Gorgeous tight pussy cums hard

Gorgeous tight pussy cums hard
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She let loose a soft growl that bordered a purr as I ran my hand up her long, smooth back. Her hands were pressed up against the mirror that we had fogged up, preventing her deep blues eyes from staring back at me. Her purrs signaled me to push harder, to push faster. My thick rod slid in and out of her tight pussy while my abdomen slammed into her firm ass.

This was one of my favorite ways to have sex, mainly because it was always hot, intense and exhilarating. I've had sex many times in this room, with many women, because who wouldn't love to have sex in the bathroom of the high school. The feeling of someone walking in and catching us made it all the more thrilling.

My hand that was sliding up her back made its way to the base of her skull where I grabbed a handful of her dirty blonde hair and slowly pulled it back to me. She moaned louder and my other hand slid across the side of her stomach and down her slim abs until I reached my target.

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I pressed hard and moved my hand in a circular pattern atop her drenched pussy. Almost as soon as I began massaging her pussy, her back arched pressing up against my chest and she threw her arms backwards wrapping them around the back of my neck. I watched as her eyes rolled around underneath her eyelids and with her breathing becoming more rapid and heavier I knew she was about to cum.

I grabbed her petite yet firm a cup breast with my free hand and twisted her nipples between my fingers. We had heated up the bathroom so much that know we began to sweat and the soft yellow glow glistened off her beads of sweat and before I knew it I was lightly biting her neck. When I did she gave a soft, sexy growl as her muscles tightened all over so much so she nearly lifted herself off the ground.

She clenched her teeth stifling what would be an ear piercing shriek that could be heard miles away, into a deep guttural growl as her body shook from her intense orgasm. Her growl alone nearly made me cum and when combined with her pussy tightening itself around my shaft I surely thought I was going to lose it.

Once she had finished coming she slid off my shaft and tucked her hair behind her ears. She slowly lowered herself to her knees where she grabbed the base of my shaft and teased it with slow, long licks from the base to the head. I was impressed and turned on exponentially because not many girls would care to taste their own cum off the shaft that was once penetrating her.

I looked down and said to her playfully "You know this really isn't fair, I didn't torture you know did I?" She replied equally playful "Well it's not torture if you enjoy it, right?" Upon finishing her words she took her hands off my cock, cupping my balls with one hand and running her other hand up my rock hard abs, all the while devouring my cock.

She was clearly skilled and extremely enthusiastic but she wasn't able to take the full length of my shaft into her mouth, instead she only managed a little more than half. Half being 6-7 inches of my nearly foot long rod. Her limit did not hinder her from loosing herself while devouring my dick, her head bobbing, mouth sucking at full force and her tongue wrapping itself around me. I couldn't take it anymore. I was seconds away from blowing my load that had been boiling inside my balls for what seemed an eternity.

I swiftly pulled out of her mouth catching her by surprise but she quickly caught on. Pushing my hands off and regaining control of my shaft, she jack hammered my cock, twisting and turning her hands. With expert aim she lined up my cock with her flawless face not a moment too soon for liquid fire spurted from my head. Wave after wave of hot cum splashed across her face. In the midst of my ecstasy I heard a gasp from behind me and the door closed. I didn't bother to turn around, instead I just enjoyed myself.

When my spurts dialed down to a dribble she wrangled every last drop of my cum. She scooped cum off her eyelids and ate it so that she could open her eyes. When she could see again she continued to suck me off, not as vigorously, giving me a kind of victory suck.

Her cum drenched face and unending blowjob kept me hard enough to go for another round; I thought about it but decided against it. I had to make an appearance soon or someone might get curious, besides I had classes that I liked to go to. With a heavy sigh I said "That's enough we should get dressed and you should get cleaned up." Again I ripped my cock away from her and I began getting dressed. She stood up and pushed herself up on the counter of the sink and asked seductively "You don't want to play anymore?

Cause I want to play some more, I'm still so horny." In the midst of speaking her seductive tone turned into a whine. I resisted the urge to plow back into her, so I shook my head no.

"Please" she whined. This time trying to seduce my by scooping more cum into her mouth and sucking on her finger. I still refused and she slumped and asked "Well can I at least wear your jersey?" "Nah…" I replied ".no offense but I'd rather keep my jersey. I don't want people to think we are dating or anything." I was trying my best to choose my words carefully because I didn't want to come off mean, I just wasn't interested in anything long term with her.

The loud ring of the school bell rang as I finished getting dressed. The bell didn't faze her but yet she stills at there naked with gobs of cum on her legs, breasts, stomach and her face still glazed with cum. I scoffed at her reluctance and left her there thinking "As captain of the cheerleading squad you'd figure she'd get dressed and cleaned up a.s.a.p." As I left the bathroom I walked past the office to get a glance at the time, 9a.m., I still had 6 more hours of school and football practice afterwards and I'm already tired.

A petite, brown eyed brunette bounced over and squealed "Hi Jason, what are you doing?" She ran a finger up and down my chest. It was easy to tell what she wanted, she wanted to fuck, like everyone else but I had classes to get to. Although she was hot, and another cheerleader nonetheless and it was tempting.

With a hint of regret I answered "Come on Ashley not right now, maybe later." I began to walk off until I felt her hand grab my own and she placed it on her ass. "Hmm" I thought as she clenched my hand on her small firm ass. Ashley leaned over and whispered in my ear "If you don't fuck me soon, I'm going to rape you." I smirked and replied sarcastically "Oh no, not that!" I gave her a wink and headed to my classes. Half the day passed and I just finished football practice and got out of the showers with the other players when I thought about where I should head to next.

I was still exhausted from practice but it was blisteringly hot out which made meant my whole family would be in the pool and I wasn't in the mood to be forced to play with my four siblings, the little rambunctious demons. "Hey all star, a few of the guys are going to the pool at the Y and check out some of the honeys, you want to come?" yelled Alex, one of the lineman. I jumped at the idea of checking out chicks that didn't go to my school and compared it to the possible annoyance of other people's children.

I yelled back "Fuck yeah, I'll meet you there!" So I jumped into 2003 ford mustang and raced home to grab a pair of swim shorts. Then I sped to the Y to meet my friends there. The cool water felt marvelous on my overheated skin and soothed my aching muscles. I wasn't interested in swimming so I just propped myself onto the side of the pool watching the chaos around the pool.

I watched as mothers chased naked toddlers and as children pushed each other into the pool. I laughed as I saw Alex and Chuck, another player, wrestle in the water as the other players cheered them on. I heard some clatter behind me and then I heard Alex shout "Jason look out!" It took a second to register and once it did I took off at full force but I was too late.

I felt something hard and heavy hit me on the head and then everything went black. I awoke to the feeling of someone pushing against my chest and air being blown into my mouth. Whoever it was taste like strawberries but before I could say anything I vomited a large amount of water.

I coughed and hacked to force the rest of the water out of my lungs. I opened my eyes to find a crowd hovering over me and the people murmuring.

While propping myself up on my elbows, I looked around and asked the obvious question "What the hell happened?" Alex chuckled "The star QB got taken out by a 100lb chick, that's what happened." The other guys from the team laughed and directed me into the direction of the female who was knelt back on my legs wiping her mouth.

When I laid my eyes on her, she took my breath away, again.

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She couldn't have been more perfect if she had a halo, some wings and angelic music playing in the background. The first thing that caught my attention was her soaked, fiery, long red hair. Her flawless skin was amazing, as white as porcelain which gave her a "pure" look. A set of piercing forest green eyes stared down at me while her luscious red lips glistened with strawberry lip gloss. Even if her lips weren't covered in my favorite flavor I would still want to lock lips with her.

My elevator eyes scanned lower and caught a tantalizing freckle that laid smack dab in the middle of the side of her long, sexy neck. An aqua bikini strap at the base of her neck led me to her breasts.

"Wow" was all I could think; she had an awesome set of what were most likely B cup breasts. A freckle was peaking out from under her top and I thought "Damn this girl can definitely turn freckles HOT!" I think my mouth had dropped when I saw her toned, flat stomach.


While she was petite and feminine, she had a toned body to die for. Taking my eyes lower brought me to her legs that were curled beneath what I assumed to be a spectacular ass, but nonetheless while not very visible her legs were in no way disappointing.

I tried to control myself but my eyes couldn't help but wander to her bikini bottoms that were loose fit, forcing me to imagine what a splendid treasure hid behind them. I yelped as someone brought me back from my heavenly daze.

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I looked at the pain to find it was the elbow of my destroyer/savior digging it into my thigh. She followed with "Welcome back, again.

Get a good look?" Even though was being sarcastic her voice was just as beautiful as you'd think, with a figure like that why wouldn't it, right?

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I felt myself becoming extremely horny and I knew if I didn't change my focus I would soon be sporting a boner. I changed my glance to the crowd to calm my loins from springing up. Licking my lips I responded with "I'm sorry I wouldn't help it. You're just so damn beautiful." I stopped for a moment not believing I had just blurted that out, feeling a little embarrassed I decided to finish speaking by meeting her eye to eye.

I resumed my foolishness after catching her blush slightly from my statement "So you are the one who took me out? How? Why?" I checked her again and saw she had some bruising on her right arm and I asked "Are you okay?" While watching her enticing lips speak her angelic voice she said "Yeah, I'm fine and thank you for blurting that embarrassing remark. Anyhow, someone had bumped into me as I was walking to the diving board and I fell on top of the plastic table." She pointed to the floating egg white plastic table.

"The legs gave out and I fell on you but once I hit the water I realized I fell on you and pulled you out and gave you CPR." The crowd slowly dissipated and then she stood up fully revealing her long athletic legs. She began to walk away, looked back and said "Sorry, take care." The sight of her ass was as I thought it would be. Small and firm, the kind of ass you'd want to sink your teeth into. I lied flat against the cement, reveling in the beauty that had fallen, literally, into my life and knocked me out.

Alex crouched beside me and punched me in the arm and said "Dude, don't just lay there. Fuck, dude, if a chick like that had fallen into my life I wouldn't just let her walk away like that." Not believing that my airhead friend gave me sound advice, I replayed his words in my head and realized he was right. Although something about her told me that she wasn't the type I could get into bed easily, if at all.

She could maybe be someone who could be more than another ass in the crowd. I didn't know but I knew I wanted her more. She seemed like my type, the type for a real relationship, she felt&hellip.worth it. I leaped to my feet and gave Alex a noogie and chased after her. As I opened the doors a wave of loud chatter flooded my ears and I scanned the tables searching for her. I finally found her at the back of the lunch room, eating alone.

I made my way to her four chaired table that sat in the corner and halfway there she spotted me. She braced herself, as I sat with her I opened with "Hi." No longer was she the embarrassed girl from the poolside, yet she was the polar opposite. Most likely the private corner emboldened her as she sniped "No.

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I'm not going to sleep with you." The statement caught me off guard but it somehow reassured me. I chuckled at her remark and replied "Okay, good to know. So would you like to know why I cam over or do you want to keep making smartass remarks?" She eased "I know who you are, Jason Alexander.

The star quarterback, grade a student and let's not forget the high school's personal playboy." Bewildered I asked "How do you know me?


Have we met before? I doubt it because I' sure I would remember someone like you." The questions seemed to revamp her aggressive tone and she replied "No, we've never met, but I do believe you know my cousin Sarah Campbell. You know the captain of the cheerleader squad." I lol'd in my head, of all people she had to be related to that bitch, why her?

"Yeah I know her. She's a bitch and thinks that fucking equates to a relationship. The little tart refuses to accept I don't want to go out with her." I flashed back to the little slut I fucked and left in the school bathroom earlier that day.

I then snapped back "So you'd rather listen to that dumb, horny tart than try to get to know someone yourself?" The remark took hold, so she searched for a come back "Well, she can't be wrong. After all I felt you trying to eye rape me not that long ago." "I'm so sorry." I said sarcastically. "I awoke from passing out to find a gorgeous girl straddling me that I have never met before.

So forgive me for admiring your perfect figure." I clearly won that argument for she blushed more than before. I officially introduced myself "I'm Jason Alexander." I held out my hand and she met it with "I'm Mia Patrick" I brought her hand closer to me and gently kissed it. She giggled which made me grin and I thought, as I got lost in her captivating eyes "Man she is definitely the one."