Kathy gets her ass gaping wide

Kathy gets her ass gaping wide
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Well I was cruzing on craigslist and I saw a post that said that there were 2 chicks in the local porn store.

They were laughing and giggling in the front with all the sex toys then they headed back to the video booths. The post went on to say they first both went into the same booth and were giggling even louder. Finally one of them came out and went into another booth so the writer of this post said he went into the next booth and peaked through the glory hole.

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She was rubbing her tit and looking through the glory hole on the other side. He went on to say, "what the heck I'll take a chance" and pulled out his cock and started to play with himself in front of the glory hole. While watching the GH it suddenly got darker so he hoped she was looking and stepped closer.

He felt her finger on his cock so he stuck it through and got a blow job. He said it wasn't great but it was a GH blow job so it is what it is. After reading this I decided to head over to the book store to see what was happening. Upon arrival there were only guys, which is not necessarily a bad thing,walking around the video sales and sex toys. I decided to head back to the video booths.

I found the usual just guys cruzing in and out of booths and hearing a little fun activity taking place. So I figured since I was here I would enter a booth and see if I could get a blow job and maybe even suck an nice cock. Well it didn't take long before I could see cock being played with through the GH so I beckoned for it to be given to me and it was.

Based on how much came through I would guess it was about seven inches so it gave me six or so to suck. This guy must have been real needy because he came in about 2 minutes with a medium salty load.

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It was tasty good to suck a nice cock. I stayed in this booth and finally another guy was next door and again the same thing played out except his cock was smaller and took longer to cum. It was a little tastier and I liked it. I put in 3 more dollars which was going to be the end because it got quiet and no one was entering the booths.

My third dollar was almost done when I heard someone enter the booth next to me. He stood and kind of blocked my view so I had no idea what was happening even though I could hear something and he was moving. Finally he moved and I saw a naked woman about 50 with a slightly hairy bush and small to medium tits.

I watched eagerly to see what was going to happen and I put in a few more dollars so I could stay and watch. She got down on her knees, unbuckled his pants, pulled out his cock and began to suck his limp cock.

It did not take long before he was slightly hard and she was sucking his cock and licking his balls. My mind was wandering, what to do???? So I whispered into the GH, "give me your tit". I looked and there was a little movement but she continued to suck his cock so I said it again. This time she turned and placed her tit in the GH !! I immediately began to play with her nipple then bent over and was sucking it. She pulled away and went back to playing with his cock which was still not totally hard.

I whispered a few more times but she did not give me her tit anymore.

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Time to try something different so I said, "let me finger you". Within a matter of seconds her pussy was at the GH and I began to finger her nice and wet pussy. This went on for a while and I even got a chance to finger her butt hole. It was getting pretty great. She finally took it away and went back to playing with his cock.

I said what the heck and I pulled out my cock hung it near the GH and nothing happened. So I bent down and saw her just gently playing with his cock and rubbing her nipple. Then I decided to stick it through, I just got a gentle squeeze and a push telling me to take it back so I did.

When I got down to look through the GH I saw his cock hanging right there for the taking. I reached through rubbed its head and it came through for me to suck which I did with out hesitation. He did not let me suck it long and pulled it back. This teasing was driving me crazy so I whispered, "can you put your pussy back so I can fuck you?" Instead I got her tit back so naturally I began to suck her nipple again.

She only left it there a minute or so but when she pulled it back she said come to this booth.

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I put my cock back into my pants and exited the booth expecting to find that door locked. Instead as I exited the guy also was exiting and motioned me into the booth. She looked at me and said, "so you want to fuck me?" I was shocked and just nodded.


She got on her knees and undid my pants, pulled them down and began to suck me. When I was hard, which didn't take long, she stopped and before I knew what was happening she had put a condom on me. She turned around and guided me into her dripping wet pussy and started to rock. Immediately I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her, reaching around one hand at a time to play with her tits. I finally began to cum and pounded her even harder until I filled the condom.

She then stood up gave me a kiss on the cheek and took off the condom.

What happened next was simply unbelievable. She whispered into my ear, " thank you, my husband has prostate cancer and cannot get hard.

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I needed this so that is why we came here today". I was speechless.

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Then she said, "no I don't want to make this a regular thing but again thanks for today". I kissed her on the forehead and said, "sorry about your husband and you are more than welcome".

I finished pulling up my pants as she dressed then we both left the booth.


What an unbelievable experience this was !!!!