Mia Leilani Gives A Full Service Nuru Massage

Mia Leilani Gives A Full Service Nuru Massage
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DEAR DIARY I awoke on the filthy mattress and looked around the darkened room. The dim glow of the street light peaking thru the dirty slats on the windows blinds. The quick moving hoards of cock roaches skittering across the thread bare carpet. Sitting up I realized what had happened last night. There were bruises and ugly raised welts all over my aching body.

My tits were in terrible pain with dried blood caked around my raw nipples. Sitting up on the bed I became dizzy and peered about looking for my clothes. I knew it! That fucking whore took my clothes. God dammit. How will I ever make it out of this flea bag motel?

I can't call anyone, there's no way in hell I could explain myself. The only way out was to use the thin wet sheet on the floor. How will I make it past the hotel desk clerk? Will she call the cops? I can't believe this is happening to me. Standing up I realize how badly I have been used. Every part of me throbbed in pain. I stumbled into the nasty dank bathroom and turned on the water on letting it warm up.

Looking in the cracked mirror I shuddered. My inner thighs are striped with ugly raised welts from the evil leather whip she used on me. My pussy lips are both swollen and black and blue. Both my small 32B tits hurt badly and were also welted. My nipples were the worry; they hurt badly and were bloody and swollen from the horrible Talon nipple clamps and their five needle sharp claws. She had bitten my nipples savagely afterward which made the pain ten times worse. Latasha gagged me so my screams wouldn't bring the cops.

I didn't expect the black cunt to use her filthy panties. I had wondered why she placed them in the sink and was pissing on them. When she slapped my face hard and ordered me to open my mouth and shoved the dripping piss soaked G string into my mouth I though I would choke to death. The duct tape I brought held them in place a little too well. My wrists were raw and hurting from the hand cuffs she used on me. How she liked to pull me around the room by the chain connecting the two clamps!

The small bells on the chain ringing merrily at each movement of my ravaged tits. And how she laughed and tormented me with her taunts. "Wha be da matta cunt? Ya can't get no cock? O' no pussy? Ya gots ta pay bitches like me ta fuck ya up?" She had zero mercy on me from the second I paid her. She slapped me hard across the mouth and made me strip before her. It was utterly humiliating!

I pulled my sweater over my head and dropped my pleated skirt at her feet. Slowly I removed my bra. She laughed cruelly as she pinched my small pink nipple. "Dat's all ya gots chile?" I was so embarrassed when she made me hand her my peach colored panties. I thought I'd die."Dees panties be soaked ya fuckin' mangy lil' cunt…" Again she slapped me hard across the mouth making my face sting.

When Latasha ordered me to my knees I did so slowly. When she made me beg her to give me an enema it paralyzed me in fear. I couldn't believe my ears. What had I gotten myself into&hellip.? I shook off the memory of last night as I showered in the flea bag motel.

The warm water felt so good on my ravaged body. I pissed hard and long. For once I left here I was not allowed to pee again until I got home from work. I just stood there leaning against the dirty wall letting the delicious water wash over me wondering why I had done this.

But I did know. I couldn't help it. I turned off the water and gently dried my self with the only clean towel left. I knew from experience that I would hurt for weeks to come. Exiting the shower I looked at the time. Oh my god! It's 6AM. I have to be at work at eight. Hurriedly I look around for my gym bag. Oh good there it is. At least the black cunt of a prostitute didn't take that! I had to round up as many toys as I could.

All this stuff cost me good money and I don't have much of that. Finding the big red butt plug that a couple of hours ago was buried deep in my asshole. I tossed it on the bed. The small but evil Talon nipple clamps were still on the bed. The evil claws still caked in blood.

God how they hurt. The five small claws pierced the flesh so easily, and only dug deeper into the meat when pulled. I went into the bathroom and retrieved the enema bag and the lube. The small but evil wire whip was still on the floor where Latasha had dropped it. The huge dildo she fucked me with was nearby and I threw it on the bed as well. Along with my hand cuffs. I again shook off the delicious horrors of the night and hurriedly tossed my toys into the gym bag.

I would put the night's activities into my 'dairy' like I always did when I got home. I threw the wet sheet over me as best I could. It still reeked of Latasha's piss but it was all I had. Carefully opening the flimsy door I peered down the hallway.

Good, no one around. Now was my chance. I went toward the exit that led down the rusted staircase to the street. At least I didn't have to dash past the desk clerk! Running down the steps I avoided the used condoms and syringes that littered my path. I turned to the left and ran down the street, trying vainly to hold the sheet around me.

I ran past a fat tattooed prostitute who whistled at me as I passed. My ass sticking out from the sheet. "Lookin' good sugar." She jeered. Fortunately there was very little traffic at this hour and rounding the corner I came to my little Honda. Almost frantic now, I reach under the rear fender and was relieved that my keys were still there. They fell into the gutter as I was shaking so badly from fright. I finally flung the door open and tossed my bag inside and started the car.

I was almost safe. I reached into the back seat and put on the long shabby coat I kept in the car. At least my battered body would be covered in case I got pulled over by a cop. The car started easily and I headed for my tiny apartment on the other side of town. Pulling into my parking spot I hurriedly grabbed my bag and headed up the two flights of stairs.

I passed the old gardener who said hi to me. He was harmless and I returned his pleasantry. Finally reaching the door I peered around quickly and saw no one. I opened the door entered my apartment. Slamming it shut behind me. The sense of relief was immediate. Looking at the clock I still had an hour before I was due at the office.

I tossed my gym bag and its tainted contents on the bed. I'd sort things out later. Since I had already showered, I hurriedly pulled on a pair of faded denim jeans. They were my favorite pants and made me feel a bit more human. I brushed out my frazzled hair and spritzed on a bit of Red Door. A red bra, a pair of clean socks, a button up shirt which I tucked in, and I was ready.

Every part of my body ached badly. And this was only Monday. This was by far the most painful use I had endured so far. Well let's get started with my day. My job mostly consisted of boredom and more boredom.

I worked data entry and spent my days entering information of the insurance firm's clients into the computer so their policies could be sent to them.

As I said, very boring. I worked with two other women. Noreen, an aged grandmother. And Serena. An annoyingly vanilla girl a little older than I was.

All she ever talked about was her many boy friends and the nonsense of wanting kids. But that's how it goes I guess. Noreen was a nice enough lady. Her primary interest was her grand kids. More sniveling fucking kids! Is that all women ever thought of?

It was a very small office and there was just the three of us. The work was easy and I had plenty of time to plan my adventures. Our boss was another story. Vivian was in her late forties and was the bitch from hell. No one could stand her. She was however very attractive. At a mere five foot tall she was two inches shorter than I was, but her breasts were full and heavy.

I remember hearing her on the phone one day telling someone she had 36 DD tits. They looked it too. Despite her bra her nipples poked out most of the time. I'd so love to suck on them! Her ass had seen better days and was a bit on the frumpy side but was still nice. She had long shapely legs and always wore high open toe stiletto heels that showed her meticulously painted toe nails.

I loved her expensive and stylish above the knee skirts. But try as I might I just couldn't see her as a lover. Though I did wonder how she would hold up to my idea of fun. I giggled at the thought. The day passed quickly. I went over the weekends events over and over in my mind. Now and then I would cross my arms innocently, but was actually pressing my tender swollen nipples. The pain made me so wet and brought back the delicious humiliation and pain I endured from Latasha.

I could hardly wait to get home. I always knew when it was time to go home because I always had to pee so badly. I never peed at work. Ever. It was strange that no one ever seemed to notice. I guess no one cared. I just couldn't see wasting something as satisfying as pee by simply flushing a toilet.

What a waste! Finally arriving home I all but ran up the stairs. I turned on my computer and put on my wireless head set.

Oh my I had to hurry. My bladder was about to burst! Stripping off my clothes only took a few moments and I was soon in the most special place in the world. My bedroom. Getting on all fours I reached under the bed and dragged out my bouncy board.

It was a heavy piece of padded plywood about three feet by three feet square. In the center was my gum drop Triple Bubble butt plug. It was a tall three tiered wonder. Its top knob was an inch across. The second was one and a half inches and the bottom one was over two inches across.

It was perfect. I quickly pulled out the board and laid it in the center of my bathroom and slathered on the scented body oil on it. Oh I almost forgot! I can't do this yet I sobbed.

I ran to the gym bag and pulled out the enema bag. Running back to the bathroom I cleaned it the best I could and filled it with lukewarm water.

I used the oil on my hands to lube the nozzle and pressed it into my still sore ass. God I had to pee! But I musn't. Not yet. That would just not do! It seemed like an eternity, but I held my water until I knew I could properly cleanse my bowels.

But I musn't pee. I couldn't. I wouldn't. I ran into the living room and pressing a few buttons logged on Yahoo Messenger and turned on the cam in the bathroom.

Miss Alicia must watch. She had to. I dare not incur her wrath. I ran back into the bathroom ready to explode. The voice on my head set boomed loudly and startled me. "Hello Paula my darling." The voice said. "Hello Miss Alicia." I said hurriedly into the mike boom. "Get to it little one." Was all she said. Squatting on the toilet I emptied my bowels and try as I might I did pee some.

I mean it is simply impossible to shit without peeing. Miss Alicia couldn't possibly expect me not to. I quickly wiped my wet ass and gratefully slid to the floor and squatted over the ass plug and faced the cam on the toilet bowl. The first bulb slid into my ass and caused me to shudder. The second was a bit harder to take.

I bit my lip for several moments until my sphincter relaxed a bit. It was time. I forced my bottom all the way flush with the board forcing the last and largest bulb into my asshole. I almost lost my bladder. Arching my back and taking a deep breath I leaned forward then pushed my body up as hard as I could with my arms. All three tiers of the plug popped out of my asshole. I then dropped heavily back onto the toy.

I was very dizzy, my bladder was in severe distress. I started bouncing up and down as fast and as hard as I could biting my lower lip so hard I tasted blood in my mouth I furiously pounded the plug in and out of my ass. Each knob of the evil plug caused shivers up and down my spine. I screamed as I came. Doubleing over as my bladder finally gave in to nature. At that instant I gripped my aching nipples and pinched them as hard as I possibly could. Miss Alicia's voice came over my head set in a giggling voice: "Oh yes my darling yes that's a good girl pee for me darling." The pain was excruciating.

But I was peeing now! Oh my god this was good. I shuddered with the deep intense anal orgasm. Those that have never experienced this were missing out on life! Warm wet delicious piss squirted out of my urethra in a heavy thick stream. Sitting up slowly I twiddled my clit desperately as my golden juices spread out onto the floor.

I came again in a tense shudder. When the low finally stopped I shuddered and wiggled a bit more on the big ass plug.

Leaning over onto my arms I raised my ass up, letting the plug squish out of my stretched asshole. Closing me eyes I remembered Latasha looking down at me squatting in a pool of my own piss in the motels dirty bathroom. As before I leaned over and started to slurp up my piss with my mouth. The taste was just as foul. My how she laughed. "Thank you Paula my darling, that was wonderful, you may clean up now." I sat up and opened my eyes ashamed of my self. Look what I had become!

Here I was home from a night of being beaten and humiliated by a sleazy black drug addict prostitute. I paid her $150 to muss me up and here I was now soaked in my own piss and even drinking it. I got up and put the bouncy board in the shower and got in as well.

Cleaning off nasty smelling piss. I shut off the water and dried my self and dried my board. I used the towel to sop up the pool of piss on the floor and wrung out the towel.

Carrying my bouncy board back into my room I slid it back under the bed. I would need it again. Pouring a glass of wine I sat down at my computer desk. I got out my sex egg and set the switch to 'random' and licked it a few times before pressing it deep into my aching bruised pussy. Oh yes, that was better. Next I pulled up 'my pictures' and hit 'play as slideshow.' Soon all my lovely pictures of gorgeous and not so gorgeous Dominatrix's started showing on the screen.

About every fifth picture was of some lucky lesbian slave tied in various cruel and demeaning positions. They had whip marks, raised welts and some even had needles thru their nipples and pussy parts. This was so perfect! Most would find these pictures appalling. To me they were dreams that were yet to come true. I rubbed my painfully hurt nipples and closed my pictures. I had already cum twice from the lovely egg and felt much better.

Nervously I clicked on Yahoo and entered my username and password. Among the spam was a single e mail from Miss Alicia. The message subject read one simple word. 'Report'. I drained my wine glass as my finger hovered nervously over the mouse button. Clicking it the message read; "Paula need your FULL report on your last session immediately." Signed Miss Alicia.

I shuddered and stared at the message. I had met Miss Alicia on a popular online chat room. She was very nice at first. Making me do nasty role play for weeks and weeks. I loved it. She made me buy a camera for my computer and had me show her my shaved pussy and close-ups of my asshole.

I never got to see her, as she had forbidden it. But she did allow me to use headphones as she talked to me. Her voice was a bit distorted but I had no doubt at all she was really a woman. Her voice was incredibly seductive. She quickly became an expert in making me do things that I would never have even considered before we met.

I would do almost anything to please her. Though I never actually refused her. Even when she made me pee in a clear bowl on the floor and made me lap it up with no hands. My ass had to be high in the air but the camera was zoomed in on the bowl. I almost puked but I finished it all. She was very pleased an allowed me to masturbate for her.

It was exqusitley humiliating. Spreading my legs and using my fingers to make myself cum. With only the dead black lens of the camera looking at me. Then came the day I checked my email and saw Miss Alicia's message. The subject was "Dear Diary." The message simply said; "Check car my darling." My car? I was dumbfounded. How could this mysterious woman even know where I lived? Let alone know what kind of car I have. I certainly wouldn't divulge that over the internet.

Hurrying down to my Honda I was stunned at what I saw. There was a small envelope under the driver's side windshield wiper. Trembling I plucked it up and returned to my apartment. My hands were still shaking as I examined the envelope. There was no any writing on it at all. My hands shook as I carefully opened it. I pulled the small card from the envelope and something resembling a business card fell out.

Picking it up I saw that it was a motel key card. It was a low budget one at that. Opening the card it simply said; "Room 219. 8PM Friday my darling." At the bottom was the scrawled signature, Miss Alicia. I knew emailing her would do no good, as she never returned any of my emails.

I frequented our chat room hoping to run into her but I didn't. On that Friday morning before work after I finished masturbating looking at lezzy pictures, I checked my email one more time, and found an eerie message from Miss Alicia. "Room 219 8PM Friday." I had no choice but to obey. Was I to finally meet the mysterious lady that made me do such nasty things?

I just had to go. I was so nervous I could hardly make it thru the boring day at work. Even Vivian, my boss was nice to me that day. Oh this would be wonderful I thought as I drove to the motel straight from work. I finally found the Budget Six Motel. God what an awful neighbor hood.

Making sure no one was looking; I placed my keys inside the fender well. Just in case. You can't imagine my surprise when Latasha opened the door. "Is Miss Alicia here?" I asked innocently. "Sho' chile please come in." I walked into the roach infested Motel room. I didn't expect the hard backhanding she delivered across my mouth. "I don't understand what&hellip." Another very hard open palmed slap then another.

"I be doin' da talkin' here cunt." She sneered. "Undastan'?" I nodded and did as she told me&hellip. Shaking my head to clear the vivid memory of that night I poured another full glass of wine and tried to focus on the task at hand. Hitting the 'reply' button I chronicled the night's abuses with Latasha. It took me nearly an hour to report to Miss Alicia. I told her everything. Even about the whore taking my clothes. Rereading the chronicled events to make sure I didn't miss anything, I hit 'send'finished my wine and went straight to bed.

What a day! The next few days were uneventful. Work was always a bore but the time passed quickly. Miss Alicia did allow me to masturbate daily and I did. I always masturbate with the camera aimed me from start to finish.

I never knew if she was watching or not. But I did it anyway. Each time I also dutifully sent her a detailed email message titled "Dear Diary." I longed to use my bouncy board during my daily masturbating, but could only do so with prior approval. It was well worth the wait and I loved being Miss Alicia's online whore. My wounds from the weekend were for the most part healed and I actually started to love the abuse that Latasha had meted out.

At the time it was a living hell, but the more I looked back on it the more I wanted to do it again. Maybe I could seek her out on my own I thought.

But I knew I couldn't. "Oh look, there's that black prostitute that made me drink her piss and whipped my pussy raw, I'll stop and say hi here's another $150" Ya right.

In the morning there was an email from Miss Alicia. My heart leapt. Clicking the "Dear Diary" subject, it read: "Good morning my darling. Today you are not to pee. AT ALL. You are not to wear a bra today little one. When you arrive home you may to get out your bouncy board and strip for me. At exactly four PM you will establish the cam link and immediately put on your head phones and start sucking Miss Knobby." This time darling, it goes in your pussy.

And you will not spill ONE SINGLE DROP." Miss Knobby was her name for the tiered butt plug on my bouncy board. Re reading the message I was shocked. 4PM? I didn't get off work until five! "Oh Fuck" I mumbled. I'd have to go ask that cunt Vivian for an hour off. And with no bra? Oh my god. My nipples would be sticking out! I had a hard enough time hiding them with a bra on.

Even more horrible was that I hadn't peed yet! I always check my email before I went to the bathroom. This was going to horrible. I already had to pee. Hurrying out the door I hopped in my car and sped to work. I was a few minutes late. Serena and Noreen both nodded at me as I quietly slid into my office chair.

I sat nearest Noreen and mumbled a good morning. "Don't worry Paula; the wicked witch isn't here yet." "Oh thanks Noor, there was a lot of traffic this morning." "Paula, are you alright?" "Yes Noreen why do you ask?" She didn't say a word but pointed a slim finger at my chest.

Looking down I saw my nipples poking out thru the thin material of my blouse. I was horrified! Oh my god I forgot about that. When Noreen turned I started pressing my nipples back into place the best I could.

This was terrible! The hours passed slowly. It was one PM before Vivian arrived at work. We all said hi to her but as usual she just strutted past us and slammed her office door.

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I looked at the clock. It was 1:15 PM. I'd give Vivian a while to settle in. Twenty more minutes passed. I finally summoned up my courage and stood up.

It was then I realized how badly I must pee. Oh God. It would be so easy to go into the restroom and relieve myself. But Miss Alicia would know. She somehow always knew. I had tried lying to her a couple of times and she 'saw' right though me. She loved to take it out on my poor nipples. Making me clamp them with serrated electrical clamps. I shuddered at the thought. With both Noreen and Serena looking at me I walked to Vivian's door and knocked three times.

"Come in." Yelled Vivian. Opening the door I saw her thumbing thru a pile of paper on her desk. I stood at the front of her desk for what seemed like an eternity until she looked up. When she did, she wasn't looking at my face. Vivian was looking right at my nipples! Glancing down, I was horrified. They stuck out farther than I thought possible. Slowly she looked up to my face.

I know I was deeply blushing. She removed her glasses and set them on the desk and rubbed her eyes wearily. Leaning back in her tall plush chair she folded her hands in her lap and looked at me. "Yes Paula, what is it?" "Miss Vivian, I stuttered, I &hellip." "I'm not your Mistress Paula please don't call me Miss." I was shocked but uttered "Yes Ma'am. I'm sorry." She just shook her head and laughed. She seemed to enjoy my embarrassment. I hated her.

I knew I must be squirming too. "What do you need Paula?" She finally said in a soothing voice. "I need to take off one hour early today." To my surprise she said "Sure Paula, I have no problem with that.

Enjoy your day." I mumbled a thank you and turned to leave when her voice made me turn to face her again. "Paula, is there something wrong?" "No Ma'am, everything's fine." She nodded and went back to her work. What a relief I whispered. As I sat down at my desk. Serena was talking on the phone in hushes giggles and was staring at me.

Startling me Noreen asked. "Well Paula, did the wicked witch give you a hard time?" "No, she said I could have an hour off." "That's good darling." she said and went back to her computer screen.

"Darling?" Only Miss Alicia called me that. I looked at Noreen. Nah it couldn't be. When 3 PM came. I logged off my computer, locked my desk and flew out the door to my car. There was no way I was going to make it home with out peeing but I had to try. Putting the car into drive I sped from the parking lot and turned into the busy afternoon traffic. Fortunately home was only thee miles away.

In ten minutes I had the car parked and ran up the stairs to my apartment. I flung the door open and locked it. Passing the computer in the living room I turned it on like I always did. I grabbed my bouncy board from under the bed and hurriedly placed in onto the bathroom floor.

I started to prepare my enema. How the fuck was I supposed to cleanse my bowels when my bladder was about to explode? As before I filled the enema bag with lukewarm water and started to sit on the toilet when Miss Alicia's voice startled me. "Bend over to the cam Paula my darling. I want you to place one foot on the toilet and reach back and spread your ass cheek with one hand. I want to see the nozzle enter your asshole." "Yes Miss." I said.

I did as Miss Alicia said. I almost fell but managed to get the cold nozzle into my asshole. "Now stand up and turn and face the camera darling." "Yes Miss." I said. Then there was silence. Minutes passed. Soon I was squirming so much the nozzle fell out of my ass and hit the floor. My insides hurt so bad I couldn't stand it. I knew not to whine into the mike but, couldn't take it any longer. "Please Miss, I&hellip." "Silence whore! How dare you complain!" Miss Alicia's silence lasted two minutes before she spoke again.

This time her voice was pleasant "Okay my darling you may empty your self, but you are not to pee." "Thank you Miss." I said gratefully. In an instant I was on the toilet and squirting out of my ass. The camera was at my back now. The relief was beyond description. But to my horror I was peeing! It was simply impossible not to. Miss had to know that. "Now stand and face me darling." I was horrified. As I stood and faced the lifeless eye of the cam I felt my pee dribbling down my inner thigh and to my knee.

Glancing down I saw the rivulets dripping from my knee to my bouncy board. I still had to pee very badly but just stood there for what seemed like an eternity. "Paula darling, you pissed your self." "Yes Miss Alicia, I'm sorry, I just&hellip." "You know that makes me very angry don't you darling?" "Yes Miss Alicia." Again silence. I felt so foolish with piss dripping off of me like this.

But I couldn't imagine life with out my Miss. I longed to please her. I needed to please her. Finally she spoke. "Paula, I want you to go to the kitchen and get a gallon of water and bring it back here.

NOW." I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a gallon bottle of water and returned to the bathroom. "Now darling, I want you to drink half of the water right now." "Yes Miss." I opened the heavy plastic bottle and started to drink. It took nearly five minutes but I did it. "Okay Paula darling put the jug down and lube up your plug with your mouth, ass facing me please." "Thank you Miss Alicia." I immediately put the jug down and got my ass high in the air and started to suck the tiered ass plug.

As I sucked the huge plug Miss Alicia said; "Well Paula darling, I see the welts on your ass are healing nicely." "Yes Miss." I said still sucking the plug. "That's good darling, you may sit on the plug now." As I thanked her I felt something was very wrong.


Miss has never been this nice to me. I squatted on the first and upper most knob of 'Miss Happy' as Miss Alicia called it and let my weight press the first and second knob into my asshole. The third and wider knob took more effort. But wiggling my hips I managed it. God it was so big and seemed like it also pressed on my bladder.

God I was aroused! "Now Paula darling, keep your knees spread. I want to zoom in on your pussy. Pee again and I will have your nipples cut off! Understand?" "Yes Miss Alicia." I said deathly afraid. "Now whore, finish drinking the water and do it quickly." I obeyed and set the empty jug out of the way.

"Paula darling, I want you to stay just like you are. I will return in exactly one hour. You are not to bounce on your board and you are not to pee. My colleagues will be watching you closely." "Yes Miss." Colleagues? What did that mean? How many others were watching me? Was I on some internet live thing? I realized there could be thousands watching me.

I started shaking, I was so terrified! I had no idea of the time. All I knew is that I had to pee terribly. Despite my self I was squirming on Miss Happy. Looking at the cam I stared at it wondered who was watching me. I realized this was getting way out of hand but didn't know what to do. Miss Alicia's torment made me feel loved for the first time in my life. I longed to please her and often hoped and even prayed to meet her but was too scared to ask her.

By now my legs were asleep and I was sweating profusely. I had to pee right fucking now! I was squirming constantly on my Miss Happy now. I was pressing against my pubic area as hard as I could and desperately trying to hold my bladder. This had to end I couldn't stand another second. To hell with that cunt Alicia. "Hello Paula my darling." "Please Miss." I cried.

She softly laughed, and said… "Okay slave, you may play on your bouncy board. Start now darling." I managed a terse "Thank you Miss," but my legs were so numb I didn't think I could move. I put my palms on the board and pushed up hard. I had to lean over to get started but that was short lived. "Lean backwards slave and start now!" Miss Alicia said in a stern demanding voice. With all my strength I started to rise. The knobs making my sphincter muscles contract.

I shuddered on the way down as the tiered knobs wrecked my asshole. I bounced up and down only three cycles before my bladder exploded. I screamed as I sat hard on the fattest knob of Miss Happy. Warm smelly piss flooded out of my urethra in a powerful stream.

"Keep bouncing Paula." Miss Alicia ordered. "Yes Miss" I squealed. My arms were so shaky I almost fell over but I used my back and started swinging up and down as hard and fast as I could. Bucking wildly I orgasmed so hard my arms gave way and I fell backward striking my head on the door frame. My legs spread obscenely toward the cam. Miss Happy ripped out of my asshole intensifying my orgasm. Piss squirted wildly from my pussy.

It went everywhere. My head set went flying somewhere too. I closed my legs and fell on my side into a fetal position shivering and shaking badly.

I just lay there in my own smelly piss. Trying to catch my breath. I had never known an orgasm so intense! When I calmed down enough, I crawled out of the bathroom still soaked in pee and put my head set back on. "Miss are you still there? Miss Alicia?" There was no answer. But I knew from last time that she may still be watching so I got on all fours facing the camera and pressed my lips to the piss soaked floor and slurped a mouthful of pee. I closed on the camera and opened my mouth to show the cam that there really was pee in there.

Most spilled out but I closed my mouth and swallowed. The show was over, For now. I went to bed after cleaning up the pee and showering. And slept really well. And it was Friday. I looked forward to sleeping in on the weekend and maybe catching a movie or going to the mall. Stretching I got up and went the use the toilet and brush me teeth. I was nice to just do my business without making a mess or blowing out my bowels. I turned on my computer on the way to my tiny kitchen when I poured a cup of coffee.

I was sure glad I had a coffee pot that turned on automatically. Pouring a cup I shuffled to my computer chair and sat down wearily. I checked my bank account first and saw that I got paid which was good. Then I checked my messages and saw the "Dear Diary" email from Miss Alicia.

I froze. When I clicked on it I was horrified. It read; "Holiday Inn 435 Cedar Ave. Room 406, 8 PM Saturday. Bring all toys and $150. Rest today you'll need it darling." The $150 was a very big problem; I wouldn't be able to pay my rent now. I paid my rent weekly and had already been late too many times but I had no choice.

I made up my mind then and there to call off this thing with Miss Alicia. I should just not even go. Keeping my apartment was the one sacred thing I just could not jeopardize. I'd pack my stuff though just in case I changed my mind.

But I had to get to work. I would email Miss Alicia from there. Once there I would have the time to craft a suitable email. Yes that's what I would do. I would even dress up a bit today. It always made me feel better when I was down. I threw on my only pair of black nylons and my orange one piece button up dress. It was my best dress and had a low waisted flared skirt and scooped neck. Pulling it on and buttoning it up I felt better already.

I put on a pair of black G string panties. Naughty but they cheered me up. I slipped on my black 4'' heels as well. I spritzed on a bit of Red Door and put on my only gold necklace.

Starting toward the door I turned to look at the black gym bag. I intended to break it off with Miss Alicia but I was drawn to the bag. Cursing myself I got the bag and headed out the door to work. Placing the key in the lock to latch the dead bolt I shuddered at what I saw.

There was a small white envelope taped to my front door. The only writing on it was my first name. Opening it I found a key card to Holiday Inn. Oh my god, someone was at my front door!

Fuck, I was so scared. First my car now my door?! Maybe I should call the police? I needed desperately to think this through. I headed down stairs to my car. I stopped at Jack in the Box and got a breakfast sandwich. When I pulled into the parking lot I dropped the envelope into the cars center console.

I ate my meal and reached into my purse for a Xanac and swallowed it. I have never been so nervous. My hands were even shaking. Fuck how did I get into this mess? Well I had to do what I must do. Walking into the office I fired up my computer and chatted with Noreen a bit. She told me something about her grandson that went in one ear and out the other.

About then the computer had finished booting up. Pulling up my Yahoo email. I started a new message. To: Miss Alicia. Subject: Dear Diary. Dear Miss Alicia, I cannot go on like this. I have tried my best to please you and be your devoted slave. The many adventures you have guided me thru have been all in all quite exhilarating. But I regret that I must end our relationship for personal reasons. I'm sorry Miss. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

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Signed; your slave, Paula. I read it and re read it. This was the best I could do. With great trepidation I hit 'send.' I started to feel a bit better now that I had done it. Plus the Xanac was kicking in. After working a while and thinking about it some more, I knew I did the right thing. Then I heard it. My cell phone was ringing. What the&hellip.? No one ever called me at work.

I reached into my purse and flipped it open. It was a picture message. I pressed 'view.' What I saw made my heart stop. I was breathless. It was a picture of me. Oh my god. It was a picture of me! My face wasn't in the photo but it was me in my bathroom sitting on my bouncy board! This was impossible! My tits and spread pussy was there in plain sight. The message was from a 'restricted' number.

I closed the phone and immediately powered it down. Noreen caught my attention as she too was staring at her phone and gasping. "Noreen are you alright?" I asked.

"Paula, look at this will you?" She said. Passing the phone to me I saw exactly the same picture of me! I just froze in horror. "Well Paula, what do you think this is about?

Some dam sick person is sending me pictures of naked women. Can you imagine?" " I don't know Noreen." Was all I could say. I was stunned. How was this possible? And what was next? I heard Serena gasp a second later and Noreen asked her what was wrong. "Some sick bastard is sending me naked pictures on my cell." "Well who are they from honey?" Asked Noreen. "I don't know it says unknown." I got up and walked to the rest room as calmly as I could and vomited in the sink.

Returning to my desk my head was swimming. This could only be Miss Alicia's doing. This just didn't make sense. Maybe Miss Alicia just didn't understand why I called it off.

Could I help it if I were poor? Maybe if I explained she wouldn't be so angry. I turned the monitor screen slightly so Noreen couldn't see and began crafting an email to Miss Alicia. Dear Miss Alicia. Please understand. I appreciate all the adventures you've helped me have. No one has ever helped me to fulfill my deepest fantasies as you have. I've had the most intense and satisfying orgasms a girl could even dream of. But I simply don't have the money to pay prostitutes.

Especially this time of the month when the rent is due. Please forgive me Miss Alicia. I know I promised to be yours forever, but the pictures you sent my co workers could ruin me. Please Miss, I am very frightened. How would I live without my job? If my boss knew she would fire me on the spot. Please spare me Miss." I hit send and logged out of Yahoo. I was so nervous I couldn't sit still. Focus. I started working and focused on that. Vivian walked passed us without saying a word as usual, and shut her self in her office.

I was desperate at this point. If Miss Alicia wanted to she could send enough pictures to Vivian that she would fire me on the spot. I decided then and there that my job was more important than a place to live. I could sleep in my car or move back in with my parents.

Then an idea hit me out of the blue, I could ask Vivian for advance! She had done it for that stupid Serena. And that was for $1,000. All I needed was $150.

Yes it was sure worth a try. And Vivian was really cool the other day when I wanted some time off. I would give it a shot! I got up and walked to her door and knocked three times.

"Come in." Vivian called out. Her voice sounded a bit terse. Opening the door I saw her staring at the monitor on her desk. "Yes Paula, come in please. Have a seat." "Hi Ma'am I was wondering&hellip." "Give me a minute Paula. Please sit down." When I sat in the chair on the side of Vivian's desk I could see the same picture of me that Noreen and Serena and I had seen.

I was petrified. Vivian was pissed. "It seems there's some fucking clown out there that thinks it's funny to send porn to me here at work." She sneered. "If I knew who was responsible I'd call the cops and have them arrested." Vivian's scowl turned to a smile and she asked me "Now Paula, I'm sorry what was it you wanted?" "Uh, well, I just wanted to thank you for the time off last week." I was so scared.

Vivian looked at me smiling and asked. "Was that all you wanted honey?" "Yes Ma'am that's all." "Well okay Paula, my pleasure. Now if that's all I need to figure out what to do about this." She turned the screen to me slightly and tapped the screen.

"Oh my that's awful Ma'am." "Yes it is." Said Vivian. "Well thanks for the compliment Paula, was there anything else hon?" "No Ma'am, have a good day." "Thank you Paula you too." I sat at my desk and started shaking.

My god Vivian had the pictures too and was talking about the police. I was scared out of my wits now. Would I loose my job and end up in jail? This was so beyond me. I reached into my purse for another Xanac and went into the woman restroom. I opened the door to a stall and just sat there and cried.

What was I to do? Now my job was on the line too. That settled it. I'd go to the motel as Miss Alicia ordered and just play it by ear from there. Back at my desk, I logged on to Yahoo again. Noreen asked me what was wrong. "Oh nothing Noor I was just asking Vivian if I could work some overtime." She just laughed and said.

"Are you kidding me? That cheap bitch. That's a laugh." "Ya I guess you're right." I typed in the Miss Alicia's address. The subject as always was "Dear Diary." "Miss Alicia I apologize for my previous attitude.

I will proceed as instructed. Love Paula." Well I was committed now. And with only an hour until quitting time I soon finished the weeks work. Vivian usually left early on Fridays and we all left shortly after that.

Noreen was always the last one out and looked up the office. It was 5:30 now and as if on cue Vivian walked out of her office and right past us without saying a word. As the outer door to the office closed behind her Serena sang out. "Okay ladies, the wicked witch is gone, everyone have a nice weekend." Noreen cautioned her to wait a few minutes.

"At least give her five minutes to leave darling, if you get caught we'll all suffer." "Yes Nor, you're right." A few minutes later Serena said her fake goodbyes and strutted out. I was next to leave after wishing Noreen a good weekend. That night I drank a bottle of wine and went to bed late after masturbating to my precious pictures of course. I was frazzled from worrying about the rent and just kept masturbating. When I woke up it was 1PM Saturday.

I took another Xanac and went back to bed until six. Oh shit I got to get my ass in gear! I hopped into the shower and dressed quickly. Getting into my car I started it up and headed for the freeway. I made good time and got to the Holiday Inn over an hour early. This one was in a much better area of town than that last flea bag motel.

Parking around the corner on a quiet residential street I looked around carefully. The motel had a ground floor exit only twenty yards away. That at least was better than last time in case I had to make a hasty exit. Opening my car door I walked back to the trunk and took out my gym bag.

I took out the $150 and put it in my bra. I put my purse in the trunk and slammed it closed. As covertly as I could I slid my keys into their hidey place on the inner rear wheel well. Just in case. I turned and started the short walk to the Motels main entrance determined to make it through this. Somehow this would work out. Walking past the desk clerk I nodded to her and headed for the elevator.

I got off on the 4th floor and quickly found room 406. I got out the card key and started to swipe it through the reader but hesitated. Was there already someone in there? Had I angered Miss Alicia enough for her to severely harm me? It was too late to turn back now, so I swiped the card and pushed the door open. No one seemed to be inside. It was actually quite a nice room. A large king sized bed near the curtained window, the usual small bathroom and a simple desk and wooden backed chair.

Walking into the bathroom I saw a hand written letter on the closed toilet lid. It had my name in red ink on the front. I grabbed the letter and walked to the desk, throwing my gym bag on the bed as I sat down on the lone chair.

Looking at the cheap clock on the near night stand I saw that it was 7:30. My chest tightened as I unfolded the letter. I read it aloud to myself. 'Hello Paula darling, I'm glad you changed your mind and decided to come tonight. This is to be your final test. You will give yourself a good cleansing enema and make sure that you are clean. You will also shower and shave your pussy if needed. Leave your clothes in a pile on the bathroom floor. You are to dump the contents of your bag on the bed and leave the money on the desk.

You are to make sure the window is closed and pull the heavy drapes shut&hellip." I gasped as I re read the words "final test." What hell did that mean? The words sent a shiver down my spine. I read on. "You will place your red ball gag in your mouth and buckle it snugly. You will insert your large black butt plug into your asshole. You are then to move to the center of the room and face away from the door and take a kneeling position. You are to place your serrated electrical clamps on your nipples.

You will then place your heavy padded blindfold over your eyes. And finally you are to place your hands behind your back and handcuff yourself and wait. Enjoy my darling." Dropping the letter to the desk I began to get excited. After all I did so love the thrill of S&M sex. The helplessness and anticipation thrilled me greatly. This had gotten so out of hand. It was 7:45 now and I'd better get busy.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I dumped the contents of my gym bag on the bed and grabbed the butt plug and lube and went into the bathroom. I did my enema twice until I was completely clean then hopped into the shower. I didn't have to shave because I did that daily.

I had the butt plug running under the hot water to get it as clean as possible. Shutting off the water I quickly toweled off. I was scared but very excited now. I sat on the open toilet seat and squeezed out a bit of lube and slid a finger into my asshole. I shivered when it entered and felt my juices stirring. Sliding a second finger in and I longed to cum but knew I couldn't.

I knew that if I did Miss Alicia would somehow know. She always knew. It was eerie. I removed the fingers from my asshole and liberally slathered the huge plug with lube. Reaching down thru my legs I pressed the slippery tip to my asshole and slowly worked it in. It took a few minutes. I just couldn't get the fattest part in all the way, it was just too big.

Finally I decided to brave the pain and used both hands. I took a deep breathe and pulled up as hard as I could. When it did pass my sphincter I yelped and screamed as the plug filled my ass. The pain was terrible and made me double over on the toilet seat. But the pain gave way to a mild discomfort and yielded to that familiar full feeling I loved so well. Waddling back into the main room I thought I might lay a folded blanket on the floor to kneel on but quickly dismissed the idea.

I gathered up the cuffs, blindfold, ball gag and the nipple clamps as Miss Alicia had ordered in her letter. I sat on the floor and faced away from the door and put the blindfold on my forehead so I could still see and placed the handcuffs in my lap. Now I put the bright red rubber ball of the ball gag in my mouth and pulled the straps behind my head. I pulled it as tight as I could and buckled it snuggly. Next I opened the jaws of the first clamp and centered it over my right nipple and gently released the tension.

I bit my lip as the steel teeth bit into my tender nipples. They hurt like hell but were not nearly as bad as the Talon clamps. At least these didn't break the skin. I carefully placed the other clamp over my left nipple and released it too. God it hurt! But as usual my pussy started to moisten immediately. So odd I thought. My pussy seemed to have a mind of its own. I giggled at the thought. I lowered the padded blinders over my eyes and tightened the buckle in the back.

This was scary with many blindfolds you could at least perceive some light around the outer edges. With these there was none at all. I groped for the handcuffs in my lap and closed one side on my left wrist. This was the scariest part. I put my left arm behind my back and fumbling, managed to ratchet the right cuff to my other wrist. I was completely vulnerable now.

In total darkness. Now I wait. God I was weary of this. Here I was kneeling in darkness my nipples in agony. Handcuffed on my knees, my ass filled by a huge butt plug. Waiting for god knows who to come in here and do god knows what to me. Why the hell couldn't I just have a normal sexual relationship?

I shifted my knees uncomfortably on the rough carpet. Drool had already started to drip onto my breasts. My nipples hurt so bad I could barely stand it. But I knew they would soon go numb. I spread my legs as wide as I could. Both because I was supposed too, and plus it helped me to keep my balance. I sat like this for quiet some time. Then it happened. The door was being opened!

I heard the click of the electronic lock and the door handle being pushed down. The door opened and I felt the immediate rush of air come in. I shuddered. The sudden slamming of the door made me to jump. I heard very faint footsteps on the carpet and the slight swirl of air as someone walked past me. I caught a whiff of perfume. Cheap perfume. Then nothing. Not a sound. God was I worried. The anticipation is way beyond anything I can put into words.

When the sharp fingernails harshly raked my lower back up to my shoulder blades, I jumped so hard my ass cleared the ground. The evil clamps on my nipples bounced enough that I jumped again. More drool dripped to my chest as the silence continued. It had begun. Again I felt the slight movement of air or thought I did. Why didn't they say something? Suddenly fingers lightly touched my butt plug and ran forward up over my pussy.

I shuddered and knew my pussy was soaking wet. The fingers slipped a bit then they raked up thru my shaved pubic area. I didn't jump this time but reeled back feeling the skin on my knees being abraded by the rough carpet. The hard slap across my face startled me greatly. Even more so after the previous gentle caress.

Then another vicious slap came. I almost fell over and felt a trickle of blood at the corner of my mouth. This time my blindfold slipped just for an instant. I caught the glimpse of a stiletto heel. It was at least five inches tall and open at the toes. The dreaded silence returned.

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But not for long. The next time I was touched, I felt hands gripping my nipple clamps. They did not pull or twist them, but simply held them… When the hands started to lift up on the clamps I knew I was in trouble.

The pain was almost unbearable. My nipples were already ruined. The upward pressure continued slowly but steadily. Then a single word spoken in a soft feminine whisper…"Up." My legs and knees were numb and tingling as I slowly struggled to my feet. The hands on the clamps moved with me forcing me up. I feared falling but managed to finally stand up. The hands slowly pulled at the clamps leading me along. I walked with them until the hands released the evil clamps.

A sudden savage slap across the face once again startled me and I took a small step backward but ran into a wall. Backed against the wall I felt the hands again lift my nipple clamps. But this time they were pressing them together to remove them! As the electrical clamps loosened their evil grip, the sudden flow of blood caused such intense pain that I fell to my knees. I obviously couldn't rub them while handcuffed.

God it hurt. My nipples felt like they were shredded. Doubled over on the floor at the foot of the bed, the hands reached under my arms and lifted me to my feet. Suddenly I was pushed face down onto the bed. My legs were straight making my ass stick out. I heard a slight giggle as my butt plug was slapped and made me jump. My nipples hurt even more now as my weight pressed them to the bed quilt.

I knew at this point they were bleeding Suddenly there was a knee in the small of my back pressing me deeper into the mattress. I then felt something like a leather collar being placed around my neck. I felt the hands buckle the strap tightly. Too tightly. The hands then apparently tied a rope to the middle of my handcuff chain and ran it thru a D ring on the rear of the tight collar. I felt my wrists being pulled up toward my neck.

Then I felt the rope being tied to the collar. This was extremely uncomfortable. When she got off my back I couldn't breathe. I raised my wrists up as far as I could which allowed me to breathe easily.

But once I relaxed them the tension caused the collar to choke me! With the ball gag still in my mouth I really had to focus on breathing through my nose. Oh god this was a living horror! The first vicious slash of what I knew to be a cane whistled through the air as it savagely struck my ass. The intensity of the blow is almost beyond words. Every nerve in my body screamed in agony. But I must breathe.

I had to try to ignore the pain and just breathe. Three more sharp cruel blows struck my poor ass. I felt the warm trickle of blood flowing down my legs. Try as I might I just couldn't expel the ball gag from my mouth. The swish of the air…the excruitiating pain of the cane&hellip. Savage blows too numerous to count. I cried and screamed silently… desperately struggling just to breathe…When would it stop?

Please stop I prayed and sputtered…you're killing me!! I must have passed out. My next recollection was of silence and the unbearable throbbing pain on my ass cheeks. But I was still hand cuffed and my arms ached badly. Wait! I could breathe easier. The ball gag was still in my mouth but the rope to my collar was gone. Thank God! Suddenly in my haze I felt knees pushing my legs against the mattress. My tormentor was sitting in the wooden chair! I couldn't move at all now.

When the hand wrapped around the base of the plug in my ass I braced for the worst. With a powerful yank the entire massive butt plug was ripped from my asshole.

The pain was incredible and I felt my asshole spasming intensely. I screamed into the ball gag, but as before, only more saliva streamed out of my mouth. My sphincter was spasming wildly. The relief was very short lived as I felt what had to be three fingers pressing into my stretched asshole.

They were squishy with lube and started to press in and out with a twisting motion.

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Then a forth finger was added. Oh my god, I was being fisted! After the thumb also entered my butt I was seriously alarmed. The pain of the fat part of a butt plug entering my ass was always over in seconds. But being fisted there was no relief. Please stop this. Oh my god, if only I could scream. When I felt the whole hand in my asshole the pressure didn't stop! The wrist was now holding my shithole open. And the hand was still pressing harder! I tried to squirm but the knees pressing against me made escape impossible!

Suddenly the hand pulled out of my ass and made a sucking sound. Before I could even take a shallow breathe thru my nose the hand was thrust right back in. It twisted and pulled back out.

Each time I shuddered. Oh my god…pressed in and pulled out. Over and over again. I couldn't stand it anymore! I felt my bladder emptying. As I pissed the hand pulled out. And a voice boomed out. "God dam it ya fuckin' cunt." The weight against my legs moved suddenly and I fell on my ass.

I shuddered and was shaking so badly. My asshole was ruined! I feared I might have permanent damage. Laying in a fetal position on the carpet my asshole was still spasming wildly and hurt badly. My ass cheeks throbbed in pain. I knew there were welts on my ass it hurt so badly.

Then I felt the hands uncuffing me. The key clicked in each lock. I was finally free! I brought my cramp arms in front of me to stretch then started to rub my wounded ass. The hands were also removing my ball gag. Finally. By now my jaw was quite sore.

Then the hands pulled my blindfold off. The light in the room hurt me eyes even though the room was dimly lit. I rubbed my eyes to clear up my fuzzy vision. The first sight I saw were high heels…slowly looking up I saw long shapely legs clad in red fence net stockings. She had no panties and a red bodice with fat black tits spilling over the top. It couldn't be? Not again.

It was Latasha… As I looked her in the eyes she smiled. "Hello Paula we meet again." Her laughter was sultry and breathless. Just like everything else about her. I didn't know what to say.

Here was the same evil prostitute that mussed me up before and even stole my clothes. "What's the matter little one?

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Nothing to say?" I looked at Latasha a long time. She truly was a striking woman back in the day. But I guess the ravages of drug use and street life takes a big toll. In a child's voice I asked, "Do you know Miss Alicia?

Please tell me what she's like." Latasha didn't say a word. She walked over and carried the wooden chair over and placed it in front of me. She spread her legs wide with me on the floor between them. I couldn't help but stare at her black shaved pussy. I looked into her eyes and asked again if she knew my mysterious Mistress. "Whad it be worth to ya cunt?" She said in her breathless sultry voice. I was lying on my side, my upper body propped up by my arms looking up at her when she pointed to her pussy.

"Get up here ho." She reached down and gripped my nipple and pulled so hard I had no choice but to sit up and kneel between her legs. "Ouch that hurts." I whined loudly."Why are you so mean to me? I didn't do anything to you." Latasha just laughed. "Chile please. That's what ya be a payin' me fo.' "It's not my idea lady.

My Mistress is making me do this." I said. She just laughed and reached for something behind her on the dresser. "Do you know Miss Alicia lady?" "I don't know no Miss Alicia chile." Latasha said growing annoyed. "Then who send you here then?" I asked. She didn't answer but dangled the Talon nipple clamps in front of me.

"Oh my god please not those again." I cried. Latasha backhanded me savagely across the face then brought the same hand back and slapped me with her even harder with her open palm. As I turned to face her again, she grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back and to the side. "Open ya mouth ho'" she said now leaning over looking down at me. I opened my mouth and she slowly spit in my mouth. I knew I had to swallow it and I did.

She responded to my silent obedience by spewing another long stream of saliva into my mouth. I though I would gag but knew better. She then slapped me hard across the face twice again. "Ya like da taste o' Latasha chile?" I nodded yes. And she slapped me two more times. God it hurt! As I recovered from the slap she still held me by my hair and with her other hand pulled back the slidey thing on end of the Talon clamp.

Five needle sharp evil jaws poked out as she centered it over my nipple and slowly released it, making the jaws pierce into my already tender nipple. I screamed and jumped but she just slapped me hard again.

"Ho' shut da fuck up." She twisted my head the other way and pressed then plunger on the other talon. I saw the evil claws close onto my nipple and shrieked loudly as it closed on my other nipple. The pain defies description. Small rivulets of blood were already dripping onto my belly and thighs.

With Latasha's hand gripping my hair, and my back against the bed I couldn't escape her cruelties. "Please ma'am." I cried, "tell me who sent you here, I'll do anything you say just tell me?" I was sobbing heavily at that point.

She seemed to have a flash of conscious and lowered her voice. "Some white ho' jus' sends me a list uh shit ta do to ya ass. When I send her back da tape she pay me mo' money." "Tape? What the hell are you talking about?" I asked.


Latasha nodded to the dresser behind me. I couldn't believe it. There was an expensive digital video camera pointed right at me. So this was how Miss Alicia did it. "Chile I don't be have all mutha fuckin' night, now shut da fuck up and service ma asshole 'fore I rips yo' mangy nipples off." She lifted her legs and rested her spiked heels on the mattress behind me.

She scooted forward exposing her black asshole to me. She reached out and grabbed my wrists and pulled them back to her and pressed her weight on them so I couldn't move. This part amazed me greatly. Here I was in a motel room, beaten and used severely, about to make love to a black street prostitutes asshole.

AND I paid her AND I was going to loose my apartment too! "Chile, I gonna tell ya one mo' time. Git yo' mouth on ma shit ho' and makes love to it." I had no choice. I was in terrible pain but I must see this through. I lightly pressed my tongue to her puckering rosebud and ran my tongue slowly around her ring several times. Trying my best to suck and lick and her hole with my tongue. No one ever lick and asshole better than I was doing right now. I could feel Latasha shudder as I probed and explored her asshole with my tongue.

I licked and sucked and kissed it for a long time. I knew she was fingering her clit as I licked her because every now and then I could feel her finger bumping the top of my head as I serviced her asshole.

When she moaned loudly and released my hands I knew she had orgasmed. I felt and tasted the familiar girl cum as it flowed down to her asshole and into my mouth. I pulled my hands back toward me and she set her legs back down on the floor on either side of my closed legs. "You is one talented ho' bitch." She said.

"Ho' I gots ta ask. Why da fuck ya let ho's do dis shit to y'all?" Looking up into her face, past her gorgeous breasts I said. "Well, I like the excitement of it, and uh… but mainly I do it to please Miss Alicia." "So yo' a pain slut dat right?" "Yes ma'am I guess I am." She looked like she didn't understand.

I didn't even fully understand. "Please tell me Ma'am who is Miss Alicia?" "I to' ya I dunno." She looked down at me and smiled stroking her pussy up and down with her hand. "So ho' ya'll like Miss Latasha don't ya?" "Yes ma'am, you're very pretty." I said wincing from my various pains; my nipples hurt the most of all. "Come 'ere chile." Latasha reached down and undid the talon clamps at the same time. The pain was so bad I fell back onto my knees in a kneeling fetal position. "Po' chile." Said Latasha.

She reached down and pulled me up to her and held me tight. I returned her hug and cried in her hair. I had never felt so close to anyone in my life as I did to Latasha right now.

When she released me she started to say something but I dropped back to my knees and started to lick her pussy. I had just licked her a few times when she stood up walked to the bed. I was confused. She propped the pillows against the wall and leaned back and spread her legs.

In her breathless voice she said softly; "Come to Latasha chile." And held her hand out to me. I got off my knees and slowly crawled up on the bed. I took Latasha's hand and lay between her luscious legs and made love to her pussy the best I knew how. She lay there moaning and squirming as I licked and sucked her wet black pussy. She came twice in the first ten minutes and shuddered. She squirted on my face and in my hair.

I didn't think a woman could squirt so much. But I swallowed and slurped up all that I could. After she came a third time she pulled me up on top of her and kissed me passionately on the lips…Latasha rolled out from under me and had me lay on my back.

She spread my legs and fucked me with her clit until I came. God this was good. Her nice tits slapped me in the face as I giggled and moaned.

She slid down my belly and got along side me and pressed two fingers into my sopping mound and finger fucked me. With her whore mouth she started attacking my jewel with astounding passion. When she bit my clit I exploded all over her face. I guess I was a squirter too. God she was good at eating pussy. I lost track of how many times I had cum.

We lay there in each others arms for quite a while. Neither of us said a word. It just felt do good to hold her. Someone warm and passionate and alive. Finally I sat up and asked. "Latasha, why did you take my clothes last time?" "Yo' Miss tol' me to chile." "What are you supposed to do this time Latasha?" "Well chile, i's suppose' ta 'cuff ya'll to da bed and leave ya blindfolded and tied." "Oh my god." I gasped.

"Honestly chile, maybe ya'll should get ya'll all anotha Miss." "It's not that simple Latasha, I just get so confused…I.just…" I lost it. I grabbed Latasha tightly and started to cry.

I cried and cried. She didn't say word. But just held me tightly and gently rocked me in her arms. We lay there, two lost souls soaked in each others juices. I closed my eyes and listened to her breathing and the beat of her heart. Content and happy for a small moment lost in time. When I awoke it was six in the morning and Latasha was gone. The camera was gone.

The money was gone too but I knew it would be. Happily my clothes were still there. I guess she had a conscious after all. It was Saturday (yukishould this be Sunday?) and I didn't have to work. I hurriedly packed up all my things and got dressed. Hopefully my car was still there. As I headed for the door I saw a small note scrawled on the motels stationary. "Thanks fo' da fun Paula. Ya'll gots a big heart. If'n ya'll ever dump dat Miss Alicia, ya can be ma ho." There was a phone number on the paper, and I shoved it into my pocket.

I sure hope it didn't come to that. The thought made me shudder. Whore to a street prostitute? Oh my god. Yet she turned out to be very loving and compassionate… Taking the outside stairs down to the parking lot I headed for my car. Thankfully it was still there! Reaching under the rear fender I found my keys right where I left them! This could have turned out very badly. If Latasha Had followed Miss Alicia's instructions I'd still be up there cuffed to the bed.

Eventually the maids would find me. Unless…Miss had something else planned. The though chilled me to the bone. Shaking off the feeling I got into my car and started it up. The drive home was quick. It was 6AM in the morning and traffic was light.

I was extremely nervous now that I didn't have enough money to pay the rent. What would I do now? I guess I could still ask Vivian for a raise or ask Noreen for a loan.

Pulling into my parking spot I grabbed my bag and walked slowly and painfully up the stairs. When I approached my door I saw there was a paper stapled to it. What the… ***EVICTION NOTICE*** My mouth fell open. This couldn't be happening!

I ran down to the manager's office and knocked on her door. "Come in." I opened the door and walked in. Mrs. Seadt was standing behind the counter.

"Oh Paula, I'm so sorry…" "What is this? I'm only a little bit late on my rent; I'll have the money in a day or two. "My voice shaking." Mrs. Seadt tersely replied. "It's out of my hands now Paula, you've been late on the rent three months in a row. Sorry but you did agree to this when you signed the rental agreement.

You have until noon to move your things out. After that we change the lock and you'll have to go to court to get your things back. I'm sorry." I walked out and headed to my apartment. Well now I'm fucked! I sat on the couch and cried and cried. It was 10AM by the time I stopped crying. What would I do? Where would I go?

It was a furnished apartment so I didn't have to lug the shit around. All I owned were clothes and a small stereo, a computer and an alarm clock. I went out to the dumpster and brought back several boxes and had all my worldly possessions packed and in my car in an hour. It was Sunday afternoon now. And I was homeless. No friends and nowhere to stay. I decided to drive to work.

The parking lot was behind the building and was surrounded by trees. At least I could hang out there and have a reason for being there if the cops showed up. I had $20 to my name.

I got out of my car and walked to the liquor store around the corner and bought a pint bottle of cheap Brandy and a sandwich. Returning to my car I was near tears. I turned on the radio and took a good swig of the E&J and leaned the seat back.

I needed to come up with a plan. I mean I couldn't stay in my car forever. I was paid weekly which was good. So I could probably get a new apartment in maybe two weeks. Or perhaps just rent a room from someone.

As I sat and sipped the Brandy that seemed to be the best plan available. Yes, tomorrow after work I would get a news paper and start looking. I ate my sandwich and was just about finished with the bottle when darkness came. There were no lights back here and I felt safe enough. I reached into the back seat and put on my heavy jacket. It should be enough to keep me warm tonight. I finished the Brandy and slid the bottle under the seat. I turned off the radio and got out of the car and peed in the bushes.

Returning to the car I rolled up the windows and locked the door. I set the seat back all the way and closed my eyes. Sleep came easy.

For a while anyway. I woke up again at 4AM and had to pee again. I couldn't sleep so I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans and started to masturbate. I gently rubbed my clit thinking of Latasha. I must have fallen asleep again, as it was now 530AM. Oh fuck! I had to start work in half an hour. I found some tic tacs in the ashtray and pooped a couple in my mouth. I got a little sleep but had a nasty hangover. I brushed my hair in the rear view mirror and decided I didn't look too bad. Noreen's car had just pulled into the lot and a saw Vivian's at the far end.

I might as well head on in. Walking into the building I said good morning to Noreen and sat at my desk. I turned on my computer and let it boot up. Serena walked in and sat down too. Ignoring us as usual.

I remember thinking how much I'd love to see Latasha muss her up. I giggled at the thought. Noreen and I mad small talk. She went on and on about her dam grand kids as usual. Logging onto my Yahoo email account I saw a message entitled Dear Diary. I knew it was from Miss Alicia. Clicking on it I read silently to myself. "Good morning Paula my darling. I hope you had fun with Latasha.

Talk to you soon darling. That's all! What the fuck? After loosing my place to live. That's all Miss Alicia had to say? Surely she knew. This Friday I would get paid, and would have enough to at least get a room.

I sure couldn't sleep in my car all week. I decided to take a chance and ask Vivian for a weeks advance. Miss Alicia had no reason to be angry enough to send out more pictures of me to my colleagues. Knocking on Vivian's door she called out, "Come in." I walked in and stood in front of her desk. She was intently looking at her computer screen. "Oh Paula how are you?" She said looking up at me.

"What can I do for you this morning?" "Well ma'am, I was wondering if…" "Oh Paula I'm sorry I so need another cup of coffee, please have a seat and we'll talk in a minute." As she walked past me to get her coffee from the other room I sat on her couch and waited. The sound was up on her computer and I heard screams and slapping sounds. What the&hellip. Wait a minute, oh my god it can't be. I moved to look at the screen and saw myself being slapped in the face by Latasha…What the fuck is going on here?

I couldn't believe it! I knew Miss Alicia wasn't angry at me. So what was…? Just then Vivian came back in and shut the door behind her. She saw me staring at the images of me being used by Latasha and just smiled at me and sat down at her desk.

"Now Paula my darling. What can I do for you?" My mouth fell open and I just stared at her. A cold chill went down my spine. It just wasn't possible. "Is there something wrong my darling?" Vivian asked, chuckling to herself. "Vivian, I lost my apartment this weekend and I…" "Yes my darling I know. But don't worry. You passed your final test and will be living with me now." "My darling."