Blonde überzeugt Zum Wilden Sex

Blonde überzeugt Zum Wilden Sex
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I have spies keeping me informed on all that's happening in the Galaxy and they gave me good news and bad news, the good news is that the Ori have been defeated, the Replicators are gone, the Asgard are extinct and the Wraith are stuck in the Pegasus Galaxy.

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The bad news is the Ancients city of Atlantis is on Earth, there are still some Asgard living in the Pegasus Galaxy and the Tau'ri have become the Fifth Race with access to all Asgard and Ancient technology. The last of the System Lords Ba'al and all of his clones have been killed which makes me the last Goa'uld posing as a God, so as long as the Jaffa, Tok'ra, Tau'ri and the Lucien Alliance don't find out about me I don't have anything to worry about.

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I have a lot of Goa'uld tech at my disposal, Ribbon device, hand healing device, personal shield, Sarophagus, Blood Of Sokar, Staff and Zat weapons but my favorite is the cloaking device it allows me walk amongst my Humans, completely invisible to them I can squash any rebellian before it even starts.

While walking amongst my Nerothins using my cloacking device I hear a young Woman say " If Neroth is an all powerful God like he says then why does he need 10 guards?

" an older male Nerothian says " You musn't ask such questions, it's blasphemy to question our Gods plans " another male Nerothian says " You saw the fight bewtween our God Neroth and Richter, you saw his power, he lifted his hand and Richter was sent flying into the wall of the cage, how can you doubt him? ". The young Woman says " Yes I did see the fight, I saw how easily Neroth defeated Richter but that's my point if he's so powerful then why does he need 10 guards?.

The next day while the Nerothians are at my temple worshipping me I stand and using my Goa'uld voice { amplified so all Nerothians in my temple can hear me } I say " I am your all powerful God Neroth and I am pleased, none of you have broken any of my laws, you all work hard in the fields and you worship me everyday but there is one amongst who doubts me, doubts my powers. I point to the young Woman who wanted to know why I needed 10 guards, she looks at the two men, panicks and screams " WHY DID YOU BETRAY ME?

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" I say " They did not betray you, I am your all powerful God did you think I wouldn't know of your doubt? ".

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I can hear the Humans say " He can read our minds, he truely is all powerful " I then say " You want to know why an all powerful God needs 10 guards ", shocked and trying to figure out how I know about her question I then say " Doubt is the seed of rebellian and this I cannot allow so I will punish you, to teach the others to never doubt me ", then I say " Just as I promised Richter 1000 years of perfect health and any Woman he desires you will suffer 1000 years of torture before I send you to Hell ".

I order some my guards to get her and bring her to me, crying she screams " FORGIVE ME MY LORD, FORGIVE MY DOUBTS I BEG YOU ", as she's escorted towards me by my guards I already know what her 1000 year punishment will be and it fills me with such excitement.

Now standing in front of me with tears rolling down her cheeks my eyes glow yellow and I say " Save your tears Woman your 1000 year torture begins tonight ". As the Humans leave my temple I bring the Woman to my secret room where she will be raped by my Unas until I return, puting her in the room I get all 10 of my guards to follow me to the now empty Arena.

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Using the transportation rings I bring up an Unas, she's a female and I tell her to choose 2 of the biggest male Unas in Hell and transport her back down. After a while I activate the rings again and standing in the cage are 2 male Unas, each one is 12 feet tall, my guards aim their zats and staff wepons just incase the Unas try to escape the cage and attack or escape.

The Humans are working in the fields so leaving the Arena my guards and I bring the 2 huge Unas to my temple, Once in my temple I use the Blood Of Sokar on the 2 Unas telling them not to kill and eat the Human female in my secret room.

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I order my guards back to their stations and bring the 2 Unas into the secret room, as soon as we walk in we can see my Unas viciously raping the Woman. He has her bent over, her feet off the ground he has every inch of his huge cock inside her and is pounding her very hard, I take my place on my throne behind my force field and watch as my Unas groans and cums deep inside her. Pulling his cock out of her he backs away and she falls to the ground, blood and Unas cum leaking out of her pussy the other 2 Unas move in lifting her off the ground, one Unas bends her over and rams all 16 inches deep into her pussy.

She lets out a loud scream as the other Unas shoves the head and a few inches of his 16 inch cock into her mouth, her feet and arms off the ground I watch as the 2 huge Unas spit roast the Woman, I can hear her gagging on his huge cock. The first Unas that raped her is resting drinking from a fresh water fountain in the back of the room, he too watches as the other 2 Unas spit roat the Human female, her arms and legs dangling off the ground.


The Unas are pounding her pussy and mouth hard, fast and deep, it doesn't matter if she dies during the gang rape, using my Sarophagus I can ressurect her. I'm so happy, watching one Unas rape a Human female is one thing but watching 3 Unas gang rape a Human female is incredible.

The Unas raping her pussy groans as it cums deep inside her, he backs away and watches as blood and Unas cum leak out of her pussy on the floor, the Unas raping her mouth places her on the ground and getting into missionary position rams all 16 inches into her pussy and starts to rape her hard, fast and deep. crying, screaming between moans she turns her head and says " Please,, please forgive me ", I laugh and say " Maybe after 1000 years of watching you get gang raped everyday by these demons I'll forgive you and not send you to Hell ".


Hearing my words and knowing this will happen to her everyday for 1000 years she screams " NOOOOOO " but her screams are replaced with moans as the Unas groans and cums deep inside her. pulling his cock out of her Unas cum and blood leak out of her destroyed pussy, suprisingly she's still live, barely but still alive. The Unas are resting drinking from the fresh water fountain, I lower my fore field and place the Woman in my Sarophagus to heal her body and while she healing I order some of my guards to bring a goat from the farm to my temple, after pleasing me so much the Unas deserve a good meal.

Several months have passed and Richter continues to win in the Arena which always brings joy to his fellow Nerothians, I allow him to use my Sarcophagus once a month which will extend his lifespan and grant him perfect health for 1000 years just as I promised. Fear of being punished like that Woman was for doubting my powers keep my Nerothians loyal and obediant, I walk amongst them everday using my cloaking device but none of them say anything negative about me fearing that I can read their minds.

Everyday I watch the Woman get gang raped by my 3 Unas in my secret room, she's actually died a few times during the gang rapes but as I've said before that's not really a problem, using my Sarcophagus I can ressurect her again and again, 1000 times if necessary.

Let the Tau'ri be the Fifth Race, let them along with the Tok'ra and the free Jaffa protect the Galaxy and keep the peace I don't care I have all Eternity to enjoy being worshipped as a God by my Nerothians and enjoy me secret entertaiment.

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