Hard after work fuck and explosion

Hard after work fuck and explosion
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Anything for Chocolate Parts 1 & 2 Uncle Mike has always enjoyed his twin nieces. Beth was into ballet and dance, and Lisa liked soccer. It had become a tradition that during the summer months that he and his wife would watch one of the girls and the other one would visit a different aunt, hence breaking them up for a while and giving their parents a break.

When they were seven they both came over at the same time to his house, and their spirit and eagerness was quite a challenge, although that was the beginning of Uncle Mike's initial interest in their bodies.

That summer he and his wife took them to the wave pool, and he watched Beth. . and his wife watched Lisa as the mechanical waves caused everyone to have a great time. That was the first time he got to watch Beth in her first bikini. As he looked around at some of the other girls, a couple of them had their tops fly off their tits because of the force of the wave, instantly causing him to stare with obvious excitement.

But, being the pervert that he was learning to be, he elected to experiment and he had Beth stand just right, and the same thing happened to her.

She turned scarlet, but kind Uncle Mike managed to come to the rescue and re-attach the bra portion of the garment, but first allowing his fingers to accidentally wiggle across her nipples in time for another set of waves to follow. Beth and Lisa were raised by a couple of liberal parents, who always had the girls take a bath or shower every night. Part of the ritual was that the girls would completely strip out of their clothes in the living room or wherever they were and their father would chase them into the bathroom.

It was kind of cute when they were little, but that practice soon continued. A couple of years later, Uncle Mike and his wife took everyone to Disney World and they stayed in a two bedroom condo with a whirlpool.

Every night when it became 9:00, their father would say, "Let's STRIP and get ready for your bath." The girls would giggle, and instantly pull off their tops, unzip their shorts, and yank down their panties right in front of everyone. One night Beth elected to deliberately do a strip tease right in front of Uncle Mike, complete with placing her hand on his knee for balance and once she was naked, twirling around her panties and lewdly wiggling her hips in front of him.

. and then unashamedly, wink and take off for the whirlpool. Her little tittie buds had just begun to blossom, but he enjoyed looking at her bare hairless pussy, fantasizing about placing his cock into that crevice. . as far as the thick head would penetrate. On the last night, the adults were outside watching the fireworks from the park and Uncle Mike volunteered to help the girl's with their bath.

When it became 9:00, he said, "Okay girls. . time to get in the whirlpool. I will squirt some dish soap in it and get the bubbles going. Let's get ready." He wondered what little peep show they might have for him, and he was not disappointed. They soon came scampering into the bathroom, buck naked and asked him to sit on the tub that was close to the churning water. He sat down and both girls decided to sit all undressed on his knees facing each other.

He moved his legs out almost as far as they would go to accommodate their positions. As they sat down, they immediately started jabbering. "Thanks SO much for taking us," began Lisa, as she leaned over and kissed him on his cheek. "Yeah Uncle Mike, we had a great time at the parks," said Beth, following suit with a smacker on his other cheek.

"How about a big girl kiss on my lips," joked Lisa leaning forward and without thinking he moved towards her, pursed his lips and placed a 15 second kiss on her. "Me next, me next," said Beth. Duplicating his efforts on her he also placed his arms around their shoulders and hugged them close. He took turns kissing each of them. . getting a little longer each time and more passionate, knowing the girls were enjoying themselves.

It wasn't long before Mike's cock was now sticking straight up against his shorts. "Can you promise not to tell on us?" asked Beth.

"Sure squirt. What do I have to keep a secret?" asked Mike. "We have been taking baths together for a long time, and we like to do a couple of things.

. but only when mom and dad are outside the bathroom. Wanna watch us?" "Sure," he said, not having any idea what to expect. Without any warning both girls took their left hands and placed them on their sister's tittie bud and began to tweak and pull on them. And as if that was not enough, they buried their other hand into each other's pussy's and immediately began to rub their fingers over their sister's clits.

Mike could not help himself as he slipped his hand inside his shorts and grasped his thick cock and began to masturbate at the erotic sight. Next the girls leaned across and began to passionately kiss each other, but soon moved apart slightly and began to twist and turn their tongues so that the staring uncle could watch them.

All of a sudden the door opened to the condominium and the girls almost literally jumped into the whirlpool again giggling and laughing. They suddenly turned around in the water and looked at their uncle who had his cock outside his shorts and stared at his actions, knowing they had caused his excitement. Luckily, no one got caught. It is several years later in the summer, and it was Beth's turn to visit Mike and his wife. She had become a teenager and he had noticed her titties were now larger, but still only a 32A, which he found on one of her tops.

He hoped he could get a chance to see her breasts sometime during the week. About an hour after she arrived, his wife got a call, and she had to go to the hospital to be with her dad. "Do I have to go home Aunt Sally" Beth asked before his wife was about to leave. "No honey. I might be a couple of days, but Uncle Mike will do a bunch of FUN things with you.

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I might be a couple of days, but when I return, you and I can go to that Carson Petting Farm you liked a year ago." Suddenly the house was quiet, and niece and uncle were looking at each other. Uncle Mike began to remember some actions he had observed at Easter when he realized Beth LOVED chocolate. Not like most girls and women who had that obsession. Imagine. . ONE HUNDRED TIMES MORE! In fact, he had watched her secretly finish off a candy dish of Hershey's in about a half hour, while everyone was watching a movie.

This experience was duplicated at Christmas when his wife placed chocolates on the presents as part of the wrapping and when everyone went to sit at the table, she quickly took every last one of them and placed them in her pockets.

Now that his wife was gone, he was going to see just how far this school girl would go, to get some chocolate. "Well honey. . Aunt Sally said I was supposed to do a bunch of FUN things with you. Got any ideas?" he asked. "Well. . we could go take a bath like we did at Disney World," she joked curious what he would say. This response surprised him, but he decided to reflect back on that experience. .


and see if it would open up the door. "I DID enjoy that time. . even though you both caught me doing something VERY naughty." "Sure did. . and I dream about it a LOT, and so does Lisa." "Really?

So, have you seen any other boys COCKS like you did that day?" he asked turning towards her. "Maybe," she said with a wicked smile on her face. "You will have to tell me about that later. But first. . how about some chocolate?" Almost trance like Beth stared at him and began to slightly quiver. "You got some?" she asked eagerly moving closer to him on the couch and placing her hand on his knee. "Uh huh. But seriously. . .you REALLY are turned on by chocolate.

. aren't you?" he asked. "You already KNOW I am. . like totally obsessed," she admitted. "So you probably would do just about anything for a fix of chocolate, wouldn't you Beth?" he asked. . knowing he was opening up a dangerous door, but one he hoped there would be great satisfaction. "Uh huh. . and it's gotten me into trouble before, too" she said.

"Well there is no one around here except me and you, so you won't be getting into any trouble. Let's start off by getting comfortable. I like your new top and shorts. . but let's take off your shoes and socks so that we can turn and look at each other here on the couch. When you're done, you can have this Hershey's kiss," he said taking one of several out of his shirt pocket.

Beth immediately leaned over, unlaced her shoes and slipped off her socks. Almost like a pet dog, Uncle Mike tossed her the candy. He watched her eagerly take off the silver covering and place it into her mouth. In seconds, she had swallowed her treat and looked back at him, as the swallowed chocolate had now opened up her fixation which was evident in her eyes. "That was quick.

. are you ready for some more?" he asked. "VERY ready. What's next?" she asked again moving within a foot of her uncle. "I noticed your bra under your top.

Is that new?" he inquired looking at her blouse. "Mom thinks I am beginning to show too much on top. . even though I don't have much in the tittie department. Why. . do you want to see my bra?" she inquired curiously. "I sure do. Why don't you unbutton your top and show them. . I mean IT to me?" he said as he reached into his pocket and grasped another chocolate. "It's gonna be easier if I stand up," she said as her bare feet hit the floor and she stood up moving closer to her horny uncle.

One by one she deliberately unbuttoned her top and then pulled it out of her shorts and let the garment fall to the floor. She knelt back down on the couch, this time on her knees in front of Uncle Mike.

Her bra was white in color with a pink little flower in the center. He then realized that the catch was in the front, which actually was going to make things go faster to his goal of total nudity and the hopeful action afterwards.

He handed her the kiss, and she once again quickly unwrapped it and placed it on her tongue. "These are fresh," she said with some difficulty as she ground the candy in her teeth. "I like looking at girls in bras," he said opening up another chocolate and watching her eyes glare at it. "Oh look.

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. . my shorts are getting all lumpy. Why don't you lean over and capture this one here on my lap, inside your mouth. . but with no hands." Beth was so mesmerized by the opened chocolate that when he placed it on the material that was poking out his shorts, she did not hesitate to lean down.

. open her mouth wide and swallow it. Having completed the task, she knelt back into her previous kneeling position across from him. He watched her secretly estimating how many chocolates he still had, not caring about what she might be asked to do to eat ALL of them. "What color panties are you wearing today?" he asked. "Pink," she said, not certain why she was being asked but still concentrating on the candy.

"Let me see them. Go ahead and take off your shorts for me," he ordered. This time the surprise was on his face as the girl stood up on the couch facing him. She unsnapped the top of her shorts, pulled the zipper down and then tried to step out of them. She lost her balance and began to fall forward. Soon she was on top of him, and he felt her fingers go into his pocket and grab another chocolate. "Hey you!" he raised his voice.

"That means a penalty. Stand up and get those shorts off and lean over my knee." She followed his instructions, but also pulled the silver paper off of the kiss and placed it in her mouth.

"Are you going to spank me Uncle Mike? I have not been spanked in like three years," she said. She positioned herself over his knee and hung over his legs. She turned around and looked between his legs and was mesmerized by the long shaft that was obvious.

Then she was interrupted by "SPANK, SPANK, SPANK!" echoing in the living room. "Ouch! That hurt," she said, surprised at the force he had used, but she realized her pussy was now damp with her excitement as a result. "Well, don't get greedy with the candy then," he retorted. "Sit right next to me, right here," he pointed. He knew he only had a few chocolates left and he was going to need to increase his pace to get her entirely undressed.

With a smirk on his face, he took out another Hershey and unwrapped it. "At Disneyland, your little titties looked just like this," he said deliberately moving it in front of the girl's nose. "Do they still look like Hershey Kisses?" For some reason this made her embarrassed and she was silent for a few seconds.

Then she said, "They're more like apples now." "Well then. . .SHOW THEM TO ME!" he ordered. His demeanor somehow titillated her and she began to smile. "You wanted to see my bare titties all along. . didn't you Uncle Mike?" she whispered. She found the clasp in the front of her bra, opened it and then slowly unveiled her bare breasts to her uncle.

She looked at his eyes and saw pure desire as she slowly pulled back her shoulders and displayed her teen treasures to him. "Very nice," he said, taking the chocolate and tweaking the top of it so that he could begin to gently move it over her stiff nipple on one of her tits.

Patiently he followed the contour of her bud around and around. . and then moved it across the slight valley in between her titties and then effortlessly to its mate where he did the same motions. Beth had begun to sweat slightly causing the underside of the candy to become moister.

He now took the candy and gently moved it across her pink lips. . teasing her. "This is becoming a VERY naughty game. . isn't it?" he asked reaching up and using his other set of fingers to enclose her rigid nipple, and to begin to fondle and gently pinch them.

. .still slowly moving the Hershey kiss all over her lips. He hadn't paid much attention to his cock that was now a genuine BONER in her eyes as she looked down and noted his arousal. "Very NAUGHTY indeed," she whimpered as she boldly surrounded the hidden head of his cock with her hand. She had never touched one before, and its hardness under the material of his shorts caught her by surprise.

"Still want this?" he asked moving the candy out several inches from her lips. "Uh huh," she moaned as his fingers were now pinching and pulling both her bare nipples. She responded by moving her small hand up and down his stiff cock like she had seen her girlfriend do on the bus to her boyfriend.

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Mike knew he might shoot off if she continued her wanking, so he placed the candy in between her lips and she instantly inhaled it bringing both hands up to her mouth. There was silence for a few minutes as Uncle Mike lewdly continued to fondle both of her titties in his hands, as she sat facing him. . now only in her wet panties. "Let's do something a little kinky.

. and switch our undies Beth. Let me take yours and then you can take mine." She began to object but looked down and her horny uncle had already slipped his fingers into the sides of her panties and was deliberately easing them down her thighs.

She knew he would need help and since she loved being NAKED she stood up on the cushions and let him take off her remaining raiment. . which he kept. He looked up at her moist (almost shiny) hairless pussy which was now on display.

He wanted to lick and suck her clit, but elected to wait. "Very nice little cunny Beth. I am sure you exercise it from time to time.

. maybe with your sister's help?" he inquired. "Wouldn't you like to know," she giggled. "Now stand up so that I can get your underpants off and try them on," she mused.

Uncle Mike liked that idea, because of the surprise he had in store for her. "Kneel right in front of me so that it will be easier to take off my shorts," he said, pulling his shirt over his head and baring his chest to his niece. Beth was incredibly horny at that moment, because of all the chocolate she had eaten.

Also, she remembered seeing his long shaft while in Disney World, and wanted to inspect (and maybe play with it) more closely at that moment. She also liked being topless in front of her handsome uncle, as she followed his instructions and knelt right in front of him. The big lump in his pants was an added incentive to finish this game Uncle Mike had started. Beth eagerly unsnapped the top of his shorts and slowly pulled the zipper down.

It wasn't obvious at first, but as she began to pull down the shorts, she soon realized he had NOTHING on underneath them. "You're the one who needs the penalty now! What happened to your tightie whitees?" she said as his shorts passed his knees and his 8" cock was now standing at full attention in front of his body. He quickly stepped out of them, and enjoyed the feeling of being totally naked alongside his niece. He moved forward making his shaft wave back and forth close to her moist mouth and pink lips.

"Be right back," said Uncle Mike as he journeyed off to the kitchen. He located the jar of Hershey's chocolate syrup he had been saving for this moment, and also the soft pastry basting brush. He worked his way back and all of a sudden he heard Beth yell out, "Far Fucking Out! I love that stuff, where is the ice cream?" "No ice cream honey. . you are going to help make your first chocolate CREAM pie," he said resuming his location in front of her. . as she had remained on her knees.

He handed her the new jar of the syrup and the brush.

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Then he located a couple of sheets of newspaper and placed them on the floor in front of her. "What do you mean?" she asked curiously. "I want you to PAINT MY COCK with this chocolate syrup, and then LICK IT OFF by following my instructions." "But where is the cream part?" she asked innocently. "Don't worry, I have that covered. Let me help by getting the top off. . excellent. . we are all set." He put the lid on the chair and gave the curious girl the jar and the brush.

She brought it up to her nose. "This is going to be like torture. Can't I dip my finger inside the bottle and lick it off?" "Don't worry. . you will be doing plenty of licking and SUCKING soon enough. Go ahead. . dip the brush into the bottle and make my big cock all covered with chocolate." That comment brought a smile to her face.

For the next several minutes, Beth dutifully spread the thick syrup all over his long shaft. He began to laugh as she almost had half the bottle on his bobbing cock. "That's plenty honey. Let's put the jar aside, and begin.

Let's do one more step before we start though. . and I'll bet you do this to yourself all of the time under the covers. I want you to rub that little clit of yours, and pinch your nipples and then lean over and start licking off the chocolate on my cock." "You are like a horny pervert Uncle Mike. . but I love you!" As he looked down he saw her begin to fondle her nipples and then closer to the floor she thrust her fingers into her pussy and began to move her hips back and forth.

"Oh yessssssssss," she whispered as her tongue stuck out and began to wiggle off the Hershey's syrup. Although he enjoyed her efforts by the base of his shaft, as she worked her way up towards the top, he began to shiver with excitement.

"Do a good job honey and lick my BIG cock clean." She continued her task and then got close to the crown of his rod. "Now we're going to try something a little different. I want you to pucker your lips like this. . and curl them over your teeth. Yup.

. almost like making an "O". Now, we are going to work together on this. . but I am going to push my cock into your mouth. . just a little bit. . and you are going to begin to SUCK the chocolate off of the tip." "Cool, so this is what cock sucking is all about right?" she said as her chocolate covered mouth surrounded the tip of his shaft. "That's right. . you are now becoming my very favorite COCK SUCKER, and pretty soon. . maybe even VERY soon, you will get a chance to sample my cream." Beth was so engrossed in sucking off the chocolate she did not hear much of what he had said.

It took a few minutes to get a rhythm going but soon. . as she moved her head down his thick tip, he moved his hips forward, and soon they were in unison. He watched her now pinch her nipple and at the same time drive several fingers into her moist pussy lips.

Back and forth. . back and forth. . and then all of a sudden: "Here comes the cream Beth. Drink it down. . your uncle has plenty more." Almost like a fire hydrant being turned on full. . rope after rope of hot gooey cum began to leave the tip of his cock and shoot down Beth's throat. Her eyes got wide as she realized what was happening.

So as not to cause her to gag, he reached down and pulled the chocolate stick out of her mouth, and then aimed so that he could now cover her face fully with his cum. "Pull your shoulders back now. . and let me spray my CREAM all over those little nipples of yours!" I shouted.

She followed his instructions and soon rope after rope of hot cum was sprayed all over her breasts. She couldn't believe how he kept shooting cum all over her body. "God I cannot wait until we get your sister here to join us," he said, leaning back on the chair fully exhausted. He had a mini camera taping behind his chair and he turned around and quickly turned if off and then closely inspected her naked cum sprayed body. Both nipples were covered with his grey slimy juices, many times over.

"This will be one to remember for both of us!" One Month Later the Other Twin Visits Mike's wife Sally just missed seeing her sister drop off their other niece Lisa.

She had to cover for a co-worker at her job and do a double shift and was disappointed because she enjoyed having Lisa around. The teen was a very bright young lady who loved to play soccer.

Lisa's mother had spoken to her on the phone explaining that Lisa needed a timeout because she was deliberately not telling her or her husband about a portion of a phone call they had overheard. As mentioned above, Lisa's mother dropped her off and you could tell by the look on her face she was still upset.

Uncle Mike opened the door and let the very attractive girl enter his house, still talking to his sister-in-law through the screen door (and looking at a body he loved to be close to!). As she passed him, he noticed her long blonde hair, was gathered in a decorative scrunchy and was dressed in a short skirt with a sheer blue blouse that showed off a matching sports bra she worn underneath as well as wearing sandals. He promised to take good care of her and that he would drive her back on Sunday night.

As he turned around, Mike heard the door to the guest room close and he realized he might have to come up with something tempting to bring her out. Then he remembered how the twins absolutely loved chocolate.

He turned and went to the kitchen and looked in his sweets drawer for a package of Hershey Nuggets, which he had purchased recently. Then he remembered the can of Reddi-wip-chocolate whipped cream that he had placed in the back of the refrigerator. Armed with both, he decided to take them to his bedroom.

The bag of nuggets was placed on the side table next to his bed and for the time being he opened up the drawer and slipped the can inside. The guest room was next to his, and bringing only one of the nuggets with him he knelt down, placed the candy under the door and flicked it inside the room. "Lisa honey . why don't you come out and we can talk about life or watch TV or whatever you feel like doing?" He was rewarded by total silence.

"Come on now . if you look by the door, I sent you a little surprise, that I think you will like. . and I promise there are more of those right next door if you are interested." He heard the 10-year-old jump off the bed and scamper over to the door. Soon it opened up. "You are the BEST Uncle Mike. Beth told me to wear something sexy over here, because she REALLY enjoyed herself last time." Mike was then curious whether Beth had shared what he and she did during her visit.

"Give me a hug sweetie," he said opening up his arms. She responded likewise and they both hugged each other tightly. Uncle Mike decided to take a chance as he placed one hand on her tight little bubble butt, and pulled her towards him. She responded likewise and soon she could feel his long shaft pressing up against her. . and that was the magic moment that brought her back to what Tommy her boyfriend did to her.

. 24 hours earlier. It was that THRILLING feeling of a guy's COCK (as she and her sister liked to call it). . up against her tummy that lit up pleasingly lustful thoughts in her teenage body. They both realized they had hugged a little bit too long and they soon parted, with a satiating glow on their faces. "Better pop that nugget into your mouth. I know you love chocolate just about as much as your sister." He was amused as the young girl unwrapped the morsel quickly.

"Probably more," she said biting into the candy and closing her eyes. "I have a few more of those in my room next door. Why don't we go in there and talk about what's going on with your parents." She nodded and followed him into the bedroom. The first thing that she noticed was that all of the closet doors and the ceiling had mirrors plastered on them. There were even mirrors on the walls.

At first this was a bit overpowering but soon a smile burst across her lips. "This is awesome Uncle Mike. Everything you do is like seen from every direction." "Yeah, not to embarrass you, but when Sally and I are making love, it is fantastic to see the other person's NAKED body wherever you look." Lisa immediately remembered earlier in the year when Uncle Mike and his wife had taken them down to Orlando and when everyone else had left the condo, she and her sister took a whirlpool bath and she got to see his long naked cock out in the open.

And it was a LONG one. She could only imagine what that experience would have been like in this room. "Why don't you sit up here on the bed?" he suggested, patting on the comforter. "That way you can be close to your chocolate supply, and maybe share with me what got your parents all upset.

BUT before we begin, let me promise. . and I have never gone back on a promise to you and your sister EVER. . whatever you share I will keep to myself." She looked up at him and smiled. "Thank you!" she whispered hopping up on to the tall bed. "I just don't want you to think I am like a slut or anything, when you hear what really happened." "Not much chance of that. . but hey. .

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. let's make a fun game of it, to maybe make it easier. For every detail you tell me. . or maybe let's say every five minutes or so, I will present you with a piece of chocolate." "We might run out of chocolates by the time I finish," she said with a grin on her face. "I have a backup resource of something even yummier, if that happens.

So who is the guy, how old is he and what happened?" Lisa suddenly became serious: "His name is Tommy. . he's like in 9th grade. . and he just kind of persuaded me to do some things. . and I LIKED doing it! Do you want me to tell you exactly what happened?" Her uncle nodded his head, and at the same time pulled up a desk chair and positioned it right in front of the pretty girl.

He could not have been happier, especially if she was soon willing to role play what they were doing. "We both rode the same city bus yesterday.

I had to come home earlier than I thought from soccer practice, and that was the fastest way to get home. He sat next to me on the bus and we just started talking. He talked to me like an adult. . and not a little girl, which was awesome. After about 15 minutes he said this was his stop, and I thought that was it. But then he said, 'Do you want to come over to my house for an hour or so, and then I could walk you home after we are done'?

This kinda got my heart pounding. . because he was REALLY hot and I wondered what he meant by "after we are done!" As Lisa was telling her tale, her legs began to slowly open and all of a sudden he could see her pink panties. He tried not to stare and reached over and gave her another chocolate. "Keep going. . ." he said. She opened the wrapper and popped the candy into her mouth and continued with some other details. But soon you could tell she was getting to a much more "naughty" portion of what had happened.

"I had excused myself and went to the bathroom. When I came back, I found him sitting in a big chair in the living room ." she said softly in her young girl voice. "He called me over and made me sit on his lap ." she said and swallowed dryly as her hands fluttered at her sides.

"Then what happened?" Uncle Mike asked as he looked through her sheer top and at her thin sports bra. He could swear he could see a pair of pointy nipples highlighting his view which was VERY arousing to him as well. "He told me how attractive I was . and he reached around and put his hands on me ." she said cautiously. "Show me where he put his hands on you, Lisa," asked Uncle Mike. Slowly, the attractive young teen lifted both her hands to cup her titties, and without asking. . began to gently massage them as she went on telling the story.

This was somewhat distracting and it made him horny as hell! As she continued to talk, she absentmindedly (or so he thought) began to pinch and twist her buds, causing his half aroused cock to kick up a full notch and her nipple continued to become more erect. "He . he told me that he had wanted to do this to me even on the bus ., and then he begged me not to tell my parents.

I assured him that was not going to be the case." "How did you feel when he played with your titties, Lisa. . much like you are doing right now?" The 10-year-old rolled her head from side to side as he posed the question, as though fighting some internal conflict yet to be revealed.

Then, she spoke in that young girl voice again, "I . I liked it . and he unbuttoned my shirt and reached under my training bra and touched the very stiff nipples on my titties .

and I liked it. Nooooo, I actually loved it!" Uncle Mike almost lost his load when she so quickly shared this occurrence. "Let's take a little chocolate break. . okay?" Uncle Mike reached for the bag of nuggets and tossed one to her. She immediately took her hands off of her titties, captured the 1 inch morsel and after taking off the wrapper placed it in her mouth.

She smiled at him, realizing that he had been watching her manipulate her young breasts right in front of him.

She knew her stiff buds were poking out and looking at his shorts, it seemed like his cock was poking out as well. After a few minutes of small talk, he suggested that they get back to her telling the story.

"Okay. . then Tommy said. . 'Show me, Lisa--show me exactly how you touch your titties when no one is around'. I thought it was a bit kinky of him to ask.

. but I stood up in front of him and did exactly what he suggested." This was the opportunity that he was looking for and Mike decided to go for it.

"Can we role play what you did? Why don't you hop off of the bed and go ahead and show me PRECISELY what you did in front of him. And this will earn you a couple of chocolate nuggets, because I know it might be a little embarrassing." "Anything for you Uncle Mike," she said hopping off of the bed.

"I began by unbuttoning my blouse like this," she said as she reached up and started with the top button of her sheer blouse and one by one. . unfastened the front of her blouse so that her sports bra was now fully visible.

"I got a little embarrassed at this point as you can imagine because other than mom and dad not too many people have seen my bare chest before. And he was a grade older than me. . So I slipped my fingers under my bra like this. . and pulled it up almost to my neck, so that he could see my titties. I know I am kinda wicked, but I enjoyed doing it for him.

" As she was talking she mimicked her actions and suddenly two little apple-shaped bare titties appeared with pink nipples topping them. . almost like the Hershey candies.

Uncle Mike just stared at her bare chest, now sporting a FULL erection in his pants. Unconsciously he reached down and manipulated his shaft so that it was not all wrapped up in his boxers. Lisa noticed what he was doing and quickly winked at him. "You must like my story. . Uncle Mike," she teased. "Oh I do, and you tell it so well, he said. "Should we continue or would you like to take a chocolate break?" he asked.

"Let's keep going," she suggested. "Fine. So what happened next?" he asked. "He wanted me to show him what I did with my little titties when I got all excited. . so I put my fingers over the tips like this and then began to like pinch them a little bit and I even got my fingers and thumbs wet by licking on them," and she paused and deliberately licked her index fingers and thumbs and then began to manipulate and fondle her bare titties.

Lisa spent several minutes entertaining her horny uncle. . AND exciting herself that way and then she paused. "So was that it. . or was there more?" asked Uncle Mike. "Oh there was more. . .but you are going to have to help me with the next parts." "Just tell me what to do, Lisa and I will be happy to help you with your demonstration." She winked at him again and continued. "Okaaaaay," she moaned now becoming very aroused, then said, "He put his hand on my leg and began rubbing it all over.

His rubs continued and I could feel him moving higher and higher." Mike scooted closer and placed his hands on her knees.

The cute teen looked down and watched him gently rub her leg, first on the outside and then moved towards the inside, moving closer and closer to the hem of her skirt.

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Lisa began to gently shake as she was becoming VERY aroused by her uncle's naughty fingers. Soon, Uncle Mike had moved his hands under her skirt and found the silky fabric of the young girls' panties. He slowly moved his fingers to the damp intersection in between her legs to where he knew her clit was hiding and then she said: "Then he lifted my skirt and touched me between my legs." Before she say anything else he asked: "Where exactly did he touch you, Lisa?" Uncle Mike asked.

"Show me down here!" he said, continuing to use his middle finger to stimulate her favorite HOT spot. Enjoying immeasurably what he was doing to her body. . the horny girl slowly inched her hand down her body toward the hem of her skirt. At the same time he moved his hands away hoping she would open up Pandora's box for him to visit even more. With her right hand. . she held up the skirt and with the left hand she moved between her legs and began rubbing her pussy through the thin material of her panties just like her uncle had been doing.

"Right here is where he touched me. . .and it felt GREAT " she moaned as her fingers moved in and out of the cleft of her pussy and Uncle Mike watched in total fascination.

Without any notice he said: "I can see MOSTLY where he touched you honey but to make sure, let's pull these pink panties down so that you can show me precisely where his touches were," and within a few seconds, her panties were at her ankles and he had quickly helped her step out of them.

"Since your skirt will just be in the way, let's just unzip this as well," and hearing no objection, a flick of his fingers, he pulled down her side zipper, and yanked her skirt to the floor.

The girl smiled, finally stepping out of everything. Her body was on fire at that point, knowing she was buck naked in front of her favorite Uncle Mike. She wondered when he would take out that big COCK and wave it at her like he did in Orlando, years earlier. In fact. . Lisa was DYING to see it.

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"So Tom must have made you all HOT right inside here. . right?" asked Uncle Mike and wasting no time, he sucked on his middle finger and gently slipped it a few inches into her hot moist pussy.

After a few minutes he asked: "Am I right Lisa, is this where he fingered your tight little pussy?" The young girl nodded politely, but she secretly wanted to continue rubbing herself off, especially if she could do it right in front of her horny uncle. "Why don't you pinch those cute little titties of yours while YOU rub that wet pussy for me?" That must have been the invitation she wanted because she slipped off her sheer top, pulled off her bra and stood naked in front of him. For the next five minutes or so the voyeur uncle watched the preteen pinch and pull her titties, as she drove first one and then two fingers up her dripping pussy, all the while rubbing her clit to full excitement.

He watched her passionately masturbate with no hesitancy, right in front of him. Soon her body began to quiver in total climax as she shook steadily.

. with shameless rapture. He waited patiently until she was finally calm and her breathing returned to normal and then continued his seduction. "Did he do anything else?" he asked. "Oh, yes!" she exclaimed as she went back to stroking herself obscenely. "He . he unbuttoned his pants and asked me to hold his . you know.


. . to hold him." "He DID? Hold his WHAT, Lisa?" Mike asked softly and drew down the zipper of his trousers and slowly reached inside, knowing she was staring at his actions. He masterfully pulled out his pulsing cock and swallowed thickly as the young girl replied. "His . his cock ." she sucked in her breath, "His BIG COCK. . just like YOURS !" as she now fully observed the long shaft she was waiting so badly to see.

"How did it feel, Lisa?" "Oh, it was awesome! And it was warm and soft and HARD all at the same time. It was just real amazing since I had never touched a boy's COCK before!" she said breathlessly. "Or a Man's," she added. Uncle Mike reached down and lifted her hand from her apple-like tittie and wrapped it almost all around his throbbing shaft, but not quite because of its thickness. "Is this the way it felt, Lisa?" he asked as he helped her began to handle the soft flesh of his stiff cock, and begin to rub it up and down just the way he liked it.

"Oh, yes . it was just like this. . but YOURS is even BIGGER Uncle Mike!" Uncle Mike held her hand tightly around his throbbing cock and then let go. . .and the cute teen was soon giving him the amateur hand-job. . of a lifetime. "Then what did he do, Lisa?" he asked fantasizing about how far this 9th grade boy would go. As she wanked his rod, her other fingers played with the damp lips of her pouting pussy. She trembled and told him, "He kept playing with my pussy.

. .while I played with his COCK. Oh yeah. . one more thing, he leaned over and sucked and licked my titties. .


. like both of them and it was awesome!" Not saying a word, Uncle Mike leaned forward, as she continued to finger fuck her hot pussy and gently let his tongue lick the closest bud on her 10-year-old chest, soon making it a stiff and fully aroused nipple. Next, he took it fully into his mouth, continuing to suck and lick the excited tip. She moaned hungrily as she eagerly stroked his cock on her own accord.

She was dying to see a long stream of hot cum, just like Tommy shot out for several minutes. Mike kissed her tits lasciviously and gobbled up each apple-like morsel like a favorite candy. Then he broke away for a moment and said: "Did you like what he was doing to you, Lisa?" he asked as he looked up at her pretty face. He focused on her long blonde hair that was almost down to her titties that were now covered with his drool. "Oh, yes! His mouth was so soft and warm and his finger kept pushing into my .

into my PUSSY. It was SO good!" she said as she suddenly felt HIM finger-fucking her. He wanted to keep mimicking her story so he continued to bring the girl close to a second orgasm. Then a sinister grin came onto his face, as he decided to probe for more. "What else happened Lisa. . that you haven't told me about, dear?" The teen girl rolled her head from side to side in pure joy as her eyes blinked several times and she spread her legs to allow his hand even more freedom.

"He . he asked me to put it in my mouth . just the head of it, he said . he just wanted me to kiss it a little bit for him." "And did you do that? Did you put his stiff cock right into your mouth?" Uncle Mike asked as she squeezed his shaft tightly in her soft hand. "Uh huh ." she replied in that little girl voice, "I let him put it in my mouth and I kissed it and then licked it for him." "Did you like doing that?" "Oh, YES!" she whimpered as she noticed her uncle go into the top drawer close to the king sized bed.

She watched carefully as he took out the tall can of Reddi-whip-chocolate whipped cream and showed it to her. Lisa's body began to shake knowing somehow she was going to engulf some of that cream. . her VERY favorite. "Let go of my COCK for a second Lisa," Uncle Mike asked. Looking down at his 8" cock, he meticulously began to spray all along the shaft and then over the tip of his stiff shaft with the chocolate cream. Almost defying gravity, the brown chilled liquid adhered itself to his shaft.

He stood up in front of the girl and then almost commanded her by saying, "Get on your knees Lisa and clean all this CHOCOLATE cream off of my COCK!" Without any hesitation the 10-year-old girl knelt in front of her uncle, placed her index finger and thumbs in a circle and moved it down his stomach.

Next she leaned forward and her pink tongue extended outwards until it touched the underside of his throbbing cock, and he lurched forward causing the first couple inches of his shaft to enter her mouth. She now had a mustache of chocolate cream, but without hesitation, the girl was on a mission to almost inhale all of the chocolate.

. but at the same time drive her uncle closer and closer to climax. She leaned forward even more as she ovaled her lips obscenely and took the head of his pulsing cock into her.

"Yes, my dear . that's it . suck your Uncle Mike's cock for him--show me how much you love SUCKING COCK . use your tongue . oh, yes . that's the best!" he told her. The aroused girl moaned out loud as he thrust forward with his hips. She soon wrapped her hand about the base of his thick cock and tongued the head wetly as he began a slow fucking motion with his hips.

He felt his cock moving in and out of her wet, warm mouth, and he had a sudden desire to watch her as she sucked his cock. As Lisa continued licking his throbbing shaft, he noticed her mouth was stretched wide and his cock had traveled into her throat. "Yes, Lisa . suck it deep . take it all the way in if you can . all the way baby!" he told her.

"Ughhhnn ." he moaned, "yes . suck it, Lisa . SUCK MY COCK! . I'm going to come . and I want you to SWALLOW ALL OF IT!" and he placed a hand on the back of her head as he felt the first spasm that was followed by a strong contraction. Lisa paused slightly as she felt the cock in her mouth begin to jerk wildly.

She moaned as her own orgasm washed over her writhing body, and then she felt her mouth being filled with his warm, thick cum. She swallowed eagerly as her mouth was filled to overflowing point and her legs quivered stiffly. Next Uncle Mike felt his cock erupt into her mouth. He tensed as she stopped bobbing her head, and he felt gush after gush pour into her mouth on and off for several minutes.

"That was SO good, darling . you've made your uncle VERY happy." Lisa raised her head with a dazed expression on her face as she licked the last of his cum from her lips. Mike grabbed the nearby can of chocolate cream, placed it in between her lips and shot it down her throat. She giggled but soon ingested it all with a big smile on her face.

He gently helped her up and laid her back down on his bed. Looking down at her he said, "Next time I want both you and Beth to come over at the same time.

. and maybe you could talk Tommy into joining us too? What do you think?" "Sounds YUMMY since l LOVE chocolate. . but I love COCKS even more and two of them would be AWESOME Uncle Mike!"