Watch a pornographic babe having her pussy licked in very arousing lesbian video fresh pussies and h

Watch a pornographic babe having her pussy licked in very arousing lesbian video fresh pussies and h
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I left home at 17. My parents were divorced and my father an alcoholic, so I lived with my mother and her boyfriend. He was a complete wanker and on a number of occasions he felt me up and one evening when I came home to drunk to push him away, he fucked me on the kitchen floor whilst my mom was asleep upstairs, but that's another story I may tell you about one day.

I woke up on the kitchen floor, my cloths ripped and my legs spread wide and my mom's boyfriends cum leaking out of my virgin pussy. At that moment I regretted not having done it with my boyfriend and now I would have the memory of being raped as my first time. I also decided that it was time to get out before he did something worse.

I found an apartment and went to court to have myself declared an emancipated minor. That meant I got a little money of the government and a part time job that was enough to finish school. The apartment was ok, a bit small with a bedroom and kitchen and was £300 a month, which was good for London.


The owners, as a guy called John and his wife. He was in his late 50s was a massive bear gut They had a daughter who was 19 and a 15 year old son, so I figured all would be ok. Whenever he came for the rent, I always noticed how he checked me out.

When I turned 18, and finished school, I stopped receiving the money from the government which made money tight, but I still had enough to start university. About 6 months into my course I lost y job, the recession was hitting everyone hard. At the end of the month my landlord came for the rent. He let himself in as usual and came into the kitchen.


I didn't know what I was going to tell him when he stepped in through the door. "I've just come for the rent." "Yes. Ehh, I don't have it this month." "Why?" he asked.


"I lost my job." As usual I could see his eyes fixed on my breast and he was licking his lips. "Maybe we can come to another arrangement," he said. "What do you mean?" I asked, but I new what he wanted.

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"You're a pretty girl. My wife and I don't have sex anymore and my daughter parades her half naked friends through the house. Maybe if you did something for me, I could forget the rent for this months." "I'm not doing that," I said loudly. "It's up to you, but if you can't pay you have to be out in two weeks." He turned to walk away, but I called him back. I had nowhere to go other than my mom's and I knew her boyfriend was still there.

"What do I have to do?" "Get undressed," he demanded. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. His eyes were fixed on me, but I couldn't see anyway out.

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I undid my denim mini skirt and let it fall to the floor. He approached me and held me close rubbing his hands over my breast and squeezing them hard. His fat gut was right in front of me. He sat down in one of the kitchen chairs and pulled me towards him, pulling my bra off. His mouth clasped my right nibble and his dribbled dripped onto my stomach.

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He pushed his hands down my panties and started to play with my clit before pushing his fat fingers inside me.

It hurt, so I closed my eyes and pretended that it wasn't happening. I hadn't let anyone touch me since I was raped and it brought back all those bad memories. But even so, my pussy got soaking wet after a few minutes of hard fingering. It wasn't an emotional reaction, my body knew that I was about to be used like a piece of meat and was getting ready for it.

"You're a real slut," he said as he stood up and turned m around, pushing me forward onto the table so my arse was sticking up.

I heard him undoing his belt and then his zipper and I knew he was going to fuck me like a dog.

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"Can you at least wear a condom," I urged. "No chance.

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For £300 I'm barebacking that cunt." I closed my eyes and hoped he'd be one of these guys who came real quickly. I felt him grab me around the hips and pull my arse up a bit higher and then I felt his dick pressing against my pussy lips.

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He rubbed his cock up and down roughly against my labia, pushing the tip in a little and pulling it out again. "You're a dirty little teenage whore," he said and pushed his dick a few inches into me and then pulled it out again before repeating the movement over and over. His dick was fat and it felt tight inside my hole. This went on for want seemed like twenty minutes, but it was probably only two.

Once my pussy loosened up he rammed his dick right into me until I felt his balls slap against my arse. "Take that you teenage slut," he shouted as he continued to ram his dick in and out o me.

For the next five minutes he called me names as he pounded my pussy like there was no tomorrow. "Take that you filthy cum slut. Take my cock whore." "Don't cum in me I begged." I wasn't on the pill and I didn't want to get pregnant. He just ignored me and carried on telling me what a dirty slut I was for such a young girl. After a couple more minutes he started to groan and rammed his dick in even further in than he had.

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Then I felt his spunking inside me. It was warm and there was a lot of it. I tried to move, but he pushed me back down onto the table, his dick still inside me. He lent down and kissed the back of my neck and then whispered to me.

"If you don't have the money next month your pussy's mine." I closed my eyes. I was only 18 years old and I'd just let this fat bastard in his late 50s cum inside me because I couldn't pay my rent. I felt different. Half an hour ago I was an 18 year old with money problems and now I was a whore, letting this man fuck me in exchange for money. "Did you hear my slut?" I nodded and said, "yes," in a low voice.

He finally pulled his flaccid dick out of my body, pulled up his trousers and left without saying another word. I went straight to the shower and tried to wash his spunk out of me.

I decide that I had to find another job before the end of the month.

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Looking back on it 5 years later it turns me on and gets me hot, but at the time I felt like a victim and the next month it only got worse, but that' another story.