Young awesome babe teased by old crock

Young awesome babe teased by old crock
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Lee woke Kim up as he carried her to a bedroom. "How long have I been asleep?" Kim asked her brother, as she was carried bridal style up the stairs towards her bedroom. "An hour, the others will be back soon so I wanted to put you to bed so you could get some sleep" Lee said as they reached the top of the stairs.

"Thanks little brother for everything" Kim said as she was laid down on her bed and received a soft kiss on her forehead. "No problem Kim you get some rest I love you" Lee said as he headed for the door closing it behind him he thought about how his life had become so wonderful. "Hi Little brother had a good day?" It was Dawn she was home from work. "God what a close one with Kim" Lee whisper to himself not to Dawn.

"What did you say?" Dawn asked she knew Lee had said something but couldn't quite make it out fully. "I said yeah how was yours?" Lee lied he had become quite good at that in recent times not malice's lies but little white lies that didn't really hurt people. "Fine but I'm glad to be off work now its so boring cutting peoples hair from 10 until 6 everyday" Dawn said as she went to get a sandwich from the fridge.

"Bored surely not you love your job don't you?" Lee asked he was starting to get worried he had never heard Dawn criticize her job before but she wasn't happy with it and if she quite then that would put another obstacle between him and April being all alone from 10 to 5 most days of the week. "Yeah I've felt like this for a while now but never said anything to mum or you lot because I didn't want you to worry about me finding a new job if I quit" Dawn admitted to her shocked brother.

"Quit Dawn you never quit anything" Lee said trying to convince her she really did like her job if only to keep her out of the way of him and April. "I know Lee but I've been doing hairdressing for 5 years now, I just think there must be something else out there for me" Dawn said as she took a bit out of her sandwich causing a little bit of the salad to drop from the bottom and down the top of her t-shirt into her cleavage.

Lee watched as the little green bit of leaf fell onto the top of her breasts, his eyes were suddenly transfixed by the site of her cleavage, it was magical to see, Dawn had a wonderful set of breasts that never really got to be shown off by revealing tops, she was much shyer then the others but still had, had a few boyfriends in her time, she didn't really like her body though, she was perfectly built large breast and the gym work showed in her toned body but that wasn't how she had seen herself and as a result she only wore tops that would cover her body more fully.

Today was an exception she had been very hot (as had everyone else) and been forced to wear a more revealing top, it was red, quite tight to her body and cut off just above the bellybutton revealing her thin waist to all, the top was sleeveless and had just two rather thin straps holding it up over her shoulders, the neck was low cut and showed off her cleavage beautifully.

The pants she wore were a tight pair of blue Jeans, they hugged her legs and showed her tight ass off, all together she was a ravishing site to behold by any man. "Lee, Lee" he heard his sister saying his name and realized she had been talking to him while he had been staring at her. "What?" he said snapping his attention to her face and off her breasts. "What are you looking at?" she asked. "You've dropped some of your sandwich" Lee said pointing at the little greenery on her cleavage.

"Oh crap" Dawn exclaimed as she reached for it but only managed to push it deeper into the valley her breasts made. Lee watched his sister push her hand down her top further wishing it were his hand that was touching her, but he had April and had, had Stacey and almost Kim so he should be satisfied.

Still he couldn't help but wish. "Oh shit I just can't grab it you wouldn't mind if I took my top off and got it would you Lee?" Dawn asked as she fumbled to grab the veg leaf. "Err no Dawn go ahead" Lee said secretly thanking god his sexy sister was going to take her top off in front of him. Dawn smiled and grabbed the bottom of her small top and pulled it up over her head letting it rest on the back of her shoulders, her bra now the only thing between her naked breasts and her brothers gawking eyes.

Dawn didn't realize her brother was watching her as she reached her hand inside the bra and pulled the small leaf out. "That's better I wouldn't be able to settle knowing it was still there if I left it" Dawn smiled as she looked at her brother who was looking directly at her chest, his hands covering his crotch "Something wrong".

Lee blinked his eyes rapidly 'caught again' he thought as he moved his line of sight to his sister's face once more. "No nothing look I should be going upstairs I've got things to do" Lee said as he hurried past his sister and up the stairs. "I bet you do" Dawn said quietly as she watched Lee run past her. Lee went straight into his bedroom slamming the door quickly behind himself.

'How could I let her see me looking like that? What's she going to think of me?' questions were racing through his head as he heard a knock on his door.

"Err come in" he said quickly checking to see if anything needed moving before his sister entered his room. "Hi Lee you ok in here you rather hurried off just then" Dawn commented as she opened her brothers door an entered his room.

"Yeah I'm fine, no problems" Lee smiled from across the room before looking away from his sister who smiled back at him. "That's good I just thought something was up after I took my top of for that second" Dawn said to which Lee squirmed abit in his seat.

"Nope, fine, nothings up" he said 'yet another white lie' he thought as he remembered his hard-on. "Ok then but if anything does come up just be sure to tell me and I'll see what I can do about it won't you?" Dawn asked her brother who for a split second thought 'does Dawn mean what I think she.No surly not'.

"Will do Dawn, thanks" he finally answered as Dawn walked out of his room. When she was gone Lee laid down on his bed thinking about what had happened did Dawn really mean if anything comes up as in if he comes up 'Surly not she's my sister' he thought 'but then again so are April, Kim and Stacey and look what's happened with them' he thought about it for a long time alone in his room.

Downstairs Dawn was sat alone in the living room when April came home. "Hi Dawn what are you doing alone in here?" she asked her sister as she dropped the bags she was carrying to the table in the kitchen and made her way into the living room. "Oh nothing just sitting here trying to cool off that's all" Dawn said with a smile as April sat next to her on the sofa, "So what's been going on Dawn I know that look" April asked, its true she could read the others like a book and she knew just from looking at Dawn that something was on her mind.

"Oh April its Lee" Dawn sighed as she looked at her sister. "Lee?" April sounded nervous "What's happened?" she inquired. "It's just.

I don't know" Dawn was reluctant to tell her sister the truth how could she say she fancied her brother to her sister. "Go on what is it?" April probed. "It's just that well oh I can't tell you" Dawn wiped a little tear from her eyes as she struggled not to tell April the truth.

"Hay, hay, hay come on you know you can tell me anything, now what's Lee done to hurt you coz I'll hurt him if it's anything bad" April smiled as she put her arm around her sister lovingly. "Nothing he's not hurt me, its just that's the problem he's too nice and I.I." Dawn stopped short of saying it. "What are you trying to say Dawn?" April asked as her sister sobbed into her shoulder. "I love him April" Dawn finally said the words she had wanted to for so long.

"I do too Dawn so what?" April said not registering what Dawn meant. "No April I really love him" Dawn said as she sniffed back the tears. "I do too.oh you mean you love him" April suddenly realized what her sister had said. Dawn nodded into her sister's shoulder "Don't be mad April I can't help it what am I going to do?" Dawn sobbed yet again as April rubbed her shoulder.

"Sshhhhhhhh don't worry Dawn its ok I know just how you feel" April said as she rubbed her sister a little harder. "What do you know about how I feel?" Dawn asked as she pulled her head away from her sister and looked deep into her eyes. "I feel the same way as you do about Lee" April admitted to her shocked sister "But me and him have taken things a bit farer if you know what I mean?" "You mean you two have oh my god April!!" Dawn was stunned by what she had just been told, who wouldn't be.

"Twice" April said with a little smile. "TWICE!!" Dawn shouted "Oh my god who else knows?" "Stace and I think Kim" April said calmly. "Stacey and Kim what the hell do they think about it?" Dawn demanded to know she had forgotten all about her feelings for now. "Well Stace has slept with him too and I think Kim did" April admitted to her shocked sister "So you see you're not the only one to love him" "Oh god I don't know what to think" Dawn was at a loss what should she be feeling now, she just didn't know.

"Its ok you know Dawn its fine with us and I'm sure Lee has no complaints" April said as she took her sister by the hand. "April I just don't know what to say or feel it's all just such a shock" Dawn admitted to her older sister who held her hand tighter as a little reassurance.

"Its ok to feel the way you know you want to about Lee I do and have for a long time now, look why don't you go lay down for a while Mum, Trish and Steph will be home soon you don't want to look like you've been crying do you?" April asked her sister who shook her head no. April smiled as she watched Dawn go upstairs wiping away the tears she had just shed; she would have to tell Lee about this new development in their tangled lives.

Dawn opened her door to find Kim laid asleep in her bed; Dawn smiled as she made her way over to her own bed and laid down on it. Wiping her eyes she looked over at her sleep sister thinking about her and Lee together could it really be so wrong. April was still downstairs when the door opened her Mum and sister Stephanie came in they had caught the same bus back home. April greeted both of them with a hug and quickly made her way upstairs and into her brother's room after they had dropped their coats and bags.

"Lee you awake in here" April asked as she entered his room. She found him laid on his bed awake and deep in thought. "Hi sweetie, I've got some news for you" April said as she gave him a kiss and laid down next to him on his bed pressing tightly into his body. "What is?" Lee asked as he put his arms around his sister's waist April always took his mind off what he was thinking these days. "Well it's about Dawn" April started but she was soon stopped by Lee's interruption.

"Dawn, oh god what is it April?" Lee asked his face showing his concern as he sat up in bed and let go of April. "Its ok, it's ok what happened earlier with you two?" April asked knowing her brother would tell her what Dawn would not. "Well she was eating a sandwich and she dropped some sown her top and well she sort of got me abit hot as she took off her top and got it and she caught me staring at her I think she's mad at me or something" Lee told his sister who hugged close to him pushing her massive breasts into his back as she kissed his neck reassuringly.

"She's not mad at you believe me about that" April said into his ear before she kissed it lightly. "She's not, how do you know?" Lee asked. "We had a little talk and well she told me a few things shall we say" April said as she rubbed her hands down her brothers body down towards his crotch.

"What things April?" Lee inquired he was starting to get less nervous now his sister was getting him more aroused "She fancies you Lee just like me and Stace and Kim" April said as she grabbed his cock through the jeans he was wearing. "She what?" Lee was amazed by what April had just said to him Dawn actually did like him. "She fancies you just like I do" April said again as she rubbed his cock through the thick jeans.

"So she did mean what I thought," Lee said quietly as his cock pulsed and ached for release from its confines. "What was that?" April asked as she swung around so she was in front of her brother now. "Nothing" Lee said as he leaned in and kissed his sister with a flurry, April followed suit and began pressing her breasts into her brother's chest as she pressed her tongue into his mouth.

Lee moaned into her mouth as he felt her hands unzip his fly and undid the button on his jeans pulling them open with both hands as he wrapped his around her back pulling her tight into his body. April smiled as she leaned back from his kiss and looked at the bulge in his boxer shorts, It didn't take long before they were both naked and laid on Lee's bed, their clothes scattered around the floor.

Lee was laid on his back with his sister leaning over his body on her hands and knees, her massive breasts swung just above his hard cock as she swayed looking into his eyes a passion in both their eyes that needed to be extinguished in the only way they both knew how.

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Lee watched as April crawled up his body lowering her chest so her breasts scraped his skin. Her erect nipples being pulled across his soft skin sent shockwaves through her entire body as she felt her juices running down her inner thigh; she was so wet from just the foreplay that her and her brother had just been engaged in. Lee watched mesmerized as this goddess of lust crawled up his body occasionally stopping to plant a kiss on his body before moving higher until she could reach down with her left hand and take hold of his hard cock, April gripped it tightly as she moved her hips over him and positioned the head at the entrance to her extremely wet pussy.

Lee smiled as his sister lowered her body down onto his and the two became one "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh" April moaned as she felt herself being stretched by the invading cock as it slid up her tight but wet canal.

"Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh there" Lee said as he felt his sister's pubic bone hit his, he was as deep as he could go and they both knew what was going to happen now. April smiled as she lifted herself off her brother, his cock being held tight by his sister's pussy muscles as she let all but the head fall from her body April stayed in this position for a while all her gym work really helped her out as she held all her weight on just her flexed legs, holding her body just high enough for her brothers cock-head to stay inside but no more.

Smiling she lowered herself once more, Lee's mind went wild as he felt the warmth envelop his wet cock once more the wetness of his sister was unbelievable as his cock was once more pulled out slowly of his sisters warm confines. Both April and Lee started to moan as April began to increase the pace of her lifts and drops on her brother who was holding her breasts as they bounced with every up or down thrust she made on her brothers aching cock.

"Aaaaarrgghhhhh yeeesssss April yessss" Lee cried out as he felt her tighten her pussy muscles even more making a harder grip on him to increase the connection between them. April shouted out as her clit hit her brother's pubic bone every time she slammed her body down on his.

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While April and Lee were screaming in his room Dawn was still looking at Kim who was starting to stir in her bed, she had a look of satisfaction on her face and Dawn's mind went back to what April had said about her and Lee. Kim didn't realize that there was anyone else in the room with her, as she woke up she starched a hand down to her pussy letting it settle before giving it a little rub.

"Aaahhhh god Lee that was so nice" she moaned out loud as she brought her hand back to her chest and gave each nipple a little nip. "That good is he?" Kim shot up in bed and looked over to see Dawn laid on her stomach looking at her with a smile "Dawn I didn't think you were. I was just. oh god. I" Kim stammered as she tried to explain to her sister what she had just been doing.

"Its ok Kim I know about everything so that good was he?" Dawn asked again. Kim resigned herself to not being able to lie anymore so she decided to be honest. "He was so nice to me, we didn't do anything I didn't want to it was so special" Kim said dreamily. Dawn smiled she had made up her mind she had to have Lee right now or never and never wasn't an option.

Dawn made her way to Lee's room and without thinking grabbed the doorknob and swung the door open, she was greeted by the cry of "OOOOOOHHHHHH CHRIST LEE YES" as April came hard all over her brother's cock, which was buried deep inside of her. Dawn stood open mouthed as her two siblings fucked relentlessly on the bed across the room from her, she just walked in and slammed the door close to get the attention of her brother and oldest sister, it worked.

April looked over her shoulder and smiled as she saw Dawn watching them; Lee sat up and looked under April's arm to see Dawn stood watching. "Oh god Dawn this is." Lee tried to push April off himself but it was no use she was staying right where she was. "Its just how it looks Dawn" April said calmly as she once more ground her pussy into her brother causing him to fall back down from the pleasure of it on to his back.

"Can anyone join in or is it just a privet thing you have here?" Dawn asked April who smiled and just nodded her approval. Dawn removed her clothes and dropped them on the pile made by her brother and sister.

She walked, swaying her hips sexily over to her sister as she watched her ass squeeze with every upwards pull of her body and she watched as her brothers cock came into view then disappeared back into her body with a moan from both. Once she was close enough she could smell the distinctive smell of two people having sex, it was intoxicating and brought out the primal lust that we all have inside deep down.

April turned her head to her sister and brought her hands off her brother's chest placing it on the side of her face to bring it down to hers.

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Dawn followed her instruction and brought her face to her sisters, April took the lead and pressed her lips to Dawn's pressing her tongue against her lips Dawn took the hint and opened her mouth letting her sisters invade. Dawn closed her eyes as she felt April's hands fall onto her breasts, they weren't as large as April's but were more then a handful for anyone and so sensitive it was untrue.

April knew just what to do to get Dawn going; she twisted her nipples between her thumbs and fore fingers as her mouth and tongue licked the inside of Dawn's. Lee was not forgotten April was still lifting and lowering her wet pussy on his hard cock but was more concentrating on Dawn then she was Lee, he didn't mind though he was now watching as his sisters kissed, their tongue's massaging each others as their hair mixed together making a contrast of red and dark brown which looked so sexy it was unreal.

April let go of her sister's breasts and pulled back from the kiss; looking down at her brother then back to Dawn she smiled. "I know you didn't come here to watch," she said as she lifted herself off Lee's cock and stood next to her sister "He's all yours for tonight" Dawn looked at her brother's cock, it was glistening with the juice of her sister and twitching with his heartbeat as she watched it she felt her sister place her hands on her back and give her a little push towards the bed.

Dawn smiled as she climbed on the bed with her sweaty brother still looking at his cock she straddled him as April grabbed his cock and held it upright straight so Dawn could just slide straight onto it.

Biting her lower lip Dawn started her decent onto the cock at the entrance of her pussy, it pushed her open slightly causing her to moan out as she was invaded by this foreign object. April gave encouragement to her sister as she watched the cock slide inside her for the first time.

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Dawn grit her teeth as she felt the full feeling she had only felt once before when her only boyfriend had taken her virginity several years ago, she kept going until she felt her brothers pubic bone hit hers, she had done it she had got her brothers cock fully inside herself, now was the time to enjoy herself. April kissed her cheek and rubbed her shoulders lightly as she watched her start to raise her body like April had been doing before.

Dawn may have only had sex on a few occasions but her natural instincts took over her and soon she was thrashing around on her brother like a woman possessed.

April was still stood watching her as her breasts bounced around wildly, her hair covering her face then being thrown back by the next bounce, It was so sexy hearing her sister moan along with her brother April couldn't take much more of it she had to get involved.

Grabbing her sister's face in both hands she turned her head and pushed her tongue back into her mouth, Dawn responded and kissed her back passionately as she continued to ride her brother. April was soon sat on her brother's chest facing her sister their breasts pressed into each other squashing the soft yet firm flesh, their nipples ticking the others sending both into a frenzy of orgasms. They wrapped their arms around each other holding on tight as they both screamed out; no one seemed to care if any others heard them right now only they mattered.

Dawn let go first and leaned back placing her hands between her brothers legs behind herself pushing her chest out for April who too the invitation and leaned her head down onto Dawn's left breast taking the nipple into her mouth and giving it a little bite not hard enough to cause pain only pleasure.

Dawn shouted out bringing her right hand behind her sister's head holding her in position not letting her mouth move from its current position, Lee was now rubbing April's back as she licked and kissed Dawn's nipples, squeezing the flesh as she did so. Dawn was still grinding into her brother and doing her best to bounce on his cock, he was so big inside of her she was having trouble moving around but with the attention she was getting from her sister who was also now sliding her pussy over her brothers chest, leaving a wet trail where she had been, she was once more approaching orgasm.

Lee was too getting close to his climax he had held off as long as possible but it was getting hard now he had both Dawn and April sat on him. "Aaaarggghhh god I'm gonnaaaaaaa cuuuummmmmmm" he announced as April pushed her self back onto his face her pussy smelling so sweet he thought he was in heaven. Dawn started to shake from orgasm once more as she felt Lee's cock swell inside of herself; his cock was as deep as it would go when he exploded inside of her.

"AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH GOD YESSSS YES YES" Dawn screamed as she felt the red-hot blasts of cum soaking her inner walls. April smiled as she watched her sister come down from her orgasm and get off Lee's deflating cock, it was so wet that April couldn't resist. She leaned down and took it into her mouth licking off the combined cum of Lee, herself and Dawn it being a strange sweet yet salty taste, once he was fully cleaned April got off him too and both women stood looking at their exhausted brother.

April looked at Dawn who smiled as she laid down next to Lee yet again. "You two stay here for awhile I'll make sure no-one disturbs you, you should rest its been a long day" April said as she looked through the pile of clothes for hers.

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She finally found them and pulled them on taking one last look at Dawn and Lee she made her way out of the room blowing the now sleeping pair a kiss as she went. 'This is going to get interesting' she thought as she made her way to her bedroom where Kim was waiting.