You can gift best orgasm this hair fat mom cunt

You can gift best orgasm this hair fat mom cunt
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Day 2 They woke up.

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I was till tied up to the coffe table with a banana inside my ass. I slept some hours, always having nightmares. The first one to wake up was Dani. He came near melaughspited, and said " Good Morning Bitch" James did next came near me and spited on me too, they all did it.

Then after waking up, they untied me and took off the banana out of my ass.

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"Lick It" they said, i did so. "Now go make breakfast bitch, i want cereals"- i got up and went to make cereals. I retunred with everything, and i only saw table for 5. "Come here" I got near james, and he puted a leash on me, "For now onu always wear this, and get your swinsuit on bicth.

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I went dressed my swinsuit and came back. "Not that onethe new one - pointed to the g.string - by the way you are going to be punishedyou forgot to aswer or orders bitch now go dress the swinwsuit." - james said "Yes Master" - i aswered, i go near the swinsuit, look at itand dressed it.

"Now go get the banana of your ass, and put it your new bowlthat were youre going to eat for now on" they all laugh. I look up to a dog bowl, one with water and one with some dog food "Now go eat youre delicuos food bithc" " Yes Master" - i started crying and started to ateit wasnt so bad, but a lot humiliating. "Dont cry bitch, now here ur punishment.

Stop eating" Simon grabed the water bowl and drop the water on me, then he pissed inside the bowl, everyone of them pissed " Here you go " they laugh "Drink it bitch- they went for the camera came back and caugh me drinking piss out of a bowl. It was the most discusting thinh i ever done," Good boydid u like it?" James asked, "Yes Master" i aswered.

"Now lets practice another thing- he slapped my ass, When we ask u are youyou say, i am your bitch and i love cockand i a stupid whore" he said "Who are you?", i hesitated " I am your bitch and i love cock, and i a stupid whore" "Well done " - he said "Now go get the bag that his in the bedroom and folow us to the beach" He ordered " Yes Master", i went.

At the beach) At they way there they kept asking who i was, and people stared and laugh. We puted or things right at the middle of the beach, and james said "Good place, now bithc come and sit on my back, put some cream on me, actually do the same for all" I started to do it everyone watching me, and they kept asking who i was. I ended puting cream at dani, and he said "Bitch put your and on my swinsuit" " Yes sir" i did, ,he was hard "Now lick your hand" " Yes sir" i did it.


They were quiet for about 15 minutes when they said, "lets have fun" they went to talk to some guys, they came back. "Ok bithc its like this, we are going to play soccer,if they winyou are going to spend 1 hour with them, if we win, we get to spend time with their girlfriends" I pretrefied, what stupid bet.

"Come you are going to watch".


I folowed them. They started playing.


Tirty minutes after they were loosing for one, i shaked, they only had 15 minutes left, but they managed to socre and tie. I got reliefed they bet was going off. But then james came with one of them " This is your new master for an hour u must obey him at all costs." "Hi"- he said"but didnt u tie?, MAster " i asked, "yeah so we both won" he laugh, i pretrefied againi got up and folowed my new master.

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We arrieved at their location "People this is Bitch or slave " they laugh " What you mean, oh my god he is wearing a g-string" "I mean he will do anything told for us", they were 10 guys and 3 girls there.

"Wanna see,lay donw on the center, i did so. They circled me, and said" Suck my dick" he took of his big cock and puted in my mouthi started sucking another big cock, it was the 25 time that weekend, i kept going until he cummedanother one cameand so one till i have sucked them all.

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I was full of cum at my face, then the girls came, fat chicks, ugly and said for me to lick themoff, i did so. "lets fuck his ass" one of them said, they did it while i licked the girls, and after that some guys came and said" What going on here? u sucking people man?" "hE our whore want some?" " Yeah " he said, ok 1 dollar.

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God i was going to be sold by one dollar, the two men cameone to my mouth and another to my ass and kept like this till the hour ended, and james call me back. THey had a good time with the girls, i was naked and all cummed around the face, "Jacob i see youre a good whore so lets finish thisits 16h, we stil have two hours with u and no money for us, so folow us" The took me to and alley and got me naked, brought all my stuff, back to me, " Its allnow hungry" i aswered yes with my head, he said "good, chec on you bag there a meal for you eat it all its an ored" i grabed the bagi took off a nother bag with a botle and .

what ssemed to be chocolate, but i saw it better and realised it was shite, and piss " Eat it bithc u have 5 minutes or youlbe be condenced for a website with your face" he threat.

I had no choice besiedes drinkind the piss in the bootle, and eating the shit. I ended, and i throwup "Eat the vomit bitch" I liked the vomit down. They started a fire, it were 16h30, and i tought it was going to go over soon, but then i saw a men aproaching with his cock hanged up, "Here he is your first client, he paid 5 dollars for ur mouth so do it good, and drink is cum" IT was a stranger bad aspectjunky he looked like.

Grabed my hair and putted his cock inside my mouth forcing me to suck it, he cumed i drunkhe left, another men came, this time for my ass. He started slowly but then he went faster fucking my ass, ,while i spit on my hair, he actually cumed on my was 17h, another two men came, and fucked my two holes by turns, cumed all over me, they left.

James and the guys camed over, with a large amount of cash" Here it is 500 dollars at your cust, here u go 2 dollar buys some clothes " " I asked why?" "Beacuse it is 18h, " He told, and trow the tape to the firei was so reliefed "Now wathc this " he grabed all my cloth and selfone and everything, and trow it all to the fire, i got nothing i couldn fone home i was nakedonlu with 2 dolas, full of cum all over, and piss.they left me and went to buy stuff.

I was lefted naked, cummed, with only 2 dollars.