Small boy student gay sex with teacher Two of our fresh emo folks hit

Small boy student gay sex with teacher Two of our fresh emo folks hit
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Chapter 28 SLUTTY FRIED CHICKEN The new employee was the sluttiest - and the sexiest - thing Gary had ever seen. She was blonde and busty, and was wearing a tiny blue pleated skirt that exposed the lower curve of her buttocks even when she was standing still.

Above the waist she wore a ridiculously tight tube top that exposed all of the upper slopes of her tits - which seemed to have some kind of sticky fluid shining on them - and a copious helping of underboob. And best of all she introduced herself to Gary by coming up to him and giving him a long, sexy hug.

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She said her name was Fucktwat - blushing as she said it. And indeed she was wearing a dog collar that had a nametag reading 'Fucktwat'. Gary had to ask her twice if that was really her name, and she said it was.


Gary wasn't sure if it was some strange and unfortunate foreign name, or if the girl just had really awful parents, but nevertheless she was clearly the best thing to come to Southern Fried Chicken since Gary had started working there. He loved her whorish outfit, and really hated having to tell her to change into one of the regulation uniforms preferred by the takeaway food chain.

Nevertheless, she looked cute even in the uniform, and as luck would have it the only one available was a size too small, so she still looked reasonably slutty in the too-tight skirt and shirt that everyone else wore.

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She had been sent to him from some lobbying organisation on a short term basis. He assumed it a was a community service thing; probably an obligation given to her by a judge after a prostitution charge or something, judging by the way she looked. Once she was in uniform he sat her down in the back office and explained her responsibilities.

They were simple - clean the restaurant, cook food, serve customers in a happy and efficient way, and don't talk back to the other staff. 'That's fine,' said Fucktwat, sitting across from him.


'And…' she went bright red. 'If I don't meet your expectations, you should spank me.' He felt his cock harden at the thought. 'I'm sure that won't be necessary,' he said, secretly hoping that it might be.

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He coughed. 'Is it okay if I just call you Twat?' "Fucktwat" nodded, still blushing. He took her out and introduced her to the other staff - Blake and Walden, teen boys, and Kelly, a sultry 19-year old brunette. They all laughed when she was introduced as 'Twat' but they welcomed her into the crew soon enough.

Over the course of the day, Gary was pleased with her performance. She was submissive but enthusiastic to the customers, she did her work quickly and well, and she continued being delightful eyecandy. Gary soon realised that the little slut wasn't wearing any underwear under her uniform, but he didn't comment. The customers couldn't see it, so who cared?

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And it was great to get to see her cunt and ass every time she bent forward. Gary could have sworn that he could see a hint of metal between her cunt lips. Did the little whore have a pierced clit? Her cunt was certainly shaved bare, just like a porn slut. Towards the afternoon he noticed her starting to act oddly.

Her legs were clenched together and she was bouncing up and down on her toes.

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He subtly tried to help her by mentioning where the toilets were, but the suggestion didn't seem to help her. Finally he looked up to find she'd vanished, leaving the front counter unattended.

He looked for her in the break room, and in the toilets, before finally finding her out the back of the store. She was tucked into a little space between the dumpsters and the wall, the most secluded and private space in what was really a completely exposed private parking lot.

She was completely naked, standing upright, urinating and masturbating at the same time. Her piss was pooling at her feet and draining under the dumpster.

'Twat!' he said, shocked. 'What the hell…' She burst into tears - but didn't stop pissing or playing with her pussy. 'Please,' she begged.

'Please. Don't tell anyone. Don't fire me.' Her fingers were up to her knuckle in her piss-wet cunt. 'I have to…' Gary started to say. 'I'll suck your cock,' Twat begged desperately. 'Please let me suck your cock.' Her piss was beginning to tail off.

It looked like her bladder was empty. 'Put your clothes on,' he said, disgusted.

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Twat obediently dressed. He grabbed her hand and dragged her back into the restaurant, into his back office, where he closed and locked the door. 'Bend at the waist and put your hands on my desk,' he said. He could feel his cock rock hard. She obeyed, and her skirt raised up to show her bare ass. He raised his hand and began to spank her. After three strikes it soon became apparent that she wouldn't be able to keep quiet. He pulled off her skirt and jammed it in her mouth to muffle her cries, then went back to spanking her ass, continuing until it was a delicious red.

Then he took out his cock, pushed it into her bare wet pussy, and began to fuck her. Her cunt felt great - wet and soft and warm and tight. He fucked it until he could feel himself about to cum, then pulled out, grabbed her hair, pulled her head upright, took the skirt out of her mouth, and jammed his cock into it.

She made little muffled noises as he came into her mouth, filling it with semen. 'Good slut,' he said, patting her on the head. He waited till she had swallowed the cum. 'Now, what's this sluttiness you were doing outside?' 'I have to be nude when I piss,' she sniffled, holding back tears.

'Because… because I'm a slut. And I have to masturbate when I piss, and taste my piss. And I can't use a normal toilet and I have to be standing up.' Gary considered. He couldn't have this whore degrading herself in the parking lot; it would scare off the customers.

'You'll piss in here,' he said. 'You can do your slut-pissing into one of the styrofoam cups in private. And if you're careful to not accidentally get your slut juices or your piss on the carpet I won't tell anyone about it.' She looked so grateful he could have married her.

He settled for reaching out and stroking her tits instead. 'But!' he continued. 'Conditions! First we're going to do this - fucking - every morning and afternoon, unless I don't feel like it. And you'll have to get rid of your cup of piss. You can pour it out into drinks you're serving to female customers. But if anyone catches you or if anyone complains their drinks taste funny, you're fired, understand?' Twat nodded enthusiastically. 'Good slut,' he said again 'Gary?' Twat said suddenly.

'Yes, Twat?' he asked her. 'Could you go this website and tell it whether you enjoyed fucking me?' she said, passing him a card.

'And, um, if I'm not a good fuck, you should hurt me or punish me. And…' - she was crying now - 'it's all right to rape me, you don't need my consent.' Her voice went quiet.

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'I like being raped.' He took the slut's card home that night and accessed the website it directed him to. It was amazing. It was full of video of Twat doing whorish things, and commentary about her on other acts not captured on video.

Apparently she was a cuntlicking bisexual. She was fucking several different men, she was lezzing off with her sister, and she flaunted her tits and cunt in front of her father. He couldn't believe this! She even drank piss straight from mens' cocks. He rated her as a "below average" fuck and then masturbated while flicking through the site until he came.

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The next week was the best week of Gary's life. Every morning Twat would come into his office, piss while he watched, and then he would fuck her pussy until the verge of orgasm before pulling out and cumming in her mouth. He'd hold her there, with his dick in her mouth, until he could piss, and then empty his bladder down her throat. She'd then slut around the restaurant all day in her whorishly tight uniform, until the end of the day, when he'd fuck her again and send her home.

During the day he enjoyed watching her mix a little bit of her piss into every drink she served to a woman. She never got caught, and he loved the thought of these whores feeding their piss to each other.

By Wednesday the other male staff had worked out what a whore she was, and he caught her out the back giving Blake a blowjob by the dumpsters.

He had to take her inside and beat her tits for being so whorish - what if the customers had seen? And then he let both Blake and Walden know that if they wanted to use her, they could do it at 11 am each morning in the male toilets; Twat would go in and service their cocks while Kelly minded the counter.

After that things went much smoother. By Thursday they'd all worked out that Twat would do whatever they told her to. They had great fun at lunch making her eat fried chicken.

Blake pissed on one piece and made her eat it; Walden ejaculated on another and she ate that too. She was crying as she did so, but she did it, and besides, this bitch looked incredibly hot when she cried. Then they got her to fuck her pussy with a chicken drumstick until she came, and then eat it when she was done. They were all sad to see her go on Friday, so they held an orgy in Gary's office to see her off. The three men practically covered her with sperm, and afterwards she had to stay naked because she was returning the uniform and hadn't remembered to bring a change of clothes.

Gary watched her hiding naked behind the dumpsters, covered in semen, for nearly an hour, until finally a slutty-looking blonde girl turned up to collect her. (To be continued.)