Shorthaired legal age teenager angel

Shorthaired legal age teenager angel
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My Naughty Mother Part 3 By Docker5000 Introductory. Marion is a happy married house-wife living in a small town in 1950's America. She has one 18 year old son. However Marion finds that her sex drive is running out of control and her husband is unable to keep up with her.

So she starts looking for other partners to satisfy her sexual desires. Marion now fucks her first woman and also her son. The next morning Marion and Rachel were both in her kitchen drinking coffee and having their breakfasts.

Both of them were very excited about the business which they were going to start together. Marion now asked Rachel.

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"If she had any idea what type of business they could actually do, as she really did not have a clue." Rachel was silent for a few moments she then looked directly at Marion. Rachel now smiled at her and then said to her. "Well I know one business which I have experience with and your home would be perfect for it." Marion now looked at her excitedly waiting for her to tell her what her idea was. Rachel was silent for a couple more moments and she took another drink of her coffee.

She then looked back at Marion and told her. "You have plenty of bedrooms here we could start a brothel." Rachel now started to laugh very loudly she thought her little joke was very funny.

However Marion was looking at her with a strange smile on her face and she was not laughing at all. Rachel now looked at Marion and said to her. "You cannot be serious. I was only joking there's no way we could bring men back to your house. What about your husband and son." Marion now said to Rachel. "What if we pick them up in bars and restaurants they could take us back to their rooms?

We could earn a lot of money. I don't mean picking up any working man. I mean we go for the smart exclusive businessman. We dress really classy and let them pick us up. I'm sure they would find somewhere to take us. And we could pretend to be a mother and daughter that would really earn us some big bucks." Rachel now said to Marion. "Does that mean you don't want me to live here with you?" Marion walked straight over to Rachel and put her hands on the back of her head and kissed the young woman so passionately that Rachel nearly collapsed.

Marion then broke off their kiss and smiled at Rachel. Marion now said to Rachel. "You are here to stay.

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I need you. "I was just thinking it could be a sort of side-lined for us as a business. We would do it every now and again to earn as both a little extra money and we could have a little excitement doing it. However I think we would need some kind of bodyguard and driver." Now both women simultaneously smiled and they both looked up towards the ceiling thinking the same thing. And then as on queue they heard a loud banging sound coming from Thomas's bedroom. Both women smiled at each other and set off to see what the banging sound was.

The banging sound was Thomas trying to get out of bed and collapsing onto the floor because his ribs were hurting him too much. A few moments later both women were now stood in Thomas's bedroom doorway looking at him with concerned looks on their faces.

Thomas couldn't believe what he was looking at. Both of them were stood looking down at him and both of them were wearing very sexy little nighties. Rachel wore a white one and his mother had a red one on. When the girls realise what he was looking at they couldn't help laughing.

Thomas now said to them. "What the hell is going on?" Both girls just hushed him as they helped him to stand up. Both girls now had one of his arms over their shoulders. And they were both supporting his weight.

Thomas told them. "That his ribs really hurt and he was desperate for a pee. Both girls managed to get him to the bathroom that's where it got a little more embarrassing for him.

Thomas now managed to free his cock from his shorts and he now moaned with relief as he started to piss into the toilet. It was very embarrassing for him with both Rachel and his mother watching him. But both girls found it fascinating to watch his piss go into the toilet boul.

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Both girls now managed to get him back to bed. Rachel stayed and talked to him while Marion went to make him some breakfast. Rachel managed to persuade him to forget about Bobby and Walter and to also promise not to go to the police as she and his mother did not want the police involved.

Thomas would have promised her anything. He was enjoying looking at her especially in her nightie which showed nearly all of her. Her nipples were pressing against the thin material of her little nightie and he got glimpses of her pussy when she bent over as she was not wearing any panties. A short time later Marion returned with his breakfast both girls stayed with him and talked to him as he ate his breakfast. Marion now said to him. "That he really did smell and he needed a shower.

Thomas told her. "That his ribs were hurting him too much for him to stand up in the shower or get in the bath." Marion then add a brilliant idea she now whispered to Rachel to follow her. Both girls now left his bedroom leaving Thomas confused and very horny as he watched their sexy asses leaving his room. He noticed neither of them was wearing any underwear under their nighties and it was starting to turn him on now.

Thomas had now fallen back to sleep when he heard giggling voices entering his bedroom. He now started to wake up. Rachel and his mother now entered his room. His mother was carrying a large bowl filled with hot soapy water.

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Rachel carried some towels and two large sponges. Before Thomas could say anything his mother smiled at him and told him in a giggling voice.

"That she and Rachel were going to give him a bed-bath as he couldn't make it to the bathroom." Thomas told them. "That there was no way on hell that they were going to give him a bed-bath.

Both of them just looked at him with sarcastic smiles on their faces. Both girls now gripped his bed sheets and pulled them from his body. He was just left in his shorts now. His mother now placed a large bath-sheet on the bed and told him. "To move onto it." Thomas completely refused to move onto the bath-sheet. So they got him by his arms and legs and pulled him on to the bath-sheet so that he wouldn't get the mattress all wet.

Marion now placed the bowl of water down onto the bed. Each of them took a sponge and put it in the water getting it nice and wet. Now Marion and Rachel both started to wash him. His mother started to wash his arms and shoulders and Rachel started at his feet and worked her way up his legs. Both women were still wearing their nighties and because he was wriggling about they were getting their nighties wet which caused him to smile to himself because their breasts were now becoming more visible as the thin material got wetter.

Both women now started to giggle as he had a huge hardon in his shorts now. Thomas found this very embarrassing and he told Rachel and his mother. "That he could wash the rest of himself and ask them if they would please leave now." Marion and Rachel just looked at each other than they burst out laughing. Each of them quickly grabbed his shorts and in one swift motion they pulled them from his body. Thomas moaned out in pain as they pulled his shorts off him. Now both women were just looking at his huge hardon with lust.

Thomas quickly put his hands over it to hide his embarrassment. Now both women dipped their sponges back into the bowl of soapy water. Now they both eagerly started to wash his groin area. At first Thomas refused to move his hands, but they both just slapped them away.

Eventually he had no choice but to move his hands and just lay back as both women started to wash his private area. Thomas felt a funny feeling in his lower body as they washed him.

They were running the sponges all over his hard shaft and around his balls. He started to moan gently as they continued to clean him. Once they had cleaned his private area they told him. "To turn over onto his stomach." Thomas didn't put up a fight now because there wasn't any point.

Thomas turned over onto his stomach squashing his hardon between his stomach and the mattress. Rachel now put a finger to her lips. Marion looked at her questioningly but did not say anything. Rachel now quickly slipped out of her little nightie, she was now completely naked. Marion just smiled at her now. Rachel now took the sponge and started to rub it over her own breasts getting them nice and wet and soapy.

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Marion just smiled at her as she watched her soaking up her own boobs. Once Rachel's boobs were nice and soapy she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself just above his bottom. She now started to massage his back with her soapy boobs. Thomas now let out a low soft moan of pleasure as Rachel rubbed herself all over his back. He now said through his moans of pleasure that her massage felt really good and his back was not hurting as much. Marion just watched as Rachel continued to rub her big boobs all over his back.

She was now massaging the tops of his shoulders with them. Rachel now lifted herself off his back and told him. "To turn around." This time Thomas turned around without any protest. He was enjoying the massage that she was giving him. Rachel now sat on his chest and was smiling at him. Thomas could see the soapy water dripping from her big boobs now. Rachel said to him with a wink. "Are you enjoying your massage?" She then wrapped her big boobs around his hard shaft which was still rock solid and she started to give him his first ever tit-wank.

His mother just looked at them both and smiled. Thomas looked at his mother then back at Rachel. His mother just smiled at him once more then she let her nightie drop to the floor. Marion now moved over to his bed she had her left breast in her hand.

She now moved so that it was directly in Thomas's face. Thomas looked at her then he opened his mouth as she fed him her nipple. Thomas clamped his teeth down gently on his mother's nipple and started to suck it. He sucked on it for a few minutes then she gave him her other breast to suck on. Marion now swung her leg over his head so that her pussy was directly in his face. Rachel smiled at Marion and she moved a little lower down the bed so that Marion could get her tongue on his cock.


She didn't care that it was still covered with soapy water. She now started to lick up and down his shaft. Rachel now also started to lick his shaft from the other side and their tongues would also go into each other's mouths.

Thomas was just looking into his mother's wet cunt hole. Her juices were now starting to flow from her cunt as she was getting very excited now. Marion now took the decision out of her sons' hands whether he was going to suck her cunt or not. She now moved back so her pussy was directly in his face. Her pussy juices were now dripping onto his face and down his nose and into his mouth which was now open.

He tasted her cunt juices for the first time and he liked them. Marion was pleased when he gripped her hips tightly and he pushed his tongue deep into her cunt. She now sucked him even harder as he now happily played with her pussy and bit and licked at her tasty cunt.

The three of them continued their strange oral experience for a few more minutes. Thomas could feel his cock was nearly ready to blow and he wanted to tell his mother that he was about to come. But he had a face full of her cunt and he didn't want to stop licking and kissing it.

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Thomas took both girls by surprise when he came. They were both just licking his cock-head and teasing his piss-hole with their tongues when his first load of cum shot up into the air. Now both women moaned in disappointment as his first load of cum went flying passed their faces. Rachel quickly grabbed his cock and she aimed it right at her mouth. Thomas now shot his next load of cum right into Rachel's open mouth. Now they both took it in turns to swallow his cum. Once he had stopped cuming they both started to lick his shaft like it was an ice cream and the ice cream had melted and was dripping down the ice cream cone.

They both never missed a single bit of his cum. Thomas got so excited that he bit his mother's clit causing her to explode all over his face. Luckily for him his mouth was open and he swallowed nearly all of her cunt juices.

When she squirted into his face. She came so hard that some of her cunt juice went right up his nose. Now the three of them started to share a three way kiss. With lots of tongues. It got really messy as they shared each other's juices. Thomas even tasted his own cum. However he did not care as he also got to taste both his mother's and Rachel's pussy juices.

The three of them now rested for a few minutes, as they let Thomas take in what had just happened to him. Now both women just looked at each other and smiled. They now both started to kiss and bite at his nipples. Their hands once more started to roam all over his body. They both had their hands on his balls and his cock. They both started to give him a hand job which soon had him once more rock hard.

Now that Thomas was fully hard once more Rachel whispered into Marion's ear. "That she should be the one to fuck him first and to take his virginity." Marion now smiled warmly at Rachel and she gave her a tender kiss on her full red lips.

Thomas just lay back on the bed and watched as Rachel and his mother now kissed each other passionately for a few moments. He could see their tongues going in and out of each other's mouths as they kissed each other with passion and lust.

Thomas didn't really know that women could kiss each other like this. You had to remember that lesbians in this era kept themselves to themselves. And they didn't go out of their way to publicise what they were. Now Marion broke off her kiss with Rachel and both women now looked at Thomas and they both gave him a big smile. Marion now said to her son in a very gentle voice as she could see he was very excited and also a little nervous. "That if it was ok with him and if he wanted her to.

She would now make him a man?" Thomas suddenly felt a large lump in his throat which stopped him from replying to his mother. However he just eagerly started to shake his head as to indicate to her that he wanted her to do it.

Marion with Rachel's help now positioned herself over his groin area. Rachel took hold of his hard cock and before Marion could lower her pussy down onto it. She gave it several small butterfly kisses on his cock-head. She then held it up right and guided it into Marion's wet pussy as Marion slowly lowered herself down onto her sons cock for the very first time.

Taking his virginity in one swift moment. Marion now had her son's entire length deep inside her pussy and mother and son were now just looking at each other and smiling at each other lovingly.


Marion remained still for a few seconds. She liked the feel of her son's cock deep inside of her pussy. Marion now looked down at her son who was looking at her with sweat covering his young face. But he had excitement in his eyes. She now winked at him and she slowly started to raise herself up and down on his hard young cock.

Marion went very slowly at first. But as she continued to go up and down on him she now started to pick up her pace. Rachel now moved directly behind Marion and she wrapped her arms around her and she now started to play with her big breasts.

As she continued to go up and down on her son's magnificent hard cock. Marion was picking up speed all the time. Marion and Thomas were now moaning softly and giving each other tender little smiles as they both continued to fuck each other. Thomas was now also thrusting himself up into her every time she came down onto his cock. This put a smile on her face everytime he thrust deep into her pussy.

Rachel was kissing her neck and fondling and teasing her breasts by tweaking her big hard nipples. The three of them continued to enjoy this unique experience. Marion was now really bouncing up and down on her son's hard cock. Thomas was moaning with pleasure, he was also gritting his teeth as the pain in his ribs was now really hurting as well.

But the pleasure that he was getting from his own mothers pussy easily outweighed the pain in his battered body. Marion now brought her pussy down hard onto his cock just as Thomas powered into her with all of his strength.

This was enough to send her into a screaming orgasm as she came all over his cock. Marion bounced up and down on his cock a couple more times. Then he moaned out loudly and he started to shoot his cum deep into his own mother's wet pussy. Both Marion and Thomas were covered with sweat and they were both looking at each other with huge smiles on their faces. Marion now teased him a little bit by contracting her pussy muscles and massaging his cock.

Thomas returned the favour by thrusting up into her cunt several times causing her to start to giggle. Rachel noticed that Thomas also seemed to be in a little bit of pain as well and she whispered into Marion's ear. "That maybe they should let him rest for a little bit." Very reluctantly Marion got off him. She now kissed him tenderly on his forehead. Thomas watched as Rachel and Marion walked out of his room closing the door behind them and within a few minutes he fell asleep with a very contented look on his face.

Now hand in hand Rachel and Marion walked into her bedroom and climbed onto her big bed. They quickly got into the 69 position and eagerly started to lick at each other's cunts.

Rachel was eager to get a mouth full of Marion's and Thomas's combined love juices that filled Marion's so tasty and very messy pussy now. And Marion just couldn't get enough of this young girl's tasty cunt as-well. While Thomas dreamt of fucking his mother once more in his dreams. Marion and Rachel were fucking each other in Marion's bedroom. Marion found some big candles and they were now fucking each other's pussys very rapidly and brutally with the candles.

They continued to do all sorts of kinky things together until they both fell asleep in each other's arms. This was the start of a wonderful time for the three of them. The End.