Thick wife takes heavy facial

Thick wife takes heavy facial
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When I was a child, I used to look forward to family reunions, because it was one of the rare occasions that I was able to play with other kids. Being an only child, the family reunions were a sure thing for me to have play mates. I had one cousin who was my favorite playmate. His name was Josh. Josh was the youngest son of my dad's sister Aunt Jane and her husband Pete.

Josh and I would play house, Go Fish, and cry when it was time for us to leave, and we would not see each other until the next reunion. As I got older, the reunions were not as fun. My aunt caught my uncle naked with their oldest son's girl friend and that was the end of their marriage. Being a single mom with 3 sons, she could not afford to travel fourteen hours to the reunion every year, so Josh and I lost touch.

It was two weeks before the family reunion, when my Dad came down stairs with a big smile. My Mom and I were in the kitchen putting away the dinner dishes. He comes in very excited. "Honey, I just received an email from Jane.

She is going to be at the reunion this year." "Oh David, Really?" "Yes, she said that she was driving down a day or so before the reunion and wanted to know if she could stay with us so she would not have to pay for a hotel." "Sure she can dear.

Are the boys coming too?" "She didn't say, but she did ask if 'we could stay' so I assume that at least one of the will come." Dad and Mom exchanged plans on who can sleep where, and I could tell that my Dad was excited. He and Aunt Jane had stayed in touch via phone and email. When work would take him with in three hours of her town, he would go out of the way to check on her, but it had been a couple years since they had spent significant time together and that was at Timmy's wedding.

Timmy was her oldest son.


I had not made that trip because it was the same time as church camp, and dad said I would have more fun at camp, so he didn't make me go. I went up stairs and into my room. I pulled a photo album off my book shelf and sat on my bed. I flipped through the pages. Most of the photos were me, from my birth, first birthday up until present time. There were a couple pages of past reunions. I smiled when I saw one of Josh and me.

I had almost forgotten him. I closed the book and lay my head on my pillow staring up at the ceiling. My mind full of questions about whether he would come with Aunt Jane?

What he looked like? Would he even remember me? A yell from my Dad brought me back to earth, and I got up and went down stairs. The next couple of weeks were full of excitement. I had never seen my Dad this excited. Mom and I cleaned each crook and cranny of our house, while Dad mowed the yard and trimmed hedges. The Thursday before my Aunts arrival, we all went to the market and bought enough food and drinks to feed Pharaoh's Army.

After we got home, I showered and went to bed, leaving Dad up. I could tell he was too excited to sleep. While lying in bed surfing the web on my phone, I typed Josh's name into the search box of a social network site. There were a number of results looking for the one from the town he lived in.

When I found it, I clicked and waited for it to load. When it loaded my eyes widened. His avatar was a picture of him in football pants, with his jersey draped across his shoulder, and bear chested.

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Josh had grown into a hunk. He had the family's blonde hair and blue eyes, and great abs and pecs. As I scrolled through his photos, I felt a stirring in my stomach and between my legs. I laid the phone down and let my hand slip inside my panties. As my fingers began to rub my clit, my mind created fantasies of my hunky cousin mounting me and taking my virginity.

My fingers increased the pressure as my orgasm approached. My butt lifted off the bed as it hit. Then I drifted off to sleep. My Dad woke me up early the next morning. As I dragged myself from the bed, I went to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready. I looked at myself in the mirror as I pulled my night shirt over my head. At the age of 16 I was still a virgin, but it was by my choice.

Guys seemed to like me, I had long blonde hair that went mid way down my back, blue eyes, and I played softball so my body was toned. My hips were a 32, my waste was 28 and my breasts were a 34B, and I kept my pubic area smooth. I had let a couple guys finger me while I stroked them, but when things got really hot and heavy I would always stop. I gazed upon my reflection in the mirror and wondered if Josh would like how I had developed. I stepped into the shower. After my shower, I dressed and headed down stairs.

We were tidying up the house when we heard a car pull into our drive way. "They are here!" My Dad rushed outside to their car. My aunt got out of the passenger side and ran to meet him and they embraced. They laughed and complemented each other on how age had been good to them. I stepped out onto the porch as Josh exited out of the driver side of the car. His hair hung down in his face.

He pushed his bangs out of his eyes as my Dad moved toward him and they shook hands. My Aunt walked up the steps and hugged me, telling my how pretty I was and how I had grown so much since the last time she had seen me. Then she and Mom went inside while Dad and Josh retrieved their luggage from the car. "Josh, do you remember Allie, your cousin? You and her use to have a lot of fun at the reunion when you were kids. Now look at you both, all grown up, where has time went?" Josh smiled at me as he passed.

I noticed his eyes look me up and down as he approached. I could not blame him because I was checking him out as well. He was wearing a Nike tee with loose work out shorts that went just above his knees.

As he got closer, I noticed a lump inside his shorts that swung as he walked. I could feel my nipples harden, which I knew would be noticeable through my tight tank top, so I crossed my arms across my chest as he past.

The rest of the day was filled with trips down memory lane. Mom, Dad and Aunt Jane talked and laughed. Josh and I didn't talk much more than the occasional yes and no.

We were both on our phones texting or updating our social network statuses and just doing what teens do. Mom, Aunt Jane and I started dinner about 6pm. Dad and Josh went out to look at Dad's pride and joy, his 67 Mustang that he had been working on restoring for the last five years.

After Dinner, we watched TV and we all went to bed around midnight. As I lay in bed, I could not get Josh's lump out of my head. I masturbated that night imagining sucking on his cock. The next morning we went to the reunion. Soon after we arrived and did the meet and greet, Josh and I decided to go for a swim in the lake.

Dad would not let me wear my bikini around family so I had worn my one piece suit under my shorts and t-shirt.

I went into the bath house and slipped out of my clothes and went to the beach and waited for Josh. He soon came up to me wearing a pair of trunks and no shirt. His upper body was to die for. We swam and splashed each other. "My mom tells me you are a softball star, Allie." "I am ok, I guess. You play football?" "Yeah, I am the quarterback for my high school football team" "Oh quarterback, so does that mean you have your pick of cheerleaders?" "Not bragging, but I have had a few cheerleaders in the back seat of my car." "That, cuz is TMI." We laughed and continued to swim until it was time to eat.

We got out of the water and began to dry off. I bent over letting my hair fall over my face as I squeezed the water from it. "Why are you wearing a one piece? You have a hot body, why not show it off?" I stood up twisting my hair into a ball.

"Josh, were you checking me out?" "You may be my cousin, but I am still a guy." "Well for your information, my Dad doesn't allow me to wear a bikini in mixed company." "Oh so modesty runs in our family." "Yeah I guess." We went up to the shelter and ate lunch. After lunch we all mingled with relatives. Dad was sitting around a picnic table with some of his cousins drinking beer, Mom and Aunt Jane were with the ladies talking on the other side of the shelter, gossiping.

Josh and I were getting impatient. I went and got permission from Dad to go back to our house while they stayed. So we went and got into Josh's car and headed to the house.

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While riding home Josh and I talked and joked like old friends. Looking over my shoulder, "So is that the famous back seat you were talking about?" "Yes, a many a cheerleader has screamed for God in that seat," Josh laughed "You aren't boastful are you?" "No, not at all, the proof is in the pudding." We laughed and continued until we arrived at my house.

We got out and went inside. We sat in the living room watched TV, talked and text on our phones. "How long do you think it will be before our folks are back?" Josh asked. "Well, if it like every other year, my Dad will be the last one to leave.

Then they will all go to eat dinner at an all night diner.


So it will be a while." "Cool." "Why what do you have in mind?" "Nothing, just curious is all. Hey do you remember when we use to play house at the reunion?" "Yeah, I do.

It was fun, but we were kids." "I remember the last time we played. The year before my parents split.

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Do you remember that time?" "Yeah I do. That was the time that we kissed when you pretended to leave for work, and you slipped your tongue into my mouth." "Ha Ha, as I recall, you didn't resist" "I remember. Did you know that it was my first kiss?" "Really? I am sure it was not your last." I smiled and pulled my legs up under me in the couch.

"No it wasn't." "I am sure you have boys drooling all over you, Allie. If you weren't my cousin, I would tap that ass." "Tap this ass? Would you? I would have you know, no one has tapped this ass." "You are lying. There is no way that you are a virgin." "Yes, I can and I am" Josh just shook his head and smiled. I sat there looking at him, feeling my wetness flowing between my legs. I wanted my sexy cousin. I wanted him to be my first, but I had to think of a way so I would not seem so willing.

Then I had an idea. "You know, we never played house in a real house before." "No we didn't. We always played out by the beach at the lake." "Yeah, those are some fond memories." "Want to play now?" "Allie, we are not kids anymore." "Come on Josh, it will be fun.

I promise." "Ok. I guess so." "Alright, you go outside and wait about 10 minutes, then come in like you are coming home from work." Josh shook his head and got up out of the chair and walked out of the door. I ran up stairs, shedding clothes as I went. When I got to my room and pulled my swim suit off and put on a sheer white night gown. I looked in the mirror my hair was still in a ball on top of my head; my nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material.


I smiled and rushed to the kitchen and began washing dishes. Right on time, Josh walked into the front door. "Honey I am home." Josh said sarcastically "I am in the kitchen, Dear." As he walked into the kitchen I turned around. When Josh seen me, his jaw dropped open. I smiled at him as I began to walk toward him slow and seductively. "Did you have a hard day?" He just nodded his head as he looked at me, my hard nipples pressing against the material of my gown.

I stepped closer to him and kissed him on the lips. As we kissed his hands rubbed up my back and down my back. When his hand reached my ass he squeezed and stepped back, when he did not feel panties under the gown. "Allie?" "Let me be a good wife and help you relax before dinner." I lifted my gown over my head and watched as his eyes widened.

I stepped closer to him and untied his trunks and pulled slack in, and they fell to the floor. I followed them to my knees. For the first time I saw what I had noticed swinging the day before. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen, at least 9 inches.

It was still hanging between his legs a top his full hairy balls. I picked it up and wrapped my lips around it sucking it in then pulling it out. I had never sucked a cock before, but it just seemed natural. I opened my mouth wider and sucked more of it in my mouth. I felt it getting hard between my lips.

As it hardened I placed my hands on his stomach and moved my head back and forth. I felt his hands on my head. He pulled the rubber band out and my blond hair fells across my face and down my back.

He gripped my hair as his hips began to move in rhythm with my sucking. I closed my eyes and sucked more.

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Josh pulled me up from the floor and we embraced and kissed passionately. His tongue snaked into my mouth, and I sucked on it like I had just been sucking on his cock. He lifted me up and sat me on the kitchen counter. He kissed down my neck. I felt his hard cock pressing into my stomach, and then it went away as he kissed lower down to my chest.

His hands moved to my breast and he squeezed them together and licked each nipple back and forth before sucking my right breast into his mouth. The suction he put on my breast was pleasurably painful. My fingers tangled into his blond hair pressing him harder on my breast. I moaned in disappointment when he released my breast from his mouth. His kissed down my stomach, and I felt his hands moving up my legs and between my thighs. His fingers moved to my inner thigh as he kissed pass my belly button.

He moved his arms to my hips pulling me to the edge of the counter as he knelt between my legs. As his hot breath fell on my lips I moaned.

Then I felt the most amazing feeling. His tongue slid between my pussy lips. I moaned out load as his tongue landed on my clit. He moved his tongue in circles over it then sucked it into his mouth.

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I began grinding my hips pressing my pussy tighter onto his mouth and tongue. I head tossing back and forth in pleasure. The room was filled with the sounds of moans and sucking. My orgasm approached quickly. I felt my toes begin to curl and my body began to convulse.

I pressed Josh's head tighter onto me as I cummed so hard on to his face. Josh stood up and kissed me. For the first time I tasted myself, and I liked it. He lifted me up and carried me to the living room and lay me onto the couch. His hand pressed the head of his hard cock between my dripping lips. I slipped the head inside me and I gasped. He was barely in but I could feel his big cock stretching me. I closed my eyes as I felt his cock hit my barrier.

I gripped the couch cushions as I felt him push, breaking my hymen. I pain was intense. I felt tears building in my eyes, and felt a few run down my cheek. Josh didn't move. I had a feeling I was not his first virgin. I wrapped my legs around his hips and he took that as permission to continue.

He slid the entire length of his cock into me. It felt like it was in my stomach. He slowly began to fuck me.

His thrusts were long and slow. He was taking his time fucking his cousin. He pulled up until the head was almost out then slid it back in. He repeated this several times. He pulled out and took my arms, sitting me up. He got on the floor, lying on his back. With is finger he motioned for me to come to him. I got up and walked to him, straddling his hips.

He lifted his cock up; I lowered myself down onto him. I slid all the way down his cock until I could feel his balls against my ass. I placed my hands on his chest and began to rock my hips up and down his cock. I loved this feeling. My hands move up my body, squeezing my breast, pulling my nipples as his hips pumped up and down feeding my hungry pussy with his cock. He sat up and sucked my breast rough, his cock pressing hard inside me.

He lifted me off his cock. I felt so empty without him. He bent me over the coffee table and got behind me. He placed his hands on my hips, lifting them up. I felt him push his cock into me. He took my hair pulling my head back as he began to pound my pussy. His fucking was more intense. His breathing became heavy, and he began to moan. His cock seemed to be swelling inside me. I looked at the TV.

The reflection in it was so hot. My hot cousin was fucking me like a slut. The sight in the TV was too much for me. I felt my pussy begin to spasm around his cock as another orgasm approached.

I screamed out loud as it hit. Then I felt him quickly pull his cock out of my pussy and grunt. I turned around to face him. When a big gob of cum hit me in my left eye. He continued to stroke his cock. With every stroke more and more cum shot out of his cock and onto my face and tits. Then his hand fell, and he collapsed onto the floor. I moved over and lay beside him. Looking at him with a smile. "God Allie that is the best I have ever had. You are amazing." "You are the best I have ever had too." We laughed and lay there naked.

He held me in his arms for a while. Then we got up, I went and showered as he cleaned up our mess. After my shower we just sat and talked like nothing ever happened.

We both went to sleep on the couch. When our parents got home, they woke us up and we went to bed. Josh and his Mom stayed at our house for a couple more days. The night before they were to leave and go back home, we all went to bed rather early. In the middle of the night, I heard a peck on my door. I got up and went and opened it. It was Josh.

He stepped in and kissed me and we lay on the bed. We undressed and got under the covers as we continued to kiss. Then he rolled over on top of me and slipped his cock inside me.

We slowly made love, slow and easy, not rushing it. When he was ready to cum, he did not pull out. I felt his cum as it shot from his cock, splashing against my inner walls.

When he was done he kissed me and left. The next morning, my family stood on the porch and waved as Josh and his Mom back out of our drive. I blew him a kiss as I felt a drop of his cum run down my leg.