Playing arround with my wet pussy

Playing arround with my wet pussy
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Hotel Bang Part 3 This is the last part of our story, hope you like it!! What a sight I had now. Karen, fist up her pussy and cock in her mouth!! All four men were taking it in turns to use and abuse my sexy wife. If they weren't fucking her pussy or her mouth they were sucking on those big tits of hers. Spunk dripped out of her cunt and her mouth till all the men were drained. My cock was so hard I was wanking till I shot over the wall in front of me.

Fuck she looked good! "untie me, I wanna lick the spunk up my pussy" Karen pleaded. With that, one hand was released and her fingers went straight to her cunt. "oh god that tastes good" Karen said as she licked her fingers clean. The men looked at each other and laughed. " fuck knows where you found this one Steve, but that's one dirty little slag!".

Tom climbed on top of Karen and started to tit fuck her 36Ds. With both hands released she squeezed her tits together till his cock disappeared. Faster and faster he went,pinching her nipples till she cried out in pain. "oh you bastard, hurt me, spank my tits". This was a side of Karen I did not know. With one big whack she screamed in agony. Again and again Tom did as she asked till her tits were bright red. "cum on my tits,rub your spunk on these big puppies" Karen was wanking him now, hard and fast just the way I liked it.

I could tell he was almost there. "suck it slut, im gonna cum" with that streams of spunk shot out over her tits and chin. "best face cream you can ever get!" Karen said as she massaged it in to her red raw boobs. "now get my bag there's something you might like to see" Over the years we must have tried every sex toy you can buy. Dildos, vibrators, love balls they'd all been up her pussy one time or another. The one she got out of her bag now blew all the others out of the water.

"you'll never get that up your cunt" said a surprised looking Steve. "i might not but do you want to see me try?" A cheer went up and her legs were untied as she went to work on her dripping hole.

This dildo was at least 15inches long and as thick as your fist. Also it was jet black and shaped like a cock.

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This was to be my wife's first black prick! This was one of her fantasies to have a black lover so I was going to enjoy watching this even more. The first few inches went in easily enough, in and out till she was getting a good rhythm going. "oh that's fucking hugh!" Karen cried. "you should now you bought it ya silly bitch!" They all laughed as she kept fucking herself deeper and deeper.

"spread my legs for me, let me get it all the way up". Tony and Andy grabbed a leg each and her cunt was stretched wide open.

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"oh god that's it, its going". More of the shaft disappeared up her pussy as she used two hands to control her strokes. Finally she was fucking herself with almost all of it and the screams of filth coming out of her mouth would have made a docker blush.

"that's it fuck my cunt with it someone, make me cum!!spread my lips with that black cock!" "fuck me like a whore I wanna be a dirty slut" Tom was now ramming the dildo up her pussy as Karen rubbed her clit like a mad woman. Steve slipped his hand under her arse and started to finger her ring. This sent Karen over the top. Anal was always a no no with her no matter how hard I tried.

Now it had the effect of her biggest orgasm id seen for a long time.

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"stop it stop it stop it not my arse!" But it was too late, with a finger up there and that dildo up her pussy Karen was screaming in ecstasy. By now hours had gone by and every one was looking exhausted. The men got themselves some beers while Karen recovered on the bed.

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She had cleaned herself up and was drinking a glass of wine. I had never seen her looking so happy. I must admit I was now getting a bit jealous that she was having so much fun without me. Steve went over to talk to her for a minute and she was laughing and nodding in agreement. "Ok lads, one last fuck ,then its time to go!" Karen said as walked over to where they were standing.

She dropped to her knees and began sucking those four cocks to get them nice and hard again. Eventually they led her over to the bed where Tom layed out and she climbed on top of him.

She was riding him hard as he squeezed her big tits. Suddenly her hands were yanked forward and tied to the bed. A blindfold was placed over her eyes. "what the fuck are you doing?" Karen cried. "we've saved the best till last, slut, im gonna fuck your arse!" This was Andy, the one with the really big cock. "no please, we've had a good time lets leave it at that" Karen was now more than a little worried.

"you'll be all right, we"ll get your ring nice and lubed first". I hadn't noticed but Steve had left the room and was now standing right behind me. "enjoyed the show?" "yeah I have up until now I don't know about this so much though" I replied.

"that's a pity cause we done this for you! Get in there and fuck your wife like the slut she is!" My cock sprung to attention once again.

What a chance to fuck her tight arsehole and she wouldn't even now it was me!! "lead me to it, im going in!" Steve nearly pissed himself laughing as he took me next door. Karen still had Toms cock up her as I came up behind. I was as naked as everyone else now and my stiffy was rock hard. As I slapped her arse Andy said "do you like that?" I did it again. Again, Andy said "you like that slut don't ya?". Unable to see Karen just assumed it was his cock she was about to receive.

"please not my arse, especially with that thing, anything else just not that" Karen was almost hysterical now. I oiled my cock up and dripped it over her ring piece, slowly nudging her hole with my helmet. Now that was fucking tight!

Begging who she thought was Andy to stop I grabbed her round the waist and started to push deeper and deeper. Christ, I was all the way in as I felt my balls slapping against her bum.

Fucking her hard now,with both holes filled, Karen didn't know whether she liked or hated it. I could feel her cumming from the pounding up her cunt and this sent me over the edge.

Pulling out, I shot my spunk all over her lovely arse. With one more slap I left the room. Getting back to my hidey-hole I was just in time to see Karen being untied.

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She looked tired,exhausted and abused. Lovely!! the blindfold was off and she was giving Andy a right mouthful. Tom and Steve managed to calm her down and after they were all cleaned up her temper had gone. "so Karen, would you liked to be fucked like this again?" "maybe but give me time to recover from this one! Never had so much cock!" laughing, Steve said "you were fantastic cant wait to watch it all back on film, especially your arse fucking".

" can I have a copy?" said Karen. "yeah, why not, im sure you'll enjoy watching that on a cold night!" Not long after they all left the room. Half hour later Steve and Tom came in to me. "well mate, was that good?" Tom said. I had to agree it was. Handshakes all round and I was told to expect my DVD in the post. Sunday morning and Karen came home.

"hello love, had a good night?" I asked. "yeah,not bad,bit slow though,just stayed in and had a few drinks" Karen lied. "oh well, I glad you enjoyed yourself you take it easy today".

"thanks love, you are good to me" Karen replied before going upstairs for a bath. I wonder how good she"ll think I am when she gets to see her arsehole spread and my cock up it? Now that will be a sight to see!!