Victoria Monet Jumps From Cock To Cock

Victoria Monet Jumps From Cock To Cock
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"Jake. Jake.

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JAKE!" Jakes mum waved her hand in front of his face, diverting his attention from the TV to her. "What?" He asked grumpily. It was the summer holidays, he was fifteen and had nothing to do.

He wasn't in a particularly good mood. "Well." Said his mum, sitting down on the couch next to him. "D'you know how me and your dad said we had no money to go on holiday?" "Yeah?" said Jake, his interest slowly starting to rise.

" Well, I lied, we do have money, and we're going to Australia for a couple of weeks. So get upstairs and get packed, we leave in an hour." She laughed at Jakes astonished face. "Go on." Jake needed no more encouragement as he leapt from the couch and spurted up the stairs, on all fours like he did when he was a child.

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He grabbed a rucksack from his room and threw his most stylish clothes in, as well as two pairs of shoes and some swimming shorts. Ten minutes later he was waiting downstairs until it was time to go, texting fast to all his friends to tell them where he was going.

"Come on then, Jake." Said Jakes dad, appearing at the bottom of the stairs. "Time to go, or we won't catch the plane." Jake practically leapt from the couch, swinging his bag over his shoulder and racing from the house before his parents could say another word. A few seconds later, he had dived into the front passenger seat, only to be turfed out of it a minute later by his dad. Grumpily, Jake clambered over the seats and sat on the back ones of their ford Capri.

The journey to the airport would take a few hours, and after an hour, Jake got bored of the journey and lay across the back seats, eyes closed. It didn't take long for him to drift off, sent to sleep by the bumps in the road, like a mother rocking her baby to sleep in a cradle. Jake was woken a couple of hours later by his dad shaking him. "Jake, we're here. We've already stopped off at a service station, but we left you sleeping, so you can go grab some food while we sort the tickets out.

But make sure your phones switched on so we can get hold of you, don't want to lose you." Jake groggily took all of this information in before sliding out of the back seat onto the tarmac, looking at the huge metal airport before him. His parents had locked the car as soon as he had got out, and walked off, carrying their suitcases and Jakes rucksack with them. Jake followed at a distance, rubbing sleep from his eyes as he made his way through the double glass doors at the front of the airport.

He instantly lost sight of his parents in the throng of hundreds of people, and checked his phone was on in his pocket before going to find a small cafe somewhere within the airport. It took him a while to find one, but eventually found one, bought himself a sandwich and a coke, and sat down at one of the tables that somehow passed as clean. As he chewed, he looked at the other cafe-users. Some of them looked excited at the prospect of going on holiday, others looked glum and tired, after just coming back.

Sipping his coke, Jake gave a start as an unexpected piece of eye-candy sat herself across the table opposite him. Now, Jake was no one to judge, but he could tell this girl was a slut, but damn she was hot. With dark hair that fell across her shoulders, she had natural beauty in her face, though it was somewhat ruined by the layer of make-up she had obviously deemed necessary.

She was wearing a plain white vest, and a short, revealing skirt. Her almond eyes looked Jake up and down before saying, "Hello." "h-Hi." Muttered Jake sheepishly. The girl giggled confidently. She was obviously used to talking to people she didn't know. "My name's Kara." She said, drawing a tube of lipstick out of her bag hanging over her shoulder. "And yours is?" "Mine? Uh.Jake, It's Jake. Nice to, err, meet you." He replied. The girl giggled again, replacing the lipstick back in her bag.

"You're cute." She announced bluntly. "Are you really shy, or are you just playing?" she winked at him. Jake laughed before turning his attention fixedly to the depths of his coke. He knew this was probably the hottest girl he'd ever get a chance with, or was he reading the signals wrong?

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Jake had had quite a few girlfriends, and wasn't a virgin any more, he wasn't bad looking, but he'd never get a girl like this, unless she was a slut. It turned out this girl was. He was determined to make the most of it now, asking, "So, you going anywhere nice?" He knew it was a pathetic attempt, but it was all he could think of.

Kara didn't seem to notice though, as she replied, "Yeah, we're going to Majorca, I'll be glad for a chance to use my bikini again.


Haven't seen much sun around here. Where are you going, anyway?" "Australia." The chat continued like this for a few minutes, just random conversation, slowly getting more flirtatious on Kara's and Jakes part, until Kara said, " Uh-oh, it's nearly time for me to go." She stood up.

"Got to go the toilet first, though. Only place to get some.privacy." she winked at him as she started walking away. "Do you need the toilet?" She asked pointedly.

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"Erm No, I'm fine I thi-" He replied stupidly, before catching on. His eyes widened as she rounded a corner out of sight, and he had to fight with his conscience for a second, before scraping his chair back noisily and following at a trot, like a puppy with its master.

He caught sight of Kara making her way into the toilets, turning round and grinning at Jake before disappearing. Jake wasted no time as he pushed the door open to the girls toilets, looking round to check no-one was watching. Luckily, it was empty inside, except for Kara, and she ushered him into a cubicle before locking the door behind them. The toilets were surprisingly clean, though Jake had no time to appreciate this as he was pushed roughly onto the closed seat, Kara sitting herself promptly on his lap, causing his cock to grow hard as she wasted no time removing her vest, revealing a pair of perky, medium sized tits, covered by a lacy white bra, which she quickly tore off, letting her breasts fall free.

Jake took all of this in quickly and astonishingly, before his head was pulled to hers in a ferocious kiss. He felt her hand reach down and unzip his jeans, then pull his boxers down, letting his cock spring free.

He broke loose from the kiss for long enough to watch her pull her panties down from under her skirt, and manoeuvre his cock under the folds of fabric, before he embraced the kiss once more. He took part now, making the first penetration quickly, lifting off the seat for a second.

He knew they were making a lot of noise, but he didn't care.

He didn't even know if there was somebody outside the cubicle. He made a few penetrations like this, before deciding it was too uncomfortable, so he grabbed her by the waist, and bounced her up and down on his cock, making her withdraw from the kiss and moan with pleasure. Her tits bounced joyfully, and Jake drew one into his mouth before reaching up again, exploring Kara's mouth with his tongue.

He felt her try and thrust herself on his cock, hungry for more. He responded by bouncing her harder, making her practically squeal, as he reached up, grunting, to cover her mouth and stifle her orgasmic moans as he felt her pussy grip his shaft, and her juices started flowing onto his stomach. He hadn't given many girls orgasms, but he knew that if they were good, they returned the favour. Kara didn't.

Instead, she removed herself from Jakes still-throbbing cock teasingly, and made to get dressed again. "No.wait!" whispered Jake, now aware of the other people on the other side of the door. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back. "Get off!" She whispered, eyes widening in shock. "I'll scream rape!" "No you won't." Replied Jake gruffly, twisting her round so she was bent over the toilet seat.

"Not while I've got these." He held up her discarded clothes. "One word and I'll run off with them.

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Bet you wouldn't mind a load of old men ogling these." He had said all of this in a whisper. He started massaging one breast as he slowly entered her from behind, the other hand reaching round to cover her mouth. He slowly fell into a steady rhythm, and lasted surprisingly long for one of his age. "Dirty little slut." He gasped, as he blew his load straight into her pussy, spraying some on the back of her skirt, hoping to humiliate her.

He got dressed and pocketed her panties before saying, "Get dressed, you little slut." And leaving. Thankfully, the room was empty again as he crossed it and opened the door. Stepping back into the air-conditioned airport, the cool air hit his sweat, and he stood there for a moment, relishing in the luxury.

Then it hit him, what he had done. 'I've just raped someone.' he thought with a start. He comforted himself with the fact that she had wanted it in the first place, she just got more than she planned to.

'Thats not rape, is it?' He thought meekly, stepping behind a shrub as Kara emerged, crimson-faced. She had obviously noted the loss of her panties, as her skirt was pulled down as far as it would go, which wasn't that far. She hadn't noticed the cum stain on the back of her skirt, though, which people kept turning to look at.

Deciding she needed a tiny bit more humiliation, and relishing in the fact that he could, Jake stepped out from behind the shrub, and made to follow her. As he slipped past her, he 'accidently' knocked into her, sending her stumbling. And Jake got his wish, as she quickly stumbled into a suitcase, and crashed, spread-eagled to the floor.

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Her panty-less pussy was in full view for everyone to see, still dripping cum. Everyone in a twenty metre radius stopped to stare, as did Jake, as she went, if possible, even redder, swiftly got to her feet and stumbled away, hands hurriedly pulling the hem of her skirt down.

' I did her a favour.' Concluded Jake later on the plane, reunited with his parents. 'She won't be such a slut from now on.' "Jake? Ja-ake!" His mother shook him awake after the long flight. It hadn't been a good sleep; He'd kept waking up with boners that he had to hide from his parents. "Yeah?" He muttered, instantly checking for one of these embarrassments, and there was none.

"We're here, honey." "Oh, Okay, cool." He smiled.

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He wasn't really paying attention, his mind was still playing back the scene in the airport. "We're going to go straight to the hotel and get settled in." His mum interrupted Jakes thoughts, which instantly flitted onto fantasies of fucking someone in this airport.

He knew he wouldn't be able to, though, as they got off the plane. It was another long minibus ride, after which they arrived at the hotel. It was huge. It looked like a massive, castle-size villa, painted bright yellow.

At the front was a sign saying 'The Silvana Hotel: Enjoy your stay.' Jake doubted he would, not after he had done already. But he'd give it a go, he thought with a smile, eyeing up the huge pool out back, with hordes of hot chicks sitting round.

Maybe it'd be a fun holiday, after all. To be continued.:O