Tittyattack julie kay gets creamed on her k

Tittyattack julie kay gets creamed on her k
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The summer was a whirlwind of encounters with the two girls. We did not go all the way, and I never got the head of my cock any further into them than the first time, but I learned quite a bit. They had been playing with themselves and each other for about a year previous. Sometimes, they would just watch each other diddle themselves, and sometimes they played with each other. They had been talking about trying to get something to go inside themselves when the previous events had happened.

Over that summer, the three of us discussed sex, played with each other, and came up with a variety of things to get together to do stuff. We had codes, so we could talk about it in front of our respective parents, and in front of Mike, who had not been introduced to the group.

He still "dated" Elizabeth, but it was little more than hanging out as friends. I had gotten a further than him with her. I didn't mind, as I had a raging crush on her. There was one incident when Dawn and Mike sat on her front porch and Elizabeth and I went inside to get some refreshments. As soon as we were inside, Elizabeth pulled me towards the hallway to the rest of the house, and to the bathroom. She was wearing a short, soft skirt and had flashed me her panty covered pussy several times that day already.

I had taken to wearing tight jockey shorts so the bulge from my cock would not be as noticeable, so Mike had not been the wiser for it.

Not that I really thought he would be looking at my crotch, but you can never be too sure. She pulled me through the door to the bathroom, and shut it as quietly as possible behind us. "Kiss me," she hissed. I know this sounds strange, but we had not yet kissed.

Yes, my cock had squirted a few ounces of sticky boy-cum into her most delicate parts, on an almost weekly basis for about two months, but our lips had never touched. She was, after all, Mike's girlfriend, and, even though I had a huge crush on her, best friends didn't do that to each other.

Well, that is, until the girl of my dreams throws herself at me with my best friend and "girlfriend" out on the porch. We embraced, lips smashed together clumsily. She wrapped her arms around me, and pressed her pelvis into me. My cock, already hard from the teasing she had given me, strained against its bounds, crying to be released.

She pulled away from me. She was grinning from ear to ear with deviousness about her.

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"I want to try something new," she said excitedly. She pushed me down onto the toilet. Like the rest of Dawn's house, the room was crowded with knickknacks and various odds and ends.

The bathroom, however, was very clean, and was probably the best organized room in the house. The toilet seat had a blue fringed cover, a bit more comfy that bare painted fiberboard would have been. She bent down and unzipped my pants. Although she was normally very aggressive in our "club meetings," she was usually shy otherwise.

Something had gotten into her. I had an idea where she was going with this, and I pushed her hands away. Instead of trying to weave my cock through the front opening of my jockeys, I pulled them and my pants to my ankles.

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Happily free from its bondage, my cock stood straight and stiff in the soft light. Elizabeth dropped to her knees and looked up at me. "A friend of mine told me about this, and I wanted to try it on you so I can show Mike," she said, grasping my dick with both hands. I had not grown appreciably since our encounters began, but she could still put both hands on my cock and balls.

I wasn't very long for my age, but my cock's girth and the size of my balls were considerable. Confused as to what she was talking about, I froze and watched her. She leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock, gently.

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He lips were warm, and I could tell that her face was flushed and radiating. She continued to kiss the head and the shaft, moving her hands out of the way as she moved from one place to another.


My cock felt so hard that I thought it would explode from pressure. Suddenly, she took the head and part of the shaft into her mouth.

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She let it sit there, ridge of the head just behind her teeth, the hole pointed straight to the back of her throat. She stuck out her tongue and licked the base of the cock, right where my ball sack started. She moved her mouth slowly back and forth, teeth scraping my cock. I jumped from the pain. "Ow! Your teeth hurt!" I complained. In response, she pulled her teeth off my cock and hid them in her lips. After that, she began sucking in earnest, moving up and down, using her mouth like a pussy.

I have had better blowjobs since, but considering it was her first, and mine, she did a more than decent job. For a second, I realized what was going on. Here was a girl I had been lusting over for a year and a half, and she was giving me my first blowjob!

I had seen them in porn films, but they did not look as good as this felt. She moved her mouth a few more times, all the while running her tongue up and down the underside of my cock. Finally, she hit the point just under the ridge of the head. A huge jolt washed over me, and I flooded her mouth with cum. It felt like my cock was draining into her. She coughed and sputtered for a second, then wrapped her lips tightly around the head of my cock, letting cum fill her mouth. Spent, I threw my arm up onto the sink, and felt as if I was melting into the toilet itself.


She sat back, smiling, and swallowed. There was a bit of cum on her lips from where she had pulled back at first, and she licked it off. It was so naughty, so disgusting, and so very erotic that my dick jumped again.

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I stood, shaking, and looked down at her. She had one hand under her skirt, and I was sure she was playing with herself. Eager to return the favor, and dying to taste a girl's pussy, I held out my hand, and helped her up.

I looked her in the eye, smiled, and said, "My turn." She looked confused for a moment, "But you just had your turn… oh." I traded places with her and sat her down. Lifting her skirt, I found that, indeed, she was playing with herself. I lifted her up and scooted her to the edge of the seat, and kneeled down between her legs. The smell of her pussy washed over me, and my cock once again began its journey to becoming a pillar of stone.

I leaned forward, taking in a huge whiff of pussy. She reached under the skirt, and pulled her panties to the floor. I looked into her eyes for a moment, then gave into my desires and buried my head between her thighs, forcing them apart. I stuck my tongue out as far as it could go, and felt her lips part and the end of my tongue slide up into her.

I lapped at her pussy like a hungry dog, slobber and pussy juice running down my face. It did not take long for me to get her to cum. She leaned forward slightly, grinding her hips into the toilet seat, hands pulling at my hair.


Finally, she squeezed her hips together, making my ears ring, and came. She fell back against the tank, and I stood, wiping the various fluids from my face.

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My lust had overwhelmed any sense I had left, so I knelt between her legs. But as the head of my cock touched her soaking lips, her eyes flew open and she pushed me over. She covered herself with her hands, and scowled at me. "I'm not ready for that. Not in a bathroom, you moron!" She got up and ran out, slamming the door behind her. I was left with my pants around my ankles and a sense of both accomplishment and a sense of dismay competing in my head. As I bent down to pull up my pants, I realized that, in her haste, she had left her panties behind.

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I stuffed them in my pocket and left the bathroom. I wandered back out to the porch, and Elizabeth shot me a dirty look. Dawn looked from her to me, and giggled. Mike was still making stupid jokes, as both he and I are still prone to do.

Elizabeth excused herself to actually go in and get a drink.

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Mike watched her get up, and said, "You sat in something wet. Your skirt is soaked." "Yeah, I know," Elizabeth replied, with a bit snider than the comment required, "Must have been in the bathroom." (TO BE CONINUED IN EPISODE 3)