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Aby jones bellissima camgirl con delle tette enormi parte 1 tube porn
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Wow, look at the time, Lia thinks to herself as she climbs out of the pool. She should've been home hours ago, but she let the time get away from here. My dad's gonna be pissed, she continues as she grabs her towel and starts to dry herself off some, running the towel over he petite tight little body.

Lia stands a mere 4'11" and although healthy weighs a bit under 90lbs. She wraps the wraps the towel around her thin waist and heads into the locker room. Good, no one's here, she thinks as she looks around. Lia often got a lot of hate from the other girls who frequented the pool. Lia's personality sparkled and made her more approachable than most of the other girls who were as hot as she was. She was also a bit of a flirt. Although most assumed she was dumb because of her long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and flirtatious personality, in truth, she could hold a conversation with the best of them.

Fortunately for Lia, tonight she wouldn't have to deal with the jealous looks and snears. Lia hopped in the shower and turned on the water. The warm water cleaned the harsh chlorine from her perfect skin as it poured over her flawless naked body. After taking a moment to bask in the warmth of the water, Lia started to wash the chlorine from her hair.

This scene would've been any young man's dream watching the suds flow down her golden locks, down her slight perky breast, past her tight, toned tummy, sliding down her shaved sexy slit, dripping down her thin shapely legs down to her perfectly pedicured toes. Lia began cleaning herself, rubbing the soap down her breast, lingering just a moment longer than she should have, her fingers slinking down her body down the stomach to her clit.

She started softly rubbing herself, slightly turned on by the idea of masturbating in a public place. She started rubbing herself more vigorously when the lights suddenly turned off. A squeal escaped Lia's sexy lips as she was suddenly plunged into darkness. With no other option, Lia turned the shower off and left the stall. She reached out to where she had put her towel only to find it was missing. "Hello!" Lia called out timidly, almost hoping that no one would respond.

Lia slipped on her flip flops and started towards where the closest light switch was. Lia was completely exposed, wearing nothing but flip flops when the light turned back on. Lia's eyes darted back and forward looking for someone, anyone who would be doing this. "This isn't fucking funny!" Lia called out, this time more forcefully and frustrated. "Stop fucking around!" Lia called out. Growing tired of whatever was going on, Lia started towards her locker when she heard a shower turn on.

Her desire to face her tormentor overwhelmed her common sense as she started towards the sound. By the time she arrived, the stall was empty.

Steam poured from the stall as the water blasted the empty floor. Lia heard a noise, but before she could turn, she was shoved into the stall, the scalding hot water, cascading down her naked body as she screamed in pain.

Her attacker quickly grabbed Lia by her hair and forced her face upward into the burning hot stream. Lia gurgled as the water filled her screaming mouth. Unable to free herself, Lia pressed her feet up against the wall and kicked backward with all of her might, smashing her attacker against the wall.

Her attacker now stunned, Lia took this opportunity to escape. Lia took off towards the locker room. Lia had almost made it out of the shower room when she saw a girl standing in front of the door. Although she was just alittle larger than average for a girl, she was massive to Lia. She stood 5'6" and outweighed Lia by atleast 30lbs. She had long red hair and pretty green eyes.

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"Tonight you're going to pay for being a snotty little slut." the red head says, staring hatefully at Lia. Lia was stunned. She always thought that her and Amanda were friends. They'd known each other for years and She had always been nice to Amanda. They had grown apart recently, but it was moreso because of Amanda, than anything Lia had done. "What are you talking about!" Lia says, still taken aback by the attack.

The attack. There's still someone after me, Lia suddenly remembered as she tried to push past Amanda. Amanda grabs Lia by the hair and slams her backward onto the hard tile floor.

Lia grabs her throbbing head, stunned that her friend would attack her like that, when she hears footsteps coming towards her.

As Lia looks up, still dazed by the impact, she recognizes the other girl, now standing over her. Stacy Carson. Stacy had short dark hair cut in a shaggy bob, with light brown eyes, and thick sexy lips.

Stacy was a full foot taller than Lia and 60lbs heavier than Lia. She stood over Lia's prone body glaring menacingly at her. Lia started to stand, but she felt a sharp pain as Amanda began grinding her foot roughly against Lia's clit. "Stop! Please!" Lia cried out, pain racking her tight little body. Amanda's eyes narrowed as she applied even more pressure, almost standing on Lia's sensitive clit. Lia fights through the pain and starts to sit up, but Stacy stands on her hair, keeping Lia from reaching Amanda's leg.

"You're not gonna be such a slut when we're done with you." Amanda says stepping back and kicking Lia in the cunt. Lia cries out, her tender cunt lips slammed by Amanda's foot. Amanda gets down on her knees, but Lia immediately kicks her former friend in the face, with both feet.

Amanda goes careening backward. Lia quickly jams her manicured nails into Stacy's calf, digging in as deeply as she can. Stacy stumbles backwards off of Lia's hair and Lia quickly gets to her feet. Lia takes off, stepping around Amanda, when she feels Amanda's hand grasp her foot.

Amanda jerks back hard and Lia starts to fall face first towards the tile. She manages to catch herself, but screams as her forearm forcefully slams into the tile instead.

Lia rolls to her back grasping her broken forearm. She's immediately met with a stomp in the stomach as Stacy's size 10 foot slams into her. Lia's body lurches up as Stacy stomps her again. Lia tries to kick Stacy away, but Stacy catches one of her legs.

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Amanda stands up, holding her face, there's blood pouring from her nose. "You fucking cunt!" Amanda screams, cradling her damaged nose. Amanda reaches down and grabs Lia's other leg as it lashes out at her, attempting to deliver another kick.

They start to spread Lia's legs wide open. If Lia were not so flexible this would be quite painful instead of just mildly uncomfortable. Then they start kicking Lia in the cunt. Lia cries out, bucking and straining as kick, after kick slams into her delicate, reddening cunt lips.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!" Lia screams as pain shoots through her bare pussy. "Stop please! I'm sorry!" Lia pleads, not even sure of what they really did, but hoping her pleas would grant her some reprieve. They do not as the two girls continue kicking the helpless Lia, only stopping once the get tired.

Lia lays on her back clutching a broken arm her legs splayed apart as the two girls stand over their victim. Amanda sits between Lia's legs, staring at the damage.

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Lia's pussy was bright red and and blood trickling from her lips where the girl's toenails dug into Lia's tender flesh. Stacy walks through the doorway and sits up at Lia's face, she slides her bathing suit bottom to the side, exposing her wet meaty cunt. Stacy pulls Lia's arms to the sides of her head and pins them with her knees, making a special point to bend Lia's broken forearm as painfully as possible as she straddles Lia's face, her cunt now dripping into Lia's mouth as pain shoots through her broken arm.

Amanda starts flicking Lia's clit with the sharpest edge of her fingernail as Lia struggles against Stacy. Amanda starts roughly thumping and twisting Lia's cunt, Lia's legs flail wildly as she tries to protect her cunt from Amanda's assault.

Stacy slowly lowers her cunt onto Lia's face. If you bite me I swear I'm gonna claw out your fucking eyes. Stacy warns, before completely submerging Lia's face between her meaty lips.

Amanda takes her long slender middle finger and places it right at Lia's entrance. Feeling how dry Lia is, she licks her finger before sliding inside. Lia's tight pussy wraps Amanda's finger tightly as she begins driving it inside of Lia. Stacy slowly starts to grind Lia's face. "Use you're fucking tongue, cunt!" Stacy says, digging her nails into her helpless victim's breast.


Lia, not wanting to risk more injury, starts to lick Stacy's pussy. Although Lia wasn't a lesbian, this wasn't her first time with a girl. Stacy moans softly as Lia's moist, warm tongue laps against her clit, rewarding Lia by letting off of her broken arm alittle. Meanwhile, Amanda immediately finds Lia's G-spot and starts to massage it with her finger, using her other hand to rub Lia's clit. "Please stop!" Lia mumbles from between Stacy's legs, not exactly sure of what they were doing.

Why the girls who were so brutally assaulting her were now seemingly attempting to pleasure her. Despite of her attacker's machinations, Lia decided that she would not give them the satisfaction of seeing her cum, but that would be easier said than done. Stacy leans down over Lia's petite firm breast.

Lia's nipples sit fully erect, her body starting to respond to Amanda's molestation. Lia, took her first breath of fresh air as Stacy leans forward. She could feel her body responding as Amanda vigorously rubbed her clit as she slowly rubbed her g-spot. "This dirty bitch likes it." Amanda says, sliding a second finger inside of Lia's moist sticky cunt.

Lia could feel her body tightening as Stacy teasingly runs her fingernails down Lia's tight bruised tummy. Stacy starts grinding her pussy against Lia's lips, her juices now flowing freely into Lia's agape lips. Despite Lia's best efforts, her body starts to betray her as Amanda expertly manipulates her body, as though she knew exactly what to do to make Lia cum. Lia and Amanda used to have a lot of sleep overs in high school and unbeknownst to Lia, Amanda would wait till Lia fell asleep and touch her, being careful enough not to wake her, but skilled enough to bring Lia to orgasm.

Lia was embarrassed for the longest time because she'd wake up from her sleep overs with Amanda and her panties would be soaked. Lia's body starts to respond, as her silky cunt, seizes and undulates around Amanda's slender fingers.

Stacy begins sucking Lia's nipples as she claws Lia's sides lightly. Tears pour from Lia's face as a slight moan escapes her lips, then another, then another, as Lia sits on the cusp of orgasm. Lia desperately tries to keep from cumming. Turned on by Lia's moaning, Stacy starts to cum. Her body tensing up as she humps her pussy against Lia's soft, waiting lips. Stacy squeezes Lia's breast as orgasm grip her body. The slight tinge of pain combined with the the sudden intrusion of Amanda's finger into her virgin ass, distracts Lia's mind for just a moment.

But a moment is all it takes for waves of pleasure rip through her body. Lia cries in pleasure and shame as her body spasms in shakes, her pussy leaking it's juices onto Amanda's fingers. "Look at this shit. I knew she was a fucking lezy slut!" Amanda says, disgust in her voice. Stacy sits on Lia's face breathless.

"I told you we could make the slut cum." Amanda continues. "Well that's the last orgasm you're ever going to have you fucking cunt." With that being said, Amanda pulls her fingers from Lia's cunt. "Stacy, get on that bitches face." Amanda commands.

Stacy stands up and turns around, now looking down at your face, her pussy once again against your lips, but this time Stacy puts her knee directly on the broken part of your forearm. The sudden pain pulls you back down from your orgasmic high as Stacy sits on your face, her light brown eyes staring into yours. Suddenly it's not your arm that hurts, but your pussy, as something way too large is shoved into your soaking spasming cunt.

Exhausted, you claw and kick as Amanda jams her fist up your tight little cunt, slowly at first, just stretching you a bit. Lia screams in agony as her walls are stretched farther than they've ever been stretched before. Amanda start twisting her fist as she shoves it inside of Lia, abusing her tight little cunt. Lia screams and bucks wildly but the 150lb girl sitting on her chest keeps her from going anywhere as Amanda fist rapes her.

Stacy starts to grind on Lia's face once again, but this time more forcefully as she presses her pubic bone against the bridge of Lia's nose.

Juices start pouring from Lia's pussy as she slowly starts to adjust to Amanda's small fist. Amanda notices that Lia's body is responding to her, begins slamming her fist more vigorously, almost punching the insides of Lia's pussy, driving her fist against Lia's cervix. Lia's legs once again flail wildly as Lia tries to protect herself from this new assault. Amanda savagely punches Lia's cervix until she starts to hear Stacy cum. Stacy starts slapping Lia across the face as she grinds her pussy against her face.

As Stacy comes closer and closer to orgasm, she gets rougher and rougher. Leaving red bruises on Lia's face. Stacy starts bouncing her cunt on Lia's face unrelentingly. Suddenly she stops, Lia's mouth and nose buried firmly between Stacy's folds. Stacy grinds her pussy against Lia's face, but doesn't pull away, smothering Lia with her orgasm as Amanda resumes the violent fisting.

Lia's almost passed out by the time Stacy cums, dumping her cunt juice onto Lia's face as she tries to catch her breath. Lia coughs and gags on Stacy's cunt juice as Stacy sits upon her face, spasming. The two girls stand up and look down at Lia's battered body, her face covered in Stacy's cum, her forearm a dark purple were it was broken, and her pussy sits gaped open, leaking blood and sex from her depths.

Lia looks up at her two attackers defeated, praying that they were done and that they would leave her. Her prayers would go unanswered as Stacy and Amanda switch places. Amanda squats down over Lia's face, her legs pinning Lia's arms as she faces Lia's legs. Stacy just stands over Lia. Amanda grabs both of Lia's legs and forces them under her arms, leaving Lia completely exposed to Stacy, who balances herself against the wall and slowly begins to lower her size ten foot into Lia's gaped pussy.

Amanda stretches Lia's gaped little fuck hole as Amanda starts to stick her toes inside of Lia. Lia struggles as much as she can, but she's weak and exhausted. Pain shoots through Lia's clit as Amanda pinches it between her sharp nails for a moment, almost as a warning. Lia got the message loud and clear as she ceases her struggles. Stacy gently presses her foot into Lia's open cunt, giving Lia time to adjust as she gently stretches her out.

It takes a while for Stacy to manage to force most of her foot into Lia. Tears once again pour down Lia's face as Lia cries in shame. Having Stacy's big nasty foot in her precious little cunt is almost more than Lia can take. And what's worse is that her whorish body was responding. It would be one thing if Stacy made it hurt. She'd almost prefer if it did, but instead Stacy was letting her body adjust, taking her time, trying to make it feel good, and it was starting to work.

Stacy smiles as Lia's milky nectar coated her toes. With Lia now stretched out enough, Amanda starts rubbing and massaging her Lia's clit. "You snotty little fuck toy, how do you like Stacy's foot in your cunt. You're gonna be a worthless fuck pig when we're done with you." Amanda spits, rubbing your clit more vigorously. Amanda continues massaging Lia's clit as Stacy foot fucks her.

Normally Lia would be able to resist this assault on her sexuality, but with Amanda's experience in making her cum, it's impossible. Only a matter of time before Lia succumbs to her own body and that time was quickly approaching. Stacy starts massaging Lia's insides with her toes as Amanda rubs Lia into a frenzy. Stacy could feel Lia's stretched pussy gripping her foot as she continued to fuck her, Stacy kept a careful, steady rhythm, making sure not to cut Lia's insides with her toenails.

Lia starts grinding her hips around Stacy's foot as Stacy continued to fuck her. Amanda starts reaching around Stacy's foot and rubbing her anus, pressing her finger against her tight little pucker, pressing just hard enough not to penetrate. Lia's exhausted body once again spasms and shakes as her greedy cunt squeezes around Stacy's foot as much as it can.

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Lia, milky juices pour from her abused cunt like a flood. Amanda continues rubbing her as Lia cries in defeat. These two girls had again ripped an orgasm from her helpless body. Amanda stands up, looking down at the quivering mess that was Lia. Stacy took a few steps forward. Amanda bent down and grabbed Lia's mouth, forcing it open as tears still pour from her face.

Stacy takes her sex coated toes and shoves them roughly into Lia's open mouth. "Eat your fucking cum off of her fucking toes." Amanda says, before spitting in Lia's face. Amanda and Stacy force Lia to lick every bit of cum off of Stacy's foot, before the finally step away from her. Lia lays face up on the ground naked the once painful broken arm now only throbs as a dull pain.

Lia tries to sit up, but the dull ache in her abdomen forces her back down again. She glances at the clock. She should've been home hours ago. Lia smiles, knowing that someone would be looking for her. "I think the boys can have her now." Stacy says, leaning against the wall rubbing out the cramp in her leg.

Amanda pulls out Lia's phone and presses a button. Lia's heart sinks as the phrase "let the boys have her." leaves Stacy's lips.

Lia tries to stand up again, fighting through all of the pain, she manages to get to her feet, just to collapse on the floor. Four guys show up, To large black men one average sized white guy and a short latina man. "So this is the bitch you want us to fuck up." the white guy says, walking up to Amanda and kissing her. "Yeah baby, that's her. I hope you don't mind that me and Stacy warmed her up for you." She says glaring down at Lia as she try to crawl towards the door. The short latina man, looks down at her tight little white ass crawling across the floor and immediately unzips his pants.

His cock is on the large side of average. Without any warming he pounces on Lia, savagely shoving his six inch cock up her virgin asshole. Lia screams as pain tears through her body. Blood trickles out of her ass, as he viciously sodomizes the young girl.

Lia grips the door frame and tries to pull herself through, but his weight and the fact that her arm is broken is too much. "Please stop! Please!! I'm sorry! I'll do anything!" Lia pleads, unable to find the strength to do anything else. Lia lays there as he lays into her torn asshole, more blood coming out as he wildly humps her. It doesn't take long before he's ready to cum. He rolls Lia on her back and pulls her up by her hair. "Open your fucking mouth!" he says in a thick hispanic accent as he strokes his cock infront of her face.

"Fuck you!" Lia spits, weakly. He quickly pulls a knife from his back pocket and presses it against Lia's lips. Lia shakes as the blade slides against her soft sexy lips. After a moment she opens her mouth. The latino man shoves his cock straight into Lia's mouth.

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"Look at that, shit! You really are a worthless whore aren't you Lia!" Amanda calls out. "How's your ass taste bitch!" Amanda continues. The hispanic man lets go of Lia's hair and she falls to the ground, this time not even bothering to catch herself as her head bounces against the hard tile. "You guys are up." The white guy says, sliding Amanda's bikini bottoms down around her ankles. He bends Amanda over and starts to shove his cock into her ass. "I get her pussy first!" he calls out to the black guys as they walk over towards Lia.

Lia is barely able to raise her head as she sees the two black guys unzip their pants, brandishing their 10inch cocks, each of them 5inches thick. "Watch this shit baby, it's gonna be good." the white guy says, watching the two black guys as he fucks Amanda's ass.


The bald black guy grabs Lia's broken arm and pulls her up to her feet. Lia screams as the dull ache turns into a sharp pain once again. He picks Lia up, spreading her legs and wrapping his arms around her. The black guy with dreads, rams the first guys huge cock straight up Lia's abused ass. Lia screams as her ass is ripped even more. The first guy slowly fucks Lia in the ass.

Lia claws weakly at his back as the pain rips through her. Blood leaks from her broken asshole as he relentlessly rapes her. Lia almost passes out when, the worst pain she's ever felt hits her. Lia's asshole rips wide open as a second cock is shoved into her torn broken asshole.

The second guy grabs Lia's arms, keeping her from doing anything as they savagely destroy her ass. Blood freely drips from her as Lia screams in agony. Only the first guy slapping her occasion keeps her from passing out as her legs dangle loosely beneath her. The two men fuck her broken hole for what seems like forever, spitting racial slurs as they tear her tiny body apart. Lia can't even cry anymore.

All she can do is get raped. All she's good for is to pleasure someone else. She's a worthless fuck doll, just like Amanda said. All of those thoughts run through Lia's head as the two black men nearly fuck her to death.

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Lia is suddenly squeezed so tightly she feels like she's going to break as the two men start to cum, there cocks swelling with cum, ripping her even more. They finally cum, unleashing torrents of hot cum up Lia's destroyed ass.

After cumming, they both release Lia, letting her fall to the floor. The white guy walks over to Lia and presses his foot on her stomach. Cum spurts from her shattered rectum as she lays on the ground spasming from shock. Amanda smiles, looking down at Lia, her eyes vacant, her body shaking. "She's gonna have to wear a butt plug for the rest of her worthless life, isn't she." The white guy smiles and nods. "My turn." he smiles, unzipping his pants.

His massive 12inch cock falls from his pants. He smiles and looks down at Lia, but Lia doesn't even react. "Oh, you're gonna react to this." He says, laying down on top of Lia's broken body. He stares into Lia's eyes as he slowly crams his 6in thick cock into Lia's battered pussy. The pain shocks Lia from her catatonic state as he rips Lia's cunt wide open. He slowly presses his cock inside of Lia inch by agonizing inch tearing her insides as he goes.

Lia, kicks wildly but he puts her legs over his shoulders, pinning her arms as well. He stares directly into Jenne's eyes, his almost black eyes locking on to hers as he continues to torture her with his meat pole.

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The agony stops as he hits Lia's cervix, about halfway in. The relief is short lived as he pulls out all the way, then pressing his full weight behind his cock, he batters it against your cervical wall. The impact drives the air from Lia's body as pain shoots through every nerve in her body. Then again. After the third impact her body finally succumbs to the assault.

Lia is slapped to consciousness as he rapes her womb. Each thrust feels like it's going to come out through her mouth as he stands up, her body literally wrapped around his cock as he bounces her on his cock.

Blood leaks from the corners of her mouth as he rapes her limp body. As agonizing as this rape is, his cock is hitting every single pleasure spot in Lia's tiny body. Her, milky cum mixed with blood leak down his cock as what's left of her walls, grip his cock for all its worth. Cum leaks from her gaped open asshole as she is bounced on his cock.

Lia's body is leaning backward, being held up only by her attackers cock. Her head is tilted back and her eyes are glassed over as he jacks himself off with her body. Her pussy grips and starts to spasm as he continues to rape Lia. Her toes start to curl as the last bit of strength she has is given to an orgasm. Lia's cunt grips him so tightly it feels like it's gonna snap his cock off as, her body spasms uncontrollably.

Cum erupts from her pussy, almost with enough force to launch her off of his cock as she her mind drifts off to oblivion. She is soon brought out of her brief reprieve by smelling salts as he's still raping her.

Lia still fills the wave after wave of pleasure ripping through her body as she uncontrollably cums on his cock. Everything is overwhelmed by the sensation of her orgasms. She's lost in them.

Until she feels a pressure in her stomach. He pulls her body against his and squeezes her tightly, breaking her already fractured ribs as he unleashes wave after wave of cum into Lia's spasming body. It feels like Lia's womb is about to burst as he continues to cum inside of her.

Lia closes her eyes, praying for what would surely be death, but it never comes. Lia feels her body lowered to the ground. All of them are standing over her looking down as cum pours from her worthless broken cunt, her stomach poking out like she's several months pregnant, her cervix snapping shut trapping most of his cum inside of her broken body.

Lia can't even feel her broken arm anymore, only the afterglow of countless orgasms and the pain of her body being totally destroyed. Amanda, stares at Lia hatefully, seeing the continued lust in three of the four mens eyes, knowing they no one would ever want her that way. Amanda squats over Lia's face and releases waves after wave of cum from her asshole, then looks down at her. "Not so hot now are you slut!" She spits as the cum from her ass covers Lia's face.

"Now to clean you up." Amanda says, still squatted over Lia's face. She stands on Lia's hair, forcing her to face upward as all six of them begin to urinate on the face of the broken, destroyed Lia. Amanda snaps several pictures of Lia in her humiliated, violated state.

"Tell anyone that it was us and we post this online for the whole world to see." Amanda says as she starts to walk out. "Hope you don't mind your daddy seeing you like this." she smiles, leaving Lia to soak in the urine and cum she lied in.