enjoyment of the situation and I just gave in to the orgasm that was building inside me. Only after he withdrew his fingers from my pussy did I open my eyes to see Jessie bringing his fingers to my mouth.

I could smell myself on him and let him slide his fingers between my lips, licking my juices from him. I had one more 'game' to play before the hike was over and I knew that if I didn't do it now I would loose any advantage I had so I told the guys, "I'm getting pretty tired. I don't know if I'll have any strength left by the time we get to camp. Do you guys think you can help me with my pack?" Several of the guys argued that a major point of the experience was to be self sufficient and carry our own weight through the whole trip.

I responded saying, "What if I were to do something for you guys in return. Something you can't do for yourselves. Would that be a fair trade off?" "Exactly what have you got in mind?" Carl asked. "You guys carry my pack the rest of the way to camp and once we get there I'll do anything you want for the rest of the week." "Anything?" Steven asked. I knew where he was going. Steven had been trying to get me to suck his cock clean after he fucked my ass since the first time we had sex.

I probably would have done it too, if he had waited until our second or third time. I have always been the kind of girl who'll try anything two or three times just to make sure. "Anything," I repeated. "Consider me your sex slave, until we start back from the campsite. You can do what ever you want with me." In no time they had my pack empty and my things redistributed between them.

When we started out again the guys openly discussed the things that they were going to do to me when we got to camp. Long before we arrived at our destination the men had decided that Steven should be the first on to have a go at me since he was the one responsible for bringing me along.

As soon as we entered the campsite he dropped his pack and ordered me to my knees. He unzipped his pants and his rock hard cock sprung out at me. I took him into my mouth and started sucking hungrily.

Steven grabbed a hand full of my long blonde hair and held my head in position as he thrust his hips forward, forcing his cock deep into my throat.

He held his cock there for a few seconds before pulling back and thrusting in again, this time stuffing his pole even deeper. He held his cock in my throat until I thought I would gag then pulled back slightly allowing me to take a breath. Then, holding my head firmly with both hands entwined in my hair he began to pump his cock in and out, fucking my face.

With each stroke he pushed his manhood roughly into he back of my throat. Steven had never manhandled me like that before and I had no idea it would excite me the way it did.

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I started fingering my clit as he stuffed his cock into my throat again and again. As I neared orgasm Steven stopped thrusting his hips and said, "Nobody gave you permission to touch yourself! Since you obviously don't know how to behave you'll have to be punished." He pulled his cock out of my mouth and with his hands still in my hair pulled me to my feet.

"Anybody have a belt?" he asked the other guys. Three of them did and they were given to Steven as he lead me to a waist high boulder near the waters edge. Steven positioned me with my legs spread wide and my arms outstretched, bent over on the cool stone.

The surface was rough against my skin but I liked the sensation as my nipples scraped against the rock. Steven ordered, "Don't move!" Then he proceeded to spank my ass with one of the belts his friends had provided. I could feel the heat rising in my bottom as he alternated, spanking one side of my ass then the other.

I had never felt so turned on. Steven continued to swat my bottom again and again until I moaned out loud as an orgasm shook my body. My knees went week and I nearly collapsed on the ground when the belt found my exposed pussy lips. Then I felt Steven's hands on my hips and he thrust his cock into my dripping cunt. His shaft was in me to the root with a single stroke and he started hammering away sending me into orbit in no time.

I cried out as my pussy contracted around his cock. Once I calmed down from my orgasm Steven pulled his cock from my dripping snatch and pressed it against my back door. I was ready for him and he slid in easily, his cock well lubricated from the copious amount of fluid flooding my pussy. He slammed his cock in and out of my ass until he was on the verge of his own release then he slowed down.

As he slowly withdrew his hard cock until just the tip was inside me he said, "A slave has to have rules to live by." He thrust his cock back into my ass and withdrew slowly. "You are not to touch your self in any way without permission." He slammed into me again. "You do not speak unless spoken to." Slam. "You are to stay on your knees in the presence of your masters unless told otherwise." Slam! "You wear only what you are told to wear." Slam! "When ever someone fucks your pussy or your ass," Slam!

"you suck his cock clean every time he pulls it out of you." Slam! Slam! Slam! Steven took a hand full of my hair and after pulling his cock from my ass guided me to my knees in front of him. His cock, shiny with our juices, was just inches from my face. I opened my mouth and took him between my lips. I sucked hard.

The taste wasn't bad and knowing that his cock had been in my ass just seconds earlier made me feel like such a slut! Steven let me suck him deep into my throat at my own pace for a few minutes then pulled away.

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He turned me around and got to his knees behind me. As he thrust his cock into my ass once more he told me, "A good slave will always swallow her masters come, no matter where he decides to shoot it." Then he began to pump his cock into me faster than ever, pistoning in and out until he fired a jet of hot semen deep in my ass.

He pulled out and I turned quickly to take his manhood between my lips once more. Before I could get him in my mouth he fired a second jet of hot cream across my face. I sucked hard on the tip of his cock, milking every drop of come from his heavy balls then licked up and down his shaft. Steven then rubbed his cock over my face, smearing his come on my cheek in the process then stuffed it in my mouth again for me to suck clean.

Then he stepped back and pointed to the come that had leaked out of my ass and was slowly oozing down my thigh. I reached down with two fingers and wiped it up then brought my fingers to my mouth and made a show of licking them clean.

Finished with me for the time being, Steven tucked his cock back into his shorts and told me to take my boots off then he walked away to help set up the camp site. Looking around, I saw that the guys had been busy. A large tarp was stretched out and tied securely at its corners to four trees up as high as the men could reach at one end and just a few feet off the ground at the other. Under the tarp they had arranged sleeping bags and mats.

Most of the food was hung from tree branches, again as high as the tallest of the men could reach. As Steven approached the other men where they were working Carl left the group and came toward me. Apparently they had worked out the days order of succession where I was concerned and Carl was next. As he approached I stayed on my knees like Steven had told me earlier. Carl is a huge man, towering more than a foot over my 5'3" frame when I am standing up and nearly tripling my 125 pound body weight.

From my kneeling position he was incredibly intimidating. He didn't speak at first, just opening the front of his pants and pulling out a cock with a length and girth to mach the rest of him.

I had to stretch to get my mouth up over the head of his massive pole. Carl stood there quietly, letting me set my own pace as I sucked his thick knob the best I could. With the end of his cock pressed firmly against the back of my throat there was still more than half of his thick shaft left for me to stroke with my hands.

You wouldn't believe how badly I wanted to feel that thing inside me. I let his cock slip from my mouth and licked from his balls to the end and back then said quietly, "It's so big.

I want you to stretch my pussy open. Please! Fuck me with your big black dick. Make me take it all." "I know you been told not to be running your pretty little mouth," Carl told me.

"Stand up. Let me have a good look at that hot little body." I stood and turned slowly, letting him look me over from every angle. When I was facing him once more Carl took one of my nipples between his thumb and index finger and gave it a hard pinch. He twisted my sensitive nub and pulled me in close to him. "You need to learn to follow the rules, slut. Now I'm gonna have to whip your pretty white ass before I split that pussy open." He turned me to face the same rock Steven had bent me over and said, "You know what to do, bitch," He took a belt in his hand and gave it a test swing in the air making a whistling sound.

Then he went to work on my upturned ass. He didn't alternate like Steven had but covered my whole ass with every swing. After five or six swats Carl changed the angle and brought the belt up between my spread thighs striking my pussy lips hard. I squealed in surprise and my legs nearly gave out. He gave my pussy another hard swat before tossing the belt aside.

I was then ordered to get on my back and spread my legs wide. Carl climbed on top of me and stretched my wet pussy wide open with his thick cock. All I could see was his massive chest as he began to pound his meat deeper and deeper into me. His cock was so long that I didn't think I could take it all but he hammered into me with powerful thrusts until the base of his cock was bumping against my clit.

I could feel the tip of his long shaft knocking against my cervix as he pumped into me again and again. In no time I was lost in a sensual haze as one orgasm after another overwhelmed me. It was incredible. It was amazing. I have no idea how long it lasted but I'm pretty sure he kept it up for a long time. When his cock spasmed inside me I knew he was about to come.

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He pulled out suddenly and moved up my body and I took his shiny tool between my lips, sucking hard and swirling my tongue around the end. He flooded my mouth with his hot seed and I swallowed everything he had to offer.

I was still a bit dazed, licking and sucking his cock clean when I felt someone fingering my gaping pussy. I moaned around Carl's softening cock as I was penetrated once more, this time by four fingers.


Carl's flaccid cock slipped from my mouth and he stepped away to reveal Mike kneeling between my widespread thighs working his fingers deeper and deeper into my pussy. Mike is the smallest man of the group. He's 5'8" and thin, weighing about 150 pounds. He is into long distance running and I was looking forward to testing his endurance. Mike seemed intent on testing something himself though. As I watched he tucked his thumb into his palm and giving his hand a twist inside my pussy, pressed deeper still.

I felt myself stretching to accommodate him as he slowly worked his whole hand into my pussy. He curled his fingers into a fist, stretching the walls of my cunt further still then began slowly pumping in and out. I had never felt anything like it! I came almost immediately and he increased the tempo until my whole body was rocking back and forth with the thrusts of his hand inside me. Mike adjusted his position so that he was straddling my head with his knees, his hard cock just above my face.

I took his shaft in my hand and guided it to my mouth. The angle was perfect and I easily took his full length into my throat as he began to pump his hips in time with his fist vigorously thrusting in and out of my pussy.

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Mikes cock was deep in my throat when it began to pulsate in orgasm. I swallowed quickly, never even tasting it as he pumped his come into my throat. He continued pumping his fist into my cunt for several minutes as his cock softened. My orgasms didn't stop until he slowly withdrew his hand from my stretched out hole. By this time the guys were finished setting up the campsite and had gathered around to watch the action. They all had huge bulges in the front of their shorts. As soon as Mike moved out of the way Jessie pulled his cock out of his shorts and thrust it into me.

He squeezed my tits with his strong hands as he pounded away at my gaping cunt, never slowing until he flooded me with come. Then he pulled out and I licked his big black tool clean. Then Bobby took me, slipping his meaty cock into my well used pussy and sliding in and out a few times before moving it to my ass. He was thoroughly lubricated from all the come and juices in my pussy and entered my ass easily.

I came several times before he pulled out and shot his load in my mouth. Bill and Charley both fucked me at the same time. Charley lay on the ground and I straddled him as he entered my pussy, then Bill entered my ass from behind. After several minutes Bill pulled out and had me suck him while Charley moved his cock into my ass. Then Charley pulled out and told me to suck his dick clean. Bill got behind me and stuck his cock in my ass again, slowly pushing his full length inside me.

He pumped his full length in and out slowly while I sucked Charley's cock for a while. Charley said, "Time to switch, dude," and both men pulled out at the same time spinning me around. Charley plugged his cock back into my ass and I dutifully licked and sucked Bill's cock clean once more.

They continued switching back and forth until I had sucked each of their cocks four of five times then Bill started pumping my ass really hard.

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Charley held my head still and thrust his cock into my throat slowly, holding it there for several seconds once his heavy balls were resting against my chin before easing his cock back out. He kept this up until Bill announced that he was ready to come. When he pulled his cock out I spun around quickly and took him into my mouth just in time to catch the first jet of come.

As I sucked the come from Bills cock Charley slipped into my pussy from behind and began to hammer away. When Bill was satisfied with the job I had done sucking his dick clean Charley flipped me over onto my back and really let me have it. He pounded his cock into me so hard that every thrust scooted me across the grass and my tits bounced and jiggled wildly across my chest.

Charley fucked me to two more orgasms before spraying the walls of my pussy with his hot come. He spurted again and again, deep inside my aching cunt then slowly withdrew his softening tool.

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I could feel his come leaking out of my pussy. He ran the tip of his cock up and down my slit, coating it with the sticky fluid running out of me then moved up and let me lick the slimy mess off of him. By this time I was exhausted. Bill and Steven helped me to the stream to wash up then Steven told me to go lay down and try to catch a nap while he and the other men gathered fire wood.

I was asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow and didn't wake until Carl told me to come eat dinner. It was dark, the only light coming from the small camp fire the guys had made. I felt a little thrill as I approached the campfire since I was still completely naked while all the men were fully clothed.

The guys had caught some fish while I slept so dinner was much better than I had expected. After dinner I was sent to the stream to wash the dishes while the men sat around the fire joking and talking about their plans for the next day.

Upon my return from the stream I stood near the men and waited to see what would happen next. I didn't have long to wait. "Who told you to stand up?" Jessie asked. Then to Steven he said, "I thought you told that slut she was supposed to stay on her knees." Steve nodded saying, "I guess she didn't get enough punishment earlier." To me he said, "Get your ass over here, on all four!" He pointed to a spot between himself and the campfire.

I got on my hands and knees in front of him and he gave me five hard swats on my upturned ass. "Crawl," he said. "You've disrespected all of us so we all have to punish you. Then you can beg for forgiveness from each of us." I crawled to the next man in the circle and stopped, allowing him to spank me, continuing until I had made it all the way around the fire, my pussy getting wetter and wetter with every slap.

Then I knelt in front of Steven as asked him, "Can you forgive me now?" Steven unzipped his shorts and said, "Not until you've sucked my dick like a good little slut." I put my mouth on his cock and went to work, quickly coaxing a load of fresh cream from his heavy balls.

After swallowing Steven's semen I moved on to the next man in line. I knelt before each of the men, sucking their cocks like a ten dollar whore. Most of them came fairly quickly, flooding my mouth with their tasty sperm. Carl let me suck him for a few minutes before laying me on the ground and stuffing his giant tool into my pussy. He pinched my nipples hard while fucking me to three mind blowing orgasms before pulling out and depositing his come in my mouth. Then Mike had me spread my legs wide and, with the others watching, stuffed his whole hand into my pussy again.

He straddled my head and shoved his cock down my throat over and over while vigorously pumping his fist in and out of my gaping cunt. I kept coming and coming until I lost track of how many orgasms I'd had. It felt incredible being stretched open like that.

Mike pulled his hips back just before he came, spraying his seed on my tongue. When he began to pull his hand out of me I begged, "Oh, god.

Please don't stop yet. I want to come again. Shove it in me harder." He started pumping my pussy faster, his hairy balls hanging just above my face.

I licked and sucked them gently as he pounded his fist in and out of my aching cunt and I cried out as one of the strongest orgasms I've ever had rocked my body. All I could do was lay there exhausted when Mike got off of me.

I must have fallen asleep because I don't remember anything after that. But I woke late the next morning wrapped comfortably in my sleeping bag. I could see several of the guys fishing a little ways upstream. My nipples and pussy were sore from all the abuse they had endured the previous evening.

And I could feel a few welts on my bottom. Memories of the night before brought a flood of wetness to my pussy and couldn't resist touching myself. I rubbed my clit and quickly brought myself to orgasm, moaning softly as I came.

I hadn't noticed Jessie sitting near by until he asked, "You breaking the rules this morning because you didn't think you'd get caught or because you wanted to get yourself a spanking to start the day?" He startled me and I practically jumped out of my sleeping bag. "I didn't see you," was all I could think to say. Jessie helped me out of my sleeping bag and visually took in my body. One of his hands strayed across my chest, softly caressing my red, swollen nipples.

"If you don't want the spanking we can pretend I never noticed anything," he said. "This game's not supposed to go any farther than you want it to. When you say stop we'll stop, okay?" I reached down and stroked the outline of his semi-hard cock through his shorts. "I'm having the time of my life," I said, dropping to my knees.

I unzipped his shorts and fished his cock out saying, "Use me any way you want for now. I'll tell you if it's more than I can handle." Then I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him. I felt his tool swell in my mouth and once he was fully erect he had me lie on my back and fucked me hard until his come filled my pussy. After sucking him clean I went to the stream to clean up.

I spent the morning relaxing by the water, enjoying the feel of the sun on my naked body.

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Later that day the men led me, still naked, into the woods. There was a large patch of soft moss surrounded by several large trees. They had me lay on my back in the moss. Then my arms were stretched out to the sides. Two stakes were hammered into the ground and my wrists were tied in place.

Next, my legs pulled up and apart and tied to low tree branches. It was so exciting, being completely vulnerable and at the mercy of my masters. No matter how I squirmed or twisted my tits and pussy were fully accessible for anything the men wanted to do. Then the men all took turns whipping me with belts or switches they had taken from the trees as punishment for my transgression in the morning.

Most of them whipped my tits and pussy lightly with their switches but Steven and Jessie both used belts on my pussy while pinching my nipples. And Mike slapped my tits and twisted my nipples with one hand while stuffing the other inside me and fist fucking my pussy.

Then each of the men fucked me and fed me their come before they untied me and we all returned to the camp. I served the men in any way they wished for the next three days, being sure to break at least one rule every day so that they would have a reason to punish me.

I had been given permission to wear shorts or a skirt during the day, but only the ones that were the shortest, leaving my ass partially exposed. On the forth day, while some of the men had gone off looking for firewood and others were fishing or gathering berries, I heard voice coming from the trail leading away from camp.

I was wearing my tiniest cut-off shorts and nothing else. I had no idea who was coming until I saw Chris, the guy who had backed out of the trip at the last minute. He was accompanied by four more black men, all of them big enough to be football players.

I didn't know what to do at first but Chris made it clear that he knew about me playing sex slave to the other guys and that Steven had invited them to come out and join the party. Chris then commanded me to strip and before long I had five more big black cocks pounding my pussy one after another. Chris and his friends had brought along some alcohol and we all partook a bit that evening.

Once we all had a good buzz going I was positioned on my back with my legs open wide. Mike showed the newcomers how much I enjoyed having my pussy stretched by shoving his fist in and out of me, making me come again and again. When he stopped someone tossed him a beer bottle which he easily inserted into my gaping pussy, big end first. When just the neck was sticking out of me they had me get on my hands and knees. Steven got behind me and worked his cock into my ass slowly, until his full length was buried inside me.

Then he withdrew and moved around to place his cock against my lips. As I began to suck him another cock was pushed into my back door. It pumped in and out twice then withdrew. Steven moved away and the cock that had just vacated my ass was presented for me to suck while a third cock was pressed into my ass. This was repeated until each of the men had had a turn in my ass and then been sucked clean. Then Steven took his place in my ass again, this time fucking me for several minutes before moving his cock to my waiting mouth.

I sucked him to orgasm and swallowed every drop of his tasty seed while Carl fucked my ass. This kept up for a long time with about half of the men coming in my mouth and the rest pumping their seed into my ass before letting me suck their cocks clean. For the rest of the week my pussy was filled constantly. The men fucked me in any way the wanted and when I wasn't being fucked I had been ordered by Chris to keep a beer bottle in my pussy at all times. After seeing Mike stuff his whole fist in my pussy several of the other men also tried to work their hands into my stretched out cunt with varied degrees of success at first.

But the men were persistent and by the last day every one of them had worked his entire hand deep inside my aching cunt and fist fucked me to some of the most powerful orgasms I have ever experienced. The last day Steven said that they should let me rest most of the afternoon because we had such a long hike back. I was still not allowed to take the bottle out of my pussy though and all of my clothes were packed away accept one tank top and the shorts that showed my pussy lips and ass.

I kept the bottle inside my pussy right up until we left the campsite and I was not permitted to get dressed until we were within and hour of the parking area we had started from.