Horny Felching Gay Having a Anal Fuck

Horny Felching Gay Having a Anal Fuck
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I remember my first time. Vividly.

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Her name was Debbie. She was 15 and I was 14. We were young and lost in the throws of first love. It was the last night of summer camp, and after lights-out we both manage to sneak out and meet by the lake. She was so beautiful laying out in the moonlight, I wanted her, and I loved her. It was so uncomplicated, so simple.

We snuggled together on the blanket that she had brought along, it felt so right. I told her that I loved her and she kissed me. Her lips were so soft with their familiar taste of strawberry Lipsmackers. We'd made out a few times over the summer, but I cold feel that this was different. I pulled her closer to me and probed at her mouth with my tongue. She parted her lips and the kiss deepened, she moaned into my mouth as we explored each other.

She broke away from the kiss and whispered the words I was dying to hear, "Let's do it." "Are you sure?" I asked. In response she pulled my face back to hers and began kissing me furiously again. I clumsily fumbled under her shirt pawing at her young breasts. I remember how perfectly they fit into my palms, and I remember the high-pitched moan she let out as I lightly twisted her sensitive nipples. My hormone crazed teenage mind was going wild. I felt myself hardening to fill my loose fitting pajama shorts, my breath was short and my heart was racing.

I could feel Debbie's pulse beating through her breasts into my hands, racing just as fast as mine. She brought her hand down and lightly ran it over the thickness in my shorts, letting out a nervous giggle that escaped between our kiss into my mouth. The feel of her hands on me almost sent me over the edge. I pulled away, and without speaking we both began to undress.

She was gorgeous. Years later, I still harden at the thought of how she looked lying naked in the moonlight. Her body, so young and perfect. Her skin, so soft and creamy. Her subtle shape, curvy in all of the right places. Her long blond hair, strewn wildly on the blanket…mmm.

As I lay naked next to her, nothing had ever felt so right. I was hard, and very ready, but I noticed that Debbie was staring at my length with some hesitation. "It's a lot bigger than I expected." "Well, that's supposed to be a good thing, right?" We both giggled nervously.

Even at that young age, before I had grown to my full length, I already recognized that I was well endowed, but I had not realized to what extent.

It was in the days before it was so easy to download porn off the Internet and I didn't really have a basis of comparison by which to realize just how large I was. Perhaps if I had properly understood how size could effect a woman, in this case a virgin girl, things might have turned out differently.

I moved on top of her, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle with you." We kissed as I supported my weight on top of her, our hands gently exploring each others bodies. As our bodies touched skin-to-skin and my length pressed heavy between us I thought I'd go mad with desire. I pulled away from our kiss and tentatively kissed down Debbie's neck until I reached her breasts, I licked and kissed and sucked on them as I had been yearning to do for so long.

She moaned in response and her body arched against mine in pleasure. I moved my hand in between our bodies and reached down between Debbie's legs, blindly groping for that warm spot with it's smattering of golden hair. I found it and I probed my finger inside of her. She was so warm and so wet. She shuddered underneath me and let out a deep breath. "I want you," she whispered.

I didn't need any more encouragement. I began to push her legs apart so I could align myself with her opening. "Wait", she stopped me. I was worried she was going to ask about protection.

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I'd bummed some condoms off of a buddy in hopes that I might get lucky, but when I practiced with one it was really hard to get on, and it was extremely uncomfortable, so I eventually gave up. In retrospect I now know that I had so much difficulty because that particular condom was much too small for my girth.

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Regardless, Debbie didn't have contraception in mind; she had just wanted to readjust her position. She brought her legs up, bending them at the knees with her feet flat on the ground. She was spread wide open leaving her young, sweet, wet pussy perfectly accessible for me to move in. "I'm ready," she breathed nervously.

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I was nervous too, and so excited that I was shaking. My length stood out proudly, harder and longer than it had ever been before, the head swollen and dripping precum in anticipation.

I brought myself against her heat and began to stroke myself against her wetness. She shivered in response, and as I continued to stroke against her, her entire body bucked forward and she moaned loudly. Her response almost made me cum right then and there and I knew we had to get a move on before I was out for the count. I pressed myself against her sweet, wet warmth, I pushed lightly, trying to find the spot that would give and let me enter.

I found it with a moan. "You ready?" I breathed hard as I asked one last time. If she would have said no I would have cried, or maybe died.

But she gave a nervous smile and a nod, and I began to push in.


Oh god! I remember the incredible tightness! Her entire body tensed up as I felt her wet, velvety walls squeezing around me. I looked at Debbie's face and saw that it was contorted with pain. "I'm hurting you", I said with concern. "It's supposed to hurt at the beginning", she winced, "just get it over with". With her consent, ever so gently I continued pushing my way through, gasping with the intense pleasure of her tightness, until I encountered her barrier.

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I reached for her hand and squeezed it, then with a short, strong thrust I pushed through the delicate wall. She was moaning in pain and I looked at her face and found tears streaming down her beautiful cheeks. I immediately pulled out of her and leaned forward to kiss the tears away, then I gently kissed her lips.

"God, I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you babe." She smiled weakly at me. "Ya, that hurt, but now it's over, it should get better now." "Are you sure?" "Yes, I want to make love with you, I trust you, just take it slow." "God, I love you", I breathed, and kissed her again.

She closed her eyes, and gripped my arms, bracing herself for me to continue. I began to guide myself back to her opening. As I looked down at my erect length I saw that it was slick with blood. Debbie's virginity. The sight of her blood excited me In a way I didn't yet understand. I reached down and wiped the blood off of my cock. Then, surprised by my own actions, I brought my sullied fingers to my mouth and I licked them clean. The taste of her virginity was metallic, but at the same time it was sweet and exciting.

I had to momentarily distract my mind to prevent myself from cumming on the spot. I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth and on both breasts and then I brought myself up again and slowly began to push myself into her depths.

Damn! She felt amazing. She winced in pain as I moved in pleasure. She began squeezing my arms tightly, her nails digging painfully into my skin. I continued slowly pushing forward, fighting the tightness of her body. I watched her face and saw the moment where pain began to give way to pleasure.

Ever so slowly I continued feeding my cock into her, the feeling of her heat clenching around me making me delirious.

Then suddenly she yelped. The pain was back on her face. I could see that she was in agony, clearly stifling her cries. Breathing heavily she winced out the words, "Don't go further…it's too much." My cock wasn't even half way inside her. "Danny, you're too big, it hurts!" She was crying freely now, and still digging her nails into my arms. "Don't worry love, I'll stop, it's okay." The last thing that I wanted to do was stop, but I hated to see her in pain, I hated knowing I was causing that pain.

I leaned forward to kiss her and make it all better, but by doing so I accidentally pushed myself further inside her and she couldn't hold back her resulting scream of pain. Dear lord! The feeling of being further inside of her was mind blowing.

I couldn't help myself from pushing a little further. It was then that Debbie began to struggle. Something came over me in that moment, something I did not understand at all, but as I watched her eyes cloud with pain, and then, oh yes, with fear, I was lost.

Her struggling, and her cries of pain, the utter fear in her eyes, I was more aroused than I had ever been.


It was an arousal completely beyond the comprehension of my young and innocent mind. I was completely lost in the power of the moment, taken over by a part of myself that I never knew existed. As Debbie screamed in agony I drove myself into her roughly, as far as I could go, hitting up against the inside of her body. She was weeping uncontrollably.

"Danny! Stop! Stop!" Her cries fueled my lust and I pulled out of her, then drove myself in again, hard, completely impaling her small, young body on my hard, hot cock. The tightness, her fear, her pain, it was overwhelming. I began to pump furiously in and out of her body. She was still tight, but it was so wet that my cock didn't have too much trouble pushing in and out of her passage.

With a burst of energy she started clawing at my face. I slapped her hard and grasped her delicate neck in my strong hands and began to squeeze until she was forced to stop swatting at me. Her eyes were bugged out she was choking and clawing at my hands as I continued to pound in and out of her. Seeing her like that, so helpless, utterly terrified, feeling her pulse bulging in her throat, slowing under my fingers, it was too much.

With one last thrust and I groan I let loose. I felt jets of hot cum shooting out of me into her womb. I released her throat and collapsed on top of her. She whimpered beneath me as I slowly came back to myself. As my mind cleared I suddenly rolled off of her in horror. As I slid out from between her legs I saw that both of us were drenched in blood.

That's what had lubricated my cock as I'd brutally fucked her. It was a lot more blood than from just breaking her hymen, I had torn up Debbie's insides with my size and force. No longer pinned down by my weight, Debbie curled herself into a fetal position and began retching endlessly into the grass, bruises were blooming on her neck and face.

"Debbie, oh god, oh god, I'm so sorry, so sorry" I whispered in horror. I reached over tentatively to stroke her, but as I got close she began shrieking hoarsely, "Don't you dare touch me! Get away from me! GET AWAY FROM ME!" I ran.