Guy pull out his dick for doctor and gay men physical exam Watch the

Guy pull out his dick for doctor and gay men physical exam Watch the
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I usually go food shopping at the local supermarket near my home. Me and my family live in a predominantly white area. I'm 43 and have been married for 10 years to my second husband. We have a good sex life but its a bit boring. LOL. He is in good shape but not the best equipment, but he makes up for it with his oral skills. I am a professional and manage a detail store.

I have always lusted after black men but never acted on it. Of course no one in my family knows about my obsession. I have worked with many black men and became friends with them but never cheated. Until about 4 months ago! It started with a trip to the grocery store by my job. I was going there on my lunch break to get something to eat. I was on a diet because I'm way overweight. So I was going to buy a salad. As I was walking to the produce aisle, I recognized Darryl, a guy my daughter dated about a year ago.

He was looking as hot as ever! He used to flirt with me all the time when they were together. He was a big time player.that's why they broke up. I said hello to him and he gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. His body felt so hard against me as we embraced.


I felt my juices start to flow immediately! He noticed that I was blushing as we broke out of the embrace. We had some small talk for a minute, he was paged over the intercom so he had to go. But before he left he told me that I looked real good and winked. I was so flustered I forgot why I was in the store. All that I could think about was Darryl manhandling me! He was 23! Twenty years younger but I felt like a little girl in his presence. I never told my daughter or husband that I saw him there.

My husband hates him. I started going there for lunch there three to four days a week after that just to see him. Every time Darryl would flirt a little more. Then one day, he came up behind me and hugged me.

Grabbed my waist and kissed me on the neck! I melted! Feeling his hard pecs against my back and the bulge against my ass through my skirt. A coworker of his saw this and laughed.

Darryl whispered to me that he wanted to do this for so long. He said big ass white bitches need black cock!! I was so turned on! I couldn't believe he was so daring, the store was kind of empty at this time of day so it wasn't too crazy but still! I told him that I couldn't cheat on Daniel.

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He took me by my hand and said follow. I couldn't resist him and he knew that. He led me threw the deli section into a stock room. Another young black stud was working. Darryl told him "I told you I'd get her back here nigga" They both laughed as Darryl motioned to him to watch the door. Darryl led me behind a few tall pallets. He just stared at me.


I was wearing a white blouse and black skirt. He said " get those clothes off fat ass!" I told him no. I'm married and don't cheat. I will never forget the next 5 minutes as long as I live.

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When I told him no, Darryl took his belt off and didn't hesitate to grab my hair, turned me around and whacked my big ass with it. I couldn't believe what was happening! I was so turned on my pussy started juicing and realized for the first time in my life that I was a whore! A married mother of three cheap whore!

Darryl knew he had me from the look on my face. He made a comment loud enough for his co worker Ron can here, " I'm going break you in properly fatty".


Ron from the doorway said "They all need to be put in there place! They gotta be brought down a few notches." I was so scared but I was more turned on. The idea of being treated like a piece of meat really made me feel so alive. My daughter's ex was truly a black god. He knew he was hot and used it very well. Even though I want nothing else but to be fucked like crazy by him, I was still frozen. He said again "Take your clothes off now!

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You big sloppy ass pig." When I didn't do as I was told. Darryl grabbed a hold of my blouse and ripped it right off. I was so stunned. He then turned me around again and must have took a knife out and cut my bra off next. My heavy breasts plopped out and before I knew it was spun around and smacked right across my face. I was so embarrassed and very humbled by this. My eyes were watering now from the smack and from being stripped half naked in a stock room around the corner from my job where I make very good money and very respected by a young black stock person.

He called to Ron "Hey my brother, I'm sending her over to you, take care of the rest of that garbage she is wearing." Darryl faced me towards the door and grabbed me by the back of my hair, pulling my back on my heels and said " you are such a whore, you can walk out any time. Do you want to leave now?" I instantly said "no". My pussy was on fire at this point.

I could not walk away from this. Even tho I loved my husband, the lust was much stronger! "Now get that old ass over to Ron now!" he said. Darryl pushed me by the hair in that direction. As I walked over to the door I felt so dirty. As I approached Ron, my nipples really hardened. They were big normally, but now they were sticking out very long.

Standing about two feet away from Ron, I saw him look to his left. I heard a young woman's voice ask him "Do you know if there are any extra rolls of tape back there?

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Ron said "yeah Rosa, they are on the second shelf in the back. I was totally stunned as Rosa walked through the doorway. She was spanish, maybe 18 or 19 years old. She stopped for a moment when she saw me standing there naked from the waist up and chuckled.

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As she past me to get to the shelf, she said " another victim Ron?" He said " hell ya mami! these white married bitches are so damn easy." and they both broke out laughing. Darryl said "hey Rosa, hold up a second. Watch this." Darryl stepped towards me and grabbed my skirt with both hands at the hips, catching a hold of my panties at the same time and pulled them down.

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As they landed on the floor, I was now standing completely naked in front of all three of them. Rosa said " OMG. LOOK AT THAT BIG ASS!" to be continued.