Epic Masturbation Session By Crazy Chick

Epic Masturbation Session By Crazy Chick
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The Young Man The next morning, Colleen awoke to find that it was almost noon. Never in her life had she been so selfish and slept so late. However, Hannah, one of her handmaids reached out and took Colleen's hand. "Don't worry, Your Majesty. You needed your rest after last night. The kingdom could take care of itself for a few hours. Come, freshen up for the day and come to eat. You have some subjects who would like to speak to you." At the breakfast table sat the Captain of the Guard and 11 of his most trusted men.

Standing in the doorway opposite the one Colleen had entered, stood a handsome young man. She entered, and they all knelt before her. "My Queen," said the Captain of the Guard, "forgive us our trespass of last night. We were lax in our attentions and want to repledge our loyalties to the throne." Colleen smiled and laughed, "Apology accepted, but remember this, next time I'll kick your butts myself if you aren't there." They all laughed, but they knew she meant it.

Turning her attention to the young man, Colleen questioned, "And what is your name, kind sir?" He knelt and then said, "My name is Gavin McMurrin. I was told by my father, Ghalegar McMurrin, that he had been hired to instruct you in the magical arts, and if he were to die, I would take his place. God rest his soul. Killed while hunting Lord Fallin." Anger burned in his eyes. Immediately, Colleen felt a connection. It was then that Colleen truly looked at Gavin.

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He took her breath away. Tall and burly, yet gentle-looking, youthful and respectful. Ashamedly, she found herself wondering what he was like in bed. Taking notice of an enormous lump in his leggings, she surmised two things, he was thinking the same about her and his *uhm* private part was huge. Hannah called Colleen back to reality. "Is Her Majesty still feeling ill?" "No, no Hannah.

I'm just not quite awake yet," came the reply. "Shall we start your lessons, milady?" She looked at Gavin, who smiled. He knew what she had been thinking, and Colleen blushed. The First Lesson After they had freshened up, Colleen and Gavin made their way to the castle armoury. Quickening his pace, Gavin reached the heavy leaden door and opened it for Colleen.

"Very kind and chivalrous he is," thought the recipient of the gesture. In the room they marveled at the selection of weaponry available. In the end, Colleen chose a sword; Gavin, a ball and chain. "What made you choose that weapon, Gavin?" "I don't really know," he replied smirking as he placed the spiked ball against his knickers.

Colleen gave him a playful shove on the shoulder. They walked out to the castle courtyard and faced each other. Colleen drew her sword. It felt right in her grip, and it sounded as if it were singing. She shook her head in disbelief. It was singing. Well, not exactly singing, but a melody emanated from the sword when she touched it. Suddenly, Gavin struck out, giving the steel a sturdy whack and shattering the song of the sword.

Colleen responded with a surety she was sure that she didn't have.


As their weapons collided in midair, Gavin said, "That sword was destined to be yours. Only you can wield it with such skill.

Now don't hold back on me, my Queen. I'm prepared for your worst." "Don't worry, Gavin.

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You shall soon have the experience of your life." Man and woman stood, blades locked as if in a kiss. Gavin's foot kicked Colleen's knees out from under her, but as she fell, she gracefully curled her back and rolled backwards, landing on her feet. Flipping her sword upside down in her hand, Colleen bent over as Gavin's blade sailed above her. Spinning quickly in a circle, she was able to bring her sword blade to rest between Gavin's legs, halfway to the hilt. "Och, ye win, lass," said Gavin in a high-pitched falsetto brogue.

"I almost "de-man-ded" you surrender," Colleen laughed. Gavin placed his weapon on the ground, and Colleen followed. "Good. Now, it's time for hand-to-hand combat. 3 points to win. 1 point per takedown." They both squared off, taking fighting positions. His training partner took her stance, strong and solid. Her father hadn't left her ignorant of the art of self-defense even though she was only a child when he had taught her. Gavin struck first with his forearm landing square on Colleen's shoulder.

However, she countered with a side swipe to the solar plexus and a sweeping kick that landed Gavin on the stone floor. "One," he wheezed. After recovering, Gavin faked a left jab, yet grabbed Colleen's shoulder and spun around, placing her in a headlock.

Though she struggled, he brought her down to the ground.

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"One," he tallied. Letting her turn over, Gavin gazed at his Queen's face. It was alive with enjoyment. As Gavin moved to stand up, however, he realized that her flushed face was caused by more than exercise as his hand, truly by accident, pressed into her breast. Her nipple was hard and got harder at his touch. In that instant, the world faded away for the Queen and her Protector. Colleen's right hand drifted from her side, grabbing Gavin's and holding in place. Her other hand came to rest upon the back of his head, pulling his face towards hers.

Their lips locked, and their tongues danced, as they tasted the sweetness of each other's mouth. Slowly, Colleen's hand slipped to the growing tent in her Protector's pants. She gently rubbed, unsure. Finally, breaking their kiss, Colleen whispered, "My mind and soul are at war. For my head knows that these feelings are wrong. Yet, my heart knows they are right." "If you want me to stop, just tell me, and I will." replied Gavin.

"It's fine, Gavin. Now, I won't let you have my virginity yet, but I want you to do something for me. Last night Fallin wanted to lick me "down there", but I stopped him. Then, I took a bath, and I thought I peed on myself when I sank into the water.

It wasn't the same though. It didn't smell the same, and it certainly didn't feel the same. Could you do what he was going to do?" Gavin knew exactly what she wanted, and he asked her, "Would you like me to use my finger or my tongue to make you cum? That's what it's called. And do you think that anyone will be bothered?" Wanting to experience the sensation, Colleen opted for the tongue.

Colleen knew everyone was out of the castle on errands or royal duty, but Gavin locked the door just in case. Gavin suggested that they dance for each other as they stripped their clothing and offered to go first.

Colleen became more and more turned on as he revealed his rock hard abs and chiseled chest, his feet and hearty legs, working his way towards his manhood, which was obviously awake at seeing her beauty.

All Gavin could say was, "Wow!" as Colleen's gown fell to the ground. Gavin was almost drooling as he knelt between her legs. Slowly, he lowered his head, taking in her intoxicating scent. He blew a quiet breath of cool air over her swollen lips. Then, gently, he stuck out his tongue and parted them. The sensation made Colleen jump. She felt some liquid running from between her legs. "Ooh. That feels amazing. Sorry, I didn't mean to pee on you." Gavin, who was hungrily slurping her juices lifted his head for a minute and said, "You are doing nothing wrong, milady, and that is not pee.

In fact you are doing everything right.


MMM!" He dove in again. This time his tongue probed deeper into Colleen. She bit her lip as her body responded. She felt hot, and she couldn't help but start panting. Wonderful feelings were coursing thru her body, and she felt a tingling sensation in her stomach.

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It hit her. All the muscles in her body tensed and she felt an explosion come from her inside.

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Gavin drank of her while he pressed her Goddess Spot. The convulsions kept racking her body, and Colleen thought she would pass out. However, Gavin let go, and she began to calm down. Still breathing heavily, she said to Gavin, "That was marvelous." "Turn over," said Gavin.