Teen Liza Rowe is fucked by big schlong and filled up with

Teen Liza Rowe is fucked by big schlong and filled up with
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Marion was an attractive and well-built eighteen year old white girl and she was also one nasty slut who was well known around the city for being an easy lay and a great cocksucker.

Over the last two years she had enjoyed many cocks in all three of her holes. It did not matter what size, age or color they were, she wanted them as much as they wanted her. She also enjoyed sex with guys when neither one could know who the other one was, so Marion sometimes went to her favorite restrooms in the park, the one that she knew had a glory hole.

That day she went to the right stall and waited. It took a while before she heard noise from the other side of the wall. Marion then pressed one of her naked C-cup tits against the hole so the person on the other side would know that there was a girl on her side interested in sexual contact. Her breast was promptly grabbed and squeezed. She pulled it away and a cock and balls promptly came thru the hole. When it did, it was a very nice one and well worth the wait.

It was white, probably eight inches long and had a downturn which she knew made it easier for her to deepthroat. She hoped he would give her a big load of great tasting cum.

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Marion knew from much experience that different men had different tasting cum. It was all salty but some tasted better than others. Some was bitter and some was almost sweet. Marion just loved having her mouth filled with man sauce and then swallowing it. She had also read that it was very nutritious being all protein. First she gave this beautiful, long hard phallus a good hard suck on just the head and when she pulled off it made a popping sound from the broken suction.

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She smiled as she saw it twitch and grow. Next she took hold of the shaft and licked the underside of the head, tasting the pre-cum that he was already producing. She circled the tip with her tongue and was delighted to hear moans of pleasure come from the other side of the wall between the men's and woman's restrooms.


Now she was ready to get serious. Marion removed her hand, opened her mouth and drove straight down onto the cock that was poking thru the hole. Her nose pressed into his pubic hair and his balls hit her chin. With her lips locked tightly around his shaft, causing the loose skin to slid over the hard inner shaft, she face fucked the unknown stranger with long deep rapid strokes.


Marion reached up and rolled the balls around in her hand. She was really good at giving deepthroat blowjobs and could usually get most guys off in around a minute. But this cock had real staying power. She sucked on it for over five minutes.

Her jaw was actually starting to get tired. She used all the tricks she knew to get him off.


She didn't want to admit failure and she also didn't want to miss the taste and texture of his cum load in her mouth. She nipped at the tip of his manhood, squeezed his ball sack and kept him fully buried in her throat while she swallowed, making her throat muscles squeeze his prick. Finally she felt his balls tighten and his rod grow. She knew she had him where she wanted him. Marion kept just his cock head between her lips and rapidly jacked him off with a tight fist.

Finally he growled loudly and exploded in her mouth. Five times she felt large ropes of hot cum fly into her mouth with great power.

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Her mouth was so full that if he had shot one more time she would not have been able to hold it all. She started bobbing up and down on it again till it started to soften and the unknown man on the other side took it away from her. Marion smiled and swallowed. It was some of the best tasting cum she had ever tasted.

She put her face near the hole and said, "Thank you. I hope we meet again someday." It turned out that they both waited about five minutes before leaving the toilets so that they would not come out at the same time, and that caused them to come out at the same time.

As they exited, they looked at each other and Marion saw that it was her father she had just blown, and he saw that it was his daughter that had just sucked him off.

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They both turned away from each other and quickly walked away. When Marion got home, Don, her father was already home and June, his wife and Marion's mother was making supper.

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Neither Don nor Marion said a word to each other and hardly looked at the other. After supper, Don went into the living room to watch the news and Marion went to her room. June said that she needed to go do some grocery shopping and would probably be gone for a couple of hours. She kissed Don goodbye and drove off. Don did not pay a lot of attention to the news. He was too busy thinking about his daughter and rubbing his erection thru his pants. As the news ended, Don made a decision.

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He got up and walked to Marion's room. He knocked and then walked in. They just looked at each other for a minute and then Don spoke. "We both know what happened this afternoon." Marion nodded and asked, "How often do you go there, Dad?" "Once in a while. How often do you go there?", was his reply. Marion also said, "Once in a while." Don sat on the side of Marion's bed, next to her.

"Honey, I have to tell you that that was the best blowjob I have ever gotten. Since we have already gone this far, I don't see any reason why we can't go even further, do you?" With that said and hearing no objection, Don leaned over and planted a kiss on his daughter's lips.

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At the same time, he slid his hand under the T-shirt that she was wearing and cradled one of her firm young breasts in his hand. Marion opened her mouth and welcomed her father's tongue in. Without losing that position, they both lay back onto the bed. "Your mom is going to be gone for a couple of hours, Marion. Are you on the pill?" Continued ???

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