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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit. Story Codes: ncon, exhib, grope, spank, unif, voy Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 2 - Clothing Optional by Avatrek ([email protected]) Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood were on a very important mission. A mission which had taken them back in time to the 1976-1977 school year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Using one of only two special time-turner devices that Dumbledore himself had created, Harry and his friends had traveled back in time to stop Draco Malfoy from stealing four very special magical objects from the school and forever changing future events. Harry had agreed to take on the dangerous mission to both help ensure the safety of his parents, who were enrolled at the school as sixth years and stop Malfoy from altering the timeline and stealing the four magical objects for an eagerly waiting Lord Voldemort, who had sent the budding Death Eater to do his dirty work.

Harry had chosen four of his friends to accompany him and with the help of the Dumbledore of his time, had created fake names and transfer papers to allow them all to attend their fifth and sixth years of education at Hogwarts in Gryffindor House, alongside Harry's parents.

An added bonus to the trip would be the opportunity for everyone, especially Harry to meet his parents, their friends and all the people that would have a profound impact on future events which helped shape the magical world. Dumbledore had warned Harry and his friends of the differences in culture and attitudes during the 70s and although Harry was sceptical that there would be much of a difference, things were about to become much clearer.

"Knock. Knock. Knock!" Hermione wrapped on the Headmaster's door, getting ready to present the Headmaster with the fake transfer papers. "I can't believe I'm meeting the Headmaster wearing these clothes. We all look like total sluts in these uniforms!" She sighed, trying her hardest to pull her tiny tight skirt down over the rest of her luscious teenage ass.


The school uniforms of the 1970's had adopted a far more liberal stance than those of Hermione's usual dress wear and although she complained about what she was wearing, neither Harry or Ron had much to object to as their eyes continue to scan over Hermione, Ginny and Luna.

"I have no problem with what you're wearing Hermione." Ron said slyly as they waited for the Headmaster to answer the door. "Besides. I don't think our uniforms are that bad." "What would you have to complain about Ron.

The boy's uniforms are exactly like what you wear back in our own time." Hermione replied, looking back at Ron with a little jealousy and anger. Just as she was about to turn around and smack Ron and Harry for continually looking at her ass, the Dumbledore of 1976 opened his door and welcomed the five teenagers into his office. Almost everything in the office looked exactly the same as it would in the future and although Harry thought Dumbledore would be surprised by their arrival, especially because it was mere hours before the sorting of houses was to begin, but Dumbledore didn't seem the least bit startled.

"Welcome Harry, Ronald, Hermione, Ginevra and Luna to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have been eagerly waiting for your arrival!" Dumbledore said with a smile on his face and no hint of surprise. "You were?" Harry asked, not sure how the Dumbledore of 1976 could possible know who they were before they introduced themselves.

Harry thought that maybe Dumbledore had somehow traveled back in time with them and had taken his past self's place. He did look shockingly similar in looks but after her remembered what his Dumbledore had told him about the danger of seeing himself in the past, he realized that his Dumbledore must have somehow already sent back a letter to himself to let his past self know of the eventual transfer.

"I received a letter two weeks ago explaining the reasons for your transfer and when you'd be arriving." Dumbledore said, confirming Harry's hypothesis and allowing Harry to relax just a little. "I also see that you all have already gotten dressed for Gryffindor House. Unfortunately I have some bad news on that front. There is only room for three of you Gryffindor House. Two of you will have to spend your final two years of magical education in Slytherin House. The letter I received told me you already know about the differences in the four school houses so I know you know that you'll all experience a different side to Hogwarts.

Ginevra Beazleby and Luna Lumsley will join the fifth year Gryffindor girls and since there is one open slot available for the sixth year male students in Gryffindor House, Ronald Weatherly will also join you two girls.

That means Miss Hermione Stranger will join the sixth year Slytherin girls and Harry Cotter will join the sixth year Slytherin boys. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but there just isn't any room in Gryffindor House to take on Harry and Hermione.

Luckily for you two however, another sixth year boy has just transferred from Durmstrang and will be joining you Harry in the sixth year of Slytherin House." "What. But. We're all friends!" Hermione pleaded with the Headmaster, knowing that if anyone learned of her Muggle heritage, she'd be persecuted to no end by the Slytherins.

It would especially dangerous for her because Malfoy was obviously the new Slytherin transfer and he knew all about her parents. All Hermione could hope for was that Dumbledore was able to make a good enough cover story up for her to allay any suspicion.

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"I'm sorry, but this was the only way to allow all of you to attend. No other houses have any room for you." Dumbledore replied, looking genuinely sorry for the inconvenience. "There will be a change of clothing for the both of you in your quarters down in Slytherin House. Here is a map and some information about the school. These two prefects will take you to your respective houses and help you get acquainted with your housemates and new homes." Dumbledore continued, pointing back at his door where two recognizable students walked through the door looking at each other with pure disgust for each other in their eyes.

"This is James Potter. He will escort Miss Lumsley, Miss Beazleby and Mister Weatherly to Gryffindor House," Dumbledore said, pointing to Harry's father, who was almost the spitting image of Harry, even though everybody failed to really notice it.

Harry wanted to reach out and shake his father's hand, but before he could Dumbledore introduced both his and Hermione's escort. "And this is Severus Snape.

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He is a Slytherin Prefect and will be more than happy to help both of you become better accustomed with Slytherin House." Harry looked on in horror as Snape reached out to shake both his and Hermione's hands in succession. His greasy hair and large bird-like nose were almost exactly like those that had haunted his dreams for five years at Hogwarts. Without even being able to say goodbye to Ron, Ginny or Luna, Harry and Hermione were guided out of the office, down the Headmaster's staircase and towards the dungeons and Slytherin House.

"If you're lucky you'll never have to suffer the presence of Potter again." Snape said with a devilish grin as he guided them down the Grand Staircase.

"He didn't seem so bad." Hermione chided in order to distract Harry from wanting to punch Snape square in his big nose. "He's a blood traitor and doesn't deserve to be a pure blood wizard. I have already taken it upon myself to browse through both of your files and I'm glad to see that both of you come from a long line of wizard and witches of notable mention." Snape replied, as they made it to the main level and made for the doors to the dungeons.

"Why should that matter?" Harry said in reply as they made their way down the steps. "It matters because almost all those without pure wizarding blood should be thrown in Azkaban for stealing our world's magical secrets." "Is there anything else we should know?" Hermione said a little snippily, just as they made it to Slytherin's secret entrance. "Only that you should speak only when spoken to bitch!" Snape replied back harshly.

'You will soon find out that the female students at Hogwarts and especially those in Slytherin know their roles very well.' "Huh?" Hermione replied, looking worried as she and Harry laid eyes on the statue covering the secret entrance.

If Hermione was not already shocked and confused enough, when she and Harry saw what was protecting their new house's entrance, her hand started shaking. "Is that a." Harry started before being interrupted by Snape again. "A dirty Muggle whore!" He said with a smirk as he pulled out his wand. On her knees completely naked with her ass sticking up in the air to show everyone present, her juicy stone ass and pussy, was a perfect stone replica of a Muggle looking back at them, gagged and crying.

On her stone head was a cone shaped hat that had the word Muggle written on it. "Just take your wand, completely insert it in her pussy or ass and say the password. Which is currently Muggle-Whore." He said, doing exactly that before the statue moaned out loud like a whore and moved aside to reveal the Slytherin House entrance. "Awesome!" Harry murmured out loud before he and Hermione followed Snape into the Slytherin chambers. Harry had been in Slytherin House once before, but he was shocked to see it was nothing like he remembered.

At the center of an extremely large stone room was a massive jet-powered hot tub. At the far side of the room was a stage and tall metal pole that went from the floor to the ceiling.

"What's that pole for?" Hermione asked innocently. "Oh. You'll find out soon enough, ha ha ha. Your rooms are up here and the two doors on either side of common room lead to two similarly large rooms I or someone else in Slytherin will introduce you to in the days to come.

Right now however, we all need to make our way back up to the Great Hall to participate in the sorting that's just about to start." Snape said, picking up two Slytherin cloaks and handing them to Harry and Hermione. "You'll have to wait to get changed later. Just throw these on and we'll worry about your clothes later." He finished, directing his last comment specifically at Hermione.

"What did he mean that I'll find out soon enough?" Hermione asked Harry as she put on her Slytherin cloak and followed Snape back out the entrance and towards the Great Hall. "I don't know, but like he said. We'll find out soon enough." Harry replied as they walked into a nearly full Great Hall.

"You can take a seat next to the other new transfer student over here Harry and Hermione." Snape told them before sitting down beside two other male sixth year Slytherin students and basically completely ignoring them.

"You!" Harry and Hermione said in unison after laying eyes on a largely inconspicuous Draco Malfoy. "I knew you two would follow me here.

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Don't say another word or I'll blow your cover and change history forever.' Malfoy said with a smirk as Harry and Hermione took a seat next to him. "I'm surprised to see you in Slytherin colours Mudblood. But I'm sure you'll be even more surprised later. My father told me some interesting things about Hogwarts in the 1960 and 70s." "What do you mean Malfoy. All we have to do is get you alone and send you back to our time and this whole thing will be over." Harry said, looking ready to jump Malfoy and do exactly that as his fingers grasped the time-turner device in his pocket.

"You wouldn't dare try it in a crowded area like this and besides, I've already slipped your dear old daddy a slow acting toxin that will take almost an entire year to take effect and kill him. If you blow my cover or get in my way, you'll never find out what I've poisoned him with and you'll never get the cure." Malfoy said with a smirk before picking up the plate of food that had just appeared in front of him and walking down the table to find another spot to eat beside Snape.

"Dammit. We're just going to have to find those objects and protect them from Malfoy and just hope he doesn't try to blow our cover." Harry concluded as he looked around the hall at all the unfamiliar faces. Ron, Ginny and Luna still hadn't made it down to the Great Hall and he still couldn't see any sign of his mother, father or any of his friends. He could only hope that nothing bad had happened to them already as he surveyed the hall one more time and quickly recognized a few of the teachers sitting at the front table.

There was Dumbledore, a younger Hagrid who was as big as ever. He saw several of the older teachers like Minerva McGonagall, Madam Pomfrey and even Pomona Sprout all looking both young and very attractive. After Ron, Ginny, Luna and rest of Gryffindor House joined the students waiting in the Great Hall, the sorting began and the feast started in earnest. After Dumbledore gave a short speech that Harry failed to follow because he was more interested in checking out the hundred or so gorgeous beauties all around him, Harry followed the rest of Slytherin House back down to the dungeons and a special little surprise planned for the newest female transfer student.

What Hermione or Harry didn't know was that Slytherin had a special initiation they put every female transfer student through upon arriving at Hogwarts. It was customary for the new girl to get up on stage with every Slytherin student watching and strip out of their clothes. If that wasn't enough the transfer student had to get a spanking from every single male member of the house before receiving her new Slytherin clothing.

As Harry and Hermione made it to the secret entrance of Slytherin House, Malfoy walked by them and whispered to Hermione, "You're going to love this Mudblood!" he said squeezing her ass quickly before running into the Slytherin common room and grabbing a seat for the show. "What. Fuck you Malfoy!" Hermione cried in shock before she heard the high tempo beat of a familiar Wizard rock band. "Hmmm. I wonder what they're planning in there." Harry said as they walked into the common room to find every single male Slytherin student sitting in chairs around the stage and long metal pole.


"And there she is. Hermione Stranger. Our newest Slytherin slut and the next one on the pole for our entertainment." Snape's voice boomed as if he was talking through a microphone. "What.

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I'm not a slut and I'm not stripping for you pigs!" Hermione shouted back, trying to back away out of the common room to safety. Before she could leave though, Harry grabbed her by the elbow and whispered in her ear.

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"You have to do it Hermione. We can't break our cover and if you refuse to follow through with their traditions, they may do some digging and find out that were not from their time." Harry whispered to her as he guided her towards the stage.

In truth, Harry really wanted to see her naked again, and the thought of seeing her doing a little strip dance in front of him was extremely hot. "Are you fucking kidding Harry? You want me to get naked for these sickos?" Hermione asked Harry looking extremely worried. "You gotta take one for the team Hermione. It's the only way!" Harry told her before grabbing her cloak and tearing it off her while he pushed her onto the stage. The crowd of Slytherin boys cheered in approval as Hermione got on stage and grabbed the stripper's pole tentatively.

She had no idea what she was doing up there; she had taken some basic dance classes in her early youth, but exotic dancing was a whole lot different than ballet or tap. Gripping the pole, Hermione spun around it quickly, letting her tiny skirt flutter up past her thong, showing off her gorgeous ass and causing the crowd of horny boys cheer out. Blushing and not really sure why she was actually enjoying herself, Hermione continued to twirl around the pole before ripping off her tight white dress shirt to reveal her pert young breasts and erect little pink nipples.

"Holy fuck Hermione. You are a Slytherin slut!" Harry said mostly to himself as he felt his cock begin to harden again. Hermione was really getting into it by that point and had already pulled off her tiny skirt to show off her amazing teen ass. She still was twirling around the metal pole, wearing only her white sneakers, knee-high socks, tiny red and gold thong, and her small little Gryffindor tie around her neck.

"Take them off! Take them off! Take them off!!!" Everyone started shouting, urging Hermione on to take off her little panties and let everyone get a good look at her tight little pussy and finely trimmed little landing strip.


Just to egg them on a little more, Hermione toyed with them a little longer by ever so slowly sliding them down her hips to her ankles. Hermione then kicked them off into the crowd and right into Harry's face. With one last twirl around the pole to let everyone see her full body one last time, the song ended and her performance came to an abrupt close. Before Hermione could get off the stage, a large ugly seventh year boy grabbed her wrist and pulled her off the stage.

As every one of the boys lined up in two lines on either side of Hermione, she was slowly led between them, being forced to stop every few feet so each one of them could either grope her pert young ass or spank her for being such a naughty slut.

"Oww. Owwwww.!" Hermione cried in succession, after each boy gave her a quick spanking. Malfoy got a little frisky by groping her ass and running his finger across her little trimmed pubic strip.

"FUCK YOU MALFOY!" Hermione whined in protest, just before Harry gave her ass one good last squeeze, before the seventh year guiding her spanked her harder than anyone and giving her a new Slytherin uniform to wear. Hermione was nearly in tears as she slowly walked up to her new room with a red ass and a feeling that she had degraded herself by participating in such a disgusting little Slytherin tradition.

She could only hope that Ginny and Luna hadn't faced any similar disgusting tradition and that Ron would protect them from anything to bad, unlike Harry had done for her.