We will treat your sissy ass gently at first

We will treat your sissy ass gently at first
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Husband: Jim Wife: Lucy Daughter: Cathy Lucy's Brother: David FOREWORD You learned in part one: IT JUST HAPPENED, that Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men.

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Each daughter had initially married someone their own age, only to replace them after a couple years with someone closer to their Dad's age. Everything had gone smoothly over the years in Jim and Lucy's life until Cathy decides to divorce her second husband and move back into her old bedroom at home with her Mother and Dad. Jim and Lucy welcome her back so she can get her life back on track.

Her move back home goes effortlessly with only one hitch; Cathy is now a grown woman and while in college she had adopted the provocative sleepwear that her Dad had discouraged during her teenage years.

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As expected; Cathy's sleepwear does have the implicit affect on her Dad that he had feared during her teenage years and in a weak moment Jim breaks his moral code and has sex with his Daughter, Cathy. You learned in part two: IT JUST HAPPENED…AGAIN; that Jim feels terribly guilty for having the weak moment that leads to his incestuous coupling with his daughter, Cathy. Jim vowed to never let it happen again. Cathy is persistent in her efforts to get her Daddy back in her bed.

Jim successfully resists her charms until Lucy has to go to David's home to nursing him back to health after he has an accident at his work place. Her big Brother lives an hour's drive away in a town called Waterford. During Lucy's extended absence, Cathy successfully defeats her Daddy's resolve and they end up in a long term incestuous relationship. Lucy and her big Brother each had secretly fantasized as teenagers about having sex with each other but neither ever gained the courage to act upon their strong urges.

Neither sibling ever knew the other secretly desired sex from them. While Lucy is giving her immobile Brother a sponge bath, the strong sexual urges return for them both and they succumb to those latent urges. Instead of just staying a few days to nurse him back to health, Lucy decides to stay several weeks. They end up engaging in 'around the clock sex' the whole time she is there; while Cathy and her Dad are at home fucking each other every chance they have.

After three weeks, Lucy's Brother recovers to the point she can no longer justify staying to care for him. She has only been home for a month now, but still can't go a day without wanting to fuck her Brother again. She finds herself thinking of David while having sex with her husband and orgasms more powerfully than she ever did before her incestuous affair.

Jim finds himself thinking of Cathy while having sex with his wife, Lucy and it arouses him so much that he vigorously fucks Lucy to the point they both have astonishingly powerful orgasms. *** Lucy and Jim are abruptly awakened by the sound of a ringing telephone at seven thirty in the morning. Jim groggily grabs up the phone and notices by the caller id that it is Lucy's Brother, David. He grunts and passes the phone to Lucy to answer and rolls back over, covering his head with the top sheet.

"Good morning, David. Is there something wrong?" Lucy asks with concern in her voice. "Hi Sis, I hope I didn't wake you up." He cheerfully responses. "No, you didn't wake me up, but I do want to know what's wrong that has you calling so early in the morning? You didn't reinjure yourself, did you?" "No…I'm fine. I'm due back at work in a couple of weeks and I just called to see if I can come for short visit before returning to work?" Lucy's heart races and she feel herself getting wet.

She closes her eyes and visualizes his cock siding in and out of her already wet pussy. She lets out a low sensual moan before realizing it. She slaps her hand over her mouth as if it makes a difference. The moan is already out and she knows that David heard it, but hopes that Jim didn't.

"Okay, Sis…I like the sound of that moan. Does that mean you are looking forward to having me? And I do mean having me…having me all the ways we had each other when you were here last." Lucy feels the heat around her face and neck as she blushes. She turns her back away from her sleeping husband.

She cups her hand over the mouth piece to direct her words purposely into the phone and away from her husband's ears. "Yes, yes it does…I can't wait to have you", She whispers into the phone, "but let me call you back later today and we can work out the details." Lucy quickly breaks the connection and guiltily looks over at her husband to see if he had followed the conversation.

He appears to have gone back to sleep. Lucy slips out of bed, puts on her robe and goes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. She is scrambling eggs and humming to herself when Jim comes into the kitchen. He kisses her gently on the nape of her neck and then squeezes her left butt cheek. "What did David want so early in the morning?" He casually asks. "He wanted to know if he can come for a short visit before returning to work." "What did you tell him?" "I told him we looked forward to his visit.

That is okay isn't?" "Oh…Sure it is. I haven't seen David in probably five or six year." "Really? I didn't realize it had been that long." "I think I saw him once after he and his wife bought that house in Waterford. I think they bought it about three years before they divorced.

I guess we do have a lot of catching up to do. " Jim sits down at the table and opens the morning paper. Lucy slides a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon in front of him, followed by two slices of buttered toast. She pours them both a cup of coffee and joins him at the table.

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"I guess my whole morning will be taken up with preparing for David's arrival," she says as she makes nervous conversation. Jim has no earthly idea that Lucy and David have entered into an incestuous relationship, but her guilty conscience is making her paranoid. "What do you have to do? We have a spare bedroom.

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All you have to do is make sure the bed is made and there is clean linen in the bathroom." "Ha.I wish it were that simple! I have to dust and vacuum the guest bedroom and make sure the guest bathroom is presentable. I have to make sure there's plenty of clean towels and washcloths. I have to go to the grocery store and make sure we have enough food for four people. I have to&hellip." Jim interrupts her in mid-sentence, "Okay…okay, I get the picture.

Calm down before you have a nervous breakdown. You are acting like the Queen of England is coming for a visit." Jim gives Lucy a quick peck on the lips then heads off to work. Lucy cleans the kitchen then starts on the guest bedroom. She is dusting and humming to herself when Cathy comes out of her bedroom and asks her Mother what she is so excited about. "Your Uncle David is coming for a short visit before he has to return to work." "Oh…Good!

When is he coming? "He will be here this afternoon. Why?" "Uncle David is always so much fun. He usually does everything I ask him. I may get him to take me shopping. He loves buying me new outfits. I think I will also see if he will take me dancing, and…&hellip." Lucy interrupts her mid-sentence, "Hold on young Lady.

You are no longer a little girl and your Uncle David is not a young man like he was when you two used to go partying. He is coming here to relax a little before he has to return to the daily grind of his work." "I know Mother, but I am sure he will enjoy spending a little time with his favorite niece." "We'll see." Lucy goes back to preparing for Uncle David's visit and Cathy goes down to the kitchen for her morning cup of coffee.

It is six o'clock when David pulls into the drive. He is greeted at the door by Cathy and Lucy with hugs and kisses. Jim meets him in the den and shakes his hand. It is dinner time. David puts his suitcase aside, and joins everyone in the dining room. They speak casually over dinner, getting caught up on the latest family gossip. After dinner Lucy shows David to the guest bedroom. On her way back down she encounter's Cathy on the stairs and advises her of the rules of dress while Uncle David is visiting.

"Cathy you can wear your usual sleepwear while Uncle David is here, but you must wear a bathrobe if you come out of your room dressed in that sleepwear." "Don't worry Mom; I don't plan on flashing my tits for him." "Cathy, don't start giving me a hard time.

I don't feel up to it right now." Lucy stomps on down the stairs, leaving Cathy wondering who has pissed her Mother off. The next morning, after breakfast Jim leaves for work and Cathy has managed to talk her Uncle David into taking her to the Mall.

Lucy is angry and jealous. She had planned to spend some quality alone time with her big brother. She mopes around the house, busying herself with menial household tasks the whole time they are shopping. When return home later that afternoon, Lucy has to exercise extreme control over her emotions.

Cathy had convinced her Uncle to buy her several nice outfits. Many of them are very sexually provocative. The lingerie from Victoria's Secret is especially provoking. When her Mother disapprovingly challenges her for making her Uncle buy the items, she counters by saying that he wanted to buy the outfits for her. He had even helped pick them out. That angered Lucy even more. Lucy quietly stews over their selfish actions the entire evening.

She had occupied every waking minute since his call with thoughts of devouring her brother's cock. He was here to take care of her needs. The first twenty four hours of his visit has been wasted on sleeping and shopping with his niece or chatting with the whole family in attendance.

She has to think of a way to get him to herself. When she and Jim go to bed that evening, she aggressive attacks his cock; shoving it down her throat as far as it will go. She massages his balls and sticks her finger in his ass just as he is climaxing. His orgasm is so stimulating he blows a triple load down her throat. Jim is baffled by her change in behavior. "Wow…what did I do to deserve that deluxe treatment?" "What.Didn't you like it?" She grumbles.

"Yes! My God…It was the best blowjob I have ever received from you!" He jubilantly proclaims. "Okay then…Just shut the fuck up and go to sleep, because that is all you are getting tonight!" Jim wonders why the hostility, but does not ask for fear it will provoke a real shit storm. He rolls away from her and covers his head with the top sheet. Lucy turns her back to Jim and wonders why she is acting like such a bitch to him.

He drifts off into a deep sleep while Lucy continues to stew and pout to herself about why her Brother is pampering Cathy, and not her. Lucy tosses and turns for over an hour before finally falling into a restless sleep. The next morning Lucy's demeanor hasn't changed much. She resentfully prepares breakfast for her family. Jim quietly eats his breakfast while perusing the morning paper. Cathy comes down to breakfast in a cheerful mood that tends to irritate her Mother further.

When David comes to breakfast he is cheerful, but looks really tired. After Jim leaves for work, Lucy sets about cleaning the kitchen. Cathy happily announces that Uncle David is taking her to lunch. Her Mother on the verge of exploding; David quickly adds that he taking both his niece and his little sister to lunch.

"Lucy turns to David and says, "You don't have to take me along. You two go and have fun." "Absolutely not!" he exclaims, "I didn't drive here to ignore my little sister. You are coming with us and I am also taking you shopping where I will lavish you with gifts." "You don't have to do that David." She suppliantly remarks.

"Yes I do, Sis. You took really good care of me while I was immobile and want to show you how much I appreciated it." Lucy passively agrees to go with them, but would rather drag her big brother off to the bedroom and receive his appreciation in her drooling wet pussy. Cathy feels a tinge of jealousy, but keeps it to herself.

The three of them spend a very pleasant day at the mall just ambling from store to store. David divides his attention between the two of them, but more so to his little sister.

He can sense a competition between mother and daughter building. They all enjoy a nice lunch at 'The Cheese Cake Factory and then go to an afternoon movie. They lose track of time and don't get home until well after six o'clock. Jim is already home and eating a ham and cheese sandwich with a cup of black coffee.

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Lucy apologizes for letting the time slip away and for not having a nice dinner for him. Jim explains his exhausting day and tells them will need to get to bed early because he has to be back at work early the next morning. There is some kind of crisis he doesn't want to go in to at the moment. Lucy cleans the kitchen and David watches the evening news, while Cathy goes to her room to put on something more comfortable.

Jim takes his shower and immediately hits the sack. Lucy is feeling much happier since spending such a delightful day with her brother. She decides to retire early and join Jim in the bedroom. She may not be able to fuck her brother right now, but she can do the next best thing; she can fuck Jim and fantasize about her brother. Cathy and David decide to watch TV for a while before retiring.

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Jim is exhausted but he never refuses Lucy's sexual advances. When she begins to stroke his flaccid cock, it immediately springs to life.

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Since they both sleep in the nude, all she has to do is flip off the top sheet and take his hard cock down her throat. She is feeling extra amorous as she fantasizes it is David's cock sliding down her throat.

After taking it deep down her throat several times she feels Jim is hastily nearing an orgasm. She stops a minute to let him calm down before straddling his cock. She begins a slow gyration of her hips and thinks about her brother's cock sliding in and out of her drooling pussy.

Within minutes she can feel her first orgasm rapidly rising, but without warning Jim blows his load and his cock softens and slides from her pussy. Lucy rolls to her back and lies there frustrated. In another minute she would have exploded with an incredible orgasm. She was just seconds away and her selfish husband prematurely ejaculated and slipped away into deep slumber. She contemplates masturbating, but decides against it.

She restlessly drifts in and out of sleep while fantasizing about her brother's cock. At three o'clock she can't stand it any longer. She inserts two fingers into her pussy and begins furiously finger fucking herself. She has to have an orgasm or she is going to scream. Suddenly she stops and looks over at her husband. He is lightly snoring. She thinks to herself how foolish it is to lie there pretending she has her brother's cock in her pussy when the real thing is upstairs in the guest bedroom.

She slowly slides out bed and rushes upstairs to the guest bedroom. David is nude and lying on his right side with his back to the door. Lucy slides into his bed and presses her bare tits to his naked back. David doesn't move. She drapes her arm over his waist and caresses his semi-erect cock. She is shocked to find it wet and sticky.

David stirs and groggily complains. "Damn it, Cathy, I need my sleep! You have been fucking my brains out ever since I got. I really need to get some rest!" Lucy jerks her hand away from his cock like it is on fire.

It takes a minute for what he just said to sink into her sleep deprived brain. She angrily slaps him hard across the butt and then places her feet in the middle of his back and pushes him out of bed. David hits the floor with a bang and becomes wide awake. "You son of a bitch," She shrieks. "Have you been fucking my daughter; your own niece?" David cautiously climbs back into the bed and says, "I'm sorry, Sis.

I just couldn't help it. She comes to my room every night and begs me to fuck her. I'm truly sorry, but I am also human." Plus I have been fantasizing about fucking her ever since she first developed tits, he thinks to himself.

Lucy is livid. David crawls over and turns on the lamp on the nightstand.

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Lucy ponders the circumstances about it for a second, then storms across the hall to Cathy's bedroom. Cathy is nude, sprawled face down asleep on her bed. Lucy slaps her hard across the ass. Cathy bolts upright in her bed. Her mother grabs a hand full of Cathy's blonde hair with her right hand and drags her back across the hall to her Uncle's bedroom. Cathy is struggling trying to make sense of what is going on. Uncle David is sitting on the edge of his bed with a half hard cock wondering what his crazy little sister is preparing to do.

Lucy drags Cathy to his bed and forces her into a kneeling position in front of her Uncle. She is so mad at her daughter's betrayal she is not thinking sensibly like a mother.

She grabs David's cock with her left hand and forces Cathy to take his cock into her mouth. She then forcibly shoves her daughter's head up and down on her Uncle's cock, driving it deep into her throat. "You got it dirty with your slutty pussy, so you clean it up!" She angrily growls through clenched teeth at her daughter. David has never seen his little sister this outraged before. He sits quietly as his favorite niece takes his whole cock deep into her throat.

He closes his eyes and moans as he feel the muscles in her throat contract and then release several times around his cock. He knows it won't be long before he empties another load down her throat. Lucy lets go of her daughter's head and Cathy continues to enthusiastically consume her Uncle's cock. Lucy steps back and notices cum seeping from Cathy's ass and there is cum also running down her thigh from her leaking pussy.

She takes two fingers and scoops some of the leaking cum from her daughter's thigh. She licks the cum from her fingers and immediately recognizes it as her brother's. David grunts and starts dumping his load into Cathy's waiting mouth. "Don't you dare swallow it," she screams in Cathy's ear. "You just hold in your mouth until I give you permission to swallow!" Cathy's mouth is full and she needs to swallow, but obeys her mother's command. Lucy grabs another hand full of Cathy's blonde hair and pulls her head back.


She presses her lips to Cathy's and starts slurping David's cum into her daughter's mouth. They both push his cum back and forth into each other's mouth; savoring the salty flavor.

After they both swallow; Lucy is still holding Cathy by her hair. She shoves David out of the way and forces Cathy into the bed on her back. She quickly joins her in the bed and pushes her face into Cathy's crotch. Lucy starts licking and retrieving her brother's cum from her daughter's soaked pussy and ass. David watches the action and notices his sister's ass is sticking up into the air. He decides to join the fun and slips his cock into Lucy's pussy and starts humping her doggy style. Lucy is fully into sucking her daughter's cum filled pussy, but is aware that David is slowly sliding his cock in and out of her deprived pussy.

She sucks Cathy's clit into her mouth and begins flicking it with her tongue. Cathy closes her eyes and squeals with delight as she explodes with a massive orgasm.


Lucy keeps attacking Cathy's pussy and ass, alternating between the two holes with her tongue. Cathy continues to squeal with glee. Jim is shaken from his sleep by the squeals. It startles him. He looks over and realizes Lucy is not in bed. He races upstairs to locate the source of the screaming. He is shocked by what he witnesses as he enters the guest bedroom.

David freezes in place waiting for Jim to attack him for blatantly fucking Lucy. He is a guest in Jim's house and he has the audacity to engage in an orgy with Jim's wife and daughter.

It takes Jim a moment make up his mind but then charges in and shoves his cock into Cathy's mouth. She is both surprised and delighted as he begins to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. David resumes pounding Lucy's pussy with his raging hard cock.

Lucy realizes Jim has now joined them in their orgy and continues to vigorously lick and suck her daughter's pussy while finger fucking Cathy's ass with two fingers. Cathy reaches up and cups her Daddy's balls with her hand and pulls him deeper into her throat. Jim feels her throat squeezing and releasing his cockhead as the muscles in her throat alternately constrict and release. Within minutes Jim is dumping an enormous load of sperm in her mouth. Cathy has another orgasm from her mother's vigorous slurping of her pussy and ass.

David explodes into Lucy's pussy triggering a major orgasm for her. Within minutes there are four exhausted, entangled, sweaty bodies lying in the middle of the queen-size bed; each gasping for their next breath of air.

When the first rays of daylight finally pour through the guest bedroom windows; Cathy is straddling her Daddy's cock while David is fucking his sister, doggy-style and finger fucking her butt hole at the same time.


Jim reaches over and pinches his wife's nipple with his left hand and fondles his daughter's breast with his right hand. Cathy is leaning over passionately tonguing her Uncle David.