Annihilation of a smutty twat hole takes place indoors

Annihilation of a smutty twat hole takes place indoors
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This is continuation of my series'The piano and Rachael's wet panties'.Its not necessary to read those in order to understand this but its better to know a story from the start.So,check out those first and constructive criticsm is always welcome.

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To say Rachael was angry at her mother was just an understatement.She was furious at her,twice in a row had she dropped at the wrong time both times saving her little girl's cherry although unknowingly.Rachael flustered when she realized that she was naked underneath her skirt and she could feel the cool air blowing across her inner thighs and her pussy.When Rachael thought what Michael would be doing with her damped panties,she felt the inner muscles under her skirt clench with desire.The train of thoughts in Rachael's mind came to a stop with the car and she was broke back to reality.She had a quite dinner with her mother before stripping naked and getting into the shower.Rachael viewed herself in the full length mirror.She had always known that she had a great body that made guys at her school lust after her but she had never had desires for any guy at school except for her very handsome piano teacher 'Michael'.As soon as Michael's name popped inside her head Rachael started thinking how it felt when his tongue was deep inside her lovehole and when he sucked onto her clit.

Rachael looked between her legs and saw a hint of moisture there.Oh MY!just thinking about Michael could make her so horny,Rachael thought.Knowing that she had enough of homework to do and she would most certainly be unable to focus if she doesn't take care of her needs,Rachael decided to get herself off.So,she rubbed her fingers in circles over her clit and pinched her nipples until her knees went weak .After having a huge but not so satisfying orgasm,Rachael took a shower and cleaned herself neatly.

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Standing in his apartment Michael was thinking about Rachael and whether it was wrong to do what he was doing.Having lustful thoughts about his young student was surely unprofessional but he could also go to jail if anyone sniffed about Rachael and him.Michael's mind was preoccupied with thoughts when his eyes caught the sight of the discarded panties on the floor.Michael picked it up.The soft fabric of the material was still drenched with Rachael's juices,he brought up the panties close to his face and sniffed it deeply.As the smell of Rachael's pussy went inside with the oxygen into Michael's lungs his cock stood at full attention and the memory of how Rachael's pussy tasted was back.FUCK!!i am going to take my chances,the girl is surely attracted to me too and i need to fuck her really bad before i go crazy with desire Michael thought.Michael thought about stroking himself but then decided to save it for the next day.

When Rachael woke up in the morning she realized that she still had to go through the usual boring routine classes at school before he could see Michael.All throughout the day,she wished time would move faster.Finally.the moment came and Rachael walked excitedly towards Michael's house.Michael was ecstatic to see her but tried to remain calm.Rachael had worn her favourite grey tanktop alongwith her blue skirt.

Her favourite black bra held tightly her perfect boobs.Michael moved in closer to her and without uttering a single word,kissed her.It was a long passionate kiss in which he explored every corner of Rachael's mouth while his hands stroked her shoulders.Bringing his hand on her chest,he felt around her boobs before giving them a firm squeeze.Rachael moaned softly into his mouth.Her breathing rate increased exponentially when she felt his hands inside her skirt.


Michael smiled at her as his hand didn't find any panties under the skirt.Lightly touching her slit with his finger Michael realized that Rachael was wet. He broke up the kiss and pushed her shoulders down gently saying"get down on your knees".Rachael complied.Pulling down his zipper,he took out his long,thick cock.Terrified at the sight Rachael was still gazing at his manhood when he said"don't worry,i know its your first time.Just imagine it as a popsicle,your favourite flavour".

Popsicles are not this huge Rachael thought.She put her tiny hands around his cock and stroked it a few time before taking it inside her mouth.As Michael felt Rachael's soft lips closing around his manhood he moaned softly.Rachael was sucking his cock naively and staring into his crotch when Michael lifted her chin up saying"look at me".Rachael was trying to deep throat him and her eyes were now transfixed with Michael's.

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Michael loved to look into the eyes of the person who gave him head and Rachael's bulging deep blue eyes while trying to deep throat him was turning him on even more.He stroked her blonde hairs .Rachael was feeling a ting of excitement between her legs herself but she sucked onto his dick with passion.When Michael felt his balls twitch,he grasped Rachael by her hair and shot ropes of thick cumm deep inside her throat.Rachael unable to remove her mouth drunk all his juices but a few drops of cumm dripped from the side of her lips.After completely emptying his balls Michael looked down at Rachael.Feeling apologetic and shooting inside her mouth,Michael said"i am really sorry for that,i just couldn't control myself".Rachael wiped off the the drop of cumm on her lips and said"its okay".

Michael removed Rachael's tanktop and bra revealing her gorgeous boobs.Marvelling at the sight of her beautiful twins for a moment,Michael took one of the her soft pink nipples into her mouth.He licked it slowly making circles with his tongue before starting to suck on it like a baby."ugh."Rachael moaned softly as she felt her other nipple being tweaked and pinched.Michael always loved sucking onto tits but Rachael's boobs were so perfect he loved them even more.Michael felt Rachael's hands at back of his head stroking his hairs and he knew the young girl was very excited.In one swift movement,he left his nipple and unbuttoned her skirt.As the skirt fell on the floor,Rachael became stark naked.

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Moving his hand swiftly down to her crotch,Michael still sucked onto her nipple making the young girl moan in pleasure.Taking out her nipple from his mouth,Michael lifted the naked beauty in his arms and laid her on the piano. Keeping his eyes fixed on the gorgeous naked beauty lying on the piano.He took his dick in his hand and rubbed it along her slit making Rachael gasping in anticipation.Gently,he pushed the head of his cock into her virginal pussy and Rachael could feel herself getting stretched."ughhh."Rachael cried out as Michael pushed his mammoth cock inside her.Rachael felt stuffed and was in excruciating pain then she felt a gentle kiss on her lips.Michael had never fucked such tight pussy before and it gripped his cock.Another thrust and Michael was completely inside of her.Rachael cried out in pain "gggghhh.".Michael leaned onto the young girl and kissed her passionately.Rachael forgetting the pain for a moment started kissing back.This went on for a moment before Michael trailed kisses down her neck,collar bone and breasts.Rachael calmed down when the pain subsided.Michael drew out his cock and then shoved back in making Rachael cry out again then he started to fuck her slowly.Rachael's juices helped Michael in penetrating her, it was acting like some kind of lubricant.Michael would stop momentarily to suck onto her nipples or play with her clit.The pain was over and now Rachael was enjoying too,lifting her ass involuntarily enabling her piano teacher to penetrate her deeper.Rachael felt something inside her explode and she shrieked"ahhhhh.oh my gawwwdd".Realising that Rachael was having an orgasm Michael increased his pace and his balls now slapped across her pussy faster.As he felt his cock being drowned in Rachael's juices Michael shoot out his own load deep inside her womb.When they both had calmed down Michael kissed her again before bringing her down from the piano and saying"stoop down,Rachael".She obediently followed the orders.Rachael had no idea what Michael had in his mind but she hoped that he wasn't thinking about fucking her ass,that would be way too much pain for one day.

Michael looked at her pussy from behind and parted it with two fingers before thrusting in his cock.Michael wasn't thinking of fucking her ass,he hadn't had enough of her pussy yet.Fucking from behind was one of Michael's favourite position.Michael fucked Rachael from behind as he groped and fondled her tits.He even stopped to kiss on the small of her back.Rachael was moaning softly ever since he had entered his dick inside her.Michael felt his cock getting clenched tighter by Rachael's pussy and he knew she was about to cumm again.Rachael couldn't believe it ,she had never had multiple orgasms before and now that it was dawning on her she was afraid that it might be even bigger than the first one."nnnggghhh."Rachael squirmed as her knees went weak and she felt she had blacked out.For a moment Rachael thought she was floating on cool water.

When she returned to her senses Rachael was grateful to the piano.If she hadn't been holding it tightly she must have fallen down on the floor.Michael was still fucking her when his balls twitched and he shot thick ropes of cumm inside of her for the second time in the night.When they both had calmed down from their respective orgasms Michael kissed Rachael on the lips and said"i am so sorry,i tried both times not to shoot inside you both times but you are just so beautiful i couldn't hold myself back".Rachael flustered at the compliment and very slowly said"thats okay,i am on pills".Michael was smiling again and then he said"you should get dressed,your mom must be coming at any moment".Rachael nodded and walked away to get dressed.While Rachael bent to pick up her cloths from the floor MIchael got a good view of Rachael's firm ass and he thought'lets save that for next time'

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