Riding on fellows fantastic shaft hardcore and blowjob

Riding on fellows fantastic shaft hardcore and blowjob
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Fbailey story number 188 Bank Heist I had just recently retired from my job. I had turned sixty-two years old and I was looking forward to spending some time with my husband. He had retired a few years ago. I had only gone to the bank to pay our electric bill when it was robbed.

I was scared to death looking at their masked faces and those guns. I almost peed myself. It didn't go as well as they had hoped that it would. The teller had hit the silent alarm and thick steel bars dropped everywhere. All of the windows and door were blocked so that they couldn't escape. That really pissed them off.

They made the tellers put all of the big bills in their bags anyway. They put the ten men in one office and made them undress. Then they forced all us women into the big conference room and made us undress too.

As I looked around the room I realized that I was the oldest woman in there. The four tellers were all much younger and adorable than I was. The other three women that had been in the bank at the time were older than the tellers were but younger than I was.

Then there was the pretty little teenager. Abby was about fifteen years old and she was crying. I took her in my arms and tried to reassure her that everything would be okay. I found myself acting much braver than I normally would have just to show this young girl how brave I was. Together Abby and I undressed until we were both totally naked. I stood in front of her to protect her youthful body from their prying eyes. There were nine of us women, ten men, and the three bank robbers.

The ten men were told to lace their fingers together and place their hands behind their heads. Then they were lined up along one of the walls facing us. The nine of us women were then told to suck their cocks.

Trembling I held Abby's hand and together we walked over to the naked men standing there. I gave Abby the oldest man to suck while I took a younger one that was standing next to him. I figured that the older gentleman would be kinder to her.

Now giving my husband a blowjob was not something that I actually enjoyed, it was just something that a wife does for her husband.

Therefore I knelt down and held his cock in my hand as Abby knelt down next to me and held that cock. Together we started to suck them off.

Apparently a couple of the other women were resisting the bank robbers instructions. One of the women got hit hard with the butt of a gun and fell down unconscious onto the carpet in the conference room.

The other woman then rushed right over to my side and started sucking his cock like a starving native. I kept a close eye on Abby as she sucked the older gentleman's cock next to me. He was very slowly getting hard.

I thought that he might be on blood pressure medicine like my husband is. I know that it sometimes gives him a very soft erection. The guy I was sucking was harder than I ever remember my husband getting.

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All of a sudden I wondered how it would feel to have it inside me. About once a month my husband takes a Viagra and it feels oh so good to have him hard again. My guy cum way too quickly so I was given another one to suck off.

The girl that had been next to me sucked him off so fast and hard that he cum too so she got the last man to suck off.

Abby was the last one of us women to get a mouthful of cum. The older guy was very grateful and thanked her. Next the men were told to fuck us women. Abby whispered to me that she was a virgin.

I had suspected that so I spoke up. Apparently I pissed them off because the robbers decided that the ten men should all just fuck Abby then. Again I spoke up and told them over my dead body. Then as the leader pointed a gun directly at my head he laughed and said okay. Then he told the ten men to fuck me instead and then he told Abby to suck them hard for me to get them ready. He laughed at me and said that Abby was going to get all ten cocks in one of holes one way or the other.

I started to get down on the rug but the man told me to get up on top of the conference table instead so that everyone could watch the fun. As I got up and rolled onto my back he told me to get on my knees instead. Then as Abby got the men hard I got fucked from behind. Actually it felt so good that I was cumming right away but I didn't dare let the man in charge know that I was actually enjoying it. Abby was just what the men needed to get them hard again. Sticking their cock into her sweet little mouth was all that they needed.

Then they climbed up on the table and fucked me. I looked down to watch as my droopy tits swung around like pendulums. As I looked around the room at the other women I could tell that they were happy that they were not in my place. On the other hand I was very glad to be in my place.

I hadn't been fucked like that I years. In fact the last time that I had been fucked like that was New Year's Eve back in 1995 when I was fifty years old. At that time I was the center of attention too. I am sure that the other women felt that this was degrading but I was enjoying it all.

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It was the most exciting thing to happen to me in years. As the last man was fucking my pussy on the conference table I was wishing that the three robbers would all fuck me at the same time. I wanted so much to have a nice stiff cock in all three of my holes that I could taste it.

When the last man cum in me the robbers laughed at me. They thought that they had soiled an old lady's reputation. I had news for them, in my day I was considered quite a slut. While I was wondering what else that they could do to me they told little Abby to get under me in a sixty-nine and to clean me up.

I felt sorry for the little girl as tears streamed down her face. She bravely got up on the table in front of me and over onto her back. Then as we started face to face I told her that everything would be all right. As she passed under me our breasts touched and sent tiny electric shocks to my pussy giving me yet another orgasm. God I was loving this.

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Then Abby got to my pussy, held onto my hips with her hands, and started licking up the mess that the ten men had left in there. Meanwhile I was looking right down into that virgin pussy of hers. I couldn't resist it so I leaned down and tried to return the favor that she was doing to me.

Before long, that little fifteen-year-old girl was thrashing around under me in a tremendous orgasm. I had all that I could do to keep my tongue on her clit. Then in all of her sexual excitement Abby started to pee.


Lying on her back like that with her legs spread a good stream shot up into the air and fell back onto the table some three feet away making a splash and forming a puddle that ran to the edge of the table and onto the floor. As the flow of water will sometimes do, it encouraged three of the other women to pee too.


I could see the yellow liquid flow along the inside thighs of the women as I looked around the room. The robbers thought that it was funny, then they told the rest of us to pee too if we knew what was good for us. The men seemed to find it much harder to pee than the women did but most of them let out a stream that almost matched Abby's stream. I didn't watch my stream but I knew that I had arched my back and almost hit the robber in charge. He jumped quickly so as not to get wet.


About then the police had the bank surrounded, had made contact with the ringleader, and were negotiating our release. The ten men were sent out into the street naked in exchange for a get away van.

The three robbers picked the four tellers to be their shields as they escaped the bank. The remaining five of us women were to run out into the street to distract the police while they got in the van and made good their escape.

They promised to release the other four women unharmed if we cooperated with them. So I took Abby's hand and together we rushed out of the door and ran into the street. There were police cars and policemen everywhere. There were television crews and photographers everywhere too.

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People behind the barricades were taking pictures of us naked because I could see the flashes go off. Some men wrapped blankets around Abby and I and got us to safety. All I could think about was the front page of the next day's newspaper with Abby and I on the cover with those silly black bars across our nipples and pussies with the headline reading 'Grandmother and Granddaughter Survive Bank Robbery.' Then I woke up.

My husband was on top of me and fucking me furiously. He likes to do that when I'm sound asleep. God bless him. After he finished filling me up with his cum he reminded me that our granddaughter Abby was coming to stay with us for a week. I fell back to sleep with a smile on my face. The End Bank Heist 188