Travesti natella turkish home amareur

Travesti natella turkish home amareur
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Part-Time Handyman in a College Girls Boarding House… It was in 1974 during my third year of college when I found out that I was going to run out of money weeks before the fall semester was over. I had to cut my expenses quite a bit or I would have drop out or take a part-time job to make ends meet.

I'd always hated living in any of the dorm rooms on campus and was taking a full course load so I was not happy about my current financial situation! After a long weekend of looking for a cheaper apartment or a room to rent I grew frustrated that vacancies in the small Texas town were almost non-existent. It was a small college town and many of the old time residents offered rooms to rent but I had no luck because they were filled. Late on Sunday evening I spied a small ad in the campus newspaper offering just a phone number and the ad was for a live-in handyman.

I called to inquire and was told that the job was still available so I asked for the address. I discovered it was close to the college and I went right over after class the next day. The house was very old and needed painting. It had three floors and a huge shaded porch.

I learned that it had been converted from a senior convalescent home into a boarding house some time back. The owner was a woman who looked to be about sixty or so who said I could have the job if I could start right away as there were some items needing my attention right away. I agreed and she showed me the basement where my living quarters would be. There was a hastily constructed shower and toilet off in the corner away from the stairs.

The bed and furnishings were small but looked almost new. She said she had been recently widowed and her husband always handled the upkeep but had taken ill and died. Then she walked me thru the entire place and told me that I'd be doing things such as replacing light bulbs, sweeping the stairs and porch, clipping the shrubs and grass etc. She offered that I would have plenty of time for my classes and any homework and could come upstairs for meals with her and her boarders as long as I washed up first.

When we reached the dining room I saw the large table and seats as well as an enormous kitchen. As we crossed into the living area there was a young woman tuning the older model television.

She had on a short nightgown and a robe that didn't quite cover her lovely, big ass all the way and I was able to get a glimpse of her lacy white panties. My new boss saw me looking and shot me an angry stare. "Young man! My boarders are young college girls and I'll have none of you peeking at them in their nightgowns!" It was raining hard the following day when I finally had time to move my things into my new digs and I had nobody to help me.

By the time I had finished I was soaking wet and wanted to shower before going upstairs to dinner. I unpacked enough of my things to find a change of clothes and got a quick shower. It was dark outside by the time I went upstairs to see if I might be offered something to eat but learned that supper was over and all the dishes were clean and put away so I went out to the nearby burger joint. That was where I ran into the girl I'd seen in the living room earlier and she had another girl with her.

"Hi! You look like our new handyman?" They were both smiling and I couldn't get over how little clothing the first one was wearing. The full figured blonde I'd seen adjusting the television yesterday was the most outgoing.


She asked me my name first. I managed a grin and told her it was Carl. The thin, small redhead was wearing a long oversized football jersey and little else it seemed besides some sandals.

She was only about five-one and had a really cute face framed with hundreds of gorgeous, sexy freckles! She came over to me with a big smile on her face and put her arms around my neck. "He's a sneak and a pervert you know?" She said to the blonde. "Yesterday I saw him looking at your tushy when you were changing the television and didn't see him looking." I tried to come up with some way to deny the allegations, but felt my face turning red with embarrassment. I just stood there as they both looked me over and giggled.

"I guess we'll just never know when Carl is peeking at our tushies!" The big-ass blonde said, grinning at me.

"From now on whenever I get naked up in my room I'll check to see if Carl is watching," said the small redhead as she looked for my reaction. Totally embarrassed and blushing hotly, I turned around with my sack of burgers and left them both standing on the sidewalk.

I drove back to my new basement room and tried to figure out if I was being teased or if the two girls might just be trying to get to know me better. I stayed down there another hour or two until the new boss yelled down for me to get her toolbox and meet her up on the third floor. I wasn't sure what she wanted to fix so I lugged the heavy box up three flights of stairs where she was waiting. "Cleo's door won't close all the way and I believe its swollen up from the rain and the humidity," the raspy voiced old bat said.

"You get it down off the hinges and put it down in the hall and use the planner to smooth off the edges some." I realized that my dad had done that to all the doors in my house when I was growing up and it was not that hard of a job.

The boss held the door while I knocked out the hinge pins and then we lifted it off and dragged it into the hall. "You got the idea and you won't need me anymore, just be sure you put the tools away when you are done. She exclaimed as she started back downstairs.

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I started to work and several minutes later I heard other footsteps on the stairs. It was the skinny redhead from the burger place.

She had changed into a plain white blouse and a mid-thigh wool skirt that made her look sort of like she was wearing a high school uniform.

I wondered what she was going to say this time. "Hi, Carl! Remember me, my name is Cleo." She exclaimed, looking up at me and grinning broadly. "The rest of the girls and I are thrilled to have a real, live pervert living in our basement!" I felt myself blushing and getting mad again at the same time until I saw the big grin on her face.

Then I was able to laugh, and admitted to her that she was right but that I didn't think anyone would notice. Then I added that I wouldn't have any urge to peek if there weren't so many beautiful, sexy college girls all around. Then I asked her if she would be able to give me a hand holding the door while I returned to its hinges. She nodded and put down her books, but she was squirming around and said she had to go pee first.

Cleo was back in a couple of minutes but wanted to know if I could wait until she changed into some jeans and a sweatshirt first.

"Don't look in Carl, that's my door you're working on," she said, giggling as she re-entered her room.

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I smiled and turned my back and leaned on the wall outside as she started to change. Something possessed me and made me unable to resist glancing into her room however. I saw a mirrored dresser at the far end of the room and in its reflection I saw her. She was naked except for some bikini panties as she raised her leg to step into some jeans. Her titties were really small and pointed but had dark red nipples with areolas large enough to almost cover her whole tit.

Suddenly she looked up and our eyes met in the mirror. Quickly I turned around but it was too late. After a couple more minutes she came out wearing the faded jeans and a school sweatshirt.

Together we had the door back up in a few minutes and it worked well. "Now I can finally have some privacy," she said with a sideways glance.

I apologized to her for seeing her reflection in her mirror and admitted to her that the quick view was beautiful. "But Carl, I'm way too thin, she replied, smoothing down the front of her sweatshirt over her tiny tits. The other girls here all have nicer figures." "Cleo, I personally would love passing your open door anytime when you are dressing." I told her, grinning. I complimented her again by telling her that her friends may have different looking figures alright but not nicer ones.

She giggled and smiled up at me. "Well Carl, I just might forget to close my door again sometime." I gathered up the tools and started back downstairs. When I reached the second floor landing I passed another open door. In that room was the hot looking, tall, blonde who had been rocking the chair back on two legs in the dining room the night before.

This time she was wearing a really long football jersey and was sprawled on her stomach across her bed studying. As I continued down the next flight of stairs I saw the tall, full-figured brunette from the kitchen.

She was coming up the stairs toward me and this time she had on an ankle length terrycloth robe with a large red bath towel around her neck. When she noticed me coming down she smirked.

"Well, do you mind if I go up and use the third floor shower now, Carl? I might need some help scrubbing my back." Before I could even think of a retort the landlord yelled from the dining room. "If he does that he'll be moving out later tonight!" The tall, busty girl giggled, intentionally letting her robe fall completely open.


She had really firm, melon sized breasts tipped with large, thick nipples of the same flesh tint color. Her belly was so flat that it curved inwards all the way down to a dense mat of dark red hair covering her entire cunt. Her thighs were real thin and had a wide gap at the top making her outer cunt lips puff out a bit. I thought silently that she could likely fuck me standing up without even spreading her legs! This horny tease watched me looking at her luscious, naked figure while very slowly closing her robe.

Beads of sweat were popping out on my forehead and I was developing a huge boner. I sorely needed a cold shower and wondered if I would be able to get one before the landlord yelled for me to do something else.

My small quarters in the basement had a sheet-metal stall shower with the door located inside the hastily constructed john and lavatory. It was just a row of two by fours up to the ceiling and had sheetrock panels only on one side.

It was really small and located in the opposite corner from where my bare twin bed was. I took off my clothes and went into the cubicle while stroking my half hard cock and thinking about the tits and pussy I had seen the last day or so.

I stood in front of my toilet and absently stroked my cock for a short while before I heard a soft, girlish giggle. Quickly I threw open the door and discovered the tall, oversexed girl from the stairs and the sexy blonde girl I'd seen sprawled on her bed earlier! She had pulled up her football jersey and had her hand down inside her white panties rapidly fingering her slit.


The brunette still had on the same robe only now her hair was wet and her robe was open again revealing that her large nipples were stiff and sticking out quite a bit. "Hi Carl! My name is Michelle and she's Paula.

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We were just peeking at you through a crack in this wallboard." She admitted, smiling real big. I protested meekly, standing there naked with a hard-on. "Girls it isn't fair to peek through a crack in the wall." "Why not, Carl?" Paula asked, giggling. We both really wanted to watch you jack-off your beautiful, big dick." Michelle nodded, reaching out and wrapping her thin fingers around my extended shaft and licking her lips at the same time.

Paula's panties were now down around her feet and she was furiously sliding a finger in and out of her lovely, blonde-fringed slit. I couldn't help but check-out her tasty looking pussy as Michelle started to stroke my cock slowly.

When I finally looked away I heard rather loud footsteps coming from the first floor above and got nervous. "Don't worry Carl; the boss-lady is gone for a while. We know when she will be back." Michelle said, grinning sideways at me.

"Well, alright. Both of you come inside and close this door," I said, groaning. Michelle entered first and backed up against the small vanity sink. She leaned back, her robe falling completely open, revealing both her large breasts. Parting her thin legs she began to slide her finger across her hairy slit and pull apart her swollen outer lips, revealing her small pink opening.

I moved closer as she grabbed my cock and pulled me closer as she raised her right leg and propped it up on the toilet seat. Slowly I eased my achingly hard cock into her pussy and began to fuck her.

Michelle groaned as I lurched forward and nearly fell, sinking my entire eight inch cock into her all at once. Her pussy felt heavenly as I regained my footing and began fucking her harder.

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I looked over at Paula and she was standing just inside the white metal shower stall. She'd removed her football jersey and her small, pointed breasts jutted out as she pushed her fingers in and out of her small pink slit furiously. She was on the verge of coming herself as Michelle began humping back against me hard, wanting me to pay attention and keep fucking her! I could tell she was coming herself when she cried out and my slowly pistoning, rock-hard cock suddenly was flooded with her warm juices.

I heard another giggle outside the door but wasn't about to stop! "Come on Carl! FUCK ME HARDER! Michelle cried in a strained voice. Suddenly her left knee buckled and my cock slipped out. Paula groaned loudly when she saw it and announced that she was about to come too! Grabbing my hand she jerked me into the shower stall while she turned around and bent over sharply at the waist, bracing her hands against the metal wall. Her sexy ass framed her yellow fur covered crack perfectly.

"Shove it in now," Paula grunted as she spread her legs wide and pulled her cunt lips apart for me. Quickly I lined up my cock and stuffed it into her all the way to the root with one long shove. I fucked Paula's warm cunt hard for only a minute or two before pulling out and turning around to fire several shots of boiling hot come onto Michelle's neck and large tits.

Surprised, she sat down on the lid of the toilet and quickly wrapped her lips around my spent stick.

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I was in heaven as I realized that two sexy, young coeds had just fulfilled one of my wildest fantasies! It was only then that I discovered that the three of us had an audience outside the door. When she released my cock from her mouth I turned around and faced the closed door and heard several new giggles and a bit of applause.

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Not bothering to cover my cock I opened the door and peered out. It was Cleo and two more girls I'd never seen before were outside saying that they wanted a turn too! I didn't see that being a problem at all! I ushered Paula and Michelle out and pulled Cleo in by herself. She had on just a white tee-shirt and no panties so I could get a close-up look at her lovely, red hair covered bush as she sat down on the toilet lid and started rubbing her tiny slit.

"We won't ever squeal on you, Carl," she said. "But all of us get horny and like to fuck too. Why can't we all share your wonderful, big cock?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

Even though all five girls were willing to share their horny, wet pussies with me, I knew that I was still going to love peeking in on them when they didn't expect it! Carl J.