Bachelorette party goes crazy for the bear big natural tits dancingbear

Bachelorette party goes crazy for the bear big natural tits dancingbear
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​After college, my fiance (Denise) and I (Jack) happened to find a good 2 year lease on a house rental. We had been in an apartment since school, and were tired of sharing walls with other people.​ It was in a decent little neighborhood without too many kids running around.

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Our wedding happened 3 months after we moved in. Yeah, it was a busy time, but we had planned a small wedding and had made all of the wedding decisions early on. We were on a cul-de-sac that backed up to a few acres of trees.

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We only had 2 neighbors: one was a married couple in their late 50s. The other couple was a bit more peculiar. Well, the wife was pretty nice, but we rarely saw her.

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Her husband, Darnell, we saw a bit too often. He was a strange guy.


He was in his early 50s and had been in the Army. He was about 6'4, muscular but lean and still in pretty good shape.

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He was often out in his backyard, which was separated from ours along that stretch with a 6' wood privacy fence.

The back part of our fence was only 4' tall. That's relevant in that he often appeared at it whenever my wife was laying out working on her tan.


The best spot in the yard for unblocked sun was near the fence, and he seemed to never miss an opportunity to say hi to her when she barely had anything on. In college, we'd broken up for a bit for some of the usual reasons, but also because of my insecurities.

Denise never gave me a reason to be suspicious - it was just my jealousy issues. When we were apart, of course I'd often masturbate thinking about her. Ironically, I'd picture her fucking or sucking off random dudes that had picked her up: frat boys, middle aged townies, basketball players. While it didn't make sense to me at the time, I just knew it always made me super horny (beyond the normal hornyness of a 21 year old, if that's possible).

We got back together 5 months later and her return, as well as a lot of introspection, caused me to feel much less anxious about her. She had dated a few guys and I'd gone out with a couple of girls, but she had done what she wanted to do and we were as happy as we'd ever been. She was ready to spend the rest of her life with me and I felt, for once, very secure. All this to say that our black neighbor chatting up and flirting with her whenever she was out in a bikini didn't upset me.

Denise is a bit plain but pretty girl, lean but soft in the right areas, with a nice set of hips, a bubble ass, and full C-cup breasts that had just a perfect bit of hang to them. Where I once got uptight about stuff she wore that might be too tight, too short, or showed off her tits too much, post-breakup Jack enjoyed the small thrill of catching a man ogle her. One day I was on the outside of the fence and came around the corner.

I'd heard them talking so I wasn't surprised that he was there.

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What did surprise me was that he was rubbing his hard dick through his shorts as he talked to her. He didn't hear me coming, so he got very flustered and walked off with his erection bouncing against his shorts leg pretty quickly after that.

Denise was unaware what he'd been doing, but was very interested when I told her about it. We had often joked about her and Darnell because of his persistent but hands off interest in her. Though the forced conversations with him at the fence annoyed her, she appreciate how much he liked her mid 20s body. Anyway, it turned me on to think of them together, even though he was a bit creepy, and it intrigued her, too. She'd never been with a black guy before, but had always been curious.

Since he seemed harmless, she started to tease him a bit, especially after I caught him playing with himself behind the fence. If she was laying with her head closer to the fence, and her bikini top untied, she'd lean up to speak with him, which sometimes would expose her nipples just a little.

Or if she was on her back, she'd rest her hand on her inner thigh when he was there. We even once picked a spot to fuck in the backyard at night that was in view of a window we assumed to be his bedroom window. She's sure he watched because we'd been around the fire ring earlier, so he knew we were out there. Maybe it was all this teasing and hypothetical dalliances that got us open to kinky things.

One night, about a month prior to the story that I'm setting up, after a bit too much pot and booze, joking and flirting led to her flashing my best friend, Ron (with my encouragement). Then he was feeling her breasts.

Then sucking on them. Then she was rubbing his erection through his jeans.

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Finally she jacked him off as he continued to fondle and kiss her breasts. She told me after he left that she really wanted to suck his dick, too, but wasn't sure how I'd react.

The fact that I fucked her as hard as I could after that confession let her know that I wouldn't have a problem with it then or in the future.

But that all is a different story for another time. So it was with that ice broken that I finally accepted one of Darnell's invitations to come shoot pool in his basement. We had just had an offer accepted on a house, so we'd be moving within a week.

But it wasn't about giving up 2 hours to his ramblings. I had an ulterior motive. One that would either earn me husband of the year or a reservation on the couch. "Yeah this Saturday evening would be fine, Darnell.

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Can I bring Denise?" Darnell was speechless for once. He'd never invited her to come, too. Just me. "Yeah, that'll be fine. Uh, my wife will be on the evening shift that night." "That's not a problem. Denise doesn't mind hanging out with guys." Her eyes got huge when I told her.

"We've made a lot of jokes about that, but I don't know if I could actually go through with it." "Sweetie, it's your call.

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Odds are, it won't happen because he'll be ​acting strangely or one of us will not want it to happen. And if it does and it's weird or a disaster, we won't ever see him again because we've moving." "Ok, we'll see how I feel on Saturday."