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Lustful babes mercedes carrera and pepper xo gets fingerfuck brunette licking
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We kind of had a big family it was my two sisters, my brother and my dad and mom. Jeff was 21, Mary 24, and Ashley 16. I had just turned 17 a few months back. Mom worked during the day and often stayed at my aunts during the week, because she lived by her work. Dad would just be at a friends house drinking almost everyday, and wouldn't come home until late.

Mary had just got married (no pun intended) and Jeff was in college. So It was me and Ashley alone most of the time.

We were always super close. Like I don't remember fighting I just remember sharing good nights. Ashley was a little tall and really skinny, but that attractive skinny. She was kind of pale with lite brown hair. Had brown eyes and dimples. All of my friends would say she was bomb. I on the other hand, was dark and a little chubby. I had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and wore glasses.

I was more of the nerdy type but smoked a lot of weed, so I automatically mad friend easily. All stoners know that's true. Ashley was a cheerleader so she was one of the "popular kids". Which meant she got invited to parties a lot. Which also meant, since she couldn't drive, I got invited to parties a lot. Anyway it was a typical Friday, nobody home when me and Ashley got there.

I automatically went to my room and started sparking a joint. Ashley went to the computer like always. Around eight Ashley came into my room. "Hey Jenna told me her parents are out of town and she's having a small party". "I'm in", I said. We both took the next hour or so getting ready. Then around nine we left to Jenna's. There was only about twenty people when we arrived, but tons of booze. I was already high so I just drank about a beer or two. Jenna on the other hand got completely wasted.

At about one in the morning we headed home. We pulled up to the house and went inside. Jenna went to her room, and I went to check the house phone messages. Dad called saying he went to our aunts for a party and him and mom were sleeping over.

I wasn't tired at all so I went to my room to smoke more as usual.

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I figured my sister went to sleep, because of how drunk she was. My room was upstairs and was also the only room upstairs so i usually had privacy.

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I started my usual late night jerk session by going on my ps3's browser, plugged into my tv. Searched xnxx, and went to the home page. I clicked on a video of a cute petite Mexican girl sucking some white guys huge dick.

I Started feeling myself harden and took off my pants and underwear. I pumped some lotion into my hand and began jerking my cock.

It started getting intense. About halfway in out of no where my door burst open, and my sister walks in. I scramble to grab a blanket to cover myself and shut of the ps3. I manage to do both without her seeing. "So what are you up too?", Ashley says.

"Nothing much just smoked a little, just chilling", I responded. She sat down on the bed and said we should watch a movie downstairs. I quickly agreed and waited for her to head toward the living room. As soon as she closed my door behind her I leaped up and got dressed.

Then I followed her downstairs. We started watching the movie, when Ashley suddenly says "hey we should smoke", this is a surprise because Ashley never before wanted to smoke. And me being the pothead brother I gladly agree. So we headed upstairs to smoke.

Let me remind you she was still drunk when we smoked about five bowls. So she was fucked up after. I was pretty high also to be honest. Then after sitting in the faded silence for a few minutes, Ashley unexpectedly says "I saw what you were doing earlier".

"Saw what" I said embarrassed. "You were jerking off when I came in earlier, it's ok you don't have to lie I know you don't get any pussy". "No I wasn't", I said a little angry ".and fuck you I do so get pussy". She laughed at that. We sat there in another silence. "I know it gets kind of lonely sometimes, i masturbate when I haven't fucked chad in a while", Ashley said.

Chad was her "boyfriend" they were always fighting so I don't know. "I don't want to know that", I shouted. She laughed at that also. "I hear a lot of stories around school about how you stare at the other cheerleaders, and how they think your a creep", said Ashley. I turned bright red and looked down. She then left the room and was gone a few minutes, she came back in her cheerleader outfit.

"What do you think of me?", she said. Astonished by the question, I just sat there and examined my sister. I said aloud "your nice looking for my sister". She quickly responded "I know you want to fuck me, I see you looking out your window when I'm in my bathing suit by the pool".

I couldn't believe what we were talking about. "No, I don't", I whispered. ".And your just drunk you don't want to fuck your brother", I said. "We'll I always thought you were kind of cute, and after seeing how big your cock was earlier, I defiantly want too now" Ashley said. With that she sat on my bed and came close to me. She slowly felt up my dick, which quickly rose to the occasion. Then she reached into my shorts and pulled out my cock.

"Wow", she said ".you really are my big brother". She started stroking it up and down, before wrapping her lips around the head. Her head started bobbing up and down on my cock. The pleasure was amazing, looking down on my littler sister in her cheerleader outfit with my cock in her mouth was lustful. After a couple minutes I said I was close. I shot my load down her throat, which she then swallowed. Ashley thanked me and went to her room. I smoked a little more, already gone, and then fell asleep.

When I woke up the next day sober I realized what I had done and was a little weirded out. I hope things weren't awkward between me and my sister.

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I sat in my room for a little then finally got the nerve to go get breakfast. Ashley was eating cereal when I walked up. "Mom and dad are coming in a few hours" she said. After that we sat in silence eating breakfast. My parents came home a few hours later, and that was that.

About two, three weeks rolls by.

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Our parents tell us they're going to a wedding in another state and are going to be gone all weekend. Once we say our goodbyes me and Ashley instantly hop on the phone and computer to invite people over for a party. Everyone shows up and it actually starts getting good. Of coarse again Ashley gets too drunk and tells chad to sleep over. The party dies down and everyone leaves. Ashley and chad go to Ashley's room. I go to mine. About two hours pass.

I hear my sister calling from downstairs, "Kyle!". I go downstairs and knock on her door. She tells me to go inside.

My eyes basically pop out my head, my sister was completely naked riding chads dick. "Want to join?", Ashley asked giggling. My cock was completely hard by then so I happily obliged. She started sucking me off, while chad fucked her doggy style. She stopped sucking for a second and said, "chads bisexual".

I looked over at him looking at me sexually. "I have an idea why don't you two go at it and I watch for a little", Ashley said.

"No!", I exclaimed. "We'll if you want your turn in my tight pussy you'll do it". I was to turned on at the moment to say no. I got on my knees and looked up at chads eight inch giant. I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue. His thickness barley fit as I started sucking. Suddenly a thought popped into my head. Sucking dick isn't that bad. I then started getting into it, as I noticed my sister rubbing herself to us in her bed. Ashley said we could stop and let me fuck her. We pounded her holes for a few minutes before glazing her face and then I went to my room.

In my room I found myself still aroused. I started thinking about the fact that I had just sucked a guy's cock. I went online and found a picture of a huge dick, and jerked until I exploded.


After that I fell asleep. The next day I woke up and packed a huge bowl.

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Ashley came into my room and told me chad left. She said "last night was really fun we have to do it more often". "We can't cause mom and dad are always home", I said sadly.

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"We'll think of a way", she said. With that she disappeared into her room. A few hours later Ashely came back in smiling. "So how did you like the taste of my boyfriends dick?", she asked.

"It wasn't bad" I said proudly. "We'll I found a way for us to fuck when mom and dad are here", she said.


"How?" "It's called a glory hole it's a hole between two walls where guys stick there dicks through one side and the girls pussy or mouth is on the other", Ashley explained excitingly. She threw me her phone, a video with a glory hole was on. "Where would you put it?", I asked. "Downstairs between the kitchen bathroom and my room.we'll put a frame up to cover it in the bathroom, and it would be in my closet on my side, so we could hide it from mom and dad". She explained more. ".and when chads over he could stick his through for your pleasure", she said.

I was really craving having his meat in my mouth again, so I got dressed and went to the garage to get the drill. I carefully drilled a perfect circle through and it came out pretty professional.

We decided to wait until my parents were home to try it out.

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My dad was outside in the garage while, mom still at my aunts. I went into my sisters room and said "now". She smiled and walked towards her closet. I walked into the bathroom removed the framed picture and saw my sister's wide open mouth waiting.

I pulled out my dick and slid it into both holes. I felt my sisters warm mouth sliding on and off my cock. The whole situation was so hot I busted quickly. I pulled up my pants and went straight upstairs to my room.

I sat on my bed and thought; that was good but I really can't wait for chad's cock. To be continued