Petite Kriss slipping out of her skinny jeans

Petite Kriss slipping out of her skinny jeans
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Jay, Faith, and her Friends. (Chapter 2) Jay was a 29 year old teacher at the local high school. He picked up a summer job at the local ice cream shop to earn some extra money. Faith was a girl in his class this past year.

He got to know her intimately one afternoon staying after school earning some extra credit. Jay recognized the other 2 girls from his school but didn't know their names.

The girls had just pulled up in a car and the girls all said "hey Mr. Wells" except for Faith said "Hey Jay." Jay took the ice cream orders from the 3 girls that came to his window and watched them talk and giggle as they went to sit at a nearby picnic table. Jay watched the girls as they talked and laughed. Occasionally Faith would turn and smile at Jay and he would smile back at her. Jay had not been intimate with Faith since their after school session but he did gently touch her and squeeze her butt in the hallways if no one was looking.

The girls continued to laugh and talk. Jay couldn't hear everything they were talking about. He did over hear the other to girls giving Faith a hard time about calling Mr. Wells by his first name. "Hey Jay" one of the girls mimicked to Faith. He saw the girls lean in and start whispering.

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Jay wondered if Faith has ever told any of her friends about their after school session last year. The girls finished their ice cream and started to head toward their car when Faith walked over to Jay and handed him a napkin with a note on it. "Text me when you get off ❤ - Faith" with her phone number on it. Jay smiled at her and wondered what was on her mind.

When Jay got off work he pulled Faith's number out and texted her. They had a good time talking and then Faith told Jay that she had told her two best friends about their after school activity after they pushed her.

Jay was surprised but not worried. Faith said that her two friends might be interested in doing some extra credit work with Jay some time. Faith and Jay planned how they might work the plan. The girls would tell their parents that they were spending the night at each other's houses and then meet Jay at the park nearby and then spend the night with Jay at his house.

Friday night came and the girls plan worked perfectly. The girls all met up in the park and then Jay came and drove them to his house. When the girls got to the house they unpacked their stuff and they all ate some pizza and Jay got to know the other girls. Dana had blonde strait hair and brown eyes.


She was not real tall but had really nice athletic long legs. Liz had chestnut brown strait hair and also had nice brown eyes. Her chest was bigger than Dana's. All three girls were fun and talked about some of their past experiences with guys. Jay introduced them to his golden retriever dog named Daisy. After dinner the 4 of them all went to the couch and started to watch a movie. Faith sat next to Jay and he put his arms around her while they watched the movie. Dana and Liz sat on the other side of Jay and everyone cuddle under a blanket.

After the movie was over Faith stood up and said "now it's time to have some fun." The three girls got together and they told Jay that they wanted him to judge them on the different categories like best face, butt, boobs, and more. They would model for him while he sat on the couch. Jay was excited for three girls to give a strip show and for him to examine every inch of their bodies. The girls stood up and faced Jay on the couch.

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They slowly took their shirts off and turned their backs to Jay and unhooked their bras. Jay felt his dick jump in his shorts at the sight of their bare backs as they slowly turned to face him. Jay's eyes popped wide open at the sight of 6 tits before him. Faith's chest was smaller, but the pear shape of her tits were a big turn on.

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Her nipples were poking out nicely. Liz had the biggest chest and they were nice and bouncy and round. Her hair was long and flowed over part of her chest. Dana's breasts were a nice size but her nipples were nice and big for her size. Jay got up to feel of each of them one by one.

He loved to feel their nipples press against the palm of his hands. The girls gently pushed him down back on the sofa and slowly began to slide their shorts off. Their panties were very sexy and brightly colored. Dana had a pair of thongs on that showed off her nice long legs well.

Faith had on a nice bright pair of pink panties with yellow polka dots. The girls turned around again and took hold of their panties and lowered them showing half their ass. They bent over and modeled their curvy butts to Jay.

Jay felt his dick get harder as he anticipated seeing they completely naked bodies. They slowly slid their panties down to their knees and let them drop to the floor.

The girls stayed bent over and Faith and Liz pushed their asses against Dana who was in the middle.

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Jay became rock hard when his eyes zoned in on their pussies that hung down between their legs. Their sexy butts were nice and round and the hair between their legs and around their pussies was turning Jay on so much.

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Jay reached out and squeezed each girl's ass and gave each of them a lite spanking. The girls began to turn around and reveal their pussies to Jay. Jay took in every detail of their naked bodies. Faith had a nice plump pussy that was shaven around her lips and had a tuft of hair above her slit. Jay remembered it well. Dana was standing there and almost had a camel toe shaped pussy. Her tan lines made a nice accent to her body.

Liz had the biggest and plump pussy. It was completely shaven and showed her inner lips well sticking out in plain view. Jay couldn't believe he had 3 naked high school girls standing before him. The girls smiled at Jay, opened their legs more and Faith said "Well who is best?" Jay decided not to get any jealous feeling going between the girls and said "I think it's a three way tie, but I'm the winner".

Dana added "but we haven't earned our extra credit yet." Liz said "you have to do everything you did with Faith at school so we can all get an A+." "We will, don't worry" Jay said, "we have plenty of time for lots of fun tonight." The girls all smiled and pulled Jay up from the sofa. They stated unbuckling Jays belt and taking off his clothes. When his boxer briefs dropped out sprang his hard thick dick.

Faith reached down and grabbed his dick and began to strike it slowly. Jay's hands went up on Dana and Liz's tits as he began to caress them with his hands. Jay looked down just in time to see Faith move her mouth right up to his cock.

She licked around it and then looking up at Jay put it in her mouth. "Mmm" Jay said as he felt her warm wet mouth close around his dick. Faith explored his dick with her tongue feeling all the contours of her teachers cock. After a few mins the girls swapped places and Dana knelt down to taste a teacher dick for the first time. Next, it was Liz's turn and she followed the other girls lead.

While Liz was sucking Jay, Faith looked down and saw her nice heaving breasts. Just about the time Dana leaned down and cupped one of her nice size tits in her hand. Faith wondered what her tits felt like and she carefully joined Dana and took hold of Liz's other breast.

It was kinda a turn on to see her two best friends naked and sharing their teacher and also maybe enjoying each other. Faith felt Liz's hard nipple in her hand and she decided to pinch it a little and give Liz some more pleasure.

Liz didn't seem to mind her two friends adding to her pleasure and she decided to give the other two girls some pleasure of their own.

Liz's hands took hold of Dana and Faith's legs and moved upward and inside their legs. Faith felt Liz's fingers slide up closer and closer to her pussy. She was curious as to what Liz had in mind. Liz's fingers found her wet warm hole. And began to work their way in. Faith had never though that her and her friends would explorer this side of their friendship, but she was enjoying it. Faith opened her legs more to allow Liz better access to her pussy. Before long she had found her clit and was rubbing it over and over.

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Faith was enjoying herself very much to her surprise. Jay leaned over and began to kiss and suck on Faith's nipple. Fully enjoying the moment Faith instinctively reached out and took hold of Dana's tits and pleasures her by squeezing them. The girls began to moan and breathe heavy from Liz's magic finger workout. "I want you to fuck me on the couch" Faith said to Jay.

Liz released Jay's dick and Faith got on her knees on the couch facing backwards with her ass slightly bent and ready for Jay. Jay grabbed her hips and lined up himself right behind her. He slowly slid his dick inside her and started pumping her deeper and faster. Faith could feel Jay's thick dick filling up her pussy and pressing against the walls of her vagina.

Jay reached around and fondled her breasts and then went between her legs to rub her clit while he fucked her. Faith got closer and closer to climaxing and started making more moans and outbursts.

Jay's dog daisy heard the noise and came in to see what was going on.


In a few moments Faith was climaxing and cumming hard. "Fuck me next" called Dana as Faith turned around and sat exhausted on the couch ready to watch her friend have her first dick from a teacher.

Dana took the same position that Faith did but she wiggles her ass around and teased Jay, "come and get it!" Jay reached up and played with her ass a little and then slid his dick inside her.

"I'm a virgin" said Dana, "but I broke my hymen a few years ago with a dildo, so you don't have to worry." Jay looked down and enjoyed watching his cock disappear into such a pretty young blonde.

He rocked back and forth getting faster and faster as he played with her tits and clit also. Never having a real dick in her pussy before Dana quickly came and held Jay's dick in her for an extra min before releasing it from her pussy. "Last, but not least" said Liz as Dana moved to the other side of the couch and Liz took the same position ready for her turn. "I'm a virgin" said Liz with a smile to Jay. "Not for long" Jay replied as he moved up behind her and rubbed his sticky wet dick on her outer pussy lips.

"I'll be gentle" said Jay. The other two girls watched and waited to see their friend enjoy something inside her pussy for the first time. Jay placed the tip of his dick at her pussy and pushed it in a little.

Her face showed how pleasured she felt as his head moved slowly deeper into her pussy. Jay pushed it until he felt the hymen stop his dick.

Faith and Dana both leaned forward to watch and they put their hands on Liz's back and sides to distract her a min. Jay pushed quickly and with some force as he broke her hymen. "Shit" called Liz as she felt the pain move quickly through her body. Jay held his cock deep inside Liz until he could tell the shock was over.


Faith and Dana began to rub Liz on her sides and move to her tits to give her more pleasure. Faith was totally turned on from watching her friends take part of the fun. She started to get turned on from touching Liz's breasts and she leaned forward to give them a little kiss and lick. Liz turned and smile at her as Jay began to move pumping her slowly. "Oh god" this is so hot" Liz exclaimed as she rocked her hips back and forth in rhythm with Jay's thrusts.

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Faith began to rub her pussy and masturbate as she watched her friends enjoy themselves. It wasn't long before Liz began to build up to a climax and become more vocal also. "I'm gonna cum soon" she announced. Just as she was being distracted by Liz's announcement Faith felt a warm wet feeling on her pussy In between her fingers, that was working her pussy.

She looked down to see Jay's dog Daisy who had apparently caught a whiff of the pussy and decided to help herself to a treat. Daisy began to lick Faith more and more and faster and her tongue went a little inside her pussy reaching her clit.

"Oh god, your dog is a lesbian" she said with a laugh. "It feels so good" she added as she encouraged the dog to lick more. Faith began to build up to another cum too. "Oh god" I'm coming announced Liz. Jay started to feel his ability to hold in his sperm coming to a close as both Liz and Faith her about to cum. "I'm gonna cum in a minute" Jay said. "Cum in our mouths and tits" said Liz.

A few more pumps was all it took for Jay and he pulled out his dick and Liz flipped around and the three girls leaned in for Jay. Jay shot streams of cum all on the girl's chests and a little big got on Dana's cheek.

The dog continued to pleasure Faith and she started shaking in pleasure as she came hard. The dog licked up all her pussy juice and the girls even took some of Jays cum on their fingers and offered to the dog as the dog cleaned it off their fingers. All 4 of them cleaned up and them went back to Jays bedroom to the king size bed was and they got ready for bed.

The girls put their panties back on and just a shirt and Jay slept in his boxers. They went to sleep cuddled together with Faith up close to Jay. (To be continued.)