Busty tattooed bikini clad babe oils up ampampamp masturbates outdoors

Busty tattooed bikini clad babe oils up ampampamp masturbates outdoors
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True Story: My choir took a two week choir trip every summer. We would go from town to town singing in churches, spending the night in someone's home, and then getting back on the bus again.

A few time we would stay in a motel, but not often. Sometimes we would ride the bus through the night, sleeping in it until the next stop to sing again. It was loads of fun. I loved the singing. I enjoyed my friends. The families we stayed with were nice and sometimes we went out with their kids our age and had fun. But best of all was being with my girl on the bus. I had met this girl, a sophomore in HS, and been dating her a year at this time.

She went to a different school than me so we only saw each other once or twice a month. I was a senior. Her dad hated me, but her mother liked me, so I was allowed to date her. Anyway, by this time we had parked (for young folks that is parking your car in a secluded place and making out) several time, kissed a lot and played with each other. No sex yet (it was the old days and not done so much or so quickly).

Getting to the interesting part, on the second night out, a night trip, my girl and I were in the back of the bus next to the very back seats on the left side of the bus. Almost everyone was asleep. Side detail: All the adults sat in the front of the bus. Are they really that stupid? Or did they know and understand teens because they remembered their teen years. My girl and I had the blanket over us. I sat in the aisle seat and she laid down with her head in my lap, the blanket covering her.

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We quietly kissed and I slipped my hand under the blanket and began cupping her breast. Cupping her breast, my hand was more than full. She had very nice large white breasts, with dollar sized areolas and brown nipples. I was the first boy she had let play with them and she loved it.

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I never had to ask, just touch. I squeezed first one and then the other through her bra and she was getting into the mood. She reached behind her back and undid her bra and I lifted it off her breasts, still under the blanket. Now her fleshly tits and nipples were free for me to squeeze, pinch, and cuddle. I could hear her sigh several times. She loved it and so did I. I guess I played with her tits for a half hour when I began sliding my hand down over her stomach, playing with her belly button, and down to her panties.

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She just wore standard white panties, nothing fancy, but it was what was underneath that really mattered. I rubbed her mound on top of her panties.

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I always like taking lots of time playing and stimulating before getting down to sex. I rubbed her mound, moving lower to her pussy. Her panties were already wet and riding into her slit, making a nice camel toe. When it's not dark and she is not under a blanket, she has a beautiful camel toe.


Finding her already wet, I moved my hand back up to the top of her panties and underneath them. Now I ran my finger through her dark black pussy hair (no girls shaved back then).

I play in the course hairs, pulling gently on them and tickling her mound. Then I slid my middle finger into her wet slit. I was sopping wet.


As I slid my finger lower, it easily went into her cunt to the second knuckle it was so wet. I think she had already had an orgasm, but made no sound. Now, I had on hand diddling her pussy and the other I had moved under the blanket to continue playing with those wonderful tits.

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I was finger fucking her with two fingers; rubbing her clit with my thumb; and twisting one nipple and then the other. How she stayed quiet, I do not know. She just leaned up and kissed me. By this time I would smell her pussy juices in the air and I guess others could too because her girl friend leaned over the seat in from and started watching us.

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She had a giant grin. She poked her boy friend and leaned over too and grinned. I never stopped. I just smiled back. She just lay there, eyes closed with a big smile on her face. After 10-15 minutes they sat back down in their seats and I heard them making out as well.

Back to us. I must have hit her G-spot because she shook and bucked and cum squirted out of her all over my hand. Now it smelled even more. Anyway, I took my hand out from under her panties and the blanket, brought it to my nose and relished in the smell and then licked my fingers and hand. I raised up a bit and looked around to see if others were asleep or watching.

I think all but the couple in front were asleep, so I scooted out from under my girl onto my knees on the floor of the bus, lifted the blanket, stuck my heat under, pulled her dress up and her panties down, stuck my face in her crouch and began licking up all that wonderful girl nectar.

I licked as deep as my tongue would reach, which caused another orgasm, again she was quiet, as she always was. Her legs squeezed my head until I though it would burst, but I continued lapping up that wonderful juice.

After that orgasm, I licked up her slit to her clit. I flicked it with my tongue, circled it clockwise and counterclockwise and finally held it between my teeth very gently. Now she started moaning and hit me on the head and said stop or she would have to yell.

I quit. So I got back up and sat down in my seat. She sat up in hers next to me. We kissed awhile and then she put the blanket over my lap, slid her hands under it and began undoing my belt and pants button and zipper. I knew what was coming. It would soon be me! I raised my ass off the seat and she lowered my pants and underwear.

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I was already hard. She wrapped her warm hand around my dick and proceeded to play with the tip of my penis. She pinched it so my cum hole would open and she slipped part of her fingernail into it. Fantastic‼ She rubbed the head and when she leaned over to kiss me, her other hand went under the blanket to caress my balls. She rolled my nuts around inside my sack, never hard and no pain, but I like them played with roughly.


She pushed them up and pulled them down and slapped then gently.WOW‼ Then she began stroking my cock. I already had enough precum dripping that she needed no other lubricant.

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She jacked me off and played with my balls for about 10 minutes or so when I told her I was about to cum. She quickly went under the blanket with her head, engulfed my cock with her mouth and sucked cum shot after cum shot, swallowing all of it. After I finished, she came up and we kissed; she sharing some of my cum with me. This was a two week trip for our choir and we got to do similar things about three times during the trip.

The adults never caught us. We watched our friends once. We even played with each other during the day trips, just not as much or brazenly. I have more stories like this about the night we stayed in a motel and a night at a family's house which had one cute sex-crazed young girl, but those are other stories for another time.

By the way, I married that girl and still married now for 50 years.