43 Jahre pervers mom silvia spielt für cam

43 Jahre pervers mom silvia spielt für cam
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Being a huge fan of reality TV I was always searching for an opportunity to be on a show. So far I had been turned down for everything that sparked my interest, but still I persisted. It wasn't that I wanted to be famous. Scratch that. I did want to be famous. Fame usually gets you laid and I wanted sex. Lots and lots of sex. Don't get me wrong. I had lots of experience with sex, but let's just say that my Star Wars name would be hand solo.

It was time to increase my sex play from one to two, because masturbation, while enjoyable, was not cutting it anymore. A little about me. My name is Jon and I am 6 foot 1, and 215 pounds.

I have 10 pounds to lose, but would not consider myself to be fat, or half bad to look at. My eyes are brown and so is my short thick hair. I live with my Mom (Sarah) and my younger sister Summer. I knew that I was hard up, because my Mom and Sister were starting to creep into my masturbation fantasies. The thought of them made my solo missions more orgasmic.

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Damn! I needed to get laid. Also, I needed a shrink. My younger sister is 5 foot 6 and weighs 125. She has long blond hair, green eyes, and ample breasts. I would guess she is a C cup, but I could be wrong. Summer is basically a copy of Mom, but 20 years younger. Both look great in a bathing suit. We live in Minnesota and live in your typical upper middle class neighborhood.

Our home is nice, and with only Mom providing income from her real estate job, we were doing as good as could be expected. Average sized house with little variation from the other template homes in our neighborhood. Not bad, but nothing fancy.

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After numerous application videos I finally got a call regarding a new reality show. It was called Confinement, and had a new twist on the Big Brother concept. Basically you and a family member were confined in a small trailer and would get released 1 hour each day for contests and to update the audience of what you were going through. No TV, cell phone, Internet, or electronic devices of any type would be allowed.

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The whole idea of the show was to see who could last the longest being confined with a family member. My initial excitement turned to sorrow, as I thought it was very unlikely that I would be able to convince Mom or Summer to spend 23 hours a day with me for who knows how long.

Also, no communication to the outside world seemed excessive and all but impossible to cope with. That being said I still pitched the idea to them at dinner. Mom was an immediate no due to work commitments, but Summer thought the break from her normal routine would be a nice change. What I later found out was that she had just broken things off with her boyfriend Jeff, and she wanted to disappear for awhile. Fast forward 2 weeks and we are on the set of the show that would change my life.

I was hoping for great ratings, because the more people that watched, the better my chances with the ladies. Even if they never saw the show I could always let people know I was a reality TV star. The initial interviews were done and the teams were shown their trailers. There were Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons, and all kinds of other family pairings. Grandma and Grandson seemed like a strange team, but it was there to. I personally would run out of things to say with Grandma really quick, but that may be just me.

One thing I noticed was that all contestants were attractive. I guess my sister and I were considered attractive as well.


Could be worse. The host showed us all our trailers and explained that there is only a small skylight window to bring in outside light. There is no clock, electronics, or privacy. Even the toilet and shower were visible through glass walls. Food was prepared for us and would come through a door slot, as you would see in and prison movie.

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The floor plan was 2 beds, a dining room table with 2 chairs, a sofa, shower area, and toilet. The shower and toilet area were separated by cloudy glass, which would blur bathroom activities, but only slightly. My stomach started to churn as I felt like I was stepping into a jail cell, and the thought of how I might react terrified me. Summer looked white as a ghost, so she must have been feeling the same way.

Before the door closed behind us, the host let us know that what happens in the trailer would remain between the contestants, as the cameras would only be on us during our 1 hour segment each day.

The segments would be the shows backbone, so I assumed things would get crazy very soon. Ratings for reality shows need drama and I was already feeling quite dramatic. I still wanted to win, as there was $100,000 on the line and my sister and I could use the money for college expenses. Summer and I decided that we would do what it takes.

The first few days were an adjustment to say the least. We developed a system for bathroom time, which equated to the person not using the bathroom staring at the opposite wall until business was done. Since the glass walls were clouded you could not see everything, but you could still see enough.

It was like looking through the bottom of a whisky glass. I obeyed the rules. Well I did for awhile at least. Early interviews for most teams were about frustrations with the bathroom setup and general boredom. After the first 3 days the first team of 12 left the competition. The reason they left was boredom. After a few days you just ran out of topics to discuss, and that was the case for each team with the exception being Joe and Stacy.

They were fraternal twins and seemed to not be bothered as other teams were. Each day was the same situation. Everyone complained and Joe and Stacy seemed content. As I observed them Jack and Guen; a mother and son team approached me and stated Joe and Stacy were obnoxious neighbors who were trying to Sabatoge their sleep by making animal noises every night for hours.

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Mom and son did not connect the dots, but I did. They were having sex and had 23 hours a day to fill. I was disturbed and hard as a rock.

As stated earlier, time spent in the trailer was boring. To make matters worse the lack of air conditioning in the trailers started to make the inside temperature a challenge. Before long I was in my boxer briefs and Summer was in her tank top and panties.


Looking at her and thinking about Joe and Stacy made me very horny. I decided that I needed to tell her what I found out, so we could talk about something to pass the time. As she listened to me talk about their incest, Summer became very upset at me. She started to berate me for putting her in the reality show, and she told me she would never forgive me. Her outburst seemed overdone. As the days went by teams remained vigilant.

A week went by with no movement. Nobody quit. The contest was stalling. The producers of the show decided that they needed to up the ante. After our interviews were done on the 23rd day we went back to our trailer. I had exercised and got as much sun as possible to lighten my mood, so was feeling good. That changed when I opened the trailer door.

What happened to my bed? It was a game change that led to 2 teams quitting. Apparently one small bed for 2 to share was the last straw for some. Bye Grandma and Grandson. See you later Daddy and Daughter. That night I crawled into bed with Summer. She was quiet, but accepted my being so close to her. Interesting, as I thought I would get kicked out for sure. Before long we were asleep. In the middle of the night I woke up, as something gross had happened. My crotch was soaked from the wet dream I'd had.

Apparently not being able to, ahem, release my tension was becoming an issue for me. I got out of bed and slept on the floor. The next morning Summer asked me why I left the bed.

I decided to tell her the truth. To let her know that I was extremely horny. That I was struggling to not pounce on her scantily clad body. That I was going to die from blue balls. She laughed, and told me It was the isolation that was drawing me to her.

We talked it through and decided that extreme situations called for extreme measures. She let me know that if I wanted to relieve my tension to go ahead.


She might be disgusted, but knew that this was imperative to our success on the show. That night as we lay in bed I could not sleep. The smell of her hair.

The shallow breathing while she slept. The curve of her. Fuck it. Out came my cock and I began to tug. I was on a mission. Nothing else mattered. I closed my eyes as I was nearing completion, and as I came I saw my sister staring at me. She was transfixed. She was also pissed because I spurted on her shirt.

Thanks bro. Now I need to sleep topless like you. She took off her shirt and turned her back to me. She told me to clean up my mess, wash her tank top in the sink, and do it quietly while she slept. Her reaction was better than expected, so I decided to try something the next day. The next night as we went to bed I removed my boxers and started to immediately play with myself.

I also made some noise, so if she didn't look there would be no mistaking what was going on. She turned and watched me. She started to ask questions as well. "What are you thinking about". I said, "I can't say". She said "tell me, or get out of my bed".

I told her I was thinking of cumming in her tight pussy. I told her she should touch herself, and show me her tits. She told me to blow my load and get to sleep. That is what I did. Right after I came in my sock I fell asleep, naked. About 2 hours later I wake up and I was hard again. My erection was also touching Summer's butt cheek.

She was sound asleep. I got bold and started to masturbate again and lightly rub my penis all over her panties. She continued to sleep. I gently moved her panties to the side, so I could see her naked pussy. Wow!! Cleanly shaved and beautiful. She was still sleeping. I decided t place my throbbing erection against her vaginal opening and started to move my cock back and forth all over her pussy. She did not wake up, so I slowly eased myself into her. She was very wet and took my length perfectly.

I started to move with more tempo and thought she must be awake, but pretending to sleep. I was wrong. She woke up and flipped out. Swearing at me. Calling me a rapist. Threatening to tell the world I violated her. I was fucked. When we were released the next day she marched to the video trailer and was ready to turn me in. I waited, but nothing happened. Next it was my turn to get interviewed, and nothing new came from it.

I said I was bored, was starting to fight more with Summer, and nights were difficult. Another team had quit and we were looking like one of the favorites to win the contest. What was happening? "Why did Summer decide not to crucify me?" That night nothing was said until bed time.

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Summer told me that I better behave tonight or she would turn me in. I got into bed with her and somehow fell asleep. 2 hours later I woke up with a massive erection. Fuck me!! I tried to think about gross things. A pile of shit, a hairy old man, a rotten banana. Nope, erection still hard as ever. Only one way to get it down. I considered going to the bathroom, but my blood left my brain again and I thought I should just remove the covers, and stroke my cock while feasting my eyes on Summer's panty clad backside.

As I was stroking I started to get even more stupid. "Why did she not turn me in" I wondered. "Was it because she wants me to fuck her. I mean she invited back to bed, right".

I moved her panties to the side and place my penis at her entrance. She was really wet. In another moment of stupidity a slowly pushed into her. I was slowly fucking her again. Oh my God! This was Heaven. She felt great. I was nervous she would wake up. I continued to move In and out of her. All of a sudden I heard her say "fuck me you asshole". I was in the clear. I could now get aggressive, which I did. I turned her over, moved her tank top over her breasts and took her erect nipple into my mouth.

I kissed her. She kissed back. I came in her. She rolled over and fell asleep. I wondered if she sleep fucked me, or was fully aware of what just happened. I didn't care. The next morning I woke up and she was taking a shower.

She saw me stir and yelled "want to join me". Yes I did. The next 2 weeks went by easy. We fucked, sucked, nibbled, and came all over each other.

I did not want things to end, but the contest was down to 2 teams.

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The next day we got out of our trailer and the host asked us to come to the main compound to accept our trophy and check. "I don't get it". I asked what happened. He explained that Joe and Stacy had been disqualified for cheating. It turned out that they were not related, and were actually a couple.

I was not sure who blew the fact checking, but I didn't care, because we won. After the reunion with family members, and post contest activities we were back home. Mom made us a tatter tot hot dish and chocolate cake for dessert. As we sat with full bellies Mom asked us "so you two decided to fuck each other?" Summer started to cry and I felt nausea coming on.

Mom said "I get it. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I could tell things changed when Summer started to smile and blush during interviews". Mom gave summer a pregnancy test and told her to go see if she was expecting.

Somehow we got lucky and Summer was not pregnant. I was surprised, because of the quantity of cum I sprayed into her womb.

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I was hard thinking about our sex play. What would the future hold with Mom knowing and now that we were back home?