Group sex excites hot euro chicks

Group sex excites hot euro chicks
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The previous stories "Beth Pony Girl", September 07th and October 05thtells my story of how I got to today, manacled with wrist, neck and waist bands of steel, branded on my rump and cleavage and nipples pierced with heavy rings fitted. There has been several weeks preparation leading up to the weekend's events so far. My boyfriend and two of my best girlfriends treated me like a real pony. I have been naked and exposed that whole time, I have been humiliated and abused in more ways than you can imagine.

You should read those previous stories before proceeding. Today is the final day in a weekend of special activities in the old western town where anything goes. Its early morning and as usual Joe (the blacksmith) opens my stable and delivers me food and water, the door is locked again. Yesterday while I did enjoyed some of the activities I was also very disappointed in the way one of my best friends treated me, having my boobs stabbed and her continual humiliation was not part of my fantasy.

However at other times I was fully engrossed in the erotic turn on, the continual arousal of my slit, the urges deep within my groin as I reminisce I feel it building again. My fingers reach for my clit, gently tracing the folds of my vagina, probing deeper to my G Spot. My other hand roams over my breasts gently tugging at the heavy nipple rings, my nipples are so sensitive now they are pierced, I give out a comforting moan as I feel the early morning climax build and eventually push me over the top.

I lay back in completion gently wiping the juices from my labia, I taste them, I feel good . As the morning dim turns into full daylight I hear the stable door opening again.

Joe is back and hands me a card, a gift card, which simply says "Enjoy, Love Matt and Karen, look forward to seeing you soon." Joe says, "your gift has been brought down and is outside but first I have instructions to help you". Joe leads me to his work bench where he gets a drill and drills out the rivets on my wrist waist and neck bands, they all fall off.

All of a sudden I feel more naked than I have ever been, he picks up a pair of wire cutters and is about to cut and remove the nipple rings. I stop him, "Please leave them, I love how they feel". Joe runs his hands over my breasts and plays with the rings, "yes they really suit your boobs" he says as he continues to cup my full breasts with his rough hands and turn the nipple rings through their full circular movement, although I am now totally unrestrained I let him play.

"So come with me he says" and walks off without a leash, this is uncomfortable I have been led by a leash for several weeks, it is strange, I am now fully naked but I follow without hesitating.

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hen we get outside I see an amazing sight, its Sonia, she is standing back against the post beside the old water trough, her hands are handcuffed behind the post, her shoulders are strained and she has a huge ball gag in her mouth, the ball has a ring on the front. Her eyes are wide open in a pleading stare as they catch my own eyes.

I look her up and down. She is wearing a short button up blouse which has been ripped open, buttons are gone, it lays loosely across her tits, they are barely covered and obviously braless.

I think Joe has been playing again. She has a short leather skirt, so short it is only just hiding the inverted "V" where her inner thighs meet, she wears the same ankle boots she had on yesterday. In the pocket of her torn blouse is a note. "Beth, we know Sonia was a little mean to you yesterday so this morning we overpowered her and delivered her to Joe as you see her now.

She is yours today for as long as you can control her, we will not intervene. We would love to see you later. Love Matt and Karen" Wow, I think to myself, WOW.

I move to stand right in front of her face, "well, well, girl now we can have some fun", I say to her, "how does it feel, although I know you cannot answer" I let out a little laugh. She is struggling against her bonds but all this does is push her tits out even further, I slide my hands between the sides of the torn blouse and open it up for all to see.

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Her bare breasts look superb. I fondle her nipples one at the mercy of each of my hands, rolling them into an erect state between my index finger and thumb, I pinch hard and twist, I can see her squint her eyes in pain. I pull the blouse over her shoulder as far as the bound arms will allow but eventually just tear it all away until it is lying in shreds on the ground. Now she is really venerable, Joe is watching, I think he likes what he sees. I call him over "here Joe, suck on these" as I pull and point one of her erect nipples towards him.

You don't have to offer female flesh to Joe twice, he jumps at the opportunity enclosing one of her breasts in his mouth while roughly grabbing the other in his left hand. "Come on Joe give it a good squeeze". I can tell he has complied as Sonia closes her eyes hard and lets out a muffled cry. Joe has his fun and Sonia is obviously unhappy. I move back in, remembering how naked I am I unlace the side of her leather shirt and lift it away from her hips, now she is totally naked, she wasn't wearing any panties, her perfectly shaved pussy is in full view, she has large labia which I should have expected after the camel toe I saw yesterday, they accentuate her slit.

With my free hand I go in for the feel, pulling her lips as far as they can be stretched. I think she is wet. Joe is watching, I call him in again, I can see the bulge in his pants as he feels her up all over.

I step back and put her skirt on me, with the laces I can make it fit my different shape and it feels good to be at least partly covered.

Now for the boots, one at a time I bend her lower leg and remove them while Joe is playing, I try them on, they fit well.

Sonia is now as naked as the day she was born, only adorned by the gag and handcuffs. I leave her with Joe while I go and get cleaned up. I find a shower in the stable and enjoy the hot water for the first time in several weeks, I take the time to soap my body and shampoo my hair, I feel so good to be clean again. The only clothes I have is the leather skirt and boots I took off Sonia but they feel good and I am happy to be topless at this time, my nipples are very sensitive and I am proud of my new piercings.

By the time I get back out to Sonia I can see Joe has had a good time, she is still bound but I can see cum running down her legs, he has screwed her it is obvious.


She is shaking her head, pleading with her eyes to be released, it just isn't going to happen, not yet anyway. "Sonia dear girl" I say, "it looks like you are in trouble, I hope you remember the last couple of days, now is payback time". "First we need to clean you up".

I grab the rough horse brush and dip it in the water trough and give her the scrubbing she gave me yesterday. I pay particular attention to her cum filled cunt, she tries to close her legs to stop me but I am too forceful, the brush almost disappears into her slit. I keep up the scrubbing until I am satisfied she is red all over, I pay particular attention to her tits. By the time I am finished Joe has returned with a huge smile on his face, I give a little chuckle.

Joe and I discuss what we can do, he advises me there is a medieval stock up the street we could lock her into that, I am also thinking she need a permanent reminder. Joe says there is an amateur tattooist behind the jail we could get something done there. At this time I can see a picture developing in my mind. I ask Joe for his help, after all I can't have her getting away. Joe disappears and returns with a large dog choker collar and a cattle prod.

He slips the choker over her head, he then unlocks her cuffs from behind the post and relocks then behind her back. She fights a little but he is way too strong for her and when he gives her a "ZAP" with the cattle prod she jumps and screams into the gag. She settles down, I like Joe. Finally Joe clips a thin long chain to her handcuffs and brings it between her legs and attaches it without slack to the ring on the front of her ball gag.

It makes her nod down to relieve some of the pressure and reduces her resistance as any abrupt movements make the chain chafe between those big pussy lips of hers. I now have control over her, Joe gives me a card for the tattooist and a little bag of goodies and I lead Sonia up the street. This is great I have a totally naked friend in tow the choker collar tightening around her neck ensures she doesn't stop. We are walking up the street, her firm boobs bouncing as she walks awkwardly along half bent over to relieve the chain rubbing between her legs.

I can hear her grunt now and again, she is uncomfortable. I am enjoying this, when Sonia slows a little too much I touch her with the cattle prod, this livens her up immediately. I love the look of despair in her eyes. When we get to the jail I have to ask where the tattooist is, the man I ask is looking at Sonia and laughing, she is not happy.

We enter the jail and out the back room we find our man. I have a discussion with him about what I want and he is only too eager to assist.

I lead Sonia back into the jail area and push her back against one of the cells. The tattooist takes some rope and ties her ankles spread against the bars. He unlocks her cuffs and stretches her arms out and ties them spread as wide as possible. The chain attached to her ball gag is wrapped around her head and the bars passing her mouth a couple of times, her head is now tightly held in place.

He gets a long length of rope and continues to bind her against the bars up and down her torso, legs and arms until she is trapped standing, immobile. Next he takes a length of smaller twine and binds the base of her right breast until it is like a balloon ready to bust.

It is starting to change colour, a little blue actually. She is dribbling out of the corners of her mouth and has that look in her eyes, the look that is pleading for release. When he is satisfied with the bondage he suggests I have a seat, relax and watch.

Sonia is naked, spread eagle and still struggling but so tied up she is not moving, he pulls over his tattooing trolley and starts to work on her right breast. As soon as the vibrating needle touches the tender flesh beside her nipple she screams in the gag, tears roll down her face.

I can't stand it any longer I stand up and move to her left side, I don't want to miss a thing. I caress her left breast while the tattooist is working on her right, she hasn't relented and continues to make unintelligible sounds deep in her gagged mouth. My hand slides down to those large labia of hers expecting to find them wet but they are dry, she is not having a good time, I touch my own vulva under my skirt, now that's wet, that's how it should be, I play with my clit as she is defaced.

It feels so good I could make myself cum but there is more work to do yet. The tattooist has finished to the left of her nipple and now moves to the right as I rub my bare boobs against the side of her restrained body enjoying every second building my arousal. When he is almost finished he stands back and admires his work. He has tattooed the letters "B" "I" to the relative left side of her right nipple and the letters "C" "H" to the right. The letters are about one inch high. "Now to finish off", he says.

He starts at the top of her areola tattooing a straight horizontal line she is struggling and screaming even more now. Then from the middle of this line he starts a vertical line down over the centre of her nipple, he is forming the letter "T". As this vertical line of the "T" is needled directly into her nipple Sonia pisses herself splashing urine over both of us and then passes out.

My right hand is massaging my clit, my tits are rubbing against her side, as she passes out I climax. I could do this all day. As she sleeps the fun is reduced but he finishes off anyway and stands back to check his work. The word "BITCH" in a red rectangular box is now tattooed across her right nipple.

I am very happy that she will never forget this day. Before she wakes up we untie her, she flops onto the floor. We relock her hands behind her back and I reach into the bag Joe gave me and pull out a ring gag and swap it with the ball gag she has been wearing to this point. She starts to stir, her eyes open and develop a curious stare but it doesn't last long she quickly remembers where she is.

As she starts to get up I jab her with the cattle prod and threaten to light it up. She settles back down real quick. I have proved my dominance over her. I gently pull on the choker collar lead motioning her to get to her knees. Her face is at my crotch level, she stares at her skirt which I am now wearing.

I move forward touching the leather to her nose and giving a slight push, her head moves back a little in submission. Then I allow her to stand, I pull her back towards the cell bars and loop the lead a few times around one of the bars until her neck is held comfortably close but restrictive enough that she cannot escape. She recognises the new intrusion in her mouth and immediately knows what it is, I only have to put my fingers through the ring into her mouth and play with her tongue to demonstrate that she will be giving head today and there is nothing she can do about it.

She tries to talk, begging to be let free but it falls on deaf ears. I get a mirror and hold it in front of her so she can see her tattooed tit, again her emotions are released in a flurry of sounds that even though they are almost unintelligible, the meaning and frustration behind them is quite clear. I play with her new tattooed nipple giving it a squeeze which hurts even more due to the tender tattooed damage skin.

"Think yourself lucky they didn't get the same treatment as mine" I say, looking down as I lift one of my nipple rings.


"I do however have a little something you left with me yesterday" I tell her as I reach into the bag and pull out the clamp type ear rings she fitted to my ears.

They are small feathers hanging from clips, the jaws have sharp serrations designed to stop them slipping off ear lobes but will dig deep into a sensitive nipple.

She screams in pain as I fit one to each nipple ensuring I get only the tip of the nipple itself and not the stronger flesh of the areolae. She is breathing heavy, spittle is running out of her locked open mouth her cleavage is wet from the dribble. I let her settle for a few minutes and then unhook the chain holding her to the cell bars. I lead her outside, again she has no choice but to follow, the choker digs deep into her throat if she resists and there is the ever present threat of the cattle prod.

She has a slight forward lean as she walks the feathers hanging from her nipples flap from side to side. We are now outside, activity has increased since we have been inside there are many people around in various stages of undress, some fully naked, some in pony bondage, some in full country dress.

I spot Matt and Karen at the usual side walk table so I lead Sonia over to them. "Hi guys" I say, "what a great surprise you sent me this morning", "Look how much fun we have had so far" as I point out the tattoo across her right nipple and run my hands over the fading marks of the ropes that held her to the cell bars.

Sonia can't say much with the ring gag that is holding her mouth open so far but we all can understand that she is swearing and cussing us all. Karen says "I am not normally one for vengeance but when I saw how she treated you yesterday I honesty felt you deserved and chance to repay her deeds." She continues "Beth do you want some clothes to wear?" I reply "no thanks I am fine, in fact I like showing off my pierced tits, they are really quite sensitive now, you should try it someday, as you can see I have not given Sonia that pleasure yet but I can arrange it if she doesn't behave" Sonia swears again.

Karen gets up and approaches Sonia she runs her hands gently over her naked body also fingering the fading rope marks. I point out the tattoo which is still quite red, Karen touches it lightly and says "this is permanent isn't it ?". I reply "sure is and you should have heard her squeal when it was being done, and she actually passed out when the T was tattooed over the tip of her nipple." Karen takes off the clamped feathers on that nipple to get a better look, Sonia screams as the clamp comes off her nipple and blood rushes back into the tortured flesh.

Karen runs her finger over the tattoo giving the nipple a little flick as she traces the "T", then she replaces the clamp, Sonia screams in pain again. Matt is sitting silent all this time just watching the events. "Just going to take her over to the stocks if you want to come", I say to Karen. "sure why not" she replies and we head off leading Sonia who is starting to resist a bit.

Resistance is only momentary just long enough for me to zap her with the cattle prod. She yelps like a little puppy and complies with my demand to move. There is activity just across the street where we are heading as we near the group we can see several naked people.

A couple of them are ponies, one is that beautiful girl I saw yesterday who was completely hairless, she is still harnessed and standing still while her master is sitting in the sulky watching the happenings. There is a naked woman she has straddled a narrow beam, she is tied stretched spread eagle, her feet are lashed to widely spread blocks of concrete while wrists are locked in steel manacles handing from the outer edge of the veranda roof.

She wears a red rubber ball gag, her eyes are covered. Her tits sit high on her chest and have very little sag but It is obvious she has been whipped recently the welts are still very evident across these tits and stomach, she is a lather of sweat. She is being caressed by a passer-by, he is freely running his hands over her full frontal nudity, he plays with her pussy lips spreading them either side of the narrow beam she is straddling. Beside her we can see a second beam sticking out from the raised walkway, it has a large dildo attached firmly to the upper edge, I must guess there is also one beneath the girl but buried so deep within her cunt or arse that it cannot be seen.

On this second beam a mistress is positioning her male pony, he is muscular body is naked apart from the usual bridle and restraint adorning's. She lubes the dildo and makes him sit on it as it slides into his arse, he appears to enjoy this, it slides in easily and his erection grows. Once he is seated she attaches ropes to his ankles and spreads his legs then repeats the process with his hands.

He is now like the girl beside him spread naked and unable to move. His mistress applies some oil to his body rubbing it in from neck to ankles, he glistens in the summer sun. When she is finished she turns to the crowd and says "all yours" as she points to him. I don't need a second invitation, I lead Sonia over to him and make her kneel in the dirt, I tell her to start sucking him off tapping her shoulder lightly with the cattle prod.

She makes her way a little closer on her knees and lowers he mouth over his erect cock, I grab her hair and start pumping her head pushing it down hard and holding it there against the gagging convulsions I see in her body. I zap her arse with the cattle prod and she bucks trying to pull away. I don't want to spoil everybody's fun so I am sure not to overdo it, I wouldn't want him to go flaccid in the first few minutes so I pull Sonia away.

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With her hands still cuffed behind her back she struggles to stand as I pull her to her feet. The set of medieval stocks are close by jutting out at right angles from the wooden deck. I position Sonia to the front of them. There is a wooden platform sitting on the dirt, two blocks are affixed to it about 3 feet apart and these blocks have a couple of leather straps.

I get Sonia to position one foot beside each block and strap her in firmly. She is shaking her head and pleading with me to stop but I just show her the cattle prod and she complies with my wishes. Next I pull down on the choker chain and position her neck in the semi-circular base while I hold her there I ask a couple of males close by to help by unlocking her hands from behind her back and holding each in the corresponding hole on the cross bar before we lower the upper piece over her head and hands.

It has taken only a minute or two to fully secure her, bent over, in the stocks. I borrow the oil the woman was using on her male salve and begin to rub it all over Sonia's body covering her back, reaching under her chest oiling her hanging boobs while I am there I give the nipple decorations a little tug, she squeals when the teeth bite deeper into her tender nipples.

As I continue I am sure to get it deep within her cunt and boy does she buck as I finger some into her arse, she must be a virgin anal girl. When I finish I follow the lead of the previous woman and turn to the crowd and say "all yours". What a sight she makes, arse and pussy displayed openly, lovely curves of her torso straining to hold the horizontal position as her breasts point straight to the ground and on the other side of the stocks her mouth held open in an invitation to all males to fill with their cocks.

I check with Karen "how does she look Karen". As Karen runs her hand over Sonia's back and gives her rump a little slap she says, "man she looks nice, she is going to have some fun I am sure". But Karen is also preoccupied with the male erection on the bound slave, she moves over and wraps her hand around the greasy shaft and starts pumping it up and down, her other hand is running over his rock hard chest tracing the ripples of his six pack with her fingernails. I have never seen this display of exhibitionism from her before, I didn't think she was adventurous like this.

Then she shocks me by going down on him, taking the head of the erect cock in her mouth, now I am getting horny just watching. I imagine I am him, my clit is my cock, I reach under my skirt and feel it erect and overly sensitive. She pulls her head away and pumps him hard, I watch his spray several large streams of cum on the dirt in front of him, she finishes off with a final few gentle strokes and looks at me with a big smile, "doing that out here was horny, one of the sexiest things I have ever done, I think we had better go before I strip off and go further" she says.

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Hell I am still playing with my clit I know how horny it looked but we head off anyway to find Matt. As we walk I glance back and see someone fucking Sonia, he hasn't even removed his clothes just dropped his pants around his ankles, he holds her waist and is pumping hard, I can just hear her muffled groans and cursing.

I am sure she is in for a good time. Matt is at the usual place as both Karen and I approach, he has some finger food and wine on the table as we join him and explain what is happening to Sonia. I sit to his right and then lean over to give him a big kiss, tongue deep in his mouth, I purposely rub my sensitive nipples against his clothed body.

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We discuss the events of the last couple of days, "Matt this has been a fantastic experience, I can't remember when I have climaxed so hard and so often, I now have memories to last me forever", he fingers the brand on my cleavage "hope you didn't mind this" he says.

I reply " I LOVE it, the experience wasn't so nice but now I just love it, I love the submission it demonstrates, I love the feel and I particularly love the nipple piercings that have made my nipples so sensitive that I can cum but just playing with them, Ohhhhh, I even love just talking about it".

Matt reaches down and runs his hand up the inside of my left leg until it reaches my pussy lips, he can feel me hot and wet I sense his fingers entering deep within. Karen is sitting at my right side and now leans over and runs her hand up my other leg until both her and Matt's finger are playing inside me. She nibbles my neck, Matt is kissing me again and then I feel the exploding climax and do everything I can to keep my moans down to a respectable level.

There is a gentle caress from both of them as I come back to reality, "Karen I still can't believe you would do such a thing" I question. "Neither did I until yesterday, this place has a way of bringing out your sexuality, I just love it", she says. So we sit and watch the goings on for a bit, we have a bit to eat and drink a couple of bottles of wine. "Maybe we should go and release Sonia" I say as I get up, Karen and Matt follow. When we get to the area where the stocks are we can see Sonia still bent over in the wooden trap, there are a couple of men standing beside her drinking beer and resting the glasses on tray that sits on her back.

There is a leather paddle sticking out of her arse it has obviously been used it several times, we can see her rump is a bright shade of red on both sides.

One of the men says, "every time she spills a drop of our beer we pull this out like this and she gets a rap on her butt", he smashes her arse a couple of times even though she had been perfectly still. She lets out a cry, I think she said "fuck". Then he shows us the handle is shaped like a butt plug before pushes it back in her body, she grunts again.

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She has obviously had a few fucks, her legs are well stained with cum, her pussy is leaking slime like a broken honey jar and when I go and check out her face and it isn't much better, god how many heads has she given. Matt has taken a liking to the girl that is tied spread eagle, he caresses her body feeling the weight of her tits and running his hands all over her body, I note someone has taken Sonia's nipple clamps and fitted them to this girl, She is clean, not like she has been fucked but she is well marked from a whip,we haven't witnessed any of the whipping but some of her newest welts are risen and verging on breaking skin.

She has tears coming down her face. The restrained male still has an erection, he must have had one big dose of Viagra. Karen grab sit in her clenched hand and gives it a rub up and down, "It is still so hard" she says.

I look into Sonia's face, "So Sonia, should we release you?" There is an obvious nodding of the head. "Ok but until you settle down you are our pet, any nonsense and you will be back here so fast and left over night" I warn her. We release her from the stocks and remove the ring gag but still lock her hands behind her back and lead her away by the choker chain. All four of us make our way back to the saloon and find a table for three, naked Sonia is made to kneel and then sit on her haunches beside the table.

I stroke her hair like I would a dog and offer her a drink, she still hasn't spoken to us, I think she is still in shock. After a few minutes and a couple of drinks Sonia relaxes a little and begins to talk.

"You know" she starts, "that was fucking fantastic, I have never been fucked by so many men before, I have never given that much head before, even women were playing with my body, one woman had one finger up my anal passage and her thumb up my pussy and rubbed them together so hard I almost came.

But in all of that I never came once, I am so Fucking aroused right now I need you Matt, I need you right now." "OK" Mat says, "we will go upstairs soon, but first I want you to masturbate right here, I want to see you cum in public".

Matt releases her hands from behind her back and Sonia starts playing with her sex. In sheer embarrassment she rises slightly on her knees, rubbing her clit vigorously, she lays her head on my almost naked lap and purrs like a little kitten, as she nears a climax she raises up even higher and moans louder. By the time she is climaxing the whole bar is watching her and she collapses on the floor. The bar room cheers. About ten minutes later we all get up and head to Matts room.

Within seconds of getting into the room Matt and Karen are as naked as Sonia, I slip my skirt and boots off. I can't believe Karen's body, it is superb in the past she has always kept it hidden behind loose fitting clothes.

She has beautiful tits sitting high on her chest they must be 36 and beautifully round with turned up nipples. Her waist has such a great curve before turning out to flawless hips. She has a faint wisp of blond hair which does little to cover her pussy and does more to make it look like that of a virgin eighteen year old. There is not a mark on her skin anywhere. Just gorgeous. We all hop into the shower, it's a little cramped but we manage to scrub each other clean.

Matt has a raging erection that none of us can leave alone. I have several hands washing my pussy I am not sure whose hands but they sure feel good. We get out and towel each other dry. All four of us pile onto the bed, Sonia is fighting for Matts cock and so am I, I haven't had it for weeks. I feel soothing hands on my back running over my shoulders its Karen she is nuzzling my neck like she did earlier today, her fingernails gently scratching up my ribs until her hands are cupping my breasts gently playing with my pierced nipples.

I keep saying it I know but I have never seen this in her before today, I always thought she was reserved, straight, but she now surprises me, she is making love to me, her hands are so soft after the harsh treatment I have received over the past few weeks, her boobs are pressing against my back.

I have lost track of Matts cock, Karen's caressing is too big a distraction to concentrate on much else. Sonia has managed to sit on Matt's cock, it is buried deep within her pussy, she is pumping up and down. As Matt lays flat on his back I have manoeuvred myself to sit on his face, while he licks me Karen is behind me licking my back, I lean forward and grab Sonia in a passionate kiss.

I can feel Matt working his tongue on my slit, Karen is rubbing her tits on my back and reaching around my body to pull my nipple rings. I am on top of the world about to blow my mind, Matt hands are wrapped around my thighs as his tongue is deep within my slit, he laps up all of my juices. Now I hear Sonia cum, she explodes in a scream of ecstasy which is trapped between our mouths as I hold the back of her head so our kiss cannot be broken. My final climax follows very soon after.

I can feel Matt's body jerking in spasms that must be filling Sonia with his cum. I am not sure if Karen climaxed but she did continue to gently caress and lightly massage all our bodies, using a very light balm she has touched every part of our naked skin. She takes Matts limp cock in her mouth and sucks it clean.

I want to continue to watch and feel but then I see Sonia's eyes close and mine follow almost immediately. As morning breaks we all wake from a blissful sleep. It is time to head home, we are all showering and getting dressed to leave, bags packed and waiting for Karen.

I give a call to her to get moving. When she comes out she is totally naked with her hands cuffed behind her back and a ball gag hanging around lose her neck. "Do me up" she says as she nods toward the gag, "and deliver me to Joe, I'll see you at the next meeting here in three weeks". The End.