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Old fat young and extreme man Tender Sex in Jacuzzi
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I spent twelve years in the Navy, and sailed around the world a few times. One of the only times I never fucked a girl the first night in port, was when I was ashore one time with one of my best shipmates. We had a twenty-four hour pass, in a port in Spain. Having booked into a hotel, we went out on the beer.

After several hours and quite merry, we returned to our room by ourselves. Sitting on the beds, we drank the beer we had carried back and talked. It was getting late in the night, and we started to regret not looking for some street girls.

The talk got around to sex; it was then he made a confessed about himself and his sister. "If I tell you something, will you promise to keep it just between the two of us?" He asked. "Of course you have my ward of honour, my lips are sealed." I said not knowing what was to come.

Satisfied I was a good friend and was going to keep my word, he started to tell me his deepest secret. "Before we left for this cruse, I had a weeks leave. I wanted to surprises them, so I did not tell my parents I was coming home. My dad works as a postman, and is finished by three in the afternoon. Mum is a nurse, and works eight to five." "I got home just after four in the afternoon, and let myself in with my key.

As I put my bag down, I heard some funny noises coming from upstairs. I crept up the stairs, to see what it was. As I got to the landing, I saw my sister's door was open.

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Quietly tiptoeing to the door, I peeked in to see in the mirror, my father fucking my younger sister. They were both naked on her bed, and he was really pumping his cock into her. She had her legs wide open, and was telling him to shag her faster." "I didn't know what to do, so I slipped downstairs, picked up my bag and left the house. Not having a plan, I walked around to the hospital to meet mum. We walked back home together, getting home fifteen minutes after five. As we entered the house, dad was in the kitchen getting tea ready.

Janet my sister was sitting in an armchair, reading one of her schoolbooks. When she saw me she jumped into my arms, and kissed me happily." "The next day was Saturday, with both my parents working; Janet and I were alone in the house. Janet was wearing a short pleated skirt, and as she moved around the house, it would flare up to show me the tops of her legs. I was watching her bottom wiggling, and thinking about the day before seeing her and dad.

When she stopped in front of me, and asked me why I was looking at her like that." "I sat her on my lap, and told her I had seen her and dad shagging. She just asked me was I going to tell mum, about it.

I said I wasn't going to tell, but dad shouldn't be forcing her to have sex with him. She looked at me smiling, and then said she loved having sex with him. He wasn't making her do it, when he comes home from work she makes him sexy by letting him see her naked. Then she sits on his lap, and plays with him to get his cock hard." "He had been shagging her for almost a year, she said. One night when their mother had worked a night shift, there had been a bad storm.

The thunder and lighting, had frightened her.

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She had gone into her parent's room, and without thinking got into bed with him." "He didn't have anything on, and she was only wearing a short night dress. She curled up with her back against his naked body, as if she was sitting on his lap. He put his arms around her, cuddling her tight to him.

He had put his hand up her nightdress, and as he rubbed her tummy, she could feel his cock getting harder." "She reached back to feel it, and as she held it in her hand he told her to play with it. He put his hand between her legs, to play with her fanny.

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Moving his other hand up, he played with her small tits. After he had fingered her cunt, and made her wet and sexy. He slipped his cock between her legs rubbing it against her pussy, and then he said he wanted to put his cock into her cunt and fuck her." "He has been shagging her, and doing other things to her whenever their left on their own.

They have even shagged in her room, when mum has been watching her soaps down stairs.

She doesn't want him to stop shagging her, she likes it to much. She just loves sucking his cock, as she likes him licking her pussy. She said if I wanted to take her upstairs, she would let me shag her." "Well I took her to my room and stripped her naked, she sucked my cock as I licked her pussy.

After I had played with her cunt, I kept her in my room until I had shagged her twice. Then made her suck my cock clean each time, the dirty cow loved every minuet of it. As our parents, went to work early she came into my room naked, before eight every morning.

I would eat her fanny then shag my fourteen year old sister, and she would drink my spunk before she went to school. "Because I was there, my father couldn't shag her after school. So she would make an excuse, for him to help her with her home work.

When they were alone in her room, she would get him to fuck her.

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Then she would tell me the next morning, when she came into my room for me to shag her." "On my last day, 'that was the Sunday!' She suggested going to the woods, to pick bluebells for mum. When we got there, she said she wanted me to take my prick out, so she could suck it.

As she was sucking me, she took her panties off so I could play with her.

When we had got sexed up I made her bend over with her hands against a tree, then lifting her skirt over her back I shagged her from behind." He had finished his tail, and looked at me waiting for a comment. What could one say in reply, to such a confession?

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So I handed him a fresh can of beer, then said. "My sister is two years older than me, I doubt if she'd let me fuck her."