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5/011/2033 "Rumors are going that Ukimon is currently working a new VR game.

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This time it would be different since the players will really be in the game. Ukimon itself won't say anyting about it at the moment but they did say it would be coming out in may next year." === 15/05/2034 It was friday evening in San Diego.

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Jason was sitting on in the couch wearing his hologlasses looking at some new screenshots from Legends of The Age (LTA).

The new game Ukimon had been working on for over 4 years. He glanced at the clock. 'Only 19 hours left until the release' He thought to himself.

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"Jason! Dinner is ready" He heard his girlfriend yell from the kitchen. "On my way" He yelled back at her. *** "Did you see the new screenshots Ukimon released?" He said "Yes they look pretty cool right?" "Yes!

I can't wait!" He said with his mouth full of some delicious pasta she made for them. === 16/05/2034 "Mel come here! They are here!" He yelled as he saw three drones.

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Two of them flying their way. The drones dropped the packages and left. "Come on lets take them inside!" On the dining table where 2 boxes. Both of them looked allmost exactly the same.They were both 30 by 50 by 10 cm. The only diffrence was that the left one had the name: 'Jason Green' and the other one 'Melanie Moon' Jason grabbed a knife and opened the boxes.

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Inside they found 3 smaller boxes in each big box. One included the new special hologlasses which you had to wear to play the game. The box said 'VRG'.In the second one was the game itself with some information about installation and some websites for more information, a helpdesk and a forum kind of website where players could post articles or ask questions and discuss about everything that had to do with the game. The third and last box had a little computer with two ports on the backside, one for power and the other one for the VRG's.


On the front their was a button to start the pc and a little square hole where you had to put the game in. On the top was an inscription saying 'Ukimon-HW' (UHW).

They unboxed everything and took the game and the hardware to their bedroom.

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After having both setup their hardware they put the game in the UHW and put the VRG on. They laid down next to each other and smiled at each other. They pressed the button on the UHW at the same time. He closed his eyes and he fell like he was falling asleep. After a second he heard a voice. "Hello Jason! Welcome to Legends of The Age!" A screen popped up "Please make an account for LTA" He filled everything in and looked at the screen --- username: J-G password: *********** confirm password: *********** e-mail: [email protected] --- He clicked the 'continue' button and was looking at a character with brown hair and blue eyes.

The side said: --- name: Jason Green hair: Blonde pikes eyes: Blue nose: normal size: 1,83m age: 19 --- He again pressed the 'continue' button He was standing in the middle of a big marketplace.

All around him a lot of other players were looking around others were still spawning in. A message popped up on his screen. --- Welcome J-G! We hope you will enjoy LTA. --- He clicked the next button with his finger. --- Go to the east side of the city and look for someone called Gorge --- He went that way and after looking around for a couple of minutes he found Gorge standing there.

He was talking to some other players. When he saw an npc (non playable character) with a lot of players around it for the first time he thought he found gorge but apparently there where multiple npc's for the first quest. He went to him and listened at what he was saying: "Hello everyone, welcome to Thenos!

The biggest city of LTA.

Do you like it so far?" A couple of players mumbled something that sounded like "yes", others just said nothing. "Perfect, now let me help you out a bit.


--- Quest from Gorge Open your main menu and take a look at your stats. Reward: You becom friends with Gorge and wil get 5 copper and a basic survivor knife Accept - Deny Alert: Quest can't be denied --- He tapped the accept button with his finger --- "On your left wrest you are wearing a watch, if you tap on it you will open your main menu." Jason looked at his left wrest and he indeed was wearing a good looking watch.

He looked at the screen and saw it didn't show the time. On the screen of his watch he could see some basic information. --- Health: 10/10 Stamina 10/10 --- He tapped the screen of the watch and a screen popped up in front of him. On the left side of the screen he could see different buttons.

--- Help Forum Log out --- On the right he saw his quest log. --- Currently one quest --- On the top he saw different tabs: Main Menu, Map, Inventory, Stats, Player.

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He tapped the 'Stats' tab and he saw the screen bellow the tabs changing. On the left he could see his stats pop up --- Health 10/10 Stamina 10/10 Strenght 10/10 Combat stats: none (You have to pick a class for this option) skills/ability's: none --- On the right side of his screen he saw some info his character and his account --- name: Jason Green username: J-G Time played: 0 days 0 hours 8 minutes --- He closed the menu by swiping his finger from the right to the left.

A screen popped up again --- Quest complete: Open your main menu and take a look at your stats. Reward: You are now friends with Gorge 5 copper basic survivor knife _____________________________________________ Auther's note: Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed the first part of this story. As you probably already figured out is my first language not english, nor is it my second.

If i made any errors, please forgive me! If i made some serious, big and confusing errors please let me know and will try not making the same mistake again.

I would really like for you guys to give me some feedback about what you think and what i did or did not good When the next part will be up?

I don't know as of now but i can tell you it's not going to be in this week Again, thank you a lot and don't forget to comment or send me a pm