Curvy sweetheart gives ass and pussy to not get exposed

Curvy sweetheart gives ass and pussy to not get exposed
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I felt him before I heard him. Taking a deep breath I braced myself for what I knew was coming and I opened my legs for him. My brother knelt between my legs and leaned over; his right cheek against mine. I pressed my face to his a little more and waited.

"Why." It was a statement. I closed my eyes. "I was right there. You couldn't wait until I left the room?" I heard the hurt in his voice. "Babe." I began.

He shushed me gently. I turned my head and his lips found mine. "Why," he said again, his voice a whisper now.


My brother and I were lovers. At ages 18 and 22 we didn't have any intentions of ending our relationship. We'd lived alone together for just over a year after our mom passed when I was 14.

Dad visited often but it didn't help much that he was always crying or drinking. My brother and I found solace in each other. We tried to act as if we were a normal family even when dad wasn't around so as not to let on to anyone that we were lovers.

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It worked for the outside world but it was truly hard on us. Jealousy was a bitch. And that bitch had me and my brother whipped in every sense of the word. Every time I brought a male home or Ryan brought a female home we kept to ourselves.


But when that person left, everything changed. I'd go into his room or he'd come to mine. Anger and jealousy filled us. Anger at the world for not being accepting of our relationship and for forcing us to put up this facade. The sex that ensued was always full of passion and emotion one of us had to keep down for the few hours that the other had with their partner.

Maybe it was make up sex? It was always rough sex. Clearly it was jealous sex. But for the one allowing themselves to be fucked it was truly apologetic sex.

Sometimes I was in control and sometimes Ryan was and those times when Ryan was I knew I'd be in pain. This was one of those times. I'd seen Ryan sitting in the living room. The guy I'd brought home, Mark or Matt or Mike I think his name was, was already kissing me. I was kissing back and I wasn't paying much mind to Ryan. As he stood I knew something was wrong but I wasn't sure what. Mark shoved his fingers into my already wet pussy and I moaned against my will.

I saw Ryan freeze and I cursed myself for my poor self control.


He kept walking and I willed Matt to take his fingers out of me and I lead him to my room. It took half an hour for both of us to get off and I walked him to the door. He kissed me goodnight and I locked the door. After I'd showered and got in bed, Ryan came in silently and closed my door.

His whisper sparked something in me and I realized what was wrong in the living room. It was one thing to know that your lover was in the next room being fondled and kissed by another male but to see it for yourself was a very different thing. I kissed him harder and he pressed his crotch against mine.

Trailing kisses down my neck and across my throat he paused only to give a gentle suck and a less-gentle bite. He stopped and I started to suck on his neck. He groaned "Sasha no." I kept going though even though I felt him pushing me away.

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I knew he was angry and he was hurting but I needed him to know I was sorry. "I'm sorry," I whispered. He pulled away and bit down on my neck hard. I knew what was coming next. "Are you? Are you really sorry, Sasha," he growled. I opened my legs a little more anticipating the pain that was coming.

My brother was 8 inches long and very thick. I didn't think I'd ever be used to the pain of his cock entering me when he was angry because he didn't try to be gentle.

A soft "yes" was all he needed to drive into me. I cried out. He shushed me gruffly. "I want you to stay quiet through this. Not a word. Understand?" I nodded as he began to pump himself in and out of quickly. I was okay for the first 5 minutes but then he began to pump faster.

And faster. And suddenly, harder. I bit back a whimper as he pounded me. Then he stopped. Almost as if he'd forgotten something and then he moved back, pulling out of me completely. I didn't have to ask, I just opened my mouth.

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He moved and put just the head of his cock into my mouth. I started to suck. He didn't have to tell me what to do I just started bobbing my head. I took more of his cock into my mouth with each forward movement.

It wasn't long before I felt his hands on the back of my head. I opened my mouth wider to accommodate his thrusts.

I moved quickly and began deep throating his cock. Gagging only slightly as he thrust into my throat. My brother stilled for a moment and I pushed all the way down on his cock. Taking it to base and he groaned. I pulled back a little and he began thrusting faster, fucking my mouth as hard as he could so that I was having trouble keeping up.

His thrusts were becoming sporadic and I took his cock to base once more and just as my lips touched the base of his cock he started cumming. I kept sucking as I swallowed all of his cum. Ryan didn't miss a beat. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I looked at up him. He moved off the bed and onto the floor at the foot of the bed. He leaned in and grabbed my hips with both hands and he dragged me to the foot of the bed with my ass on the edge.

I closed my eyes and put my head back just as he began to lick me. All over. His tongue roamed over my lips. Between my lips. Over my opening.

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He avoided my clitoris with great skill considering how frantically he was licking me. I fought down the moans and whimpers that threatened to escape my throat just as he covered my pussy with his mouth and began sucking on my clit. I gripped the sheets. He smiled at this and nipped at my clit. I pressed up against his mouth.

"Stay still," he growled. He continued sucking my clit and biting it whenever he felt like it. I was beginning to feel a familiar tingling starting in my clit and spreading throughout my pussy. I tried not to show it but my brother knew me all to well. "Gotta cum?" I could feel his smirk. I didn't answer him. "You can talk." He bit down on my clit. "Yes!" I practically screamed.

"Mmmm," and he shoved two fingers inside me. "Tell me when," he said as he began finger fucking me as fast as he could as he sucked and bit my clit. I started trembling and he groaned. I let out a whimper as I arched up off the bed. "Bro-," was all I could manage and he said "I got you sis". I cried out over and over as I started cumming. I didn't even realize he'd stopped fingering me and he was licking me clean.

I was still trembling when he climbed back on the bed. His cock rigid once again.

"Hands and knees," he said softly as he kissed my lips and for a second I thought he wasn't angry with me anymore. I did as he said and he moved behind me. Any hope I had for his gentleness to return before he entered me dissolved as he growled "No mercy." I bit my lip and he thrust into me again.

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Slamming in and out of me for at least 20 minutes he never slowed down. I was in pain but my brother and I had ways of turning pain into pleasure and he was doing it to me right then. I pushed back against him as he smacked my ass.

I was pushing against him in time with his forward strokes. He put his hands on my shoulders suddenly and started slamming into me and again I could feel the urge to cum. "I-," "I know," he cut me off, "Me too. Say when." I nodded my head and he was moaning louder and louder. I couldn't suppress my whimpers. I gasped as my back arched once more.

"Now!" and he started shooting his hot cum inside me just as I squirted all over his cock. We both collapsed onto the bed. A mass of whimpers and body heat. I loved my brother and he loved me. There was no doubt in my mind about that. He pulled me to him, still trembling and he kissed me hard. "Apology accepted." I smiled at that before kissing him again and falling asleep in his embrace.