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Vivian schmitt sex
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As mentioned in previous stories concerning my teenage years and my sexual experiences. I often stayed over in my friends' houses. One friend of mine Matt, lived in a large farmhouse at the top of the road. I had heard my older brothers speaking about Megan, Matt's older sister. She was 20, (I was 15 at this time) and according to my brother, she liked to put on a show for friends of Derek ( Matt's brother) when they called to the house to see if he was coming out to play etc.

My brother told me that nearly every time they walked up their long driveway top the house, they could see Megan in her room on the first floor. She would almost always be there changing her clothes. The vantage point would let them see only the top part of her body. They saw her breasts loads of time they told me. It was obvious that she knew they were coming and was waiting in her room to flash them and pretend she was oblivious to their eyes on her.

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She was a girl after my own heart as I had been practicing the same trick with girls in the neighbourhood. I can safely say that Megan was fairly hot. She was tanned and had long dark hair.

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She was tall, about 5'7, and had a small overbite with a little gap between her two front teeth. I found this very attractive. I think she was in university at the time but was home for the summer.

She was working in a local hotel as a receptionist and worked till 11 pm or so most nights. One weekend I was staying in Matt's house for the night. We were just chilling watching a movie, his parents were out. It was just us in the house for the moment. We heard the back kitchen door open and Martin said it was Megan.

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We continued watching the movie. Megan came in to the living room. I remember how tanned she looked; she was wearing a short pleated skirt, a tartany design, fashionable at the time and flat shoes.

Her legs were so brown. She also wore a white shirt that had the hotels crest on it. It was nice and tight across her more than generous breasts. She said hi and flopped on a chair to my left.

I couldn't stop my eyes from addressing her legs as she looked at the TV and the movie we were watching. "What's the movie?" she said with little interest. Matt saw me looking at her legs when he turned her way to answer her. I quickly looked back at the TV. "Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger?" Matt answered. He himself was now looking at her legs and shifted in his seat. Let me say at this point that I think she may have been smoking grass at the side of the house before she came in. There was a hint of a smell which at the time I thought was some strange hippy perfume.

Megan crossed her legs and looked at me. Again, I glanced at her legs and the perfect contours and definition from the tops of her thighs to her delicate ankles.

"How are you Paul? Long time no see!" "Ya, good thanks" I mumbled shyly. "Great" she said with a big smile. I looked at her legs again and tried to take her in.


Matt continued to watch the TV. Every so often Megan would look at me and catch me spying on her legs, I would avert my eyes quickly every time. I was getting a bit hot under the collar at this stage and my teenage cock was quite hard and leaking loads of precum. She definitely knew I was checking her out. I had to go to the bathroom so I excused myself and went upstairs to their toilet. I had a raging hard on. I struggled to point my leaking and upright cock in the direction of the toilet bowl.

I commenced to piss and suddenly I saw reflected in the dark window, Megan's head peering in the door. I turned my head immediately and looked at her.

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"Oh sorry!" she said and closed the door. I was unsure what to think. I tucked my cock into my tracksuit bottoms and stood there, looking at my face in the window's reflection. She knew that I was in the toilet. How long had she been there looking in? My boner, which had disappeared at this stage, found new life in this set of circumstances; I grabbed it reassuringly over my trousers and realized a small stain was on my tracksuit where my cock pressed against it.

I opened the bathroom door and stepped out. Megan's room was directly across from the bathroom, about 12 feet from where I was standing. The light was on and the door was about 70° open and I could see her shadow moving on the floor. I stood still and watched. The shadow stopped moving. Her bed was in the far left corner of her room as you walked in.

I crept a bit to my right and looked in through the gap where the door hinges were and stepped a bit closer. She was standing with her side towards the door and I deduced she was looking herself in the mirror which I could see hanging on the wall on the right side of the room as you walked in.

She was definitely naked. I started to feel the outside of my crotch at the bulge was growing nicely. I needed to go back downstairs to Matt but look I had to see more. I took light steps on the carpeted floor, knowing that the old house had creaky floor boards. It was so quiet. Then I stepped on a creaky board. Crrrreeaaakkkk! Shit! Megan appeared in a flash (excuse the pun) at her door, gloriously nude. Beautiful. Tanned, her entire body. Voluptuous breasts, proportionate, belly ring, bushy black triangle.

I was agape. "Sorry, I-I&hellip.", I stuttered, my hands fumbling and pointing downstairs and to the toilet. "Its okay, I don't mind," she seemed nervous, unsure. I don't think she had been in this position before herself. She was excited and breathing heavier than she should.

She was proud of her gorgeous body, no doubt. Her nipples and areole were all wrinkled and scrunched together and erect. I knew this meant she was excited.

I was close enough to have reached out and touched them. "Do you like what you see?" she asked, as she caressed her flat belly with her left hand while her right rubbed her outer thigh. "Why, am, yes, I like it…er.", I said, searching for words and my cock.

She turned around, revealing an exquisite and toned ass. I could see the marks made by her undies. Not a bit of flesh out of place.

My cock was huge and spitting precum at this stage. I could feel the wet patch in my trousers. Note that this whole period, from me leaving the toilet to her revealing her ass was about one minute at most. She was back in her room and posed where I could see her, looking in the mirror, with her side to me. She was now smoothing her hands all over her breasts. She looked at me every 3 or 4 seconds to see my reaction. "Do you want to touch me?" she said with an imploring look in my direction.

I was speechless and was conscious of how my hand was squeezing the top of my penis through my tracksuit. Megan too could see the bulge and turned towards me. She was so stunning. She started to feel around her pubic hair, groping below where I could not see, her mouth was open and she looked on the verge of losing control. She continued to rub her breasts and tweak her nipples.

It was time for me to play. I was about to reveal my huge throbbing cock to her but I heard Matt open the door at the bottom of the stairs. Megan heard it too, and quickly retreated further into her room, vainly covering herself with her hands.

I turned around, my face all flushed with the spectacle I witnessed, my massive erection protruding through the fabric of my tracksuit and I walked the 3 or 4 steps to the top of the stairs.

I continued down the narrow stairs and met Matt at the bend in the stairs and his eyes saw the wet stain on my tracksuit and my cock still hard underneath. I couldn't believe he was looking straight at it.

"Everything okay?" he said this with a knowing tone it seemed. "Ya, of course, grand", I said, as matter of factly as I could manage. He continued up the stairs and I returned to the living room. I felt the Matt had some inkling about what just happened, but how could he know? Matt's parents arrived home late and after the movie finished, we went to his bedroom.

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We passed Megan's room and I could see light from underneath the door. I wandered what she was up to in there. I imagined her finger fucking herself or using a dildo or something. I was sharing a double bed with Matt, which was no problem.

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I am not gay by any means but at this time I was highly sexual. Matt is tall guy like his sister and the rest of his family, with dark good looks. He also has a huge cock. I had seen in our football teams changing room one time.

It didn't turn me on, so to speak, but I realized that I liked to look at cocks and I had no idea what else was going to happen that night! Matt always slept with only his boxers on. I slept nude when at home but here I had to wear my t shirt, but I always slipped off my boxers when I get under the covers.

Matt and I were in bed. I was on my side looking at the lava lamp he had in his room. I was having a fantasy about Megan and me and what I would do to her if I snuck into her room during the night. I was really getting in to this fantasy and my penis was really hard and pulsating. I really wanted to grab it and beat off. Thirty minutes had passed and I was very still all this time and then I felt Matt shift on the bed. He had moved closer.

I knew this because I could feel myself fall more towards the centre of the bed but I thought nothing of it. Then I felt something bump against my bare ass.

I didn't move a bit or let on anything. Then I felt this 'thing' poke more into my ass crack and between my legs, probing me almost, testing the waters. My mind went back to the first time I was 'with' Chloe (previous story) and what I did to her with my boner. Matt was touching me with his hard erect cock!

I felt him gyrate his hips slightly and his huge penis hitting the back of my thighs. I pictured the situation in my head and I got really turned on.

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His cock was rubbing against my ass! I felt him move it deeper between my cheeks. Next thing, I feel his hand reach over under the covers and gently fondle my cock! He found my cock very hard and I heard a slight exclamation from Matt. He started to stroke my throbbing cock. He was getting it so hard.

Up and down the shaft steadily and surely he continued.

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I moaned a bit, I couldn't stop it. I pretended to be still asleep. I was getting very close to cumming given all that had occurred that evening. I moaned a bit more and I had to move my hips to meet his motion. Suddenly, I convulsed and I shot my load all over the place. The juice went all over the sheets and on Matt's hand, I presume, as it was still under the covers.

His cock was still firmly planted in my ass crack, wedged there and he began to push it a bit more. I didn't want that, so I tried something else. After a few minutes I moved my body so I was lying on my back, all the time pretending sleep.

After two or three minutes Matt started to grope me once more and he felt up my semi hard cock, smearing the existing cum all over it. I motioned like I was waking up and Matt moved away and pretended to be asleep on his side. I was feeling fairly good at this stage so I decided to give Matt some of his own medicine.


Sidling up to him, I placed my now strong erect penis on his ass crack. I pressed it as much as possible towards his crack, even lifting his cheek a bit. I reached over and grasped his swollen, giant cock. Man, it felt so good. I really wanted to lick it and give him a blow job. I was so horny now that I could do anything. I started massaging his beautiful 8 inch cock and Matt turned on to his back.

He had his eyes closed but we both knew what was going on. This was our game and words were not necessary. I pulled back the covers and revealed his naked torso down to his balls. He still kept up the pretence of sleep. I got to my knees on the bed next to him and with my right hand, I pumped Matt's cock with skill. It was well lubricated at this stage and my hand slid up and down it with great ease.

It was beautiful sight, illuminated as it was by the lava lamp. His had curly black pubes and huge balls, his legs apart letting me see the dark of his hole.

I even licked the head of his cock and tasted the juices flowing from it as I slid my hand grip up and down. I could see that he was close to coming and I decided to put my mouth over his cock and give him a semi blow job. I was doing things I never thought I would do in a million years. I pumped and sucked and sucked and pumped and I could sense Matt was very close to blowing his load.

I saw his body tense in the few seconds before he spurted his large load all over my hand. I removed my mouth from his cock head before he came and I watched his face and his cock as he spurted 6 or 7 times. I milked his beautiful, hot and wet cock for every last drop and listened to him sighing and gasping in the ecstasy of the orgasm.

His eyes were open now and he was looking at me and I at him. I was still pumping him slowly and gradually I let his dwindling, though still impressive, cock come to rest on his lower belly. That was truly one of the best nights of my life. Years later, Matt is still my good friend and he is openly gay but we have never talked about that night or the other nights we played our game but his sister Megan was the catalyst and she was to have a starring role in my sex education.