Bound Big Cock Boy Got Handjob

Bound Big Cock Boy Got Handjob
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I was 16 when i first started to wonder what my dad was like in bed. I'd lie in bed and wonder how big his cock was, and how it would feel inside me. I'd feel the tingling in between my legs and i'd realise that I had to find out. My mum had gone away for the weekend to visit my Nana who was ill.


Leaving me and my Daddy on our own. One night I was in bed when I woke up with a burning feeling in my throat. I realised I needed a drink so I made my way downstairs. Walking past the front room I heard moaning.

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I looked inside and it was the TV, I looked towards the sofa and my Daddy had his cock in his hands. It was huge!!!

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I felt the tingling in between my legs. I was a virgin but I certainly knew how to get myself off.

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I stood so I could see him clearly but he couldn't see me and watched his hand move up and down his cock. The cock that made me. And the tight little pussy I was now rubbing in pure ecstasy. My whole body quivvered as I tickled my little clit, I kept this motion up for a few minutes then moaned a little too loud.

My dad stopped and looked up. Right into my eyes. I froze. I couldn't talk my way out of this one "Come here baby. I have something to show you" He said huskily I walked over to him and he grabbed my head, Forcing it down, My mouth clasping over his cock.


I gagged but he didn't care. He just wanted to get himself off. I obliged and started to suck fast, Wanting my daddy to cum in my mouth. But he had different plans. After i'd been sucking his dick for a while he threw me on the sofa and ripped off my pyjamas.

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Running his index finger over my tiny slit, then slammed his finger into me. It was enough to fill me. He lowered his head and began to suck on my tiny clit. His manly tongue flicked and probed it, Making my whole body shake to a screaming orgasm. He licked the cum off his finger and got his cock and ran it up and down my slit.

"No daddy! Please!" I begged but it fell upon deaf ears as he slammed his cock into me. I screamed in pain and ecstasy.

Looking up at my Daddy then at the TV. Watching to lesbians licking each others wet snatches was new to me. i was mesmerised by it.

My daddy made me look at him "You like that you little slut! Don't think I can't hear you finger fucking ureself.

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I also know you use your mothers vibrator when were out! Your a whore!!" His words shocked me but strangely made me wetter.

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I kissed my Daddy passionatly. Pushing back down onto his cock.

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I felt the orgasm building up inside of me and I came hard. Screaming my Daddys name in pleasure. A few minutes later he came inside of me. He collapsed on the floor while I lay on the sofa completely naked. I got up "Night daddy" i said cheerfuly and walked into my room. **********************Comments are welcome!!*******************