Con mi novio en mi cuarto

Con mi novio en mi cuarto
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Ana had beautiful breasts, everyone said so. They were perky and ample. Her shirts always stretched across her chest, which drew even more attention to the perfect globes that sat upon her chest. She never really dated anyone, always keeping things casual, that's how she liked things.

A few casual dates here and there, a nice rough fuck every now and then, nothing too serious. To be honest, Ana really didn't like all the bullshit that went into relationships, but she did like the thrills that came along with sex. So she had a few good fuck buddies that were more than willing to loan their cocks to her mission to get off when she was horny enough to want a man over her fingers or vibrating toys.

Ana pulled on a sparkly black tight top that exposed more of her cleavage than was really needed, but she was desperate for a man. All four of her fuck buddies were busy that night, two were out of town, one found a girlfriend, and another was in the hospital for something that he broke.

Ana wasn't really paying attention when he was telling earlier that day, whatever he broke meant that he couldn't use the vital organ that she wanted, so she quickly hurried off the phone with him. She slid into a tight hot pink short skirt, barely skimmed the bottom of her ass cheeks.

If she bent over, anyone could get a view of her bare ass.

She didn't mind though, the slutty outfit matched her attitude that night; she would have a cock in her pussy by the end of the night. Her outfit allowed her to skip the long line outside of the newest hip club in the new 'it' part of downtown. The pulsing environment inside the club made Ana smile.

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People were in the middle of the floor, sliding their bodies against each other, sweating together. She stood near the bar for less than sixty seconds before a decent looking guy offered to buy her a drink. Ana checked him out. Expensive Prada shoes, new jeans that were bought 'stressed' so that they looked more used than they actually were, a classic rock t shirt that was probably bought 'vintage', and a black suit coat.

His hair was styled so that it looked like he just rolled out of bed. The clothes were a good sign, he knew how to take care of himself, but the hair was a bad sign, don't want someone who just cares about themselves.

Ana was looking for someone who cared about her getting off tonight, she was not some pin cushion that some guy could just stick repeatedly without getting any benefits for herself. She was about to say no, but then she looked into his eyes. His eyes were a piercing icy blue.

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They possessed a happy joyful look to them though. She found the words "Yes, a Manhattan" pop out of her mouth before she could even think. His hands were manly than she expected them to be, they were hands that knew physical labor.

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This man peaked Ana's interested. They talked for over three hours before he placed his lips upon hers. They both devoured each other, eager and hot, their tongues explored each other's mouths. Her hands were on his shoulders, pressing him closer to her. Before things got even more heated they left the crowded club. Once they were in the street, they whispered their addresses to one another, figuring that Ana was only four blocks away, decided to walk there.

Every block proved more difficult than the previous to keep their hands off of each other. She unlocked her door and they fell into the apartment, closing the door before his lips found hers again.

His hands drifted towards her hips, firmly grabbing them and pulling her pelvis closer to his.

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She could feel his hard excitement against her. She leaned further into the kiss, showing just how much she wanted him too. They fumbled around, refusing to break their hot lip lock, until they fell on Ana's bed. His hand squeezed up her tight top, urging it upwards until he disconnected his lips from hers in order to take it off completely.

Her perky breasts bounced free.


He licked his lips while his hands gently cupped her ample tits. His fingers gently massaged her hardening nipples; he brought in lips down to her neck. He laid multiple light kisses on her jaw and down her neck and through the valley of her breasts, teasing her.

He finally captured one of the nipples in his mouth. The heat from his mouth, along with the light flickering of his tongue, made Ana gasp, it felt so amazing. He moved from one to the other, allowing both to be pleased equally. The cool air tickled her nipples every time his mouth left one nipple to go to the other. He started to kiss a trail downwards. His hands traveled upwards, separating her legs gently, and finding that she was eagerly awaiting attention.

Her pussy was dripping wet. He let out a manly groan of pleasure at finding the soaking pussy waiting for him. He pushed her skirt up so that it was bunched up like a small strip of cloth belt around her waist.

He inhaled her musky sweet scent. He kissed her outer lips gently before parting them tenderly with his fingers. He lapped up her juices always making sure to steer clear of her clit, teasing her with such close contact.

Finally, with her hips thrusting up, aching for him to bring her over the edge, he clasped his mouth over her clit and flicked it with his tongue, quick flit, quick flit, long tender suck, quick flit, quick flit, long tender suck. It was merely a minute or two before her back arched up and her legs clenched, she felt a strong hot sensation build in her loin and spread throughout her whole body.

Her whole body trembled slightly before collapsing back onto the bed. He licked the rest of her juices up before coming back up to face her. He tenderly kissed her lips, waiting for her to regain a normal breathing pattern. Once her breath returned she turned on her side and smiled slyly.

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Her hands found the zipper on his stylish jeans and unleashed his erect cock from their denim prison. She slid his pants off so that he was naked from the waist down. His cock was a perfect size; the shaft was two fists high, so that if she wrapped both of her hands around it, his knob stuck out like a peach colored lollipop.

He slipped his shirt quickly over his head and propped himself back on his elbows, watching Ana slip his cock into her mouth. Her full lips looked delicious as they wrapped themselves around his head. Her tongue swirled around, and then she slipped his whole cock into her mouth.

One centimeter larger and she wouldn't have been able to accomplish that. He groaned and closed his eyes.

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She took advantage of his closed eyes by repositioning herself. She straddled him, her pussy right above his cock. He felt her weight on him and looked right at her. He grabbed her hips and slowly eased her down on his throbbing member.

The entrance was tight and he could have cum right there.

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He filled her completely. She started to slide her hot wet pussy up and down his hard cock. She leans back making little motions forward, he is hitting just the right spot and she feels her climax building. Slight little girly moans escape from her lips.


Her hips rock back and forth until she feels her toes curl and her pussy tighten around his cock. It pulsated and her eyes clenched tightly closed as her whole body shook violently.


Her body hummed with pleasure. It was too much for him to take; he shot his load into her tender pussy as it contracted around him. He moaned out her name and pulled her close to him. He wrapped his arms around her, they were both exhausted from the tiring session they just had.