Brown ass riding big dick

Brown ass riding big dick
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Half an hour later Josh arrived at his new home and paid the cabby. He rang the bell, cursing at himself for not bringing his keys and waited. A few moments later the door opened and lucky for Josh, Vanessa opened. "Yes, can I …" she started before recognizing Josh. "Oh sorry Mister eh, Josh" "No problem" Josh smiled "I am just glad it's you opening the door, the others don't know me yet so that would have been awkward." Vanessa just smiled and opened the door further letting him in.

"Anyway, it's good that you're here because I need your help" Josh continued. "Most of my stuff is still packed and I need to buy some clothes for tonight, nothing too fancy" he said removing his jacket and wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Where do you usually shop?" Josh finally asked. "At Rock Palace in the mall, most malls have one" Vanessa answered and saw his shirt. "Is that a real one?" she asked him in awe. "Real what?" Josh asked uncertain as to what she referred. "Your polo shirt, is it a real one?" "Yeah, it was a gift from a friend I made last night" "Madre Mia" Vanessa said "some friend you made, they usually are only worn by the men that accompany the rich and famous and their dates for hire." "Yeah, I was told something like that" Josh grinned.

"Don't wear that tonight or you will be swarmed by wanna be call girls looking for a ride up." "Okay" Josh said still grinning "I won't." "Would it be alright if I stole you for an hour or so, so you could take me to the store?" Vanessa looked at Josh thinking before saying "No need Josh, after work around seven, I am heading there to look for myself so you can come along if you wish but I can't take you home again, too little time okay?." "Sounds like a plan" Josh replied "knock on my door when you are ready to go." Vanessa nodded and quickly left, continuing her work.

Josh walked upstairs to his room and passed his dad's room, seeing Angela lying on the bed in her bathrobe, her broken ankle on a pillow.

The radio was playing romantic tunes from a local station on a low volume. "Hey there" Josh said and went into the room "how are you feeling?" "Okay I suppose, where's Jonas?" Angela replied. "Still working on his business deal I think." "He worked most of the party, talking to his partners so I left and wandered a bit, making new friends and a business contact of my own" Josh continued, covering for his dad. "Good for you" Angela smiled warmly.

He didn't like lying to her but he figured that the truth was out of the question. "Need anything?" he asked kindly. "A warm dark stud would be nice, or your dad" she joked " but a coke will do." Josh nodded and went down to the kitchen to get a coke, getting himself one as well.

Taking the time to change his shirt and take of his boots, he walked barefoot to the master bedroom, two cokes in hand. She hadn't heard him walking to the door so she was barely on time removing her hand from her pussy when he came in, quickly covering her thighs again.

Josh caught a glimpse of her startled reaction and smiled inwardly. "Here you go" Josh said as if he hadn't seen anything and sat next to her on the bed. Rolling the can against her head she said "it's hot here isn't it?" "Yeah" Josh smiled "the ac won't be installed until Monday afternoon." They sat and chatted for a while when Josh started to smell her pussy, her aroused aroma strong on the air. He could tell she smelled it shortly after as well as she turned red in an instant.

"What's wrong?" Josh asked coyly. "Nothing, I am just …" she started and Josh finished "aroused a bit?" Her head snapped at his direction and she looked at him with questioning eyes. "No need to be ashamed about it" Josh said "I would be lying if I said your body did nothing for me." "What do you mean?

Exactly?" she asked in a uncertain tone. "I mean that you turn me on, your body, your smile, the way you dress sometimes" Josh answered looking straight ahead and trying to look innocent. "I really should kick you from my room" Angela sighed "but right now, I could use it to hear a bit more." "Like what?" Josh asked, still looking straight ahead at the wall.

"I don't really know, something naughty I guess, your dad has been working so hard lately that the last time we had sex was over a month ago" she said, her voice a bit softer now. "Ah okay" Josh said "are you absolutely sure because than I have a secret to spill." "A naughty secret?

Oh please tell me and tell it good, I am so in need of something hot right now" Angela said leaning back on her bed again, making herself comfortable. "Remember last May the party at the Oster's?" Josh started and continued when she nodded "remember what you wore that night?" She turned her head towards him, nodding again with a naughty smile. "I was in the men's room when I heard my dad and two of his partners talk about you." "They both complimented dad on you, how hot you looked and how lucky he was." Her hand slowly made its way to her pussy again, trying to be inconspicuous.

"Dad then started to tell them what kind of lingerie you wore beneath that dress and how he would have his way with you later that night before stopping at a very dirty moment and saying to them that the rest was for their imagination and their right hands." "He did?

Oh that is so sexy" Angela said trying to keep the heat from her voice. "Want to hear more?" Josh asked sweetly.


"Yeah, tell me something you did" she replied moving her head a bit closer to him. "A fantasy or something real? Your choice" Josh offered. "Something real, fantasies I have myself" she poked him playfully, smiling at him. "Between us then agreed?" he said and when she agreed he told her the story of his encounter with Sondra in all its lurid details, just changing her name.

Peeking at her during the telling of his tale, Josh saw that she had opened her robe more and her hand beneath it was working gently but consistently, her soft moans covered by music. When he described his cum shot on her face she turned her head into her pillow and cried out.

Her scent hung heavily in the room and a wet spot was forming between her legs. Josh waited patiently until she pulled her face out of the pillow. "That was so hot, she really did that? Oh why did I have to be so stupid to break my ankle?" "Don't think you did it on purpose" Josh kindly said to her, her face red from her orgasm. "I know" Angela sighed "think I might have been lucky there, like you I mean?" "I am certain of it, you are a gorgeous woman with a strong sense of self, I mean, I would do you" Josh teased a bit.

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"You would, wouldn't you" she said turning on her side, ignoring her robe slipping open. "Okay, tell me a fantasy of how you would have me" she whispered to Josh "in full detail." Josh looked at Angela and wondered how far he should go, if he kept this up, more than just words would pass between them.

Still on his buzz from last night he decided to go on and see where it ended. "Okay, picture yourself in our old house, we have just come back from the Oster's, to keep it a little familiar, and you and dad were working each other up in the car back." "As usual dad first goes to the bathroom before heading out to the study for some fun." "This time however, he falls asleep and unknown to you I am at his desk looking for his Playboy magazine." Angela grinned and closed her eyes, seeing it happen in her mind.

"Having found it, I am inspecting the women on display for suitable jacking images." "I feel myself get hard and am about to open my pants to start when you enter, wearing only the top half of your corset, your shawl, your garter, stockings and your pumps." "You turn of the lights and stand near the Chesterfield, holding your breasts up and basking in the moonlight." "You massage them together, moaning as you do and ask me or actually my dad to kiss them." Her eyes still closed, Angela mimicked the movements next to him on the bed.

The robe open now and her hands pressing her big breasts together. "Not knowing what to do, I wait until you ask me if I am too shy and telling me you will blindfold yourself." "You take of your panties and bind the silk shawl in front of your eyes." "When you are done, you move back to your breasts and ask me to come over again." "My hard cock deciding for me, I walk over to you and kiss and suck on your nipples, one at a time." "You moan and grab my pants, releasing my hard cock, I can feel you hesitate for a second as you notice the size difference but you soon move past that, slowly jacking me." "I start to rub your slit and clit and you feel wet to my fingers." "Letting go of my cock, you walk slowly away from me until you feel the coffee table and turn around, leaning on it, showing me your ass." "No sucking tonight Honey you say, you are hard enough so get it in." Josh stopped for a second to adjust his hard cock in his pants and looked at the masturbating woman next to him, her face betraying her lust and her eyes still closed.

"So I walk up behind you and feel your wonderful ass and legs, taking a lick at your pussy to taste it." "I grab my cock and aim it at your pussy and slowly push it in, it feels so warm and wonderful I almost come at once, your soft pussy lips caressing my cock, your pussy heating my cockhead." "So I steel myself and wait a moment before pushing it in as far as I can." "You start to talk dirty to me, calling yourself names to arouse me even more." "Then I start to fuck you, in my fantasy I last a long time and your hoses are wet with your pussy juice before I come hard, pulling my cock out and spraying my cum over your back." "I guess dad never did that because you turn around and say softly my name." "Josh" he heard her say in a whisper next to him, her face flush of a nearing orgasm.

"You remove the shawl and look at me saying how wonderful I was and what you shall do to repay me." "I stutter a bit and ask for a blow job, being a full virgin back then in my fantasy." "You look at me and kneel, spreading your legs wide and start to suck me, while your hands both play with your pussy and ass." The building moan next to Josh told him that she was about to come and he leaned over her head to kiss it.

Her eyes opening, she looked wild and grabbed his head, kissing him hard on the lips while her hand finished the deal on her orgasm. Josh felt her screaming in his mouth and enjoyed the kiss they shared before she fell back on the bed, looking sweaty and a lot more relaxed.

For a while Angela just lay there looking at him with new eyes. "I know you like what you see" she said showing her body "and I must say, that was a really good fantasy you had about me, made me come screaming." "I am glad you liked it, you look a lot better now and I don't mean without the robe" Josh replied. "Thanks for that, I really needed a release I guess" Angela said satisfied. "Tell you what, if Jonas is still busy after this weekend and I am still not fucked by him, I'll write a fantasy about you and you can make it happen to me" she said playfully.

"You're kidding" Josh said at first but then realized she was not. "Nope" was all she said. "Okay then, but write it anyway please" Josh asked getting of the bed and going into the bathroom to get a wet towel so she could clean herself up. "Thanks Josh" she said when he gave her the towel "I will, check your mail Monday." Giving her a kiss on the cheek he turned and walked out of the room saying "I will." Back in his room Josh thought about a quick jacking session, his cock raging hard from what just had happened.

Looking at the clock he realized he couldn't as Vanessa might knock within the next few minutes so he started to look for his combat boots, the old Dutch type. He was ready and still more than a bit horny when Vanessa knocked on his door. "Come in" he said as he closed a box full of clothing.

"Hello" Vanessa said politely "are you ready Josh?" "Yeah" he said, grabbing his phone, keys, wallet and sunglasses. "Are those the original wayfarer two sunglasses?" Vanessa asked when he grabbed them. "Yeah they are, they used to belong to my dad but now they're mine." "Nice" she said and walked out his door. She looked cute in her work uniform, in her regular clothing she looked very cute, hot even.

Her ass showing nicely in her jeans and her breasts suddenly very present in her white shirt. Following her lead, they left through the servants entrance and she threw him a helmet.

Vanessa walked to an old looking bike, the tank rusted and dirty.

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"She may not look like much but that's the only way she'll be safe back in my neighborhood" she said when he looked the bike over. "Hold on tight, I like going fast" she grinned at him as she fastened her helmet. Fastening his helmet, it felt a bit big so he tightened the strap a bit more. She was starting her bike and soon its roar sounded loudly. He took a seat behind her and held his arms around her waist. Vanessa almost corrected him but decided not to, his arms feeling secure around her waist.

The ride wasn't too long, Josh wondered if it was because she drove like a madwoman or because the bike could move past a lot of traffic, either way, they made good time. She parked the bike near the entrance and removed her helmet, locking her bike. Josh stepped of the bike slowly and removed his helmet.

"That was great" Josh said "the rush from driving like this makes me want to learn to ride as well." "Thank you" Vanessa said smiling and took his helmet, storing them in a locker in the mall. She knew exactly where to go and Josh just tried to keep up, flowing through the crowd. They had a quick bite at the food court before moving on. A few minutes later they arrived at the Rock Palace store. It wasn't just a clothing store, they sold everything rock related from posters through guitars.

"Come" she said and walked in the direction of the clothes. Josh followed her, his gaze being drawn to a new item every second.

"They don't have anything like this back home" he said to her catching up. "This is just the first floor Josh" she grinned wickedly at him. "Oh my god" Josh said amazed, he was in rock heaven. Looking around at the men's side of the clothing segment, Josh quickly found what he was shopping for. A pair of rough biker boots, semi wide worker pants in black, black leather belt, a classic Judas Priest singlet and a single layer leather outback coat, black.

"My" Vanessa said to him "going monochrome tonight?" "Not good?" Josh asked unfamiliar with the scene in America. "Make the singlet a white one and you'll fit right in, black only is more for the industrial crowd, metalheads like a little color." She also handed him two black leather bracers with leather strings, no studs. "These will go nicely with the shirt" she smiled at him. "As the lady says so shall it be done" Josh joked with her.

"You done already?" he asked her. "No but my wallet is" she grinned "paycheck won't be arriving till Wednesday." "I can spot you easily" Josh said. "You sure?" she asked and shut up when he showed his AE black card. "I'll pay you back, you have my word on it and for me that means something." She was almost turned around to head back to the women's side when she noticed his reaction to her words, his face showing respect. "What?" she said a bit uncomfortable under his stare.

Josh shook his head and smiled saying "Nothing, let's get your things." Walking past the shoe section, Josh saw a similar pair as the ones she was gawking over when they met.

"Aren't these the ones you were looking for?" he asked her pointing at the boots. "Funny rich boy" she smiled "have you looked at the heels?" Josh did and saw that they were high and thin, looking very sexy if worn he thought. "What's wrong with them?" "They are too high and too thin, on stage I need secure footing and be able to stand on them all night" she explained and showed him similar pair with shorter and wider heels.

"Just as sexy but soo much better for my feet." "Show 'm for me" Josh replied. "Not like this, you won't see what I mean with sexy" she said and put them back. "Okay then, get everything you need to make your killer outfit and show them then." Vanessa stared at him, wondering what his angle was or what he would want of her.

Seeing her look cloud over Josh quickly said "look, you have my word that I have no ulterior motive except to see you as you want to be seen on stage okay." "Just curious eh?" she asked and trusting her instincts she said "very well then." "But for future reference, in my hood when a man offers something like this, he wants booty and I don't work that way okay?" Josh looked confused at her and she sighed smiling "I keep forgetting that you are foreign, your accent is hardly noticeable, I am sorry okay, I'll try not to judge you like you are from my hood." "Okay" Josh simply said and followed her past the clothing racks.

She knew exactly what she wanted and where to find it, being done in moments.


Diving in a free changing booth as soon as she saw one, Josh waited patiently outside. While he waited, a store assistant came over asking if she could help. She was a small Latino woman, like Vanessa well proportioned but a little more wild looking. Josh was about to say no when Vanessa called out surprised "Camilla?" Popping her head out she grinned and the store assistant did the same.

"Getting some last minute updates for your show kit?" Camilla asked. "Nah, I am just showing my" she hesitated for a second "friend here the ensemble I am going for." Camilla looked at Josh and smiled big time "Hi, I am Camilla, bass player and fun chick extraordinaire, Cam to friends." Josh smiled back and said "pleased to meet you Cam, I am looking forward to tonight's show." "Ah, yeah" Cam's face turned down "about that, I meant to call you Vee." "Carlo and Cindy had an accident with their car yesterday, Carlo broke his leg but Cindy's fine." "The car is totaled and guess what, so is my guitar that was still in their trunk." "I was hoping to borrow one but no one is willing." Vanessa looked like someone had just killed her kitten and Cam's look wasn't far off.

"What kind of guitar do you play?"Josh asked with a grin. "A Fender Astro" Cam said and looked at Josh "why are you grinning?" "You can borrow mine if you like, it's a Stratocaster though" Josh replied. "You serious?" she asked Josh and turned to Vanessa asking again "is he serious?" "If I wasn't would you be able to play tonight?" Josh simply asked.

"No" they both said.

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"There you go" he grinned "you might want to get a new set of strings though, mine are pretty worn and I have no idea where my spare are." "What color is it?" Cam asked excitedly.

"Matted black with high gloss metallic red" "I don't suppose you have it with you" she said, her face one big smile. Josh laughed and said "no, it's back home but I can bring it earlier tonight if you want." Vanessa had finished changing her clothes and opened the curtain.

Stepping in front of the mirror, Vanessa adjusted her big black belt and turned to Josh. "This is what I would chose to wear if I could afford it." Josh slowly looked her over, he almost didn't recognize her.

Wearing the knee length glossy black boots over a very dark burgundy pair of stretch tights with circular holes on the sides, a big black belt and a black armored looking corset that really showed of her breasts, pushing them together and up.

Saying nothing for a bit too long Vanessa said "well? What do you think?" Josh looked startled at her face and said "wow." Having a ball at his expense Cam said "He's right, wow says it all." "How" Josh started to say "how much is that outfit, complete?" Cam quickly scanned all the tags and said "248 including taxes." "Sold" said Josh feeling his temperature among other things rise.

"I'll pay you back" Vanessa said "it's not a gift okay." "Okay" Josh simply said "no problem." Satisfied, Vanessa went back in to change back. "Don't take it personal" Cam said softly "she's really proud of her self sufficiency, allowing almost no one to help her." "I see" Josh whispered back. "So what did you get?" she asked Josh looking at the bundle he held. He let her shift through his choices and when she was done she looked at him, taking stock.

"Hmm, try the set on, something's off" Cam said and ushered him in a free booth. "Bossy aren't you?" Josh joked at Cam and she replied grinning "you have no idea." Changing quickly, Josh was done before Vanessa. Cam looked him over and told him to take of the coat, that was a good choice. "Normally I would go with the white top as well, but you lack a tan and are kinda pale so let's change that for a black one, switch those bulky bracers for something else and get you something for your neck and upper arms, you have very nice definition there so let's show it off." Josh took of the bracers and the shirt, handing it to Cam and walked back in the booth.

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He didn't notice Cam staring at his back, her face flushed. Within a few minutes Cam had exchanged the items and taken a few extra with her. Vanessa was out, holding her outfit and was waiting for them. Cam motioned for Vanessa to come over to her and said when she was close "you know who your friend is?" "Josh?" Vanessa answered "Yeah he is the son of my boss, the new job I told you about." "He's not only that" Cam said "remember the texts Gail send us last night?" "Vaguely, something about an auction of men I think" "Yeah well she shared the movie with me this morning, look" said Cam showing a vid on her phone to Vanessa.

The sound was crap and the image quality wasn't that great but you could still see the stage and two men being whipped. "Gail said that the left one took around thirty and the right on forty eight, going for half a million" Cam told Vanessa excitedly. "What's his last name?" Cam asked Vanessa, both looking intently at the small screen. "Josh? Van der Haagen" Vanessa replied, biting her lip and blinking rapidly as now only the one was whipped.

Cam looked at Vanessa, not wanting to miss the next moment. "The winner with 48 lashes is Josh van der Haagen" the voice of the dominatrix announcing it exclaimed before applause made everything inaudible. "Oh fuck me" Vanessa whispered almost pale and her gaze going to the booth Josh was in. "No, lets fuck him" Cam said luridly. Whatever Vanessa's reply would have been, it was interrupted by the store announcement that it was almost closing time.

"Damn it, I have to go or I won't be on time" Vanessa exclaimed, still flushed from the video. "Can you take Josh to the Forge, you still need to pick up his guitar" Vanessa asked Cam. "Oh right, I'll phone the others, you get your ass back there on time okay?" Cam yelled at her back. "Josh?" Cam asked outside the booth "are you decent?" "Always" he grinned "even when I am naked." She smiled at his joke and went in, giving him the items she exchanged for him.

"I'll be giving you a ride back home, to pick up the guitar and take you to the Forge." "Vanessa needed to rush I suppose" Josh said while he changed. "She lives further from here so with traffic she'll be there barely on time." "I however have my clothes and kit in my car so no need to go back" Cam finished.

When Josh was finished, Cam placed small leather straps on his upper arms and adjusted the new bracers, they were still black leather but more mean looking.

"Better" she said and handed him a plain black collar with a single ring. "In case you want to play tonight" Cam explained "any girl that wants can hook you if you wish." Josh looked curious at Cam and asked "and?" "And have her way with you, there will be girls wearing one too, don't worry." Josh grinned wickedly at her and she wondered what else he had been up to at that party Gail was so wild about.

Walking back after having paid for himself and Vanessa, Cam started to chat with him. Josh enjoyed the conversation, liking Cam's dirty mind not to mention her fine body. The ride home was smooth with little traffic and they found themselves not needing to hurry. When they came to the house Cam said "Shit, my apartment is probably as big as your closet." In his room she laughed when she saw the unpacked mess, dropping her bags in the middle.

"If you want to freshen up" Josh offered and pointed at the bathroom. "No need, within an hour or so I'll be sweaty all over anyway but thanks" Cam said looking around. Josh quickly changed into his new outfit, transferred some cash to his chained wallet and brushed his teeth. When he came back, Cam had removed his old strings and was placing her new ones. "It's a very nice guitar Josh" Cam said not looking up "thanks again, I'll be gentle with her." "Gentle?" Josh said grinning "I should hope not, she needs to scream." "You know what I mean silly" she replied.

Josh sat down on his bed and said "I know, just kidding a bit." Cam tuned the guitar quickly and placed it back in its flight case. In full view of Josh, Cam took of her shirt showing her maxed out bra C cup sized and a tight stomach. She then took of her shoes and pants, revealing a very small black string and a very nice ass. Standing up, she stretched, showing of her body to Josh.

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"Like what you see?" she said to him casually. "How can I not when a Latino goddess in almost naked in my room?" Josh said relaxed.

"Goddess eh?" Cam said opening her bag and giving him a good view of her ass "I like that." "How do you worship Goddesses in your country Josh?" she asked, tossing her clothes on his bed. "Any way they like" Josh grinned at her. "No wonder" she said smiling and got up, walking to her slim pile of clothes, a pair of very long leather boots in her hand.

"No wonder what?"Josh asked looking with interest at the boots she held in her hand. "That you almost melted the Ice Queen Vanessa within two days and got yourself invited to one of the most sexy and exclusive parties this year, not to mention going backstage at a concert where I am playing, the Latino Goddess" Cam said, flipping her hair and striking a pose. Josh looked at Cam, her fine body, perfect tanned skin and lush hair and wondered what she expected of him. "Eh Josh" Cam said, still in her pose "this is the moment where you worship me, in the flesh." She was about to ask if he was dense and that she offered to have sex with him when he spoke "how much time can we spend, it is a quarter past nine almost." "Crap" Cam said disappointed "that's not much time." "If you would consider a small dish now and after the concert the main course, I am willing to worship right now, very fast" Josh said, already removing his singlet.

"But understand that I am not looking for a relationship at this time okay?" "Me neither" said Cam and she helped him strip. Naked, she pushed Josh back on the bed and directly started to suck him fast and hard. Her tongue raced like a devil on his cockhead and her small mouth with its soft luscious lips worked miracles on his shaft. Reaching for her, he strained a bit and lifted her hips over his face, slowly letting her down.

Eager she spread her legs, trying to keep him in her mouth while he moved her around. Silently Josh was grateful that she was so small and light.

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Like her he spared no moment and attacked her slit with gusto, his tongue racing up and down, playing with her clit. Her moist cunt was trimmed not shaven and Josh enjoyed the change of scenery. Twisting his skin around she made Josh moan in her cunt, enjoying the sounds of his pleasure. He played his trick on her with his fingers and soon her cock muffled cries become louder. When he felt her legs tense, he assaulted her clit and made her come. Squirming in his grip, her body wracked by pleasure she continued to keep his cock in her mouth.

Escaping from his grip she rode her wet cunt over his chest s few time, bending almost double. He continued licking her when she sat again until the flow of her juices went from a stream to a trickle. Stopping her sucking of his cock for a second she breathed rapidly "Josh, do that again, please." Doing as requested, he did his trick again, this time with more teasing and harder pressure.

Making her come hard again, so soon after the first, she couldn't keep him is her mouth and she moaned softly whispering in Spanish, his cock resting against her cheek. Josh was surprised with her intense second orgasm, she almost squirted her juices this time.

Again she rubbed her slit against his chest, going lower this time before returning to his face. With genuine pleasure Josh licked her clean again, her body shuddering when he came close to a sensitive spot. Cam moved away from his head and pulled his legs over the side of his bed, sitting on her knees between them. Josh moved to sit up and wondered what she was up to, he almost came and was very close still. She sat up as high as she could and spat between her breasts, already moist with sweat.

Spreading her spit between her breasts by rolling them against each other she looked at Josh and smiled saying "get ready for the titty fuck of your life." Leaning up against him, she engulfed his cock between her breasts and moved up and down, licking his cockhead each time it came up with her long tongue. Josh moaned hard and deep, a new sensation played with his cock and it felt wonderful.

Rushing a bit, Cam moved quickly up and down, jacking him with her tits. The friction soon became intense and Josh gasped when he was about to come. Cam took his cock in her hand and jacked the last few strokes, aiming his cock down to her chest.

The angle was wrong, almost painful for his cock and she jacked too hard but Josh came loudly, shooting enormous amounts of cum on her breasts. The downward angle making each burst burn in his cock and shoot out with more force. Cam was shocked at the force and amount with which Josh came on her and looked at his cock shooting with naughty fun in her eyes. When the main burst was done, she took him back in her mouth and sucked and licked the last bit out of him, jacking him gently this time.

"Wow" Josh said breathing heavily "short but intense." "Wow right back at ya" Cam smiled and wiped the sweat from her face. "Do you want a towel or a quick shower?" Josh asked Cam. "Nah, I'm good" she said and started to spread his cum around her breasts and belly. Josh looked in wonderment at what she was doing. "Watch and learn Josh" she said without looking up and grabbed a small bottle of oil from her bag.

She let the oil drop between her breasts and started to massage it in her skin, the sight very erotic and the scent very pleasant and alluring. She handed him the bottle and said "you do the same with my cum." Curious he did as she told and applied the oil to his chest and arms, the cool feeling it gave feeling very pleasant on his hot skin.

When he was done he saw she was doing her entire body, leaving her skin looking shining and hot. She took some more oil in on hand and moved her other a few times through her slit, pushed a few fingers in her cunt and then rubbed them together and massaged the mixture on Josh's cock.

"Still hard" Cam said pleased "just the way I like it." "What is so special about this?" Josh asked. "We have marked each other with our sex scent, it's like a claim in my culture." "No little putta is going to bother you, only those that are like me, alpha" she explained. Josh nodded and wondered what else she might introduce him to but the reaction of Vanessa made him worry a bit so he asked "won't Vanessa be annoyed that you marked me?" Cam looked at him and grinned "she isn't playing for your team Josh, she's on my team." It took him a few seconds to figure out what she meant and then smiled "gotcha." Cam checked the time and told Josh to get dressed again, they needed to hurry a bit now.

While he got dressed, he couldn't help but stare at the small Latino girl next to him. She was getting dressed in her stage clothing and it screamed sex at Josh.

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Her thigh high leather boots let a little skin show before her short plaid skirt began, hiding the smallest G string and her tight fitting stretch shirt had so many holes, it was barely a shirt. The only almost normal piece of clothing was her bra and even that pushed her breasts together and up in a way that said sex to him.

A sleeveless denim long coat was the final peace of her outfit and she stood in front of the mirror checking herself and approving. "I'll do my hair and makeup at the club" she said and gave an approving look to Josh.

"We make quite a pair" she grinned and got her bags. Josh picked up the flight case with his guitar and smiled "does this make me a roady?" "No, but having sex with me does" Cam joked and they left his room for her car.