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Amateure In Agde N15
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I stood there staring at the door after Toni and the council had left, that's all I needed was twelve sex hungry feeling deprived females. The worst being that I was the subject of their obsession, the more I thought about it the more I was starting to like the idea of killing Toni. Celina came in a few minutes later, obviously I hadn't answered her call.

I noticed she came in with her power and shields at full strength, 'bout time someone got something right around here. I remembered the look that Cloe had given me, I had remained calm ignoring it which seemed to garner an even more angry look.

I didn't care, she deserved more than I was going to give her I couldn't invest that much time. "Mr. Greenstick," Celina called, "all the students are now gathered in the practice room." "Thank you Celina I'll be there momentarily, I have to gather a few things." Today I was going to start on their pitiful offensive skills. Walking in I handed each a small book, they each looked at them and laughed.

Growling I waved a hand at each of them soon they weren't laughing. I watched as the spell slowly crept up each of the young mages. As each started to panic, I watched closely who actually used their head. Finally one of the female students tried a counter spell. Hmmm I thought not bad, not strong but we would work on that. Soon they were all performing the counter spell except the same blond male from the day before, he kept staring at me hatred in his eyes, with his arms crossed, I sighed.

Within an hour he was totally petrified, I brought all the students, as they cleared the spell, to look at the young idiot. "I told all of you the first day I wasn't playing, this is the second most favorite spell of the scum out there." Looking straight into the three boys eyes I said, "I told all of you the first day I am not playing I am trying to keep you alive, your punishment is to remain like that 'til tomorrow, this is the last time I will allow this. The next time it will be permanent, this is not a game the quicker you learn that, the longer you stay alive.

I could feel the panic from the blonde boy, his eyes pleading, the pain apparent.

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I pointed and moved him off the main floor against the wall to watch the rest of the day. All the rest of the day the blonde young mage watched his class mates catch if not pass him power wise. Finally the day done I watched all the youngsters leave 'til it was finally the young mage and me.

Walking up to him I waved a hand and concentrated, sweeping my hand again I felt the counter spell start to work. Looking him straight in the eyes I re-enforced what I had said, "I meant what I said earlier, I will not have you interrupting the class and getting your class mates killed.

I am no longer an active enforcer but I am still in active status, if they do get killed by all the shit you are pulling here," I stared straight into his eyes. "I will come after you and believe me you don't want me after you not when I am mad and avenging them. So you think hard, real fucking hard tonight, while the anti-creeping arbor is releasing you.

I will not hesitate to kill you if you resist either," smiling I saw his eyes grow wide, "It would be my pleasure, for them." His head was finally starting to look more like skin, snapping my fingers I sent him home then called his father.

"Councilman, you might notice that your son is recovering from the creeping arbor. I warned him, I really don't want to rid the world of him, but I am hoping this latest punishment will help straighten him out." I said. The whole time the older man nodded his head, "I tried to warn him you weren't the usual instructor, that you weren't afraid of the council. The pup laughed at me, this just might do it, though," here the old man thought a moment. "Can you still do that power blocking spell you used to?" My mouth dropped open then I smirked, "Oh yeah he was your friend wasn't he?

The old man nodded then laughed, "he thought you had completely removed his power," the old man laughed as did I, it was the first time I'd seen him really let loose like this. "I still don't know how you do it, not sure I want to know either.

Did you ever discover how to remove the power permanently?" Again my eyes were huge for a moment, smiling I nodded, figures the old man was still watching me, "oh yeah that's right I got you once didn't I?" I replied remembering a younger version of the elder flailing his arms around. The Mage had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'd finally caught up to a really scummy life violator, had shut his power down, immobilized him, and was moving in for the arrest. There was a sudden noise and the young Mage had appeared from behind a trash can behind my suspect.

The life violator had gotten free and made a move toward the Mage when I froze him again. "You think you could help a moment? I asked, he nodded, but when I tried to hand the prisoner to him he couldn't hold him. "Were you back there the whole time?" I said.

Again he nodded starting to shake, waving a hand over him he smiled, then took over. As I built up my power I saw the man's eyes grow, finally I reached out, and started to rip at the violator's powers, unfortunately I could only half way do it. "Hey you still mad at me? It wasn't my fault, had you not been after that Mage whore, you wouldn't have gotten caught." I said in mock hurt.

Sighing he shook his head, "I knew that day when I met you, you were unusual, you had been a bounty hunter for a few hundred years, I knew you would be a great candidate for the job the council had me looking for recruits for.

Hey that's the real reason I was there!" he said, though I could see the laughter behind his eyes. Sighing he shook his head, "Try not to kill him ok? His mother still has influence on a lot of the old Mages, I've never won a fight with her yet. Advice for you, son, NEVER get married that way you can do and fuck what you want." With that he flashed out. I had to smile, though he looked old he wasn't, hell he wasn't that much older than me, I was still working on the counter of the aging dilemma he'd gotten hit with.


I'd managed to stop it but it was still there, 50 years ago I had actually reversed a 100 years off him, it had to be the toughest spell I'd ever seen. Locking up I started to head home, this day had worn me out having to fight that youngster at almost every turn. I'd just made my apartment doorway when I noticed that something was off, I already had three wards around me and quickly brought four more out.

Who in the fuck had moved the door?

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Cloe couldn't have, she really had no power inside the apartment, I could feel a presence in the apartment. Cloe was asleep on the floor near where the door had been, reaching out I tried to expel the intruder, damn it they had substantial power.

I'd just brought my shields up when I was hit by a strong blast of water. Water? Oh fuck! Bouncing of the wall, quickly I drew in every bit of my power, this had to end quickly, or I was dead for sure. What the hell was going on? This was the second to get out coming after me, swinging around behind him I set a pseudo me to start blasting with fire, appearing in front of him I blasted him with several electrical bolts, watching him jerk and spasm I knew to not be fooled.

Sure he was weak to electricity but not that weak, wrapping him in a freezing spell I brought him face to face with me. "How the hell did you get out Trent?" I asked him. "As if I'd tell you, you worthless piece of council, lap dog, shit!" He screamed in my face, just nodding I snapped my fingers as several bolts of electricity hit his groin.

I smiled when he started to scream louder. "Well?" I asked looking at his now sweat covered face. "I'll tell you again so you can understand, go fuck yourself!" He spit back at me. "Ok I said," snapping my fingers again the bolts hit him over and over this time for a much longer time.

I knew the ass was tough but I figured after only a few minutes he'd break. Again I asked, "Well, ready to talk?" Laughing he stared straight at me, "There's nothing you can do that can equal what he can do!" "Oh really," thinking of the elder I hadn't really answered him, yes, I had perfected it but I wasn't about to tell him or anyone else. Reaching out to the man I began to rip as violently as I could a power at a time.

The look of terror on his face as each faded began to grow 'til there were only a few left. "Now scum, tell me or you'll never use magic again!" Here I twisted a few of those left causing him to scream even more.

"Alright! No more it was Tron Tat the eldest of the chameleon Mage/Brothers, he is out a week now and looking for his brothers.

He has a plan to suck you dry then kill the council." The man cried real tears falling from his eyes.


Smiling I had heard something like this earlier today but now I had confirmation. The council was there within moments Cloe was revived and soon they were passing judgment on him. It had been decided that the man was to be stripped of power and released into the human world, (not a good fate). The elder looked at me then spoke.

"Mage Tyrome do you still have contact with the Mage that can remove powers?" Here I nodded as almost everyone on the council gasped, trying not to smile, son of a bitch he'd kept it secret! "Good contact him then have him meet us at the council chamber." "Yes sir," I said, "though I will have to go to him." Here the elder smiled good he got what I was going to do.

"Alright how long do you think it will take," the elder asked. Thinking I tried to estimate just how long would be long enough, "At least two hours, I have to find him though not too hard for me." Nodding the elder waved his hand and they were all gone.

I waited almost the whole 2 hours using it to get readyflashing in I was well hidden behind several masks, several cloaks, plus a masking of my power. Trent was a quivering mass of useless flesh weeping trying to talk his way out of the punishment that was coming.

"Trent," The leader of the council started, "you have been found guilty of attacking a council member, that in it's self normally incurs the death penalty. Being that you provided the name of who was responsible, we have reduced your punishment to being made human, no power, no memories. Have you anything to say before sentence is carried out? Remember this can be extremely painful or no pain at all." "I just wish I could be here when Tron Tat rips all of you assholes and shows you what true pain is!" Trent screamed.

The elder nodded, I reached out and began to rip as violently as I could, each power he had left, twisting to increase the level of pain to its max. Trent began to scream his eyes even bigger than before, "No!

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It's impossible no one has that power anymore!" he screamed, pulling and twisting I felt each power fade as it was wrenched loose. Finally all of them gone I filled the now gaping hole with a plug I had learned to make a century ago. Passing a hand over him I removed his memory and placed one there that the elder had set up for him. Nodding I flashed out before anyone could even think to question or doubt, (plus I didn't want anyone to follow me). Appearing in my apartment, I made everything look as if I had been there for an hour.

Soon Cloe appeared naked immediately, all three clips in place. Watching her jerk and quiver I waited it shouldn't take too much longer I thought. "Tyrome," she breathed out, "I can't take this you have to relieve me!" "You know what you have to do if you want relief," I said sitting back to enjoy the show. "I . I can't," she panted almost breathlessly, "not to you, not to any man." "Fine," I said, "then you continue to wear all of the clips and if you continue to be so stubborn," here I held up a large vibrator, "then I think we'll add this." "No," she cried her eyes even larger, "you wouldn't dare!" I stared straight into her eyes, "Watch me bitch!

You, who has tortured me for centuries, to be your fuck toy when you want. Never caring about me EVER! Now it is my turn to show you how far you debased me, had me begging you 'til I was nothing but something for your amusement.

That ended yesterday, and will never happen again I'll make damn sure of it!" Waving my hand the door was replaced, a pallet was on the floor at the foot of the bed. "There's your bed I suggest you sleep you'll get used to the constant stimulation soon, then we'll have to change to something else." As I had thought before, I really wanted to turn her around but at the moment I didn't have the time as one of the three brothers had escaped and was gunning for me and the council.

Slowly Cloe crawled to the pallet whimpering and whining the whole time, "You know what will stop it, but that's up to you, you're bringing most of this on yourself." I sat a few minutes thinking of where the one brother might be. Hmmm the prisons were out though if he was out there, weren't many that could detect him, I was one of only three that could and one of those had died recently. The most disturbing thing I thought though, was how in the hell were these people getting loose?

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This had all the ear marks of my ex wife, though I had personally locked her up. NO ONE could let her out but me. Then again, the rest could be by the brother, had he enough time to study how to release them.

I began to set up a live feeler to each of the thousands of scum I had locked up over the centuries. If I was right he was releasing those that had the most to gain by killing me, but not before he got where his brothers were. Yeah right like that was ever going to happen. I started to send out feelers, someone knew where he was just like last time though getting them to talk might prove more difficult this time.

I was just starting to fade into sleep when I felt one of my first cases suddenly liven up. Snapping my fingers I was there in mere seconds, sure enough there the brother was blasting away at the tri-section reinforced lock I had given the prison to keep the lock and life picker away.

Reaching out I felt the brother doing all he could to release him. Damn really didn't want to have to clean up after this ass. Reaching out I felt the brother then I delved as fast and hard as I could ripping several abilities from him, his high pitched shrieks alerting the guards.

Wrapping the brother, I held him as long as I could but the sheer amount I had ripped loose compounded by the fact that I hadn't had any sleep, allowed him to slip away. Pissed at myself I snarled at the life picker, "Unless you want to be human and have NO powers, you WILL tell me everything you know!" The look of pure terror on his face calmed me a bit but the scum started to babble everything he knew (not that much considering he's an idiot).

He was still going when the guards finally arrived. Calling the council I advised them of everything I'd learned, though most were shocked they all agreed that I had done the right thing (I had left out the part about stripping some of the brother's power I'd tell the elder later).

Hell even Cloe was looking at me with a look of almost relief when I told them that the brother was hurt. Damn it! Why had I let myself get distracted?

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This was the main reason I had retired from the enforcer squad, I had to do something soon, or I was going to end up dead for sure. Thanking them all I flashed back to my apartment.

At least I could get some sleep now, well I thought I could; Cloe appeared not long after. That's when her whining and whimpering, inter-spaced with little gasps now and then made sleeping a difficult thing to do. Finally though I did drift off, not really sure how I did but I awoke a few hours later, still tired but more rested than I had been.

At the office I saw that everything was in place for me, smiling at Celina I thanked her for her hard work at which she blushed and thank me profusely. Sighing I knew I was going to have to talk to Toni again the poor woman was screwed up enough as it was, without adding hero worship to her already delicate psyche.

Walking to the training room I was hoping that yesterday would be the last that I'd have to beat the young blonde mage's ass, though for some reason I felt that we were going to butt heads the entire time 'til I gained his respect.

This I felt was something that no one as of yet had actually accomplished. All of my students filed in, I had to admit they were all starting to gain power, not a lot but anything was a definite improvement. Then I saw that the blonde was again absent, I guess I was going to have to up the ante if I was going to keep the young Mage alive and in the class.

Reaching out again he'd tried to hide, sighing I shook my head, guess he was going to have another hard day. Grabbing his leg and the woman he was in again I yanked both of them to the class room. The boy's eyes huge were nothing when he saw his girlfriend hanging next to him.

"I told you yesterday. I would haul your ass here out of ANY dimension, or woman. Now you've involved her, unless." I was saying. "Let her go!" the young Mage growled, "NOW!" "Or you'll do what?" I sneered, "I still have half a mind to have your father." "I SAID LET HER GO NOW!" whirling he broke free sending several powerful bolts at me, smiling I think I'd finally found his motivation.

Quickly I increased my power to half, wrapping the boy, who still was almost breaking free. Still he hadn't calmed yet I floated him and cracked him across the face. This immediately got his attention. "I'll make a deal with you, you come to class, learn what I am teaching, help the rest of your classmates." I said. "What's in it for me?" He snarled.

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"I will make this go away only you and I will remember," I told him, drawing a startled look. "You can do that also? Could you teach any of these spells to me." he asked. "We'll see when you've grown a little more, now then do we have a deal? I have to know soon or it will be too late." I said pretending I was worried.

I could see the wheels turning in his head; a chance to come out of this and still have his girlfriend on good terms? I think in the long run that's the thing that turned him around. It was so true all throughout history (I should know) that many a man would do the most evil or non like themselves things when a woman was involved.

The Young Mage turned to me a twinkle in his eyes I hadn't seen there before and nodded yes while shaking my hand. I concentrated on the girl first she was the easiest, then on his classmates they weren't that hard but since their power had increased some it was a bit of work.

Finally I started the class again this time the boy joined in even complementing his classmates. Smiling I began to wonder, if the boy would be a younger me, I had seen his flame he obviously liked them the way I did. Even though the girl was way too young for me, I had to admit the boy had good taste after all, who didn't like a tight ass and of course hers was very tight.