POV Sissy Humiliation And Domination JOI

POV Sissy Humiliation And Domination JOI
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A poor family on hard times *when are times not hard?* a family of a father mother and two daughters one being 13 and the other being 16.

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The father "Tom" had lost his job and was not able to find another job for about 3 months but then was able to find a job and started work. Mother "Stacy" was a stay at home mother and took care of the house hold and did all the cooking and cleaning.

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Heather (16 year old) and Nicole (13 year old) where both homeschooled and did lived in a small town. "Hey honey, how are both of you doing today?" Stacy said to her two daughters.

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"Not to bad me and Nicole got our school work done, is there anything we can eat? I am hungry." Heather said from laying down on the floor watching tv. "There is not much really to eat an you know that your father just got the job and it will be a wile before we start doing any better but you know how hard things are.he is not many much if anything.he just had another pay cut since he did not have some CARD he needed for some job, Heather can you go into the other room I do need to talk to Nicole if I can." Heather pops up an walks out into the room as Stacy walks over to the bed an sits down on it next to nicole and mutes the tv "There is some things we need to talk about an I am sorry to have to ask this or even bring it up but you know things are very hard and that we have not had much if anything to eat.

So I am going to ask you if you would do us a BIGGGG favor so that we can have some money and eat and so that your father will be able to get the things he needs for the job that he is working now?" Nicole is a very helpful person and is all ways good at heart so she nods her head "What could I do that would be of any help?

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You know I will do anything I could. "I know this honey that is why I am asking you." Stacy puts her hand on her daughters leg "There is something you can do that can give us food and some money" "what is that mom?" "Well.we could eat you" lightly giggles as that was said an after that was that "dead air" where every thing is just quite.


"That a joke or.what?" "I wish it was a joke but we are in dire need an if you said no.its ok I understand I just dont know what we are going to do" "well mom i guess.I want to help this family any way i can.an if thats the only way I can.then.I guess." A small tear ran down her cheek an Stacys wipes the tear away "awww don't cry." Gives her a small kiss an holds her "Maybe there is something else that you could do that would be very helpful as well.I know a person who.will pay.alot to.do things to you.that will help pay some of our bills." "Mom.I guess it wont really mater now dose it?" "No honey I guess it really don't." "Mom.dose heather know about this?" "No she dose not know yet I wanted to talk to you about it first.me and your father have talked about this some what and well I am sorry about this.

But let me go make a few phone calls and there will be two guys that will come over to.touch you here" Stacy moves her hand to her daughter mound an lightly rubs it an nicole breaths in alittle deeper "Feels good dont it?" Yea.it kinda dose" She leans over and kisses her daughter on the forehead "I love you and will all ways love you honey I hope you know that.

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But let me go make that phone call." "When.like are you going to.yea?" Stacy gets up an starts to walk out the door "tomorrow" A short time later there is a knock at the door and Heather gose and opens the door (by this time Heather knows what is going on) and there is a guy standing that the door.

"Hmmmm.wait here?" an she closes the door and runs to her mothers bed room. "hmm I think he is here now" "Yea I bet he is.I would like you to go let him in and tell him where the bed room is I will be up there an waitting for him, I want to go outside and play for a wile be home in an hour or so." Heather gos back to the door and opens it. "Come on in, just go up stairs and its the door on the right.k?" He looks down an nods an walks in as heather slips out of the house an gose down to a friends house.

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He walks up the stairs and Stacy meets him at the top "Hey I did you bring the money?.ok thanks" She counts it and slips it into her pocket an looks back up to him "Ok, here we go" She opens the door and walks in as he follows behind her an she sits next to the bed as he starts to take off some his clothes standing by the edge of the room "Ok this is him he only has alittle bit of time an thank you honey" she kisses her daughter on the cheek an starts the alarm clock an gets up an walks out the door an down stairs leaving her daughter in the room.

He walks close an looks at her an moves the blankets down an sees that she is naked.

"how old are you?" he said is a low an soft voice " I am 13 an my name is nicole" As she is talkin he moves closer and moves her legs apart some. This is my first story so I hope its good.I am going to start #2 right now