Hidden Cam German Student Girl Fucked for real

Hidden Cam German Student Girl Fucked for real
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You get a random call one day from an old buddy of yours from school, saying he is going to be in the area for a few days and wanted to see if you wanted to get together and catch up on old times. We had the house to ourselves for the weekend so you said sure, and invited him to stay here with us.

One night, after a few drinks, we all sit down to watch a movie together. For some reason, we all sit on the couch, with me in the middle. As the movie progresses a really racy seen comes on, in which the hot as hell brunette is giving the guy the ride of his fucking life.

I instantly note that both of your dicks are rising beneath your jeans. I make eye contact with you, and nod at his jeans, and you smile. I slowly reach down and begin to run my hand up and down his thigh. He jumps at first, and his eyes meet yours, you nod in approval, and relaxes.

I slowly work my way towards his dick, and begin to massage it through the fabric of his jeans. I grab his hand and place it on my boobs, and encourage him to begin to rub and squeeze them. While my top half is occupied by his hand, you begin to work my bottom.

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You begin to rub my pussy (which is dripping wet) through my tight jeans, only adding fuel to the fire. I spread my legs farther apart, giving you better access, while at the same time unbuttoning both of you jeans and freeing your dicks from their confines.

As they spring free, I begin to stroke and rub them, slowly at first, then with more pressure.

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You unbutton my jeans, and work you hand down them, and he removes my top and take ones of my hard nipples into his mouth, while caressing the other with his hand. I start to moan in pleasure. Between his tongue on my nipples, and your hands working away at my clit and pussy, I cum quickly. Then, I bend over his lap, engulfing his dick in my mouth, and he throws his head back in pleasure. You grab a hold of my hips, and pull me up onto my knees, and slide my jeans downward.

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You position yourself behind me and place the head of you dick at my pussy opening, and with one quick powerful thrust, you plunge the entire length of your thick throbbing dick deep into my hot pussy. Muffled moans escape my mouth as you continue to pound my pussy. You slide a finger along my dripping slit, coating it in my juices, you then begin to finger your finger into my tight ass, causing me to moan deeper, and my breath to quicken.

I am close to orgasming, and we both know what is coming. My pussy tightens around your dick, gripping it into place, and I cum so hard I begin to shake and squirt my warm juices all over your dick and nuts. After I stop shaking, and you dick is released from my pussy's choke hold, I get up, and sit on his lap, impaling my worked up pussy with his large hard cock.

I begin to bounce up and down, working my pussy with his hard cock. You come, and place your dick at my face, and I take it's entire length in my mouth with pleasure. You grab a hold of hair, holding my face still and begin to rapidly fuck my face with you dick.


The faster you piston in and out of my mouth, the deeper and harder he thrusts upward into my pussy. He warns that he is about to cum, and I stand up and motion for him to come in front of me. I take turns sucking and stroking each of your dicks until you are both with seconds of busting.


I tell you both to jerk off on to my tits, neck and chin. You both do, covering me with your thick creamy loads. I run my fingers through the cum, then suck them clean. I wink at you both, and take off to the bathroom to clean up. As soon as I am out of eyesight, your friend tells you that that was one of the best fucks of his life.

And you just smile… After an amazing round of fucking, we all drift off into a deep sleep in the living room. In the middle of the night, I wake to find someone slowly starting to rub my clit in circles.

Hmm, I know the style all to well. I reach over and immediately grab your thick throbbing dick. I roll towards you; my lips find your neck."you must not have had enough" you respond by rubbing my clit faster.

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You bring me to within inches of cumming, then stop. You pull me up on top of you and beg me to suck your rock hard dick. I flip around into the 69 position and I begin working away at your cum filled cock. You slide my panties aside and begin to run your tongue up and down my moist slit. You begin to tease my aroused clit with tiny flicks and thrust your tongue in and out of my pussy hole. We continue to rub and suck and pleasure each other with our mouths until we cum together.

The sounds of our moans and panting awaken your friend and he wants to join in the action. He doesn't even give me time to dismount you before he kneels before me and presses the purple head of his large dick against my lips. I slowly flick my tongue across the head of his dick causing him to jump back. "Where ya going stud?" I ask grabbing a hold of his dick and pulling him back toward me.

I put his pussy hungry dick back to my mouth, lick my lips and take all 9 inches of his swollen dick deep into my throat. He begins to moan. Knowing how deeply I am pleasing him excites you and I can feel your dick coming to life beneath my tits.

I grab my tits and squeeze them tightly around your hard dick. You begin to slowly thrust back and forth between my tits, fucking yourself using my tits. You begin to rub and lightly slap my ass, causing me to moan with pleasure.

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Your friend claims he is about to cum, and I begin pumping his hard long dick with mouth even faster. After he is done shooting his thick creamy load into my mouth, I turn around, and open my mouth and show you his cum, then swallow it.

This sends your amazing dick into a frenzy! You roll me off of you in one swift move, and mount my pussy. You shove your hard thick dick completely into my pussy in one powerful thrust, driving me wild! You begin to furiously thrust in and out of my pussy, sending me into yet another powerful orgasm. Seeing you fuck my tight hot pussy causes your friend's dick begin to harden again, I reach out and begin stroking his dick.

You lend down and tell me you want to see my tight pussy stretched and filled with his 9 inch monster. I pull you towards me, and kiss you deeply. You get off of me, and tell him to fuck the hell out of my taut pussy. He kneels between my legs, and firmly presses his thick knob at my pussy opening. Slowly, he works every last thick engorged inch of his 9 inch dick until my pussy until he bottoms out, deep inside of me. He then slowly works it back out, inch by inch, then, looks up at you, and in one thrust plunges his dick deeply into my pussy.

I scream with pleasure. You come to kneel over me and begin to jerk off, while watching his dick fuck my pussy. I begin to suck and tough on you balls, and occasionally sneak tiny flicks over your ass. You begin to cum, covering my chin, neck and tits with you hot load. Seconds later, he pulls he dick free from my tight pussy and shoot his load up my stomach covering me in yet another load of thick cream.

I lay there, as the two of you admire your work.

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You ask if you can take a few pictures to save as a reminder of our weekend, and I tell you of course. Then, you help me to the shower, and help me to clean every bit of cum from my exhausted body. Then, we return to the living room, and find your buddy already asleep. We resume our spot on the floor, cuddle up, and drift back off to sleep, replaying the weekend's event over again in our minds.