Ainara juega con sus dildos

Ainara juega con sus dildos
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I acquired my country estate for a very reasonable consideration on my return from the Americas. Seven years hard work had netted me a goodly sum so I decided the life of a Country Gentleman was at the very least worth trying. An estate, two thousand acres, innumerable cows, sheep and yokels, a village, a church several farms and a fully staffed mansion came as something of a job lot from a firm of solicitors engaged in liquidating the assetts of a once rich nobleman now fallen on hard times.

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I arrived one September afternoon. The household was lined up for inspection, maids, foot men, cook, ostler. Idlers all. Not one had ever done a hard days work. I was not impressed. The Butler was an insolent fat oaf given to buggering the under footmen, and the housekeeper the most stuck up arrogant bitch that ever walked in christendom.

I regretted my purchase immediately, even before I discovered the entire East Wing was uninhabitable as the roof was rotten with dry rot and the roof leaked like a colander. I ate a perfectly prepared meal of gristle preceeded by pig swill and followed by a disgusting gooey mass which no self respecting savage would have deigned to consume which I was advised was French Quisine.

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I went to read but there was not one half decent book among hundreds in the Library. There was no hot water for a bath, no oil lamps merely candles, and I dreaded my bed time as I was sure I would share my nocture with rats or worse.


And indeed it was worse. The Housekeeper had severely misjudged me. "Have my bed warmed," I instructed a half hour before retiring. Miss Williams the Housekeeper agreed. Normally and half sensible person would place glowing coals in the bed pan and warm the bed thus, taking care to ensure it did not actually catch afire.

However Miss Williams was obviously some kind of perverted deviant for when having undressed and donned my nightshirt I opened the curtains to my four posted bed only to find two naked chambermaids therein and fast asleep. "What in gods name!" I thundered. "Beg pardon sir, Miss Williams said as you might wish to be obliged with a fuck sir," the plumper one suggested. "Like Maisey says sir, she said we had to let you have your way if we wanted to keep us jobs," her friend retorted.

"Yes like Dotty said thats right sir." Maisey agreed. "Get out, I am not in the habit of threatening anyone to gain carnal access," I blustered, and seeing their confusion added, "You are serving wenches not whores, when I want a whore I shall go to Doncaster or Liverpool and find some fallen gentlewoman wherein to loose my seed." They still looked confused, "Don't you fancy us then sir, shall we send a footman up?" "No I don't want a footman, nor a cook nor a sheep or a dog or any other thing." I insisted.

"You celebrate like a Monk then sir?" Dotty asked innocently. "No," I snapped, and I bellowed, "Miss Williams get in here now!" She was hovering outside the door, "Sir," she said, "Have the girls upset you?" "No but you have, why tell them they had to let me fuck them to keep their jobs?" I demanded. "Well I don't see how else they would be persuaded to let you use them," she opined, "You are hardly the Duke of Wellington are you?" "No and not bloody Bonaparte either," I snapped, "And you're no Josephine." She bridled and went bright red.

"There is no need for insults," she replied.

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"There damned well is when the household believe I bugger footmen for a pastime when there are no sheep available," I advised, "Bloody hell and damn and blast, I fear I damn near need to fuck them just to disprove the notion." "I am sure there is no need to do that," she replied. "No there isn't," I agreed, "I'll fuck you instead and have the whole household watch!" "Ha ha ha," Maisey and Dotty chortled, "That'll teach you miss!" "Don't be ridiculous!" Miss Williams snapped back." "Well I'm not, if you wish to retain your position your new duties include fucking me when ever and where ever I wish." I insisted.

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"Don't be absurd!" Miss Williams declared. "Strip, take of your clothes, Miss Williams," I insisted, "Every stitch, and girls round up the household I wish to lay to rest the rumour that I am a mans man, a buggeroo, or a sodomite." She glared. "Or collect your traps you are dismissed without references, no doubt I shall find you in a Doncaster bordello if I wish to sample you in due course." I added.

"Oh very well," she relented and to my complete horror she began to unbutton her blouse. I was nonplussed. I merely meant to scare her so she would never do anything similar again, but she was taking me at my word. Her blouse fell open and showed her mounds which were sorely constricted by her corsets.

I gallantly stepped forwards and pried them free so they flopped over the tightly constricting black leather corset. My member reared as I felt her silky soft tit flesh in my palms. I pushed her skirts and underskirt down. She wore no pantaloons. Her conch was covered in fine downy fur. Soft pink and moist as she responded to my touch. "Undo my breechess whore, let me fuck you, let me bury my member in your slippery fuck hole," I said crudely. She did not demur. My buttons were undone and my member extracted.

"Please?" she said. I took it to mean "Please fuck me," and I obliged. I should like to say I mounted her with one swift motion but to be truthful the first thrust missed completely the second hurt like hell, the third was the wrong angle and finally the fourth sort of forced an entry.

She sort of made sundry glugging noises as I pushed her against the edge of the bed. My member was entirely rampant and nigh on half as big again as sometimes.

It was so long since I plugged a white woman and and indeed plugged any woman without a skin. Sensations resounded the length of my member as he moulded her cavern walls to his shape and claimed her utterly and then as I took everything that was hers I held her cheeks and bringing my mouth down on hers I raped her mouth with my tongue. "How's that?" I asked nastily, "Are you sated or shall I send for the Butler?" "I don't," she said, "Care." She cared in a moment. The torrent of seed caught her unawares, she gasped and looked wild eyed for a moment as realisation hit her that she could now well be with child.

"Oh dear god." she sighed as sated I withdrew.


"I feel faint," she said. "Too excited I fear," I observed, "Lie in the bed properly and rest a while." I helped pull her skirts clear of her feet and slipped her dainty shoes off and even pulled back the covers and lifted her onto the bed. "And you lot can bugger off, shows over," I announced and I closed the curtains. Miss Williams was breathing heavily so I helped unlace her corset and threw it aside at which point she fell asleep.

I cuddled up to her for warmth.

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My member nuzzled her ass hole but I thought better of it and held her round the waist cupping her breasts as I too fell into a deep contented sleep. I woke around nine of the clock. Miss Williams was gone. I dressed and went to find her. She was in the kitchen, "Miss Williams you are neglecting your duties," I informed her, "My cock is rampant and desires your soft cunt or warm lips to relieve him." "Don't be ridiculous," she said but in a trice I had her skirts up and the soft pink conch revealed once more.

"On the table madam, legs a kilter, that will suffice." I insisted. "Oh no, it is bed or nowhere," she insisted but my breeches were down and my member rampant, and as she obeyed and sat on the table edge legs astride, he slipped straight in.

To be quite honest I don't believe I ever poked a more willing hole. "Bastard," she cursed for effect but then she began to pant in rhythm to my pounding and began to make little yelping sounds, "Oh you bastard that feels so good Ohhhhh." she gasped and so I shot my morning bolt to an audience of footmen cooks scullery maids and chamber maids. "That could have been us," said Maisey to Dotty wistfully. "It 'ent fair," Dotty replied. "Very well I shall have you this very night!" I agreed.

"Ah that won't be necessary," Miss Willams insisted, "I am quite capable of coping with his lordship's demands." And she smiled.

Quite a pretty smile but one undoubtedly improved by having a cock between her lips. "Indeed, now suck my cock hard I wish to fuck you agin," I commanded.

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"On second thoughts perhaps Maisey would like to oblige?" Miss Williams suggested. "Or Dotty," Maisey suggested.

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"Or the footman," Dotty suggested. "No Miss Williams, kneel and worship my cock I say," I commanded again. "And if I refuse," she countered.

"Then you won't get fucked until after supper," I insisted. "Oh very well then," she agreed and she knelt before me and gently cleaned my near flaccid cock with the dish cloth before gently kissing first the tip and then the shaft to rouse me.

In a trice he was rigid again, "On the table legs astride!" I commanded and in a flurry of skirts she bounded onto the table like a woman half her age and held her cunt lips open to receive me. "Ohhh my lord," she cooed as |I pleasured myself thrusting against her.

"Are you barren?" I queried. "No," she said. "No matter," I replied and I set myself the goal of creating new life within her until at length we were both exhausted and only then did I let fly. "I'm going back to bed," I announced. Miss Williams followed, "Where are you going?" I queried. "Why, to warm your bed of course," and she smiled.

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