Attractive teen hottie rides and blows dick

Attractive teen hottie rides and blows dick
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WARNING - Read the Themes. Do not read unless you are happy to read about these things Again, this starts slow. Don't expect 'sex' for some time This is a continuation of a series. I recommend you read Part 1 of this series if you have not already _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ - - - This a rough read, do not proceed if you do not want to read about death, abuse and enslavement. This is written down for those that want to read about these things, not to be criticised for any moral reasons.

If you are happy to admit that you are indeed a sick fuck, feel free to read on - - - _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Saturday 15th May 1971 1:06 pm I woke early, as the sun once again rose over the desolate desert landscape. Had I been there alone, I would have remarked that the location was the most beautiful thing around me.

However I had two far more beautiful things in the other car. I had slept on the rear seats of my own car, after laying the girls carefully in the front seats of theirs. Their car was a two seater, a model that I had always wanted to own. Thanks to happy coincidences, that was now a reality. I climbed out into the sunlight, stretching and yawning briefly before going to check the girls.

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They were still fast asleep, likely still working off the alcohol I had force fed them yesterday. I grabbed another bottle of water, and took a long drink before pulling open the doors and giving each of them a healthy dose of it. As much as I enjoyed abusing them, I wanted to keep the girls alive and well. The last thing I needed was one of them getting sick. Over the course of roughly an hour I made some breakfast for the three of us, and sat on a folding chair next to them as they ate.

I had untied their arms; I couldn't be bothered with feeding them an entire meal. After we all polished off our plates, I secured their arms once again and gagged them. When I wasn't around I didn't want them talking to each other. The possibility of them plotting an ill conceived escape plan was still high, and I had to stamp out the last of their resolve. I needed an old friend for that task. After covering the windshield and rear window of their car in order to keep it cool, and opening the windows a crack, I got back into my own car and reversed onto the road.

I set off in the direction of the nearest rest stop. It was a short drive, only fifty minutes, and it was thankfully very quiet. I jumped out of the car and made my way inside to find a payphone.

"In the back" murmured the server when I asked him. I thanked him and followed his direction, finding a rusty old phone crammed away in the corner of the store. It was, at least, still operational. I payed and dialed, my hands sweaty with anticipation. This had to work. "Hello?" came a voice from the other end of the line. I started, "Hey John, is that you?" "Yeah" came John's voice.

"Tom?" "Yeah, it's me." "Dude! What the fuck? I thought you were dead?" "Why, what do you mean?" John sounded startled. "You don't know? Man, where the hell have you been?" "What happened, just tell me?" "Your mom burnt your house down!" John exclaimed. "She's been taken in, dude, we all thought you were in there!

Your dad fucking disappeared, and." "I took my car though, why would you think I was dead?" "We didn't know where you'd go, thought it was just stolen. Where are you, man?" "I'm on the I-10." John sounded shocked. "What you doing on the interstate, man?

You running or something?" I chuckled. "Sort of." "Seriously, what's going on?" I hesitated for a second, deciding how best to approach this. "Look, John, you free this weekend?" There was a pause on the other end before John replied. "Sure, why? You want me to come out there?" "Yeah, you need to see this." "See what?" "It's a fucking surprise, dude, but trust me you'll enjoy the shit out of this weekend if you get out here." I waited a few seconds for his reply.

"Okay dude, I'll head out now. Do I need to tell anyone else?" "No, not yet" I told him. "Maybe in a while, but for now you're the guy. Bring food, water, beer, cigs and some cans of gas.

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I'll pay you back man, don't worry." "Cool. Where am I heading to?" "Just drive until you see my car. It's far, man, so don't worry if you think you've overshot." "Alright, in a bit man." John hung up and I leant against the wall, relieved that he was coming out. The news about my mom barely mattered, I had given her up already.

John Kiesel is one of my longest standing friends. We grew up together, fought together, killed together and we even fucked girls together. There isn't anything I'd keep him out of, and between the two of us we can definitely sort out Amy and Dianne.

I headed back to the car and returned to my little camp. Parking it at the side of the road, I walked down to the sheltered hollow and the other Chevelle came into view. I breathed a sigh of relief to see the girls still safe inside.

Opening the door, I knelt next to Dianne who turned to face me with wide eyes. I extended a hand and lowered it between her legs. My fingers came to rest on her pussy, and she gasped into her gag.

I began fingering her clit and I could tell by her squirming that, though she hated what I was doing, it was arousing her. Tears were flowing down her cheeks again, but she moaned in spite of herself. "An old friend of mine is coming, bitch" I told her. "He likes to fuck girls hard. You like the sound of that?" Dianne closed her eyes slowly, her writhing body twisting around in her seat.

"He likes the idea of fucking a girl to death you know. What about Amy, huh? Don't think it would take too much to put her out. What'da you think?" Dianne turned to me, a look of absolute horror on her crying face. Mumbled words came at me through the gag, and I laughed.

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"Well, we'll see." With that I stood and walked back up to my own car. After settling down and finding a radio station, I lit another cigarette and let my mind wander. A half formed plan was already building in my head. It occurred to me while driving back from the rest stop and the phone call with John. People would pay for this. It was the founding principle of my idea. I know that if I was offered the chance to fuck these hot little girls brutally and with no repercussions, I would pay a lot of money.

I have a ton of friends living in LA who I know would gladly drive out here for that chance. I'll need more girls. That's a priority if I go ahead with this. And it can't be done in cars, I'll need a camper or something.

Not hard to get hold of. No, the hard part is the girls. But I'm thinking how easy it ultimately was to kidnap Amy and Dianne a couple of nights ago. I could almost certainly do that again.

I've been hanging around in the car for a while now. The fun will begin when John gets here. And actually there's a car coming now. Hopefully it's him. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Saturday 15th May 1971 3:13 pm It was John.

He approached in his Dodge Ram, a beast of a car with plenty of room in the back for all the stuff I asked him to bring. He had several cans of gas, a box of food and drink, crates of beer and I could see a brick of cigs on the passenger seat. He came to a stop a few yards from my car, but I waved at him to drive off the road and down into the hollow.

I could see him over the hood, looking confused, but he followed my instructions. I dropped into my car and drove down there myself, parking alongside him. We climbed out and he embraced me fully, laughing out at the sky. "To think I thought you were dead this morning. And here you are living rough in the desert? What's with you, man?" He stepped away from me and looked over my shoulder at the other car. "Since when have you had two Chevelles?" he asked.

"Thursday night." John looked amazed. "You stole it?" "The car means nothing, man" I told him. "Go and look in the window." Still puzzled, John turned and headed over to the car. He peered in through the dusty glass. I watched as he froze. For close to half a minute he stood there, bent low and staring into my other car. Eventually he turned back to me, a huge grin etched onto his face. "What.

What the fuck have you done?" he questioned. I smiled. "I've gotten us two slaves, that's what I've fucking done." John looked back at the car, then back to me. He gestured at the trunk of his pickup.

"See all that shit? There is no way you're paying for that. The pay is right in there." I laughed. "Of course. Go on then, get involved. The girl is Amy, and her mother is Dianne.

Classy bitches, they were. But now? We use these cunts." John laughed gleefully. He turned and walked over to the car. I was curious to see who he'd go for. He walked around the vehicle, coming to stand next to Dianne.

I followed suit, taking position next to Amy. Together, John and I pulled the car doors open. The girls inside jerked awake, and I saw Amy's eyes widen as she saw me staring down at her with contempt.

"Hey there, bitch" John called down at Dianne. "So I hear you're Tom's newest slaves?

Well, you've got two masters now. So get out here and start sucking." He grabbed her, laughing maniacally, and pulled her out of the car onto the dirt. I was happy for now to simply watch, and allow Amy to see her mother being defiled.

John had unzipped his flies and his rapidly hardening cock hung just in front of Dianne's face. Seemingly she understood by now that she would be punished for not obeying, as she quickly leant forward and began sucking on John's dick.

I grinned as he leant back and leased a great sigh into the clear air. The only other sounds to be heard were the slurping and sucking from Dianne and the shallow sobbing from her daughter.

Soon John grew bored of the mother's best efforts, and I watched as he took her head in his hands and began pumping her back and forth over his cock, sliding it in and out of her gagging throat.

Tears began falling down Dianne's face also, mixing with the drool that fell and pooled on her heaving breasts. She was struggling now, but with her hands still bound all she could do was twist and writhe on the sun baked ground. I had grown restless, watching Dianne's abuse, and quickly I grabbed Amy from the car and pulled her down onto the dirt to join her mother.

She was less accepting of her predicament, and continued to struggle against my machinations. But in under a minute, I had my cock out and buried in her soaking wet mouth. It was all she could do not to throw up as my engorged member pumped back into the deepest recesses of her esophagus. Taking her hair in my fist, I pulled her close and leant next to the car, breathing in deeply as my cock exploded and I fired several great sticky wads of cum into the young girl's throat.

Her struggling body only drove me on, and yet more strands of semen pumped out over her tongue as I withdrew from her. I looked over and saw John was moving swiftly forward.

He had untied Dianne's legs, and pushed her down onto the ground. Now, spreading her legs, he was forcing one then two and finally three fingers fully into her cunt. I watched in awe as he began pumping them savagely back and forth, drawing out cries of both pain and pleasure from the blonde beauty. I turned back to Amy, eager to pop this young girl's cherry.

I was sure she was a virgin, she had told me yesterday that she had never even sucked a cock before. How could a girl go through life fucking yet not sucking? However, after I carried her over to lay on the hood of the car with her legs spread, I discovered the truth. I prodded at her pussy lips with the head of my cock, and was horrified to find out that I slipped in easily to her obviously used pussy. I withdrew and stepped back, taking in the information.

"You bitch!" I eventually yelled. "You're supposed to be a fucking virgin!" Amy looked terrified, lying there on the hood, trying to shield her open pussy from me with her legs. "She giving you trouble?" called out John, turning to me. "What was that you said?" I faced him. "She's already fucked, the slut. What a bitch, got my hopes up then tore them apart." I turned away, my brow furrowed, before facing Amy again.

"Well, I wanted to take a virginity. And I will. Oh, I fucking will, you cunt!" I stepped forward, grabbing the young girl's legs and turning her over. Her ass, now hanging over the front bumper, looked so inviting.

"I like your thinking, man" came John's voice from my left. He laughed, "Boy, that'll hurt her." I spat on my fingers and began rubbing it into Amy's puckered asshole. One small prod confirmed it. Yes, definitely an anal virgin. I would have my prize today, even if it was far more painful for the cumslave below me. Eventually, when she was well wetted, I prodded at the entrance to Amy's ass with my engorged cock.

She had been silently sobbing up until the point. But then she spoke. "Please" she begged. "Please, sir, don't." I chuckled. "Master, you bitch, not sir." "Please, mas." "Shut it, you fucking whore!" I bellowed. "I do what the fuck I want with you, and that includes ass fucking, and everything else it is possible to do to a girl." With that I began forcing my cock into her incredibly tight ass. She cried out, only until John had jumped up and clamped a hand to her mouth.

However the muffled screaming continued, as more and more of my pulsing member disappeared inside her tight hole. When I had her completely full, I started to slowly remove my cock from her. Amy had been reduced to a shuddering mess beneath me. John took his hand away, yet she no longer had the energy to force out a cry for help. Not that it really mattered. There was no one around for miles.

Even someone driving past wouldn't hear her over the sound of their car. I reveled in the knowledge that both these girls honestly had no escape. They were ours. For as long as we wanted them. With that I began to pump faster into Amy's ass, back and forth to the rhythm of her muffled moans. Every shove forced a grunt of pain out of her, one that I loved.

I started going harder, pummeling my cock into her as deep as it would go. Like a raging bull, I attacked her. And her ass was the red cape. Before long I was ready to burst again. I swiftly pulled out of Amy and flipped her over once more. Jacking off furiously, I fired my piping hot fluids all over her chest and tits. Exhausted, I looked over to see what John had been up to. He had Dianne sprawled on the dust, as he forced his own cock crotch deep into her soaking wet cunt.

Leaving my friend to his own devices, I returned to the trunk of the car to fetch some water for myself and Amy. After her ordeal, I was sure she needed it. I've returned to my own car to write down all of this while it's still fresh in my mind. I never want to forget this, never. And I can still see John playing with our pets by the other car. Perhaps I should go and join him. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Saturday 15th May 1971 8:34 pm What a day.

John and I fucked around with the girls for most of the afternoon. As the day became hotter and hotter we all retreated into the cover of the cars, occasionally swapping girls or joining each other for a cig and a beer.

Its great to have a friend out here in the sun. As great as the girls are, they're shit company. When the sun began to set we pulled together a decent dinner, before erecting the family camp furniture. I lifted Amy out of the car and sat her down at the table, while John took care of Dianne. We sat and ate, and John and I talked.

"You've been quiet, man, what you thinking?" he asked. I hesitated before responding. "Well" I began, "I've been building an idea all day. I'm gonna run it by you, and you should know that it may involve you." "I'm listening" he replied. "I'm thinking people would pay for this. C'mon man, just think about guys like Brian, and Matt. They love fucking the living daylights out of a girl too drugged up to care or too tied up to fight back.

I reckon either of them would fork over $100 to fuck Amy.

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And $150 to fuck Dianne, that cute bitch. They're just the baseline, man. What about Brad? Eddie? All these guys, all willing to jump on this. I'll tell you now what I told my dad, fuck working some shitty job all day every day until the day I die. But this, oh I could do this until that day, or at least until they take me in." John listened to my speech in its entirety, his eyebrows raised.

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"And me?" I chuckled. "I can't do this alone, dude. I got hold of these two mostly through luck. But when we take more. oh yes, there'll be more!

When we take more I'll need help keeping them contained. And who better than the guy standing across from me now." I saw John's telltale grin growing on his face. "So you're asking me if I want to help you run a ring of sex slavery, in the middle of the desert, relying on our old friends as clients? And you think you need to ask me if I'm in on this?" "I know I don't need to ask you.

Just letting you know the plan." John ran his hands through his long hair before he let out a crazed, maniacal laugh. "Oh, this is just too good, man." He turned to face me. "I'm so in on this. Just give the word, and I'll go get us some more girls to offer up." "Not yet, dude, not yet. We'll get as much as we can out of these two right here, first." As the evening wore on we ate, drank, smoked and laughed.

Dianne and Amy could do nothing but watch. However they were no longer crying. When we asked a question they would answer. I even saw Dianne crack the faintest of smiles when John made a particularly funny joke, in spite of herself. The girls were more at ease around us. And I was loving it. We've got them safely tucked away in the two seater now. John and I are hanging out in the pickup.

A couple more beers and a few more cigs, and I'll be out of it. Ready for another day. And perhaps tomorrow we'll call over a couple of old friends. Get this business underway. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Feel free to comment below