Las Vegas Maid Cleans Then Fucks In My Jacuzzi

Las Vegas Maid Cleans Then Fucks In My Jacuzzi
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'3 months stuck in the apartment! I can't believe it' I said to Zak, 'and all because of some drunk driver'. Smiling Zak replied 'you're luckier than most getting away with 2 broken legs, he could have killed you'.

Thinking about it I had to agree with him there.

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So here I was, facing what could only be described as one of the most boring times of my life and all my best mate could say was I'll sort something out to entertain you. The next day he turned up with a couple of boxes and said 'My boss has lent you these.' opening the boxes he shows me a small camera and a wireless router.

Puzzled I watch him set the camera up by the window and connect the wireless router to it, after Zak installs a program on my laptop and hands it over saying 'Run it'.


Starting the program the screen comes to life and I get a view of the whole area outside the apartment, Zak tells me 'Use the controls on the screen to move the camera and zoom in or out, I know it's not great but hopefully it will relieve some of your boredom'. So saying he goes back to work. After what seems like days but in fact is only a few hours, I decide to try out the camera, running the program again I pan it round and zoom in and out of views, at one time I spend a little while watching a woman from a nearby block walking round her apartment naked, getting bored I'm just about to move on when a flashing box appears in the upper corner of my screen, looking I see the message 'Movement Detected, Activate Network?'.

Thinking Zak had played me and linked the camera in to his work so he could see what I was looking at, I clicked 'Yes' and waited for his jokes to start about me being a pervert. The screen suddenly changed to a small column with 6 boxes in it marked NK1 NK6 and a large blank box divided into 6 smaller ones.

One of the small boxes in the column was flashing, curious now I click on NK3, the large box blooms into life showing 6 different views of an apartment, looking closer I see something moving in one of the rooms, I realise it's a cat, but not just any cat, it belongs to one of the other tenants in the block!

Quickly I scan through the other rooms to find they're empty, watching the cat move round the room I wonder how long the cameras have been there and who put them there. Hearing my apartment door open and close I quickly close the program and open something else as my sister walks in, 'Hi bro thought I'd bring you some supplies' she says not bothering to check if I was dressed yet.

Helping me to the living room I sit in the sofa and can't help but gaze round the room wondering if there are cameras watching us right now. My sister notices and asks me what I'm doing; lamely I lie saying I was thinking the room could do with a paint job. Laughing she replies 'Well you're not up to that yet!' Finally alone again I quickly reopened the program seeing that the window camera was showing again, with the coming darkness more and more apartments across the way had lights on, uninterested I scanned the blocks and open areas, wondering if it had been a fluke that I had picked up the signal of the other network.

Suddenly the message appeared again and nervously I clicked it on again, this time 4 of the 6 boxes were flashing, clicking on the first I saw one of the ground floor apartments appear and could see the guy that lived there watching TV while his girlfriend was getting changed in the bedroom.

Shocked at how clear the picture was I stared as she stripped and stood naked almost under the camera.

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I could see her tanned well proportioned body, large firm breasts with dark nipples, looking down her body I could see the dragon tattoo just above her trimmed pussy, not realising she had an audience she started teasing her breasts pulling on her nipples, with a start we both jumped when her boyfriends voice came clearly, 'are you ready yet?'. Quickly she finished getting dressed as he walked into the bedroom 'We're going to be late if you don't hurry up' he said hurrying her out the door.


Looking again I saw the other boxes still flashing, clicking on the next I saw the other occupant of the ground floor apartments, an older woman of about 60 cooking her dinner and talking to her pet dog. Clicking through the others I realised that every apartment in the block had these cameras hidden where they could see the whole of each room.

Clicking on one of the unlit boxes I saw the empty apartment on the second floor right below mine, holding my breath I clicked the last unlit box to see an image of every room in my apartment and there sitting on the sofa was me looking at my laptop!

I glanced up to where I now knew the camera was but still couldn't see anything, vowing to myself as soon as I could I was going to find each camera and fix it so they wouldn't work. I almost guiltily clicked on the 3rd flashing box. Guessing the order of the boxes I knew that this would be the other apartment on the 2nd floor.

Opening the cameras gave me a view of the occupiers, a woman in her 30's and her teenage son, watching I saw her undress, revealing a slim, toned body with small pert breasts, her waist and stomach leading down to a shaved pussy and long legs. Putting a dressing gown on she moves to the bathroom passing her sons room on the way, I hear her tell him that she's going to shower before she makes dinner, the son grunts a reply.

Still watching I see her enter the bath room and drop the gown on the floor shutting the door behind her she turns the shower on and steps in under the stream of water. I watch wondering what it would be like to have her before me, stroking and touching all I can see.

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Glancing across to her son's room I see he has checked to make sure she is showering and now he quickly pulls a porn magazine and starts jacking off to the pictures and stories. Looking back at his mother I see she's stopped washing and now she's using the water jet to tease her pussy, sending strong pulses at it and holding the lips wide as the jet hits her, I can hear her suppressed moans and she slowly brings herself to orgasm, without realising it I've started stroking the growing bulge in my shorts in time with her hand movements.

Suddenly she shudders and drops the shower head as she orgasms hard her groans clearly audible over the shower.

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Clicking to the last flashing box I find an empty apartment, listening I hear talking in the hall outside my door and realise the people from across the hall have just left. Going back again I move through the apartments, unable to resist the feeling of spying on everyone without their knowing.

Now only 2 of the 6 boxes are flashing.

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Now knowing who the cameras will show me I check the mother and son only to see her now back in her dressing gown and cooking dinner while he sits at the table on his laptop.

Not expecting it I click over to the older woman to find her in one of the bedrooms, a man is with her and she's stripping for him, down to her underwear now I realise I was wrong to dismiss her, she has a body to match either of the other two women I'd seen tonight. With her back to the camera she removes her bra, the man give an appreciative groan and kneads his groin through the shorts he's wearing, 'NO!

I told you not to touch until I say' I hear her command. 'For that you won't see the rest until I decide', he moans as she turns.


Shocked even more I see her large sagging breasts, the nipples engorged and red, I see they are pierced with what looks like a heavy chain going between the two and another running off it down to her thickly haired pussy, the second chain disappears into the hair.

Slowly she tells him 'take your shorts off and stand up', he follows her command and turning she kneels down and takes his half erect cock in her hand, looking at him she takes the head and mashes it against her nipple rubbing hard against the piece if chain, he cries out and she does it again, taking it in her mouth she slowly swallows the whole length and starts to suck it, moving her head back and forth while he looks down and watches her as she teases her nipples.

Quickly he cums and she lets him cover her breasts in his juices. Enthralled now I can't look away as she lays on the bed, clearly I hear her 'Fuck me now' the man move into her and with her guiding him he starts to fuck her.

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gradually her moans build with each thrust, 'Yes that's it, harder' she commands, suddenly she starts to orgasm, 'pull the chains! Pull them now!!' she screams. The man grabs the chains and pulls hard on the chains I see her breasts pulled up and her nipples stretched, she screams again, the man pulls them again this time the chain to her pussy is pulled tight, screaming she continues to orgasm as the man pulls out and cums again this time over her chain tortured pussy and stomach.

Without realising I had been teasing myself I cum shooting over the laptop screen, shaking I stop and wiping the screen clean I see the man dress leave while the older woman lays on the bed shaking and groaning.

Suddenly the program goes blank 'Network Connection lost, Reconnect?' is flashing on my screen, try as I might I can't get the network back.

I decide it's time to sleep.

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hoping that tomorrow will bring another chance to view the lives of my block mates!