It has to be the last time pornstars hardcore

It has to be the last time pornstars hardcore
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This is my First so be nice P.S. anyone who wants a blowjob add me Jenna La-rou (facebook) I arived at the farm around 11:00 at night. I loved being at the farm. I unloaded my stuff and drove to the barn. I took my favorite horse for a ride, Winston. He was a larg male horse who i found beutiful. I arrived at 12:30, i relized how dirty he was and i told him i would wash him tomorow.


I woke up the next morning. The sun shinning in on my beutiful 16 year old body. I was 5"8 120 pounds woth d cup brests and a beutiful ass.

I admired my self in the mirror. I went into my dressor and picked out a pair of Lu Lu lemon short shorts and a bikini top. My shorts were from 3 years ago, and my ass cheacks were showing i also noticed i had a bit of a camel toe boys loved it when i wore thease shorts, i than put on the bikini top it was as well from 3 years ago and it was very small my boobs looked really big in them.

Boys at my school loved my body. Wheni was 12 i moved to canada from california so the guys loved my Californian tan. I started my way to the barn. It was down the road and i had to walk past a farmer named joe's property. As i walked by Joe said something to me "he come here" i did as a was told. :Give me a blowjob Jenna" i was shocked but i said yes. I walked into his house, he led my to the bedroom.

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I got on my knees and he pulled out his cock. "HOLY SHIT" i said, his dick was 10 inches long the biggest dick i had sucked was 8. I shoved the dick in my mouse. "mmmmmmmm" i said as i began to deep throat. after 5 min he said he was a about to cum i nooded my head and swallowed the cum. "do you have a gun" i asked him. "yes" said Joe. "Shoveit in my Vagina" Jim did what i asked. I told him to take off the safty lock and load the gun he did it than i told him to squeeze the triger.

"woooah wait, that could kill you", i knew that to if it went off it would rip through my cervix to my uterus through my womb abd to the hart. I told him to pull it all the way back.

He did that it was soooooo fucking goood. After 5 minutes i told him to pull it out. He did that. Than i told him to fuck me. He did.

It was sooo big the biggest ever, 10 solid inches, after 15 minutes he told me he was gonna cum, i noded he shot 3 loads of his ssen in to me. I left his house and made my way to the barn. My Black short shorts were white on the front side and my Bikini top was prety covered in seman to. I enbtered the barn. I started to wash the horse. I got to were his dick was. Uppon touching it it grew. Still horny from my morning fuck. i got an idea. I led the horse to a ppen and set up a table. i then muved my way back to the end.

The horse instantly moved up to me and mounted me. I lloked back at the horses cock, it was atleast 15 inches. shit i exclamed befor he mounted me. after 5 minutes he pulled out. He had gotten 1/4 in me NO FUCK ME MORE i yelled at him. He than ramed me hard again. FUCK FUCK YESSS FUCK ME SOOOHARD. he pulled out again he got half in. Than he started again. OH MY FUCKING GOD 11.5 inches were in me.

FUCK FUCK Ii was screaming. Than he ramed my hard i felt his cock enter my womd HOLY SHIT he hit the back of my womb 13 inches, i passed out. I wook up and the horse was still there.

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Horse seed was leaking ouyt of my. I began sucking his dick. I tried to get the whole thing in my throate. After 10 minutes he shot a load into my throate. I couldn't swallow much of it. I got back on the table.

He missed my Vagina and entered my ass. OH SHIT i screemed. it was so good. But i relized if he got more than half in my ass it woyld rip my insides open. I let him get 1/4 in than pushed him off. I walked back home my Black Lu Lu lemon shortes were compleatly white I had left my top at the barn and my pussy was wrecked.

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I layed back down in my bed. I knew there would be more horse sex and sex with Joe, I woje up the next day.i was so excited. I waled to Joes barn. He had many interesting animal.

He invited me into his house.


I asked him what kind of dogs he had. He said he had, a great dane, german sheppard and a red bone coon hand.

I told him about the horse. I notic ed to bulge in my pants i took of my denim short shots and my tank top. I told him to anal me he did exactly that.

he got all te n in my was great.

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When we fineshed he took me to the basement. where his dogs were. I began jacking off the dane, it was atleast 12 inches than the german who was 11.5 and the red bone was atleast 10. i couldnt wait. Joe told me that when you fuck a dog there is a nopt so the seed dosnt leek when he fucks a bitch to impregnate her.

I asked if i could get preg with a dog he said no. The great dane was so horny but i dsaid i had to go. I went back to my barn. My horse was there. I pulled him up to the table.

and took off my clothing. i shoved my ass of high. He began to fuck my ass.

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Soon a half of his dick was in my ass than 3/4 it hurt i was crying i tred to get him out. he was try to get his full cock in me. it would kill me i pulled his hair. He instantly un mounted me. I was so thankful. tomorow tho there would be more fucking exceopt with dogs remember my fb name plz