Masturbating tgirl toys ass and jerks cock

Masturbating tgirl toys ass and jerks cock
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Ok this is a story my girlfriend jonie wrote, never meant to write out our whole day but after we were playing around and she wrote the first paragraph i just wanted her to write more and it ended up this long ^^. never planned on posting it just maybe showing a few people, only people who saw it before it was on here liked it (which was only three including us two ;) ) so i wanted to post it on here since i come on here every once in a while to read and i showed her the site a few days ago ^^.

so, enjoy. if some people like it enough i'll try to persuade her to write more <3 Oh my god, this morning i saw Jen for the first time!! I went over to her and told her who i was and she was shocked and excited, i told her i was new to this place and asked if she could take me around ;). Jen took me over to her house to get dressed and we were off, while we were walking we passed jen's school, Jen said she had i decided to join her since i had nowhere else to go.

And when the teacher walked out of the door to get some work, me and jen snuck out of the room and ran to the girls bathroom, all this excitement got me excited which jen noticed.i told her that i was starting to get wet and she looked confused and asked "your still dry", so i pulled down my skirt and revealed my panties.and my wet spot. Jen immediately bent down and started playing with my privates i moaned and let her take me.

A while after she stood up and fondled with my breasts, moving them around and squeezing them hard. I screamed a bit but i loved it. Jen then put her hand inside my shirt and started playing with my nipples, she whispered to me, "your already hard" and she took my shirt off revealing only my bra and panties. Then suddenly she stopped and asked to put my clothes back on, i asked why in a disappointed tone, she replied with "put your clothes on and follow me".

Shortly after i put back on my clothes i found myself walking next to jen. This time we were headed to the mall, she told me i needed new clothes since my skirt is soaking wet. We passed a few shops then one caught my eye, it was this adult shop and I asked jen to come look what was inside, so we both slowly creeped into the shop and what we saw was unbelievable.a shop full of sex toys and costumes and videos!!

It got me so wet and hot just thinking of the possibilities, even jen had felt it, she looked annoyed and i was embarrassed, she quickly rushed me into the bathroom and said to me "you keep on getting wet." She quickly took off my skirt and panties and started sucking on my clit, i moaned softly and started to feel jen's breasts and they were firm and soft.

I jumped up and took off jen's shirt and started sucking on her hard nipples. She moaned and started feeling my glistening clit. I felt like I was in heaven and had everything i ever wanted! Just then i felt a orgasm building and let jen lick my clit again. Then i had an earth shaking orgasm and squirted all over Jen's beautiful face.

I said to her."i'm all wet and messy", jen looked up at me and smiled and softly said to me, "i will clean you up." Then i felt this pleasurable feeling and looked down and she was licking almost every aspect of my body.i loved it so much! A while after me and Jen had that moment together we walked out unnoticed of our pleasurable deeds and walked into a clothes shop.

We picked out a nice little outfit for me to wear and it looked great on me. Jen suggested a new bra and a pair of panties to go with it. I nodded in agreement and she showed me a light blue pair of panties and a white bra that would look good on me :) We exited the shop shortly after i put on my new clothes, and i looked dashing. Jen smiled and we continued to shop for a few other items. On our way we decided to head to another place, the beach!!

Before we headed there me and Jen stopped by her house to get a change of clothes for the beach.after a long walk we were at the beach. We decided to relax and enjoy the view of what California has to offer. I felt tired and had a short nap on the beach next to Jen, until when i woke up i noticed it was almost sun-down and Jen was gone. I woke up and looked around for Jen.nowhere in sight, i panicked and started shouting out "JEN!!!" over and over. Till i heard a voice that sounded familiar to "Jonie".

The voice kept growing louder and louder i looked behind me and i saw Jen in the hottest bathing suit, i was so surprised that i didn't notice i had become wet again, she didn't seem to notice either and she brought me in the water. I didn't care to realize that i couldn't swim, and i started panicking once i realized.

Luckily enough, i grabbed something.i remember touching the same thing before.but i couldn't remember what it was. I kept drowning and sure enough i opened my eyes and found myself lying on the sandy beach and Jen next was to me, her face was red and she began telling me what happened. After she thoroughly explained every detail on what happened, i asked what i was touching when i was grasping for help. Jen replied that it was her left breast i had grabbed.

I felt dazzled when i heard that but that would answer my question when i was drowning! I decided to give it another try and swim, from the advice i heard over and over first attempt didn't go so well, but Jen helped me get through it. and soon enough i felt a vibe that i wanted to touch Jen again.

I took a look at her revealing bathing suit and began swimming towards her.then slowly kissing her and putting my hand down into her panties to feel her moist spot, she was wet too!! i began rubbing it slowly and then out of nowhere Jen dives under me.i was beginning to think of what she was gonna do till' i felt a finger inside of me!!! She took off my panties and fingered me!! Oh my god, it felt so good, i didn't let her stop.

Then I moaned softly to let her know i was enjoying every second of it. Jen then floated up for air and went back down to play with my clit.

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It felt so wonderful i didn't notice I had just cummed. Jen felt pleased and satisfied so we swam to shore, where we relaxed from our swim, later on we walked back to her house, After Jen changed into something more comfortable i looked at her, she just looked so sexy.

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I decided to just strip naked and let her dress me! Jen looked so happy and went straight at me!! What she had done amazed me, she started to kiss me passionately, which i enjoyed a lot.

;) A short while after we had kissed, i decided i wanted to do something for her.or to her! I threw Jen onto her bed, stripped her naked and glanced at her for a second.her body was so perfect and it turned me on, turned me on so bad i just went in there and started doing her in every way possible!

I held her smooth legs and began kissing up, each kiss going near her clit and then finally i got there, Jen tasted so nice and sweet, i just wanted more!

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I began to insert a finger inside her wet moist hole and started digging deep inside, whilst doing that i over heard Jen moaning and moaning, as each time she moaned and screamed, i dug deeper into her.

Finally satisfied; i pulled my finger out and started sucking on it as if it was my lollipop! Jen didn't look satisfied at all. So i went back doing what i love doing, i inserted 2 fingers in her and she moaned and moved her waist all around, i knew how much she enjoyed it so i started pulling my fingers in and out faster, as each time they slide in, the more wet she became, i then started sucking on her clit and put a finger into her other hole, Jen, being unsatisfied made me want more out of her, i continued to suck the juices out of her and she moaned, the sound of her moaning soon became the best sound I've heard in my life.

Oh my God!!A squirt from her.

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I kept fingering her as fast as i could, she was moaning louder and louder until she started squirting all over me!! It was so sexy!, and i started licking around her clit rubbing it as well. She seemed pleased, but i wanted to have as much fun as she did! I changed positions with her and spread my legs wide exposing my privates. Jen moved towards me and started licking my already hard nipples, it got me so turned on i started caressing my breasts next to Jen's tongue on my nipples, i was having the best day of my life.

It got even better on every minute in Jen's bedroom. I began moaning now that Jen's tongue had found it's way to my moist and dripping clit. I found it so arousing and Loving every moment.

I had Never felt like this before, and i loved this feeling! I felt my orgasm building, when Jen slipped in a finger.then another one found its way in, she began wiggling it around inside, it got me so aroused and forced me to moan for her. She loved my moans, just as much as i loved hers. Night time.and we are still going, we are so naughty, Jen masturbating whilst i am rubbing her nipples and kissing her. Its like a dream come true for me, Jen is really my angel.

I bent Jen over on my lap.and spanked her once, spanked her twice and spanked her a third time, oh did she scream out with joy!

It made me want to do her all over again and again!! but for now, i just enjoyed the moment with her on my lap.

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Her breasts looked nice, firm and soft again, i played with them as if they were my own, I couldn't get enough of it, it made me want to do so many naughty things x] Although i have played with Jen ;) that Doesn't change the fact that i love Jen so much words cannot describe this feeling. The night ended in a spectacular way when i heard Jen whisper in my ear "see you tomorrow".

It made me want her again in an even more desperate way;)